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  1. Congratulations Testers! Looking forward to reading your reviews (and deciding whether to upgrade from my S10)!
  2. Good morning! Leftover Jamaican Me Crazy coffee over ice in my cup while I prep the Heisenberg Kirkland V3s for action this morning when my daughter and I hit the course with a friend and his son. Have a great one all!
  3. That is a tough issue. My opinion is that they are your test results and as such and patients should have full and unfettered access to their medical information. Doctors should warn you not to read too much into things, etc. before you have a chance to meet and discuss, but access should be given.
  4. Happy Friday! We have a family fun 9 scheduled for this evening and my daughter and I have a 7:50am tee time tomorrow with a friend and his son. I am seizing on the interest she is showing to get her as much exposure as possible (she used to not be open to checking out the sport). Have a great weekend all!
  5. If the bungee straps die, I might have to simply remove them and get a Top-Lok bag…
  6. Rise and shine! I am still licking my wounds from a fairly terrible round on Sunday after multiple rounds in a row of improved ball-striking and progress on the range. Rolled a bunch of putts on the Putt Out mat yesterday while grilling dinner to start my comeback campaign this week Have a great day and week all!!!
  7. Staying about the same for me. Not too noticeable and does not detract from my continued enjoyment of the cart!
  8. Good Sunday Morning! A bit late posting as I was running to the grocery store for some brioche and sausage, making french toast and sausage, and then cleaning my clubs for my round this afternoon. Have a great day all (hopefully with a club in your hands)!!!
  9. Yes, thankfully. We did a complete replacement of upper and lower units a few (+/- 5ish) years ago. It shouldn't have been anything more serious and thankfully that was the case.
  10. Capacitor went bad and was replaced this morning while my daughter and I were hitting balls!
  11. Good morning! I'm in the basement with no coffee. Our upstairs AC went out yesterday so my wife and I slept in the main floor guest room and the kids in the living room. I would wake them up for sure if I ground coffee (although as I type this, I got the idea to take the grinder to the garage). My daughter and I are headed to the range this morning as she suddenly is motivated to pick up a golf club after I mentioned the Parent Child tournament coming up at our club.
  12. I have been to a tournament at Doral in Miami (Accenture at the time if I recall correctly), a course that was used by the Honda Classic when it took place in the Boca Raton area, and to the Masters. At Doral, we did a lot of following (Tiger, Phil, Ernie back in the day). At Augusta, that would have been difficult, so we spent parts of the day camped at different places (Amen Corner; and another spot where you could see players coming in to the green and then turn our heads to see them tee off on a par 3). Both are fun. I am hoping to go to the Wyndham in nearby Greensboro this year. I haven’t yet picked a strategy.
  13. Having done a bunch of research and purchase of a new bag in March, I look forward to the reviews. They do look great!. Interested if the utility and durability matches the style!
  14. Rejection again this year for me. One of my neighbors did get Wednesday so that is pretty cool. A LOT of people enter. Odds are low, unfortunately.
  15. I think we are going to go EV for my wife's next car. She is a real estate agent. Does a ton of local driving, but not usually anywhere near 250 miles in a day. When we go on longer road trips, we take my truck anyway due to interior space/comfort.
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