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  1. Hey, I respect and welcome any criticism. Prior to my last few rounds, I thought I could be considered a vanity cap too. With the handicap system as it is... best 8 scores and 96% of those best 8... it should be extremely difficult to shoot or beat your handicap. My issue is... I can play like a +2 for 15 holes, and a 36 for the other 3... Or worse, a +2 for 15 holes and a 36 for the next 3 holes plus a few more full rounds.. I have no idea how I kept it together last week!!
  2. That has been the trend in this comp... you are right, but I can pretty much guarantee you that won't be my personal experience. . I'll add a "gross badge" in the next results.
  3. One of my old course pro's once told me... if you can get down to a 2 handicap you are scratch and can shoot any score on any day. So I'll play at scratch going forward. Of course I think he also meant I have the ability of shooting 102 at any day too. He was a bit of a enigma that pro... ?? haha.
  4. If it is any consolation, my handicap after the last few rounds has dropped to a 2.1 (course handicap of 2). And based on the chart above, I will need to play another 700 rounds before shooting 6 under again... That seems about right.
  5. @Blueberry_Squishie maintains his hold on the points lead through Week 9 of the MGS Forum Cup YTD Points Race - but only 387 points ahead of 2nd place @EasyPutter and only 707 points separating the top 5. Lots of weeks left until we crown the winner of THE CUP!!. Keep posting those scores in the Virtual Weekly Championship Tour!!
  6. WEEK 9 FINAL LEADERBOARD MYGOLFSPY FORUM MEMBER CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Looks like many of us were able to find our way to the course during the holiday week, as we had 19 scores posted for Week 9. A lot freezing temps and rain outs across the member base, but as the true golfers we are... we found ways to put club to ball and work our way around the course. WEEK 9 WINNERS: Low Net Score: Once again - The net scores posted continue to be strong and below par. I can say for my round - the planets certainly aligned... My Handicap will be taking another drop as a result!! With a round of 69 - 3 under par gross - less my 3 handicap... @Golfspy_TCB carded a Net 6 Under (-6) score of 66. @MGoBlue100 and @fozcycle tied for 2nd place with Net 5 under par (-5) rounds - and in a tie for 4th @snicerz and @Mr. Mushball posted scores of net 4 under (-4). All Great Scores!! Most Birdies or Better: A Three Way Tie for 1st Place in the Net Birdies or Better category!! @MGoBlue100, @Mr. Mushball, and @JFish350 all posted Eight (8) net birdies or better. Closely behind in a tie for 4th - @fozcycle and @Golfspy_TCB had 7 net birdies or better. Longest Drive: The Big Drivers showed up again this week... and @JFish350 took advantage of some travel to southern AZ to unleash his Driver with a 343 yard drive at Apache Creek. 6 drives posted over 300 yards... incredible!! Congratulations to all the winners and Thank You all for continuing to post your rounds and compete in the MGS Forum VWCT!! Be sure to check out the updated MGS Forum Cup Points thread to see how this week's scores impact the year long points race! WEEK 10 is underway PLAY OFTEN ~ POST OFTEN!!
