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  1. Inanimate, now I’m insulted. Dumb, absolutely. Who else would let people hit them as hard as they can over and over.
  2. If @GolfSpy_SAM wins the lottery. I avoid the Rahm bashings and get a free ride from California. Thats a Win Win. So, @GolfSpy_BOS About you being my caddy. Well, if you have one of those thick Boston accents, I'll have to pass because I won't understand a freaking word you are saying. Yes, @The Hat You bring the tequila, and we are going to party hard. That is my favorite go to.
  3. It's true. They saw the air holes in the box and thought there were live animals inside. They were right!
  4. Ohhh crap, I just finished a round out at Pebble and then I realized it's 2,748 miles to Pinehurst. I got to get this bad boy up to 20 mph in order to get there by June 9th putting in 10 hours of driving a day. Here's hoping to catch a ride. Any ride is ok, planes, trains, automobiles. I see we are up to 16 people. Fantastic.......... Which one of you is going to be my ****** caddy?
  5. A contest? Winner gets to play with me for a week. What, no takers!
  6. So, you're the one who keeps rejecting my application.
  7. WHAT did someone mention my name! Did they use "replacement in the same sentence as YB? Ha I say. There is only one king of comedy in the golf world. Only one grill master of the golfers. Only one guy capable of getting out of precarious situations on the golf course day in and day out! Look, up in the sky, it's a plane, no it's a bird, no it's Yellow Ball. Coming to a course near you to ruin your day!
  8. Tough crowd! It's not my fault I'm on the bottom. Just stating the facts! It also would be unfair for me to enter contests like this as I would always win. I have the uncanny ability to screw up anyone's round I choose.
  9. Ahh my aging actor friend, putting me down and then says he loves me. You must live in one of those areas that rips someone apart and then says "Bless his heart" like that is supposed to make everything okay. Let's break down the comments shall we! Cheap, bingo and a heck yeah. Who else never had to buy clubs, take lessons, or pay for golf. I'm so cheap I don't even have pockets to put my hands in. Unless I'm dressing up to go out that is. Now who is jealous? Range Ball, Not so much. I shall refer you to my very first post. "I normally appear to everyone as an average white guy with different logos on my coveralls from all my sponsors." I can be whatever ball is in play It could be a Titleist ProV1, Maxfli Tour, or unfortunately a lower brand rock. My photo shop color (party face) is yellow. Having Stripes, No but I have left a few skid marks in my day. Brown of course. Result of too much Tequila. Jeppetto bringing me to life. Wrong again! I was born on Christmas Day and Santa brought me to life. SEE... Look on Santa's shoulder right above the train. But I appreciate you trying to get my goat! Love you too YB
  10. WHAT........... Am I reading this correctly. My interpretation, I will see more fairways instead of the woods.
  11. I like that temperature range. I don't have a problem with the price! I'm just along for the round. You're the one paying big boy. That is the beauty of being me. I go enjoy or sometimes not enjoy the round of golf at someone else's expense. Yes, I get my bumps and bruises along the way, but I save a ton of money!
  12. Are you freaking kidding me! What have you been drinking? A golf course flyover always has you down the middle of the fairway and on to the green. Do you really think I see the course that way with you guys hitting me. Its all army golf ( Left, right, left, right ), worm burners and ponds in my round. Well except for a round or two. Once with @chisag and I got burnt to a crisp from the AZ sun. Then once with @Tom the Golf Nut but he took me to the beach a few times. They at least kept me in play and I got to see the course the way it should be seen. Fond memories those rounds. I expect that those of you that go to Pinehurst will step up your game. Give a YB a break will ya.
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