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  1. Phil probably placed that bet on himself....
  2. I'm assuming the rough will be cut once more, but seeing some pictures early this week that you can only see the top of some tall boys that were placed in the rough is nasty! Whoever can keep it in the fairway will be at the top of the leaderboard come Sunday. My picks: 1) Xander Schauffele - if it wasn't for the staggered start at the Tour Championship, Xander would have won. I'm riding that momentum. 2) Jon Rahm - He found a way to be a the top of the leaderboard at some of the hardest courses played since the restart (The Memorial, the PGA championship, and the BMW) He will be up there on Sunday, I hope. 3) Matthew Fitzpatrick - *Sleeper Pick*, just a gut feeling. As long as he doesn't shoot a 77-80 on the first round, I like his chances.
  3. @Jbmullin with the Get Me to Vegas title of week 1. Both of his matchups winning by 1 point or less! (sorry if this has already been discussed, I didn't scroll up) @Lacassem with the Mr. Unfortunate title of week 1 edging out @jddaigneault. Losing both his matchups by a combined 6.4 points. Useless odd stat: @ZJBogey2 lost by 4.2 in both of his matchups and no it wasn't to the same team. Looking forward to week 2!
  4. I was about to post that they should change to match play event and saw your post. How many events outside the Ryder Cup do they have as match play? 1 I think, the WGC Match Play in Texas. Still have the money rewarding the people that got to the top 30, but now the people starting at Even par feel like they have no shot of winning this last leg. I see the argument of rewarding the person that has played the best over the course of the year. Give them a bye into the quarterfinals or something to reward that. That way, you finish top 8 and still get loads of money. I'm sure by limitations, the tourney can only be a 4 day event. So jam pack as much in as possible. Have multiple days of 36 holes like the Ryder Cup, make it fun for the fans.
  5. I see it as an opportunity to play shots that you normally don't play whether you are playing up or back on tees you don't normally play. Playing up might give you more 3wood/iron off the tee or wedge looks into the green. Playing back helps you work on your longer irons into the green. I like to mix it up every now and then. In regards to your question, @DaveP043 hit it on the money with how your buddies approach the game. Do they take golf seriously, or are just out their for a good time? Are they trying to get better, if so, maybe playing one tee back will be a good challenge and help them develop some of the clubs they normally don't hit as much. If y'all are out there to just socialize and get away from the daily grind, then I doubt many people care what tees they play from. Personally, I have found before that moving up a tee box didn't necessarily produce better results for me. I was driving the ball through the fairway on some holes, not hitting the best shots into the green, etc. That's why I mentioned it might be good to have your group move up one week and then back the next week, it'll help develop your overall game in my opinion.
  6. 79 - 40/39 2 birdies, 7 pars, 9 bogeys 8 FIRs and 8 GIRs 33 putts (1 3 putt and 4 1 putts) I played my home course at RTJ Oxmoor Valley Ridge course. It was raining on 17 of the 18 holes. It would go from a drizzle to steady rain and back to a drizzle all day. I purchased a FJ Rain glove from the pro shop and it worked like a charm. I’m intrigued to see if it also works with a lot of sweat. I finally birdied a hole I’ve never had good fortune with. It’s a 3 shot par 5 hole, can’t use driver off the tee or you’d go swimming. Hit a 3 wood, 5 iron, 60 degree to 5 feet and sunk the putt. This is now 5 rounds in a row for breaking 80. Hoping to keep it going.
  7. I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Have we split into divisions yet? I see everyone is under Bucky at the moment.
  8. Yeah. That was crazy how bad of a round he had. The ups and downs of golf...
  9. Congrats guys, I’m intrigued to see your review and testing results!
  10. I was very wrong about Bryson. It was tough to watch him 3 putt multiple times from inside 20 feet. My boy Matthew Wolff up there, hopefully he can go low on the weekend! I’m proud of DJ not wanting to steal the spotlight away from Scottie today. Pro move.
  11. Here's who I got to win this week. 1) Bryson: why? No one likes him... well he hits it far and is figuring out his irons/wedges with the new weight/strength he stumbled upon one day. If he can keep his drives in the fairway, watch out. 2) Jason Day: Have you seen his results from the past 4 tournaments? You haven't? Well its 4th, 6th, 4th, 7th. He's playing alright. 3) Don't be surprised if Matthew Wolff or Sungjae Im are up there on the leaderboards. Boom or bust since the restart. Looking forward to watching along this weekend.
  12. I just looked him up, the country club he is the head pro at is about 10 minutes from my house. That's a good place to be at, he'll thrive there.
  13. 74 39/35 1 birdie / 14 pars / 1 bogey / 2 doubles I went out and played one of the shortest and easier courses around the area at Highlands Golf Course in downtown Bham. Par 70 with the back 9 at a par 34. The shortest par 5 was 465 and hole 1, playing as a par 4, was 270 down the hill to the flag. The only problem was that it was pouring down rain and stayed that way for 12 of the 18 holes. I was pretty happy that I only had 2 clubs go flying and 2 swings end with the club stuck in the ground. I had my driver going, at least with 3/4 swings, to prevent from it twisting in my hand or slipping out of my hand.
  14. I am just now starting the journey. I secured tickets for Saturday and Sunday with some buddies to the PGA at Kiawah next year (hoping fans can attend). Looking forward to it. I don't have many connections with getting Masters tickets, been trying for a long time with the lottery, but have just been unsuccessful. Hope to make it to the US Open and Open Championship in the next 5 years.
  15. Will the draft order be randomized right before the draft, or will there be a small competition to determine draft order? Example: pick a golfer for this weekend to win, draft order is determined by where that player finishes for each person. Who gets to pick first can be randomized.
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