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  1. Don't give up @dlow206 I've been on a similar journey that started about 6-7 years ago. I shot 95-110 and decided I wanted to be good at golf. At the time I had no idea what that was, lol. I've went through 3 instructors before I found my guy. I've went through months of shanks and disappointment as I was making changes. The odd training aid... only a few worth their money. Hundreds of hours of practice, playing lots, even when I didn't feel like it, often by myself. At first my goal was to beat 90 took me a bit, but was able to achieve this using my brain, and shortgame/ putting practice, as I still had a 70 yard slice. Fast forward a few years/instructors later, I beat 80 for the first time. Last year I shot par on my home 9 hole course for the first time with my handicap below 10 for the first time as well. This year I shot par on an 18 hole course for the first time, with my handicap around 6 with the lowest point at 4.7. Now my ball flight is straightish, with a bit of a draw. But every now and then the slice will reappear for a bit. Still have a ways to go from my point of view, but am getting there. The biggest complement I've gotten was my golf buddy for 3 years said; "you are way better than when I first met you, way better. " made some of the work worthwhile. Keep at it man. You'll get it. Eventually something clicks and then the improvement will be fast and furious.
  2. Why send me 2 emails when only open to US residents, and I cannot enter? Hope whomever gets this enjoys the net. Looks solid.
  3. First Name / State or Country of residence - Lionel/Canada Handicap- 8.8 Current irons in Play- cleveland cbx The carry distance of your 7 iron- 172 yards
  4. I have a gc2 and this would be perfect for me to test, but alas I'm a lowly Canadian.
  5. Bought one, but its backordered until end of March. This should help with exactly what I've been struggling with the last few years.
  6. @mattjamd you ever get the sensor? I've never gotten mine after doing all that frustrating tagging. Not sure if I should try sell this or just toss it, or hang on and hope.
  7. Having to enter which club you are using is concerning
  8. Pretty big claims. Expensive monitors have trouble with some of those data points they say it is able to read. Hope their claims are justified as another low priced competitor is great for the market.
  9. Several years ago I decided I wanted to be a good poker player, 5 years later, and hundreds to thousands of hours of reading and practice I was rated 300th in the world for winning percentage in tournaments, 99.99% better than other players that were ranked. Skip two years, to 2009 when poker started to lose its appeal to me, so I decided I wanted to be good at golf. At the time I'd only play 2-4 times a year and shot around 110-120. In 2010 I took a few lessons and focused on the one piece takeaway. In 2011 I discovered mygolfspy, and with your help bought a clicgear, and new clubs. I also broke 90 for the first time. Then in 2012 I took lessons again which focused unsuccessfully to stop my OTT move, but I was hitting the ball really solid. Which led to me breaking 80 for the first time in 2013. Then 2014 came, and lessons with a new instructor, he really helped me 100 yards and in at the start. And in 2015, with zen golf and taking Aimpoint for green reading I shot par at my home course for the first time. I also officially signed up for mygolfspy. And in 2016 I won my flight at a matchplay tournament. In 2017 I took lessons from a local guy, got my handicap below 10, and bought a skytrak for winter golf. By 2018 my handicap had dropped to around 8, but still was battling the OTT move. I won my Club Championship this year! In 2019 I went back to my coach from 2014 and worked almost exclusively on hitting a draw. My handicap soared to above 14, but by the end of the year it was back to around 8 and I'm hitting draws for the first time in my life on purpose. And my instructor believes we can get my handicap below 5 with my new swing. I won my Club Championship for the second year in a row! Through all this I've taken lots of advise on clubs, and play itself from you guys here at mygolfspy, Thanks for all you do!
  10. For something discovered in 1940, pretty sure they know what it does, is non addictive, non evasive, and affordable. Does not destroy lives, or end them. People in your trade will be resistant for years to come, as their known products are what they know, and what the pharmaceutical companies lobby them for.
  11. Shifty


    Never used a putter with the superstroke grip before, and since its pretty much the same putter I'm gaming already, I notice how quiet it makes your hands. Been rolling it really well. Thanks again.
  12. Shifty


    thanks man. Got the ketsch and tiba putt. Gonna put the ketsch to work this weekend!
  13. I've bought just about every training aid ever invented.... The only ones I still use are; dst compressor impact snap eyeline mirror All 3 are worth the money.
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