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  1. I started Rory and Hoge, but sat Kuchar, on my fantasy squad. Apparently I should’ve started Kuchar over Leishman.
  2. The Disney Bundle (Hulu with Live TV, ESPN+, and Disney+) is worth the money. We haven’t had cable/satellite for years. ESPN+ has featured groups, holes, etc. It is great for golf.
  3. My nutritionist put Magic Spoon cereal on my meal plan...nearly $10 per 7oz box! Pro V1s of cereal?!?!?!
  4. Hobert

    Sub70 golf

    I was thinking hard about the driver and the utility...and then they were gone.
  5. I'm going DJ this week and not just because he is on my fantasy squad....although that may be the primary reason
  6. Hobert

    Sub70 golf

    There is a thread all about the badges in which you can request them:
  7. What was that sound after Homa's errant tee shot? Announcers said nothing...it almost sounded like someone screaming in pain.
  8. And then Rory does birdie 5!
  9. Unfortunately, didn't capitalize on that chance for birdie from 10 feet or so...
  10. While I hated to see it happen, Day's collapse likely made for an interesting Sunday. Should be fun!
  11. At least they owned it, I suppose. And it allowed Sergio to give everyone a glimpse into his future plans...
  12. And then Leishman shanks a short bunker shot into the drink and finishes the hole with a triple...just when my team was looking solid.
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