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  1. Alright, I think I may finally have found my dream shaft/10K combo after a bunch of searching! Two rounds in with the Chrome 2.0 and it is an absolute weapon. I'm finally consistently seeing the distance I saw in my fitting, along with a WAY tighter dispersion. Still figuring out aim line, as I seem to either hit it dead straight or with a 15-20yd draw, so it's still something i'm calibrating. That said, I hit some absolute bombs today (some of the course was downhill, so hard to tell if that was a major influence), but everything was comfortably over 250yds with a few in the 270/280yd+ range. Hoping to take it out on my home course next week, so that'll be the clearest test yet of this shaft/head combo. Definitely getting a bit more height out of this shaft, than the RDX, so I may eventually go back down to 10.5 (currently playing this in the small plus setting).
  2. Thanks! For me the only challenge is disaggregating poor technique and the impact of practice. The ExPutt helped me identify where some things were going wrong, which combined with a bunch of practice has ironed out a lot of my putting woes. I've regressed back a little bit as seen below in the orange line (honestly not been practicing as much with ExPutt as I've been out on the course more) and as a result have had a couple of three putts creep in, along with a few shorter misses during aeration season. That said, it's still night and day from where I was before. Weather has started to warm up and I'm guessing green speeds will follow, and I do typically putt better on faster greens.
  3. I think you're both right. I definitely find it a bit harder mentally to step on the gas with this club compared to my G425 which felt so so forgiving. I think part of that was the nightmare start I had with it and the wrong shaft (Tour Black) but I need to get back to a place of trust and total commitment.
  4. That's my hunch as well. It's a bit of a difficult beast finding the sweet spot between consistency and committed speedy delivery!
  5. Thanks! My search for a light-ish weight stand bag with a putter well and 4-5 other dividers and decent storage continues!
  6. Will you release full reviews of all the bags you tested @GolfSpy_APH? Still struggling to find a more in-depth review of the Mizuno BR-D4 stand bag as it looks like an improved Ping Hoofer and i see it hiding in the picture! Would love thoughts from your testers on it.
  7. I'm still a hair mixed with my 10K. I will have rounds or spells when it is absolutely perfect, and then rounds like yesterday where I get a dead hooking ballflight that only goes ~220yds. It's definitely me and not the club, but I'm wondering if something magically happens when you drop below a certain swing speed. I've been focusing a lot on contact with my other clubs and so wonder if that has taken SS down a notch on course. I'm back on the swing speed training, so we will see if that changes things for the better. I am a bit tempted to buy a Tour 2.0 Chrome shaft and see if it performs differently.
  8. I'll add on here as I've played this cart for a whole season. Things I like Build quality is very high and it feels well putt together The wheel lock is pretty strong and can happily stop my cart on a 30º incline The bag foot is sturdy and the elastic straps hold everything in place The rubberized handle is very comfortable I use the little pouch below the scorecard holder more than I thought I would and it's handy both to stow warm gloves in winter between shots and also food items It rolls very true and goes in a straight line with no adjustment necessary Things I don't like It's HEAVY! Don't get me wrong, it rolls really well, but loading it in and out of the trunk or carrying it upstairs it is build like a tank. I kind of wish I had gone more minimalist or something a bit more skeleton frame The wheels will randomly start clicking sometimes during a round. I think it's the brake mechanism not fully disengaging The wheels are an absolute magnet for goose poop, which is a problem for a lot of the fall/spring season The rear wheels look like they are not fully engaged even when they are in place (you still see some of the silver axle) - for the first two months I thought I had done something wrong but that's just how it looks It's a very solidly made pushcart, and I don't plan to change it. My only regret is not trying some more lightweight options first as it is a bit of a behemoth.
  9. Alright back from hitting my usual Pro V1s and compared to range balls. Due to the size of the short game practice area I couldn't hit anything longer than a 7 iron, but the results are interesting. The comparison is Rapsodo MLM with the range ball setting for the range balls, and premium ball setting for the ProV1. 54º - 4yds shorter GW - 4yds shorter PW - 9yds shorter 9i - 6.5yds shorter 8i - 12yds shorter 7i - 8yds shorter So basically call it 5yds shorter on wedges and ~10yds shorter from PW up. Likely close enough for me. Interestingly the measured ProV1 data is actually pretty close to the TopTracer estimates at the range with range balls (albeit 3 yards shorter) for almost everything except my gap wedge, which is 10yds shorter in real life vs the TopTracer estimate.
  10. Not to sound like too much of a fanboi, but those are some of the main reasons I picked up the ExPutt
  11. Have you found the insights from the quick entry helpful? Wondering whether it's worth tracking. I typically track putt distances and number of putts, but adding break/slope wouldn't be that hard.
  12. Alright - jumping back in with both feet after a bit of a Stack layoff. My approach play is still but hoping some speed work won't make it any worse haha. One quick question - is anyone using the Rapsodo MLM/R-Speed? I just picked up a second hand MLM (non 2 Pro) and wondering if I can hack the speed announcing so that it auto-inputs the number into Stack. I tried a few Stack swings and it seems to be reading 2-3mph faster than my PRGR. Anyone else have a similar experience? I'm guessing the Stack app compensates for that, but I was curious to ask!
  13. So I don't want to overdo this, but this thing has literally turned around my putting game. Granted, I did make some technique changes due to what it combined with my Mezz revealed, but even so - holy moly! For folks not familiar with Arccos, the two lines are my last 30 rounds. The grey trend line is rounds 30 to 16, and the orange line is rounds 15 to 1 (1 being most recent round). The low point on the orange line was the round before the ExPutt. As you can see, it's been quite the improvement!! That one dip in the orange line was on a course where they had just deep-tined the greens and there was maybe an 1/8" of sand on top. Otherwise my putting has been bulletproof.
  14. Congrats to the testers! A little bummed I didn't make the cut on this one, but I'll be excited to hear what folks think of these.
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