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  1. Very nice, indeed! I shall put even more effort into my testing and review!
  2. Tester '21 please (Fujikura/Evnroll test).
  3. Haven't gotten fitted quite yet. Still working on a bit more consistency in my swing before I bother.
  4. Congrats "The Right Stuff"! I got Rahm but had little else going for me...
  5. Of course he bogeys the very next hole... my bad JT.
  6. Wow. JT's card is nice and tidy today.
  7. I am very tempted to get the Haack Pro that comes with the tri-turf mat.
  8. Felt like a bit of Michter's Small Batch would be a nice way to kick off Father's Day Weekend watching the U.S. Open.
  9. Understood. You just inspired me to try to improve my situation.
  10. I have the Golf Channel telecast via Hulu up on my tv. I suppose I should bring up a feature group or a or one of the other streams on a second device...
  11. Bland seems to be a likable fellow in his post-round interview. I hope he is in the mix on Sunday.
  12. Indeed. And it seems to be baring those fangs even more today. I felt like there was more scoring yesterday (just a feeling haven't examined the numbers closely).
  13. Well, he is in a bunker off the tee, so you might get a break for a hole...
  14. Bland is certainly a surprise. Fun storyline for sure. For contest and fantasy purposes, I hope Grace makes a run today and carries it through the weekend. The putt Bland just made to go -6 was nice!
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