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  1. I love the pattern on top of the clubs most so far! A bit hard to capture on camera. Maybe I'll try with a video another day.
  2. Note: These are professional stunt clubs, do not try this with your own clubs! No reason to worry, the clubs survived the rough landing with ease! I unboxed and assembled the clubs. So gorgeous to look at:
  3. Guess who was stuck in a 3-hour meeting at work today!
  4. We can celebrate together now, @Big Deal Walsh! I'm considering to leave early from work today .
  5. So I guess now it's time... Happy Birthday @Big Deal Walsh ! Enjoy unwrapping those boxes! (I just assumed you did not open them upon arrival )
  6. I checked the tracking a couple of times today, not much was happening. Finally it popped up in Germany. Now I got a DHL message that it is delayed again. So not today then. Also, the missing parts for my golf net/cage got finally delivered. Just not to my home address, for whatever reason. So I will have to pick up those in Germany some day. I hope this streak of unfortunate events will soon be over and I can at finally enjoy hitting those fine looking woods and see if they deliver on their promise!
  7. They are en route and expected to be delivered by tomorrow evening.
  8. So where in your bag does the 3 utility iron fit? What are its close neighbors? Did you replace another club specifically with it?
  9. Short update: Takomo just sent me a confirmation that another package will be shipped out soon. Crossing fingers that this makes it across my doorstep soon, hopefully still this week!
  10. A small update from me: I received the Takomo branded torque wrench on Monday. I called DHL to figure out if there's an update; the heads are on the way back to Hong Kong (no chance to stop that), and they still wanted to visit me again to pick up the shafts to send them back as well. I clarified the situation - I can keep the shafts. That's all I know at the moment. No new shipment on the way so far.
  11. I expect to hear from them again tomorrow. Why secretly? Or is there any (secret) deal I missed?
  12. Well, logically, worst case scenario, the club heads that were sent my way and are now on the way back could still be sent to me. ...BUT of course, with my bad luck on this so far, it's also still possible that they get sent to someone else and I will have to wait some more. At some point, I will have the full clubs, I'm looking forward to that and am still excited to be part of that! I'm eagerly following what the other testers already are posting about their experiences!
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