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  1. An older PING ANSER 2F with insert. Anyone know what the insert is made of? Think it is bronze.
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/N26FJvMkLkanZm4YA Let's see if this works.
  3. Jmmjr.

    3rd broken shaft

    I broke the shaft of a G25 Driver, in S flex. Git it online for $100 & figured it was a pretty good deal. Club was in great shape. Two years in, it snapped on the first tee box. Was not too upset because I took the game up at 57, and after learning a ton more about the game, equipment etc. I realized I really should be using a Regular Flex Shaft, as my Swing Speed is in the mid 90's, and I'm not getting any younger. Actually played my first year with a torn left MCL which caused me to open my left foot a lot leading to hitting fades on every drive. After I had a scope done, I could then hit the ball straight & began taking some lessons. Still working on shallowing the swing and carry distance. I try to stretch each morning, but at 61 don't know how effective that will be. During covid, I did lose 14 pounds and I think I have put a lot more rotation and follow thru I'm my swing. But, still working on distance.
  4. When using an air compressor, do you still apply the grip tape first?
  5. Hi! As a 61 year old that started 4 years ago, on a torn left MCL, BTW, I might suggest hitting just punch shots ( shots with 1/2 back swing, & focusing on SOLID contact with the back of the ball ). This drill should eliminate ALL the mistakes that can, and will occur on a full takeaway downswing. Once you are hitting ball first, taking divot after contact & compressing the ball, try going from 9 o'clock backswings to 10, 11, 12 etc. I was given this drill by my 2 handicap neighbor. I actually buy a sleeve of 3 Titleist AVX Yellow Balls each Spring, with the goal of ending the season with at least 1 left. Remember, finding the fairway, even on a 180 yard drive is far more desirable than swinging for the fences! Also, some lessons would help significantly, IMHO, if you are losing that many balls.
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    John Matson

  7. Jmmjr.

    John Matson

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