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  1. Have you tried to tee it ever so slightly lower as to not strike the crown? Second, have you had any lessons? You say you have a flawed swing, it may help you improve your strike and save you money from buying and then fixing drivers
  2. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can get the sidewalk in from of my house removed? The reason I ask is because I have some old tree roots that are causing mushrooms in my front yard, these roots have also caused the aforementioned sidewalk to lift and break apart, I also need to grade my front yard to better direct water away from the house toward the ditch. I would do it myself but I am not sure if the ordinance officer would like it too much or if it would cause any issue in the future related to selling or inspecting the house or anything Important notes: the sidewalk ends on my property and it doesn't really continue the rest of the way down to the intersection, I live in Michigan
  3. When I day dream about what I would be like if I was a pro golfer, I want to say that I would be this humble and down to earth ("Ya, what happened sucks... But my day job is playing a game so why would I get so upset") and I would actively work to be that way, but the other side of me would care deeply about improving myself and my game. That being said... It take a big person to realize that sometimes you can be a dick less than an angel to be around, and this makes me like him that much more.
  4. Make sure you add some pictures per the BST posting guidelines. I am totally not saying this so I can see those beautiful Miuras you have...
  5. Fold... I will admit defeat upon the invocation of Mr. Cleese lol That man has a wonderful way with words haha
  6. I'll just leave this right here...
  7. The last update I saw said that the TS3 may be late '22 and the TS4 was still working out a design change and may be further into '23 (I may be wrong but I am hoping that its not pushed back further). And you are very right about GW selling until it no longer sells, for example they no longer make a 3i for the TE or DBM because the sales weren't justifying it (Man I wish I could've gotten one of the DBM 3i heads when they were on clearance) I am personally interested in testing them both out and seeing how they perform for me, the TS3 is closer to what I currently play (TM r7TPs) but the TS4s are closer to my old set (Titleist 690MBs) and would love to play blades again. So, maybe I will be a future "idiot golfer orders a set of blades" LOL
  8. Here are some of the videos I have seen regarding the 201s.
  9. Speaking of the MMB17s, I believe these are set to be their successor (The TS4s on the right) and Woo Buddy am I excited to try these out.
  10. Rick Shiels also has a video on this brand
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