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  1. After a soul crushing 92 today. I walked from 18 to the range and practiced 7 iron contact. 1/2 swings, 3/4 swings, Full swings. Back to 1/2 swings, 3/4 swings, full swings.
  2. I think this is one of the best values out there - across all golf equipment/accessories. Not only do you get the shot tracking ability, but it is dead on accurate for front/middle/back yardages at my course. The H4 does everything I ask my more expensive Garmin to do in the heat of the round. Granted, other GPS units have touch screens and enhanced graphics... but when I'm playing... I am looking for yardages. And this gives it to me in a small profile unit that fits in my pocket (or on my belt if I can get comfortable with the magnet). Great price, spot on yardages, and with a little effort - full shot analysis with no annual fee. Good stuff. The only question I have since purchasing it, is if I should have opted for the V3 Watch instead. Only because I haven't fully trained myself to tap every club... though it is easily corrected in the post-round. But having the swing detection more automatic may be better for me (although there are pro's and con's with that as well). But then, I may be questioning my decision had I opted for the V3 instead about the H4... and now I"m thinking about getting the V3... TOO! Yes, @JerryB , my name is Tim and I too have a problem!
  3. Fair comments. My 13 year old son has a drawer full of them. I see your inflammatory comments and raise you.... I bet LIV Golf's dress code is shorts and tees. I digress. I don't care what people wear on the course...One could say that Plus Fours are just really short joggers ;). I choose to follow my own dress code which is rooted in traditional wear. Same reason I don't own "athletic shoe" style golf shoes, and back on thread topic... metal spikes cause unneeded damage... so I'm good with soft or spikeless on my traditional dress golf shoes.
  4. +1 Arnie is rolling over in his grave. While we are at it... when did a mock turtleneck become a collared shirt? Oh yeah... when Tiger started wearing them. I operate under one word... Tradition.
  5. After reading through the Unofficial Review thread on the Rypstick system, I pulled the trigger yesterday and placed the order. Ready to start my protocol and hopefully increase my swing speed across my bag.
  6. Yep, I agree with this. Any player should dial in the carry distances, then do the mental math for the specific course conditions they are playing that day.
  7. Interested to hear your first takes on the SC vs. Spider. I just added the Newport 2.5 to my bag - transitioning from the 2 ball Ten. I have noticed the ball coming off the putter hotter on the SC in my first practice session last night. Once I dialed that in, I was more deft with distance control using the SC, but felt more solid on line consistency with the 2BT. Just my initial take after my first outing.
  8. I meant to mention... GREAT Fairway percentage!! Nicely done!!
  9. I'm not sure what this says about me... but I can't think of a scenario that I have been in, or would be in (aside from a 1) that I care who was with me to see. Made me stop and think about it though... interesting question!
  10. My opinion (worth less than 2 cents) is.... whatever YOU'RE most comfortable with with each club. A little bit facetious and using extremes, but while my stock shot is a little fade with the driver... I'm not going to intentionally hit a baby fade with my putter to be consistent through the bag .
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