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  1. I had a blast! Beautiful course overlooking the city of Huntsville. If only we could have putted a little better, we might have caught that 54
  2. Yeah that one hole will be closed for a while unfortunately. The other 17 will be playable again in 3-4 weeks (maybe more if the weather doesn’t cooperate).
  3. Hey guys, I’m working on my review and hoping to at least getting some content out there to y’all soon! The weather hasn’t cooperated very well lately as you’ll see below. I have unfortunately still not received my 3 and 5 wood. Hopefully they come in before the cold weather hits here and makes it tough to get more rounds in. Alabama has been hit with a couple crazy rain storms this year and this last week might have been the worst for my area. My home course got hit pretty bad with flooding issues. See pictures below. It’s going to be closed for at least 3 weeks. I’ll still get some rounds in from other courses around the area.
  4. looking forward to @gavinski91’s challenge! I’ll be getting that in as soon as possible. Who needs a 5 and 3 wood when you got your driver and 4 hybrid… Warming up like Dak for that 9 hole Bomb score…
  5. Looking forward to being a homer for the young guns and winning this mystery box!
  6. I'm a little late to the party. I've been on a storm restoration trip to Houston and just got back. On my 50 yard shots, its hard for me to say if I have noticed the drop off in spin. I typically play for a little roll out anyways, but will definitely pay closer attention when I'm playing in the morning/afternoon. What do I think about my snakebite wedges? Overall, I really enjoy them. In regards to the 58 degree full face. Whether its chipping or full swing out of the sand, the ball bites. This club has been a weapon around the greens. Part of my game that I continue to work on are the 50-100 yard shots. My 50 and 54 feel comfortable in my hands out in the fairway/rough, I just have to continue to practice on committing to the shot and not bailing out and blading/chunking the shot. This has always been a struggle and not just the snakebite wedges.
  7. I won’t be spending any FAAB money on kickers/Defense. Weekly drops most likely like @Berg Ryman said
  8. This is quite impressive what BNG is accomplishing after the draft. Props. Excited to see what you haul in for Kittle and McLaurin.
  9. To be honest, I’m not sure I would change to much with what I chose, assuming the 3 and 5 wood work out for me. I love the irons, wedges, and 4hybrid. Gapping has been great. The 4 hybrid is hot and that might be where my biggest gap is between that and the 5 iron. The only club not as consistent for me at the moment is the driver. I’m having more 2 way misses than I did with the Ping driver. Don’t get me wrong, I’m driving it fine in terms of distance. I don’t think I could switch out anything to fix the issue, it’s more of my swing I need to work on.
  10. I’m pretty sure I already know this answer. But play along. let’s say I trade for a draft pick that is close to another one of my draft picks. You can’t own more than one copy of a player, correct? Like start Derrick Henry in both of my RB spots. I tried skimming the rules, but didn’t see anything. Edit: if it’s like the Fantasy golf draft, this is not possible. I had a good thought there for a second. Nevermind guys, carry on and Roll Tide.
  11. Colin Morikawa has been laying low just for the Tour Championship. Finau, Colin go 1, 2 just for me to still finish 20 points behind @blackngold_blood
  12. I was sweating that one out. It was a fun run there for a little bit. Morikawa being a non factor the first 2 playoff events ultimately killed my chances. Glad I made it to the finals at least.
  13. I got a couple sweats going tomorrow. I had a great week last week, but not a good one this week so far. Hopefully I live for another week. I also have Hudson Swafford who is sitting at 31 and Billy Horschel at 29 in the Fed Ex standings after round 3. Let’s have a day tomorrow Hudson and Billy!
  14. I got out for a round this afternoon. I struggled with the driver a little bit. Was pulling them left and missing in the rough. I had one retee where the ball was 5 ft on the bad side of some white stakes. Found the swing on the back and was back to my fade. As you can tell, my wedges and putting saved this round. I had 2 sand saves today with one of them being a hole out for birdie, and 2 up and downs from 40 yards out. This 58 degree full face groove is a game changer out of the sand and around the green. I’m still tinkering with my 54 and 58 around the greens, but I’ve noticed that balls are grabbing and stopping quickly with my 58. My irons are great, I don’t have much to update on those, except I’ll post some pictures here in a day or so with how they are holding up with the copper finish. Unlike @txgolfjunkie, all the ranges around me are sand based. I also can’t go cold turkey when pulling up to play. I’m seeing some fading, but it’s not too bad. Putting them through the ringer with some range days and warming up before each round. My 4 hybrid continues to be a weapon. Consistently traveling 230 yds. I’ve been using it off the tee when I have some sharp doglegs. I’m excited to see how the big tour 3 wood and 5 wood bridge my gap to the driver when they come in.
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