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  1. I broke out one of my hoarded sleeves this past weekend... reminded how much I agree with the above statement. Keep checking the Titleist site... but alas... "sold out online". Love this ball.
  2. Emily Pederson at the Olympics for one example.
  3. I agree, I picked up the 3W and 5W used after reading the Most Wanted. I have tested them in several rounds and worked them on the range against my gamers. I think these are going in the bag for good... and I'm considering adding the 7W. Great clubs for my game.
  4. Tiftaaft

    LEFT DOT!!

    Last question on the survey... would you buy this ball if it were available as your Gamer (paraphrased) I chose yes.
  5. Tiftaaft

    LEFT DOT!!

    Just curious if anyone else received the left dot survey from Titleist? I take this as a good sign for future mainstream availability. My survey is submitted.
  6. Jumped off the back nine last night, hit some really solid irons... thrilled. 39 with a double. Now if I can just figure out how not to over-analyze what is working and screw it all up again trying to repeat it...
  7. I have been playing a little better the past few rounds. Working on trying to "swing" my irons rather than "hit" them. For me, it is all about finding some consistency. The new sticks are amazing, but that is another thread. Saturday - 79 that could have been 76... I realized I was getting too technical with my putting stroke, and started rolling the ball, rather than thinking about positions and length of stroke... I played Sunday morning and on the front 9 I noticed (in the morning dew on the greens) that my ball was skidding at the start... very clearly represented by the gaps in my ball's path - especially nearest to the putter contact. Several poor lags combined with putts I should have made...I shot 44 on the front, then after that epiphany shot 37 on the back with a double. Went back out in the evening for a 9 and I was even through 8 before dead pulling a side-hill 5W into the water hazard. Ended up with a triple due to a poor chip and two putts. But still happy with the way I played. Course is closed on Monday... Hopefully will get a few holes in tonight to keep the momentum.
  8. So Shankster - along these lines... say for argument sake that you pull the 58 out.... what would you add - or would you go would you go with 13 (which I will forever forward call the "Hogwarts Setup" after reading this post ).
  9. Tiftaaft

    LEFT DOT!!

    I believe they are for left handed golfers...
  10. It is amazing how something that feels so drastic inside your head and in your body looks so insignificant to the outside looking in... good luck and good back health chisag!
  11. Tiftaaft

    LEFT DOT!!

    Credit card standing by.
  12. Just finished licking my wounds from the Club Championship Tourney this last weekend. Now that I'm past the "re-living each poor shot" phase, I'm into the "embracing the well executed shots" phase of the post mortem. Probably lucky for me that my club is closed on Mondays, and then the Tropical Storm that rolled through SE Texas closed the club yesterday as well. Which gave me two full days to re-group, and analyze the scores from the tourney as I start planning for my '22 Season. My Club uses Golf Genius for all its events, so I have shot by shot, hole by hole data for all the players in all the flights... It's great for someone geeky into stats like I am. My personal play was the tale of band-aids and bubble gum. I started the first day of the tourney on a par 3 (shotgun start), and I knew from the first swing that I would be trying to piece together a full 18 holes. My first 4 holes, I thinned every one of my iron shots... thin to the point that if I was still playing balatas... I would have had to replace 4 balls due to nifty smiles cut into them. I worked hard to just "play the next shot" opposed to thinking about the poor shot I just hit, and it helped me keep my sanity for the round. Scrambling was the name of the game that day. Day 2 was much better from an approach standpoint and came out of the gate with reasonable birdie putts on my first three holes (par, par, par) then a collapse on #4 - finding the water twice on my way to a triple bogey - effectively negating any roll I was on. Overall, my ball striking was much better on day 2 than day 1, but my score was better on day 1... go figure. As usual, after validating my card... I took my frustrated game to the range on the way to the car... and proceeded to hit 2 poor shots, then striped about 10 straight... so I went home with the feel of solid shots in my hands and in my brain. The joy of golf.
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