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  1. Who do you think got him on a par four in one shot. That took some creative bouncing on my part. For an older guy he should just be happy with getting on the green in one. Heck, I gave him a tap in eagle. Let's not get too greedy now.
  2. Hello my friends. There are so many new members on the Forum these days which is a welcoming sight. Many of you don't know the history of Yellow Ball. So, sit down with your favorite beverage, kick your feet up and read a little story that just might clear up some things. **Yellow Ball's Mischievous Nature** Once upon a time, on the dew-kissed greens of the Whispering Pines Golf Course, there existed a peculiar golf ball named **Yellow Ball**. Unlike his dimpled brethren, Yellow Ball harbored a secret—he was alive. Every morning, as the sun peeked over the horizon, Yellow Ball would wiggle his dimples and stretch his rubbery core. His vibrant yellow hue stood out against the emerald grass, and he reveled in the attention. But Yellow Ball had a mischievous streak. He wasn't content with merely being part of the game; he wanted to influence it. His mission? To make golfers play poorly. Yellow Ball would roll into the tee box just as the unsuspecting golfer lined up their shot. He'd nudge the ball slightly, altering its trajectory. The golfer would curse their luck, blaming the wind or their rusty swing. Little did they know that Yellow Ball was the true culprit. On the fairways, Yellow Ball would hop and skip, leading golfers astray. He'd whisper in their ears, urging them to choose the wrong club. "Seven iron, my friend," he'd murmur, even when a five wood was the sensible choice. And so, golfers would fall short, their frustration mounting with each stroke. But Yellow Ball's pièce de résistance was the putting green. There, he'd come alive—literally. His dimples would deepen, and he'd wobble like a tipsy sailor. As golfers lined up their putts, Yellow Ball would jiggle, sending ripples across the green. The ball would veer left when it should go right, or stop inches from the hole, mocking their efforts. The golfers grumbled. They blamed the Bermuda grass, the uneven terrain, and even their own eyesight. But Yellow Ball reveled in their misery. He'd giggle silently, his dimples quivering with glee. "One more stroke," he'd whisper. "Just one more." Word spread across the golfing community. "Beware the Yellow Ball," they'd say. "He's cursed." Superstitions grew—golfers avoided him, swapped balls mid-round, and even muttered incantations to ward off his influence. But Yellow Ball was relentless. He'd roll into their bags, hide in their pockets, and reappear when least expected. One fateful day, a grizzled old golfer named Walter stepped onto the 18th hole. His reputation preceded him—a former champion, now reduced to mediocrity. Yellow Ball sensed an opportunity. As Walter lined up his final putt, Yellow Ball jiggled with anticipation. Walter squinted at the hole, sweat trickling down his furrowed brow. Yellow Ball whispered, "Left edge, Walter. Trust me." Walter hesitated, then adjusted his aim. The ball rolled, wobbled, and—miraculously—dropped into the cup. The crowd erupted in applause. Walter grinned, tears in his eyes. "Thank you, Yellow Ball," he whispered. "You've given an old man his magic back." And so, Yellow Ball's mischief became legendary. Golfers sought him out, hoping for a touch of his enchantment. But Yellow Ball had other plans. One misty morning, he rolled to the edge of the Whispering Pines pond and whispered, "Farewell, my friends. May your swings be wild and your putts unpredictable." And with that, Yellow Ball bounced into the pond, disappearing into the dark murky water. But golfers still tell tales of the lively yellow ball that haunted their games, leaving them both frustrated and oddly grateful. And so, if you ever find a vibrant yellow golf ball in the rough, remember: it might just be Yellow Ball, waiting to add a twist to your game. Swing wisely, my friend. PS: Beware all you spies going to Kingsmill. I will be lurking!
  3. I’m just not a pretty face! What makes me a good tester? Well, I’ve been in the golf business since the day I was born. I do like to add my special brand of humor into all my posts. See the Yellow Ball Roast’s thread. Link below I’ve been a member for a few years now. Creative photography is my specialty. I’ve only applied for testing once and I was selected. Some don’t take me seriously so during my testing I got over 16 other golfers involved. What more can you ask for. I think outside the box even if that’s where I’m kept. I never know where I’m going to be. Who I’m playing with and to what caliber of play will be with me that day. Testing takes work but is very rewarding. You learn about yourself and your game when you focus on the details during testing. The important thing is to have fun with it.
  4. I’m ready. At least I can’t fall and hurt myself. “Weebles wobble but they can’t fall down.”
  5. Looking forward to some quality float time with @GolfSpy SAM in the lazy river. Sorry northerners, you’re probably looking at ice right now. This is therapy day. Relax, get some color back and try out my new shade’s
  6. I was unfortunately played by a NON- player yesterday. I would have settled for your typical army golf. Left, right, left, right. but these 18 holes put me in the hospital. It was more like, cart path, house, tree, water. This was a rinse and repeat hole after hole. I have shingle burn from hitting so many roof tops. At the start of the round, I looked good as always. After 18 the medics came gave me some fluids (Like I need more water!) and took me to the refurbishment center for some R&R. There was some minor surgery involved but I'm sure the cosmetic makeover will cost a fortune, not to mention needing a new pair of Foster Grant's. When I got myself in trouble growing up my mom used to say, "Get over here and I'll wipe that smile off your face" I guess this is what she was talking about. I would have settled for a bar of Ivory Soap in my mouth. Yellow Ball down! But I'll be back! I'm just sitting here dreaming of being back home sitting out on the front stoop watching the kids roll around the front yard. Looks like I will be a couch potato for a couple weeks. I have to rest up, get better, and prepare for the long roll to Kingsmill. I thought it wasn't going to be on the East Coast this time. But I'll just keep on rolling to my favorite tune. Rollin', rollin', rollin', Though the streams are swollen Keep them dogies rollin', rawhide
  7. Never go into battle unprepared. We know how to take care of posers.
  8. It’s the waiting area for the ball washer.
  9. What… Hold the presses. Somebody actually likes me. (Don’t disappoint me by just saying you like yellow balls.) This one’s for you Martha. Now we have to figure out how to get Kenny out of the way for a little snuggle time. See you at Kingsmill.
  10. Those are my cousins from up north. Winter has that effect on them. Wait I think one of them is my 4th cousin “Unlucky” you know the guy. The one who never got lucky.
  11. See if I send you gifts anymore. So not feeling the love.
  12. OKAY, Listen up. I told you all I was coming on the Kingsmill outing. I signed up even though I’m a freeloader hanging out in someone’s golf bag. Then I hear about a separate thread for members. People are calling me out and I don’t have the opportunity to defend myself or rip someone else apart! You can tell from my color I’m a little upset. Will someone please add me to this mysterious thread I heard about? Or are you just afraid of what I have to say? Well, I’m still waiting! Maybe @GolfSpy SAM is still awake.
  13. Sure pick on the little guy. I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I sure am resilient. I do like to see what’s coming. Easier to brace for impact than not knowing and getting hit in the back of the head.
  14. I'm well aware. What would a trip be without Yellow Ball. I plan on attending as long as I have enough time to roll on over. As soon as they announce the specific location, then I can plan my usual additional sight-seeing on the way. Hopefully I won't wear my dimples off getting to this one. Totally sucked getting re-dimpled after the last trip. if it's another east coast endeavor I'll have to fly. This time someone will need to cut me off once the moonshine stuff starts flowing. The Mrs. noticed that I was off for a few weeks when I got home. Hangover and getting hit in the face by drivers were not a good mix.
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