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  1. With the course demanding a solid second shot into the small greens, I'd look at guys with solid iron play. Here are three guys that aren't necessarily the favorites, but in my eyes, could win it. 1) Joaquin Niemann - T5 at RBC, had 3 good rounds at the Travelers. Ranks 19th in approach to green. 2) Marc Leishman - slow start since the restart, but has had a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finish this year. I see him rebounding here at a place where he's had success. Ranks 1st in approach to the green. 3) HV3 - I like the dude and his swagger. Has shown he can go low at the Charles Schwab. Hasn't broken through yet on tour, but would love to see it soon. Also throw Joel Dahmen out there just because I'm a homer for bucket hat dudes.
  2. Number 4 on my “home” course. 200 yard par 3. Green sits elevated and is wide, but not deep. If you hit it short of the green, you’re in the water. If you hit it long, you have a really tight chip to try and get it to stay on the green and not run back off into the water on the other side. The only safe miss is out right either into the sand or even further right of the sand. The green has a ridge in the middle that will either funnel the ball to the back left of the green or front right. I’ve gotten a par on this once and it was only because I thinned my 5 iron into the hill before the green, stopping its momentum and ending up on the green.
  3. Hey guys, first time tester here. I’m really looking forward to testing the Align XL balls and putting them in play. I originally asked to put the Snell MTB-X ball in play, but the site only had yellow colored golf balls. Unfortunately any color golf ball besides white just doesn’t fit my eye right. So, I decided to go with the trusty Titleist Pro V1 golf balls as seen below. I got inspiration for my personalization from Frankie Borrelli over at Barstool Sports and the Fore Play Pod. Frankie is terrible with a wedge in his hand. He tries to convince himself that he is the greatest short game player ever and says stuff to amp himself up before the chip/sandy/putt. It usually never works, but the one time it does, he’s incredible. One of the phrases he uses a lot is “Be an athlete”. Stop messing up and hit this shot, “be an athlete”. It is kind of like in basketball, baseball, or football. You gotta make the shot, catch the ball, etc. Stop making excuses and be an athlete. Commit to the line, speed, and have no second thoughts. Make the putt! Anyways, I’m excited to test out different methods of alignment to see if it’ll help out my below average putting.
  4. 79 41/38 1 birdie/11 pars 12 GIRs / 9 FIRs 36 putts (4 3 putts...) I played at RTJ Oxmoor Valley Ridge course. Very pleased with my driving and irons. I just couldn’t gauge the speed on the greens. I kept leaving putts short. I even left an eagle and a birdie putt short on the same hole....frustrating. I’ve been on a nice run of low to breaking 80 over the last 6-7 rounds. Hoping to keep it up!
  5. I got some Warbirds and Mojos i have found in the woods (yeah, my ball might have trickled in there too...) over the last couple weeks that I was saving just for this event. Looking forward to it!
  6. 82 41/41 2 birdies / 7 pars 10 GIRs / 7 FIRs 35 putts (2 3 putts and 1 4 putt yikes) I got to play Kiva Dunes Golf Course in Gulf Shores, AL down here at the beach. Beautiful course sitting between the ocean and the bay... The fairways are tight with little wiggle room in the rough. Greens are fast with many ridges and false fronts. Challenging yet fun. With how humid it was, I started to loose my grip on the back 9 with the driver and was just happy to keep it in or close to the fairway. As for my 4 putt, thought the wind was in my face on a 156 par 3, so I hit a full 8. Unfortunately, I hit it too good and it went on the back part of the green. 60 ft putt with a ridge in the middle that made it impossible to stop it by the flag once up and over. Hit a bad second putt back up the hill and the rest is history.
  7. Congrats testers! I’m very intrigued by Honma and look forward to seeing the results from this driver
  8. 80 40/40 1 birdie / 11 pars 8 GIRs / 9 FIRs 33 putts (only 1 3 putt this time) I got to play Craft Farms Cotton Creek golf course down in Gulf Shores, AL while on vacation here at the beach. I played from the tips (7127 yards) and very happy with the results. I usually play around 6500-6600 yards. Hot and humid today, had a tough time gripping the club at some points. I still missed 3-4 putts around 6-8 feet. Shot of the day for me was an 8 iron from 160 that landed and stuck right next to the hole (a inch or two from sinking it). unfortunately a yanked a drive into the woods and had to pitch out. Saved a par at least.
  9. I’m hoping it is just to tighten up the restrictions and policies that have been implemented. I saw where players are still teeing off for their practice round. I feel like they wouldn’t be doing that if they had been told the tourney was cancelled unless they just love playing the course that much.
  10. Alright, I got three “not so favorite” guys I’m hoping pull out the win or at least get close. 1) Joel Dahmen: Besides a bad Sunday round last week, Joel has been on fire and I hope he keeps it up. Back on him again this week. 2) JT Poston: solid top 10 finish last week, see if that carries over to this week. Not long off the tee, but has a solid iron game. 3) Paul Casey: has had a lot of success here. Maybe he can finally breakthrough and win it. Sooooo if these don’t win, Bryson will. That’s all.
  11. https://www.footjoy.com/fjwyw-entry-form.html Enjoy
  12. I was wrong. Impressive stuff from Webb. Man was on a mission. Ancer and Hatton balled out. Hatton was E after round 1. He went -20 in 3 rounds..
  13. Busy over this weekend, so I went to practice at my local course yesterday morning. I got on the 18 hole “short” course, which is all par 3’s. This is part of my game where I struggle the most off the tee at the moment. I feel like I try to muscle the shots and get quick with my upper body causing me to pull some shots. Yesterday allowed me to hit all different kinds of distances off the tee ranging from 100-205 yards. I really focused on smooth tempo all the way through my swing. I will be making this part of my practice more often. Only shot +7, so I can’t complain.
  14. One of the guys I was pulling for, Wesley Bryan, made the cut at -5. I’m not sure his status on the tour, but hopefully he can go low the next two days and help himself out. The course seems to be favoring the morning guys as a couple guys went -8 today from the morning wave and -7 from Thursday. Let’s see who can post a low number tomorrow to push Webb and Bryson. I also don’t think Webb can keep up making so many long putts. If it comes down between Webb and Bryson, advantage Bryson from what I’ve seen.
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