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  1. That's how I see you guys when I play with you. Sometimes all in the same hole. I don't think I need to break it down for you. But I will... Joy I'm out playing golf Sadness oh crap a par five with water Fear my second shot is over water Disgust I'm in the water Anger That was a brand new $4.00 Pro V1.
  2. Yellow Ball is a master of deception. Not to mention, a master of finding my way home. In my early years I was molded into the Ball that I am in an Italian neighborhood and looked forward to celebrating the feast of St. Joseph every year. On a side note, I have some eggplant parmigiana and chicken parmigiana with homemade sauce in the oven right now. Now that we have part of my upbringing out of the way! Ok I see your trying to be cute with the bunny look. Nice attempt, but you can't expect me not to come back at you....What kind of New Yorker that's a NY Yankee's fan in their right mind would publish a photo of themselves with the logo backwards. Sacrilege...... try reversing the image on a selfie or find a friend to take your photo. Wait a minute the southern New Yorkers aren't that friendly. Try reversing the image! Maybe we can get together again next season. Bethpage Black hint hint! I was there, but nobody would take me out on the course. For some reason they think I will bring them bad luck or something! Dam bunch of pansies.
  3. Well how embarrassing, now everyone has seen the tattoo on my ass!
  4. This is great advice. It could help save my life.
  5. Before I left Oregon I had a visit with @rbsiedsc. While I was in out there some things came to light. There are quite a few spies out there that are trying so hard to master this game of golf. I mean he is trying pretty hard here. To start, who in their right mind would swing a driver between two houses with barely enough room to swing? Then goes in the garage to swing and has the same issue. Just ask his garage door opener! Just a thought here…… If you swinging in a confined area you will not have a free flowing swing. You will compensate for the area and ingrain an improper swing. So now we know why his driver sends me off into the oblivion! Did you know @rbseidsc likes to hike? He says that because finding his drive requires a hike. For someone who says he likes to hike, he sure took his time getting to me. I started to panic. Even if he manages to get his driver in check (hopefully sometime soon). Then I think working on the putter would help get you consistently in the low 90’s to possibly even breaking into the 80”s. When I was out on the course with him he had 8 three putts. I felt like a freakin ping pong ball. That’s an easy 8 strokes to take off right there! He had a heck of a day. He even got hit in the back. So Dr. Jekyll here was positive in July. "Happy that things were coming along with his game". Then in August, Mr. Hyde came out and made comments like, “Ugh golf is a cruel game. I just need to accept who I am.” Here is another beauty, “Contemplating not playing again. Swing changes are hard.” Oh boo hoo here. No sympathy from Yellow Ball. If you think getting through these issues are tough try being me. All golfers went through it. It will get better! I’m thinking I need to send you my therapist’s contact information. Yes, golf is hard, swing changes are hard. You can get this game under control. So you wanted to be my agent for a book did ya. Well it already seems like you can crack under pressure. How could you deal with the likes of me on a daily basis? I’m just a little Yellow Ball and I have made grown men slam their clubs and cry like a baby. Grown man cry.mp4 Could you keep my schedule straight? Manage my travel itinerary, book signings, interviews, appearances on talk shows and such? I don’t think so. Hell you can’t even keep your drives straight. Thanks for the offer though but I’m going to take a Hard Pass.
  6. That's not me that's my cousin Chomper. He lives in Oregon, the beaver state. You can tell by his teeth. Tell him I said Bite Me. He'll know what you mean.
  7. Don't pick on my lack of feet. Let me show you what I got on my trip to the Netherlands. Figured these cool wooden shoes would help me in shallow water.
  8. @Rickp get you mind out of the gutter. Bunch of guys that hook the ball are coming over for a poker game.
  9. I see the Vice's are a little green with envy being around greatness. You know what happens when you try to put a round ball in square pants? .......... you wind up with a face like that! Sushhhhh, your not supposed to tell people I'm a little off center. Why do you think I'm hardly in the fairway? I know I'm warped (and it's not just my sense of humor). If they stop hitting me then I'll have no stories to tell.
  10. Well, well, well., I'm finally wearing off on a few of you and your letting your sense of humor spill out. So good to see a bunch of you having a little fun and "egging " me on. I work out regularly and get a tremendous amount of rolling exercise finding my way home. I'd love to stay and chat but I have a bunch of hookers coming over in a little while. Gota get ready.
  11. Yellow Ball has played in Arkansas in late June. It was hot as hell and humid. I hate a sweaty ball. Reminded me of playing in Arizona except with the shower on. If you need me for your Member Guest then I'm coming in my birthday suit. No pockets = No cash! Now you know I've seen you play. Why would I want to throw away my hard earned money! Besides with my current popularity I am starting to get appearance fee offers, and another spy wants to be my agent for a book. @dlow206 paid for my flight out your way. You want me then Buck Up Buddy! Hope my head doesn't swell with all the popularity. I would hate to have to go out an buy all new hats.
  12. No Yellow Ball is thin skinned. I'm not getting near that stuff. I'm a snow bird! Heading south soon.
  13. Awwww how cute. A fresh batch. Obviously you don't know jack about a fresh hatch. Can't you see the pale complexion. My God man, your supposed to pick up immediately and spank it's bottom to get it breathing and bring out the darker yellow color. This also gets them used to their future of being smacked around.
  14. If it's in print it must be true.. Yellow Balls reputation is on the line. Sorry to my therapist I tried to be nice! Tony, Tony Tony... you are going to ask a golfer for his side of the story. Haa Haa Haa. Next thing you know he will tell you he got out of the sand in one and made the putt! You know that didn't happen! I was trying to be nice and not comment on his sand game or lack of, but you opened the window. Sorry Carl, this one is on Tony. It's kind of like you telling us you cleared the pond and made the green on hole one with your drive. Oh my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
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