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  1. For something discovered in 1940, pretty sure they know what it does, is non addictive, non evasive, and affordable. Does not destroy lives, or end them. People in your trade will be resistant for years to come, as their known products are what they know, and what the pharmaceutical companies lobby them for.
  2. Shifty


    Never used a putter with the superstroke grip before, and since its pretty much the same putter I'm gaming already, I notice how quiet it makes your hands. Been rolling it really well. Thanks again.
  3. Shifty


    thanks man. Got the ketsch and tiba putt. Gonna put the ketsch to work this weekend!
  4. I've bought just about every training aid ever invented.... The only ones I still use are; dst compressor impact snap eyeline mirror All 3 are worth the money.
  5. Shifty


    Interested in the ping ketsch, and the tiba putt if you can ship to Canada. S6V 5S8
  6. Waskesui was Bob Hope's favorite course, and he golfed many. Cooke in Prince Albert was Johnny Cash's favorite municiple course, and he had a cabin in the province as well. There are more courses per capita in Saskatchewan than anywhere else in the world! Also we have some of the best hidden 9 hole courses anywhere. I seen Katepewa was mentioned. I would also mention Birch Hills, and Riverhurst as some of the most beautiful 9 hole courses you can find! Most of the courses up North are right beside a resort lake, so bring your swim trunks and fishing rod. Which is something we have over Alberta, which has few resorts that are good to swim at in comparison.
  7. I've got special honey. If I take a pea sized amount, all my aches, including my shoulder and elbow pain is subdued. If I take more than a pea sized amount, I cannot golf, lol. Once it is legal, I will be using this method all the time. Quite inexpensive, and natural. And non-physically addictive which is huge. My great grandmother died from her arthritis medicine wrecking her liver. I wish she had this option years ago, she may be alive still.
  8. I would stay away from anything starting with ES.
  9. You guys aren't 'right'. Sent from my SM-G925W8 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Lionel- Saskatchewan Titleist d2- stiff Grafalloy Bi-Matrix 115mph, handicap 8.8 MCA Tensei Blue , 12.5 degree
  11. I have 2 swingshot cyclops hds, and a gopro on tripod for putting.
  12. First name: Lionel Home State/Province/Country: Saskatchewan, Canada ​Do you use performance tracking? I have game golf classic Do you use a GPS watch? no, but use Skydroid on my android This would be great for me as I've logged 100's of rounds on game golf, I haven't used it yet this year as the clip on the sensor broke, and was looking at this as a replacement possibly.
  13. Congrats Sent from my SM-G925W8 using Tapatalk
  14. I entered your info given in the first post into Bridgestones golf ball fitting section. They recommend the Tour B RXS for you. check out the ball, and you can select other brands as well with the same characteristics if you wish, but myself I love Bridgestone, so I'd recommend you try them at least. https://www.bridgestonegolf.com/en-us/balls/tour-series/tour-brxs
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