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  1. Was the "FORE RIGHT!!!" in yellow for a reason? Asking for a friend?
  2. Paint that spot yellow and it would look like me frowning. ☹ I was many states away, I didn't do it! Glad your doing better. We shall meet again my friend.
  3. “Let’s get ready to Rumble” (NOT) Well ole’ Yellow Ball has been taking some well-deserved time off. I have been around and trolling as usual. After hours upon hours of reading I have come to the conclusion that golfers get very cranky in the off season. This seems the happen every year. Yes I’ve been around a while, but this was my first year putting my thoughts on paper so to speak. It seems like a lot of topics have been turning into a pissing contest. Sarcasm has been at an all-time high lately. Here are just a few topics that have me shaking my head. Heck that’s all I got to shake anyway! TaylorMade Stealth driver, Titleist AVX, Can anyone explain this video to me, Dlow206’s quest to break 80, and who could leave out MGS’s beef with Rick Shiels (Ouch). Now I realize that we want to be out on the course and that’s our happy place (for the most part).We want to post about how we played, where we played, how our new piece of equipment is working but we can’t. Mother Nature said “hey take some time off”. Or you can move south. Notice how the boys down south don’t get as cranky in the winter. They get a little cranky when snow birds come down and invade and in August when you can fry an egg on a rock. I get it! But let’s take a minute before we hit send shall we. We all love golf, love the forum, and care about each other. Sometimes people can make a mistake and put something in writing and hit send in the heat of the moment. Take a minute re-read it and ask yourself should I really hit send right now? Re-read someone else’s post and make sure you are not reading into it, re-read your reply and make sure you’re not attacking anyone. We all have our views but we need to respect each others opinion even if we don't agree with it. Leave the sarcasm to the expert duhh ME. I mean look at what I go through every year and I’m still smiling. Oh and by the way to the guy who hit me in the deep pond a week ago, just as the pond was freezing over. THANKS A LOT! By the time I rolled my way to shore it was frozen over at the edge. Luckily it warmed up two days later and I got back out. Look on the bright side the next season is spring. In a little over two months the Master’s will be officially kicking off our golf season. "Don't worry be happy"
  4. There is hope for you yet!
  5. Spend more time in the fairways and on the greens and they don't get dirty to begin with. Just sayin!
  6. For those who love me, hate me, or just tolerate me, Happy New Year. May you all play well next season. I could use the break! And no, I didn't steal this from one of the Shriners.
  7. Well if you spent more time golfing than cooking, maybe you could destroy one yourself. Getting your dogs to do a man's job. Sad, just so sad!
  8. I got your back brother! Wait do you even have a back. I guess a hat has a back.
  9. Just like everything else out there. Nothing is better than the original. How on earth could that be a bad gift. Look at all the entertainment and creativity that a little yellow ball has given us. I guess the writer of the article has never been on the MGS forum and seen how a YB can bring laughter, sarcasm, banter, and terror to some having him in play.
  10. I think you missed the point here. He's trying to be cool and hang out with the rest of the yellow balls. Looking for a role model so he can get that sh#t eating grin off his face.
  11. I did get a new life preserver. The snorkel is on back order. I didn't want tanks and such. I don't plan on being down there that long. I'm trying to be nice for Christmas but! If you guys didn't hit me in the water in the first place I wouldn't need any of it.
  12. Well it's Christmas morning. I guess Santa thought I was on his good list for some reason! Need I say anything else here!
  13. Merry Christmas my other family.
  14. At least someone was looking out for my family!
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