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  1. I know all my carry distances for partial and full shots. Here is my chart for partial shots, with backswings at 8, 9, and 10 o'clock. I know my full swing carry distances by heart, and don't need a chart. Then in upper left of each square is if I choke up to end of grip, and bottom right of each square is choke down an inch from regular.
  2. Garmin Golf App. When paired with my s62 garmin watch. It'll keep a tally of my round, and I can look back at any shot throughout the round. Also when paired with watch it has the mode that will broadcast to watch the true front, center, back. And have the option to see front, center, back, with elevation and wind adjusted distances. It will then give you the AI caddy, club recommendation based on the real world info, and your carry distances for each club. The amount of different stats it, keeps is unreal.
  3. Yes, My shot shape has went from a 90 yard slice to a baby draw or fade. with the driver. I try bomb it whenever possible, and get as close as possible to the hole. No laying up to 100 or whatever. I've also learned how to hit partial shots with all my wedges. 8, 9, 10 o'clock and full. I know my carry distances with them and all my clubs. I'm the most aggressive I've ever been, and my scores are dropping. Track everything with garmin in the summer. And on the Simulator Golf tour in the winter.
  4. Shoot under par on my home course. Get to 180 BS, am around 174 max now. Taking Axius core, so this should help.
  5. I know my carry distances for different backswing lengths. 8, 9, and 10 o'clock for all my wedges. For other clubs, it depends on situation, lie, etc. if I add or take some off.
  6. I live in a small town about 20 minutes outside a city. My town has a very nice 9 hole course. The membership is $660, and that includes the range pass, lol. So I get a membership there every year, and play 9 after work most days. In the middle of summer here its light until 9:30 so can squeak in 18 some nights. Weekends are for elsewhere. There are so many awesome 18 hole courses within a hour of me, as I'm really close to 4 resort lakes, as well as the city. But what I've found is there are a lot of hidden gem 9 hole courses in that same area. I may start exploring some more of them in the next few summers.
  7. yes sir. Switched the aspect ratio of the app in samsung labs, and it solved the issue. Thanks.
  8. Got the s62 and used it the past couple years. Love it. But since I updated through garmin express I cannot view the holes properly on my phone (galaxy fold 3). The top and bottom are missing. You cannot pinch to make smaller or bigger. Anyone know how to fix this issue? Maybe I'm dumber than usual lol. It works just fine on PC.
  9. Don't give up @dlow206 I've been on a similar journey that started about 6-7 years ago. I shot 95-110 and decided I wanted to be good at golf. At the time I had no idea what that was, lol. I've went through 3 instructors before I found my guy. I've went through months of shanks and disappointment as I was making changes. The odd training aid... only a few worth their money. Hundreds of hours of practice, playing lots, even when I didn't feel like it, often by myself. At first my goal was to beat 90 took me a bit, but was able to achieve this using my brain, and shortgame/ putting practice, as I still had a 70 yard slice. Fast forward a few years/instructors later, I beat 80 for the first time. Last year I shot par on my home 9 hole course for the first time with my handicap below 10 for the first time as well. This year I shot par on an 18 hole course for the first time, with my handicap around 6 with the lowest point at 4.7. Now my ball flight is straightish, with a bit of a draw. But every now and then the slice will reappear for a bit. Still have a ways to go from my point of view, but am getting there. The biggest complement I've gotten was my golf buddy for 3 years said; "you are way better than when I first met you, way better. " made some of the work worthwhile. Keep at it man. You'll get it. Eventually something clicks and then the improvement will be fast and furious.
  10. Why send me 2 emails when only open to US residents, and I cannot enter? Hope whomever gets this enjoys the net. Looks solid.
  11. First Name / State or Country of residence - Lionel/Canada Handicap- 8.8 Current irons in Play- cleveland cbx The carry distance of your 7 iron- 172 yards
  12. I have a gc2 and this would be perfect for me to test, but alas I'm a lowly Canadian.
  13. Bought one, but its backordered until end of March. This should help with exactly what I've been struggling with the last few years.
  14. @mattjamd you ever get the sensor? I've never gotten mine after doing all that frustrating tagging. Not sure if I should try sell this or just toss it, or hang on and hope.
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