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  1. Such a great addition to the site! Thanks for doing this.
  2. With so many podcasts these days it can seem easy but like anything you gotta practice and get in the reps to do it well. They have the content and knowledge to make a podcast that's valuable to the golf community, there's no doubt about that. I just hope they push through the start and solidify a schedule because like you said it's gunna take time to find their rhythm.
  3. Seems like the reception of the show wasn't taken lightly as there wasn't a new episode put out this week.
  4. I did a putter fitting at Evnroll and the ER10 was one of two final models that it came down to. The fitting also served as a putting lesson and in the end it was the tips and drills, learning from the midlock grip, and not enjoying looking down at the ER10 that lead me to choose the ER2 over ER10. I am in love with the Evnroll face and have already started to see real improvement. I would recommend the Envroll fitting and their putters to anyone. I am excited to give the evnroll zero a roll one of these days but since it wasn't included in the most wanted mallets I'm not sure when it will hit stores.
  5. Holy crap!!! I love the team SAAB ball! I drive that exact car, it's a SAAB 900. I can't give you any information on the ball but the car I could.
  6. They have a good bit of work to do that's for sure, but the knowledge and content is there just gotta sort out the presentation. It's probably worth deep diving successful podcast/hosts and taking notes to get back some the flow that Miranda brought to the party.
  7. I am missing these podcasts, they really added an awesome layer to the great information they put out on the website. Most wanted driver testing coming out will hopefully push them to get these going again.
  8. That's an amazing stat! I had no idea and saves me some money for the time being. I am being honest with myself on the distance of my 3wood carry. It's why I haven't looked to upgrade that part of my bag despite it being a old beat up Ping G10. So it's back to chipping and putting if I really wanna cut down on strokes. I've been working pretty hard at putting and got a really consistent 2 putt thing going on at the moment. I'd guess that when I start tracking my missed greens in regulation I will see 2 putts that lead to bogey's. Cause I know when I miss the green I don't usually save par. I gotta say this forum is incredibly helpful. Seriously thank you. I'm so glad I found such an amazing resource full of such knowledgeable and nice people!
  9. @RickyBobby_PRthat's a bummer I left there so stoked on the new swing understanding I didn't even pause to think about his shaft advice. On the plus side you and all the great people in this community know enough to stop me from making bad decisions. I'm not sure why but my brain is still fighting your advice, I can't swing at more then 65%. In my head it's worth it to find a cheap driver just to have one in the bag to practice with, but the wrong driver head and shaft will enforce bad habits. I'm sure I will follow the advice laid out here. Thank you to everyone who replied it really helped when I went into the lesson.
  10. This is a super interesting table, I kinda understand what @cnosil is saying. So much of the results seem to be finding the balance of speed, spin, and AoA. I went and got a swing analysis (basically a driver swing lesson) from a great local golf shop this weekend. He based it off my three wood swing that is on average 110 mph with a ball speed of 160. @RickyBobby_PR, my fitter was echoing the positive AoA. In terms of my swing he was able to explain it in a way that got the different swing mechanics to click, and I was able to execute it at about a 65% swing speed. When I asked him about what I needed to look for in a used driver he said as a starting point I should get a driver with an extra stiff low spin shaft. Then once I get the mechanics of the swing down at full speed I should look at getting fitted.
  11. Looks like I a need to get a lesson, I've never had one and probably why I haven't ever figured out how to get that neutral to slight upward angle. I pulled the driver from my bag back in high school and just never tried to learn how to hit it. But If I wanna reach my goals for this next year and get a handicap of 5 or lower I probably need to learn how to swing a driver . I got a putter fitting at evnroll this last year and that basically turned into a putting lesson and since then my putting has improved dramatically. Step 1: is probably to get a decent used driver. Step 2: is to get a lesson. Step 3: is to practice
  12. My misses with driver tend to be really low pulls or really low pushes with the occasional hook mixed in. (I'd consider really low as low or lower then my 3 iron) I probably need to take a look at some swings of players who have worked out how to successfully hit with a slight negative angle of attack. Try and understand the mechanics and get a lesson or two to implement that.
  13. Hey everyone, Are there major differences in a driver swing vs 3 Wood Swing? I hit my 3 Wood with a slight draw and get about a 250-265 carry, consistently. When ever I have tried to put a driver in the bag I just can't get any consistency. Just wanted to get some input, because in my head I should be able to translate my 3 Wood Swing into a driver swing but my inability to do so has kept a driver put of my bag. Thanks again to everyone in the community!
  14. I am all about how golf is all on you. I love being able to improve and learn everytime I am out there playing. You can't be perfect and I love the mental side of the game. I'm not proud to admit it but I do enjoy impressing my buddies and getting the W.
  15. Man this is an amazing thread! For 2021 I didn't set out with any golf goals, but lucky for me I started golfing regularly again for the first time in about 10 year. So get back golfing, check. Next key to that was getting my fiancee into golf, check! She had never played before last year and now she Loves golf. Turn golf into our thing, check! Making this a thing that we can do together was a major accomplishment. As I got into the swing of things I was able take my mid to low 80's and close out my year with two rounds below 80! Goals for 2022: Get a handycap Have handycap be <+4 Shoot a round at par Get a driver Work of fitness and flexibility Get my Fiancee to about +15
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