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  1. They just announced who is going to be playing in the first event. Notable names: DJ, Talor Gooch, Kevin Na, Louis, Poulter, Garcia and Westwood. See players list below. I really like Talor Gooch and it sucks to see him leave the PGA tour. Also, not a good look for DJ based off these comments... Your move PGA tour.
  2. With rain in the forecast for the morning Thursday tee times, it’s going to be interesting to see how the AM/PM scores compare to PM/AM. Not sure if this has been answered before, but how do players get assigned their Thurs/Fri tee times? Outside of being selected as a featured group, is it purely random or can they ask for a time frame? I’ve seen a ton of “tough luck” for the guys that had a PM/AM at PGA Championship and to go back a little, the Players.
  3. Love this tournament. Excited to see who can navigate the back 9 and get into contention throughout the week. My only request is for Bryson to play just to try and hit the second fairway on 5 again.
  4. Putter for me. More of a consistency thing. Can have a solid round of making some putts, but that is followed closely by rounds of bad putting overall. I’ve always played the blade, but am reading into some mallet options. We will see.
  5. Thanks guys, it was a good one!
  6. Thanks @Golfspy_CG2 for the opportunity and some sweet prizes! I’m either feast or famine. Last major pool - 589th. The one before that - 8th. Let’s get back to feasting!
  7. I have not but looks like a fun challenging track. Take some pics and report back how hard those holes are along the water!
  8. Only reason I didn’t play in Destin/Sandestin area this past week was that a lot of the courses just went through punching the greens and I didn’t want to pinball my way to the hole. Not sure if Links of Sandestin did or not, can’t remember seeing it on the website.
  9. Played Windswept Dunes yesterday while at the beach down here in Florida with my dad and bro in law. Weather was perfect in the high 70s and sunny. I decided to challenge myself and play the tournament tees at 7300 yards. I shot a 78 with a double, some bogies, and a birdie. I had my driver working and some really nice up and downs to help my goal of breaking 80. My double consisted of a plugged ball into the side of a bunker. This was one of the worst I’ve ever seen as I could only see 5-6 dimples of the ball and the letter S from Snell. Avoided disaster by hacking at it and getting it to fall into the bottom of the trap. I highly suggest playing Windswept Dunes if you’re in the Destin/Panama City area in Florida. I know golf is expensive at the beach, but this course is a little bit of a hidden gem to me. Not on the beach, but still has that beachy vibe. 7 tee boxes to pick from, challenging green complexes, and unique course layout. Alright I’m done, back to the beach.
  10. I’m out here today and just got done at Windswept. Love playing here when I visit for the week at the beach. Course is in fantastic shape. 5-6 tee boxes to pick from and always a fun challenge! Like some have mentioned, I wish there were a couple more comparable options in price over in the Seagrove/Seacrest area as I don’t want to pay $300 for Camp Creek or Sharks Tooth.
  11. As @Ben_Howell34 recapped above, 11 of us from Alabama took over Big Cedar Lodge. We played all 5 courses (Payne’s Valley, Buffalo Ridge, Ozark National, Mountain Top, and Top of the Rock) and had a blast! We were a little worried about weather coming in but didn’t have one rain drop on us all weekend. Here’s my rank of the 3 main courses and then the 2 par 3 courses. Hard to pick as every course was immaculate and worthy of playing over and over. 1) Buffalo Ridge - course has been around the longest of the 3 main courses. I really enjoyed the tree lined holes as compared to the other 2 courses. Really fun layout to challenge yourself off the tee and around the greens. My favorite stretch throughout the weekend was playing 13, 14, and 15. You have to eat the Buffalo dog after hole 5. Such a clutch mid round snack. Ozark National has it too. 2) Payne’s Valley - *disclaimer* I made the poor decision to play from the Tiger tees (7500 yds) in 30-40 mph winds. Performance during the round was not great. The course is incredible though. It has your challenging par 3 and 5s as well as your long par 4s to combat a couple driveable par 4s. Enjoyed the snack house after 9 where I could load up on snacks for free. 3) Ozark National - another really pristine course as I attempted to do what Phil did on the Champions tour here. Unfortunately didn’t succeed, but had a lot of fun playing it. Really cool layout of holes. The back 9 was the toughest 9 I played all weekend. I enjoyed the challenge of holes 12, 13, and 16. This course had a snack hut after 9 as well which come up clutch. Par 3 courses 1) Mountain Top - I actually enjoyed this one a little more than Top of the Rock. 13 holes, all varying in distances and elevation. Wind was a little brutal as we played it the same day as Payne’s, but that was a fun element to add into the mix. Really enjoyed it as a walking only course and some really cool walks between holes. 2) Top of the Rock - 9 holes. Every single course was kept in such good condition. This was a great way to finish the trip in the late afternoon and have dinner at the top of the course as the sun was setting. This course wasn’t really a “keep your score and compete” type round. More of a “enjoy with your 7 people” and hit multiple shots into these fun layout of holes. I also was expecting to see the incredible range they used to have, but a sinkhole wrecked that plan. I should have done more research on that, as it happened a couple years ago I believe. TLDR: it’s worth it. Yeah it’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it. Awesome experience. IMG_3558.MOV
  12. I always warm up on the range if I can. The key for me is to get loose stretching and hitting some wedge shots to get a feel for my swing. After that, I only swing a couple lower lofted irons and driver swings. I have to see one decent one from the driver before I leave. After that, I usually go putt and chip (if I have time). I’ve found that no warmup on the range costs me in the first 4-5 holes every single time.
  13. I currently game my Cobra Radspeed 4 hybrid. I 100% can hit this longer, more accurate, and have less mishits than I was having with my 4 iron. Swing your swing though. I too only go up to a 5 iron before going 4 hybrid, 5 wood, 3 wood.
  14. Opened up a bottle of Eagle Rare tonight. Felt it was appropriate…
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