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  1. Definitely got to see that solo B rolling on the U.S. Open coverage watching Bryson putt. I don't care for the look when I'm playing it... (and I choose not to for reasons above), but I have to hand it to Bridgestone... you can tell what brand that ball is be the big black marking... good marketing. Actually I'm disappointed I don't care for the looks more... as I mentioned... my first quality "purchase by the box" ball was the Rextar by Bridgestone. I also had the Bridgestone Whopper driver... I miss those days.
  2. Decided to invest in the Squairz shoes, and have played a few rounds, and several practice sessions in them. I'm not able to notice an increase in my distance (per the claims in the advertising) but I can say that out of the box, these were and continue to be the most comfortable golf shoes I've ever worn (including top end FootJoys). I am very happy with them so far. Maybe the distance will come as I continue to wear them. I will definitely add another pair to my rotation soon.
  3. I agree with the DG shaft band... I used to take mine off back in the day. A little more difficult with graphite shaft graphics.
  4. Would like to know if anyone has tested any selection of current (2021) balls with an 85-90 mph swing to derive a distance comparison? Most specifically, ProV to ChromeSoft to Supersoft (for my own preference in balls) and which gives the best distance. I completely understand that a softer ball starts to over-compress (my words) to sacrifice distance to a firmer ball at swing speeds approaching 100 and over... but what about us old duffers with that lower swing speed. Where is the cut-off that a low compression ball (like the supersoft) limits the distance trend-line to a mid compression b
  5. Just curious if it is only me... but do the company brand stamps on balls play a part in your decision to "game" it? Which brand stamps feel "elite" and which turn you off from just the looks? Not meaning brand quality comparisons , just completely due to aesthetics? Back in the Balata days, I played the Rextar religiously (made in the early early days of Bridgestone golf), I could have played Titleist Balatas, but absolutely loved the "look" of the Rextars. Felt better teeing them up, seeing the logo in the fairway (or the rough as the case may have been) and rolling them on th
  6. Yes but where is that one black dot??
  7. Thanks for the quick response. That makes sense. I live in Houston... there are not many days in the year that the range isn't available (this past February notwithstanding). I will say the spin enhancements on the Mevo+ is a nice metric to have. Even at $2000 - the ability to have a shot tracer in your bag is tremendous! Good luck with the "+".
  8. Hey Edingc, I noticed you listed your Mevo on B/S/T... I am considering the Mevo (maybe yours) what was your decision to move to the Mevo+. What do you feel you are gaining for the additional ~$1200 in cost? Thanks, Tim.
  9. Thanks Dave, you are right, I was a bit out of order. Swing speed is a good result of success in improving the technique. A lagging indicator.. not a leading fix.
  10. I bit the bullet and have a set of Mizuno MP20 HMB's on the way (4 - PW) to replace my MP68's which were a replacement for my all time favorite MP33's that were sadly relieved from my possession along with everything else of value in my car years back. I considered the MP20 "players", but decided on the HMB's to use some of the technology to my advantage, as well as the stronger lofts to aide my aging swing - at least that is the plan... execution success to be determined. I also considered all the usual suspects listed above... especially the Ping (210 and 500) and the Callaway Apex... but
  11. I went to the range last night with my new Swing Caddie... confirming my suspicions... really really low swing speed. (Not that I'm surprised... first culprit for distance is swing speed in the the equation). But I have at least one thing to work on... improving my 85 mph average to something in the mid-90's (driver speed... which should also increase my speeds for irons, improving their distance too). From there - work on technique (with a coach most likely).
  12. Thanks CN - good advice. Maybe a diver's weight belt is in my future to get that mass in my swing back ;). JK. Bottom line... even playing poorly - it's still fun and a great sport... perspective is my first goal. :).
  13. I have had a similar question recently. Lessons, or power through with volume for gradual - but "in my control" improvement (i.e. buckets and rounds). I have never had a lesson, and over the years (started playing seriously when I was 19 - currently 51... with a few breaks in there for work/family priorities) I was as low as a 5 handicap, but spent most of my playing time in the 8-10 range. For work and family reasons - I stopped playing about 4 years ago (maybe a round or two a year with friends) and 2 years ago I lost 175 pounds. Ok - there is the background.... now - things are nor
  14. Hey everyone. I'm a new "member" to the site, but have been reading the content for several years. I recently decided to get back into a more active role in golf... meaning I started playing again. (a few years removed due to family, work, relocation, covid... you name the excuse, I probably could check that box). When I last played with any regularity, I was a 9 handicap... when I was playing my most competitive golf, I was a 5 - and weight between 275 and 325 on my 5'10 frame - and in my late 30's to mid-40's. I am now 51 and 170, losing my weight about a year ago through calorie mainte
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