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  1. Man this is an amazing thread! For 2021 I didn't set out with any golf goals, but lucky for me I started golfing regularly again for the first time in about 10 year. So get back golfing, check. Next key to that was getting my fiancee into golf, check! She had never played before last year and now she Loves golf. Turn golf into our thing, check! Making this a thing that we can do together was a major accomplishment. As I got into the swing of things I was able take my mid to low 80's and close out my year with two rounds below 80! Goals for 2022: Get a handycap Have handycap be <+4 Shoot a round at par Get a driver Work of fitness and flexibility Get my Fiancee to about +15
  2. Thank you! This is so helpful. I've been seriously wondering were it went and asked the question a few times on the live donor giveaway. I've have had to rework my podcast schedule for the work week, and can't wait for it to come back.
  3. Johnny, As a former clubhouse attendant, will the Angles be good at baseball anytime soon? Now to golf, When your thinking about what content to make, what are the leading factors in getting it produced? And to follow that up, What about the content you get to make excites you? Thanks for doing this!
  4. @stuka44 that's all super true. I definitely want some new equipment but don't need it. I've been practicing a few times a week recently and actually working on specific things when I'm practicing and it's already paying off.
  5. Wow thanks to everyone for such great responses! There was such much to think about and consider. I don't struggle for distance, but I do struggle on and around the green. So I'm going to start from the green and work my way back to the tee. I've got a putter fitting at Evnroll scheduled and I could be more excited. As for after that I think I'll be getting some lessons @Firebird, hopefully those can help me set my ego to the side so I can consider more forgiving irons. Sticking with my MP-67's or getting new more forgiving irons will probably guide any next steps I take.
  6. If you were updating every club in your bag where would you start, and why? Follow up, What is some of the best advice you've gotten about getting new clubs?
  7. I recall my highschool golf coach watching me practice my flop shot walking up and saying: "you know there are other ways to chip right? You need to be more creative and understand situation. I watch you go for glory way to often."
  8. I cannot agree more. I'm trying to make sure I don't let my ego get in the way as rebuild my set. Before I update anything my goal is to get down to single digits. Step one has been hitting the range twice a week, step two is getting a putting matte and the puttout pressure putt trainer, and step three is forgetting my ego as I build my bag.
  9. I absolutely love the MP-67s and don't expect ill change these out anytime soon. I took about a 10 year break from playing so coming back to these is testing me to say the least. The test also has its benefits because the feel of these irons provide so much feedback on each shot.
  10. New Member here and figured that I would share what I'm rocking. I expect that I will be making some updates as I continue diving back into golf. My plan currently is to start with my putter and work my way to a accurately gapped set of wedges, a new 3 Wood, and maybe just maybe a Driver(I've never played a Drive, my 3 Wood typically goes far enough about 270 and strait). Woods: Ping G10 13.5° Stiff Flex Hybrid: King Cobra Baffler 3H 20° Regular Flex Irons: 3-PW Mizuno MP-67 Stiff Flex Wedges: Titleist, Vokey Design 56° Cleveland, RTX 588 60° Putter: Exotics, David Gold Tour Proto, DGv1.1
  11. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've began playing golf in High School. Since then I took an extended break from playing for nearly 10 years. I Began getting back into golf about 6 months ago. Since picking golf back up I've been shooting mid to low 80's. What do you love about golf? I love that there is never a time when golf doesn't push you to get better both physically and mentally. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I came here because in my time away from golf it appears that there were some major improvements in the technology around golf and this seems to be the place to learn and understand it. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm in Southern California and don't really have a home course. I find myself playing mostly at the Costa Mesa County Club or Mile Square Park. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is the number of courses to play around the area. The worst part is like everything in California, the number of people. What do you do for a living? Consultant in the Development Industry How’d you pick your user name? Its what came to mind. not much thought went into it.
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