  7. Even though the weather was a challenge for many of us... The 1st Annual MYGOLFSPY FORUM MEMBER Virtual Turkey Shoot Best Ball was a success. We were able to build 11 individual teams and I know I had a blast with it - I hope all of you did as well. I'm looking forward to running more events like this in the future, along with the Weekly Virtual Championship Tournament for individual scoring. While not perfect, I think the Best Ball format worked fairly well and hopefully brought some members together that may not have interacted before . Some GREAT scoring over the last week+ and some SIGNIFICANT Ham and Egg play between members. That is what a Best Ball is all about!! Low Net Best Ball Team - FoznFish ( @fozcycle and @JFish350) LIT IT UP - combining their scores to post Net 13 Under (-13) Par to claim the Turkey Shoot Low Net Best Ball Title by 3 strokes!! Congratulations to both, and enjoy your Low Net Turkey Shoot Badges for the next few weeks on your profile. Team - Gravy Train and Team - Give Us The Bird also had strong partner performances with their Net 10 under (-10) scores - and a tie for 2nd place. Low Gross Best Ball Team Feast Mode ( @Golf2Much and @Golfspy_TCB) took advantage of two strong rounds to bring home the Low Gross Best Ball at 4 Under Par (-4), and claiming the 1st Place finish by 3 strokes gross. Team Feast Mode will sport the Turkey Shoot Low Gross badge on their profiles! Also posting strong gross scores were Team - FoznFish ( @fozcycle & @JFish350) and Team - Las Persona Mayores ( @fixyurdivot & @Kenny B). Most Team Net Birdies or Better Three teams tied for Most Net Birdies or Better with 11. Team - FoznFish ( @fozcycle & @JFish350 ) Team - Give Us The Bird ( @MGoBlue100 & @fozcycle ) Team - Dragon Ball ( @Mr. Mushball & @Eddy Dragonetti ) Longest Team Drive It is always great to have a good partner, and especially one that can BOMB IT! Team - A Good Stuffing ( @Mr. Mushball & @JFish350) recorded a mind boggling drive of 343 yards to lap the field by 29 yards - and to take the title of Team Long Drive in the Turkey Shoot Best Ball Tourney. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who took the time to post your hole by hole scores, and take part in this fun event. MORE TO COME. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  8. If it is about viewership numbers, I feel the tour has done a good job catering to the majority of viewers. There are those that enjoy watching the first group tee off and the last group putt on 18 (I fall into this category more than not) and others that only have an hour to invest in the broadcast. With the advent of the Golf Channel, it has allowed for more full tourney coverage (not to mention coverage of the LPGA, Champions, DP World, US AM, US MidAM, College events and a myriad of other golf programming)... then they kick it over to the network to show the final groups coming down the stretch. A viewer can choose which event and how much of the event they want to watch. I don't see any reason to shorten professional tournaments to less than 72 holes. In my mind it would be similar to playing 9 holes a day rather than 18... it isn't complete to the tradition of a golf tournament.
  9. Final day to get your rounds/scores in for the MGS Forum Member Virtual Best Ball Turkey Shoot!! Team FoznFish posted an incredible team score of 13 under par net! and are currently in the lead. We have all the scores above and 1/2 the team score for TEAM Give Us The Bird ( @MGoBlue100 has posted his score - awaiting @MotorCityKitty to post his round). We also have a few single rounds looking for partners... I believe @fixyurdivot and @fozcycle have played rounds that are available for pairing - maybe others as well. I am hoping to get a round in this afternoon, and can fill in for anyone that needs a last minute partner. Lastly, Thank You to ALL for participating in this event and in the Weekly Virtual Tourney - I hope everyone is having as much fun with it as I am!!
  10. You are like the post office Kenny. Through rain, and sleet and snow!! Great playing in adverse conditions.
  11. I'm with you. I always considered myself a "blade preferred" putter. But I have really 4 in my rotation right now... two mallets and two blades. Some days my stroke is magic with each of them... other days... well... not so much. Most of my time over the past year has been with the Scotty Newport 2.5. I really love the slant neck... which is why I tried the 2 Ball Ten, and it sets up nice and square for me usually. I also have the Jet Set Newport 2 and most recently the LAB DF 2.1. Which I really, really like, but haven't committed to it for longer than a round or two. It is possible I don't have the best putter for me... but I keep looking and will see what a fitting tells me.
  12. This is a great comparison pic!. Your original post about this position in the swing got me thinking and looking at my own takeaway. I had some really nice drives in the last few rounds with trying to feel myself in the position on the right. In fact, heading out to my mat now to work on it some more. It feels a little clunky with the irons... but I think that is because I'm not transferring my weight correctly with the irons.
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