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  1. When using an air compressor, do you still apply the grip tape first?
  2. Hi! As a 61 year old that started 4 years ago, on a torn left MCL, BTW, I might suggest hitting just punch shots ( shots with 1/2 back swing, & focusing on SOLID contact with the back of the ball ). This drill should eliminate ALL the mistakes that can, and will occur on a full takeaway downswing. Once you are hitting ball first, taking divot after contact & compressing the ball, try going from 9 o'clock backswings to 10, 11, 12 etc. I was given this drill by my 2 handicap neighbor. I actually buy a sleeve of 3 Titleist AVX Yellow Balls each Spring, with the goal of ending the season with at least 1 left. Remember, finding the fairway, even on a 180 yard drive is far more desirable than swinging for the fences! Also, some lessons would help significantly, IMHO, if you are losing that many balls.
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