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  1. I really appreciate all the encouragement everybody. I am still getting everything in order regarding unemployment and my resume has been sent out with more to come. Thankfully, My Dad and both brothers also work in the Automotive industry so I have some leads. Hoping to hear something within the next week but I also cannot put all my eggs in one basket. I am pretty nervous about being on the job hunt again, and starting from scratch. I was hoping that I would have been able to stay at the company previous for a very long time as the pay and benefits enabled me to support my family as well as spend a lot of time with them. I had four weeks of vacation as I had been there direct 5+ years and was working 40hrs a week, which is not typical for my line of work (Its more like 50+hrs). I am hoping I can get something as close to the same amount of pay and weekly hours as possible, but the most important things are that the sky didn't fall and there are opportunities available. I am trying my best to not stress about things I cannot change and while I have good and bad days, I still thank the Lord for everything I have every time I put my hands together.
  2. Update... Just got let go due to organizational changes... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddggggggge (But I didn't say fudge)
  3. More power to you man, a side gig in the industry sounds pretty awesome. Congrats!
  4. All that gets me is an eye roll lol But at least my 7y/o daughter uses the word "Destructions" instinctively haha
  5. In my house they are referred to as "Destructions" and are rarely used lol Unless of course SWMBO thinks its taking too long and has had enough of my crap haha
  6. Are you considered a financial investor due to all your purchases?
  7. If 75yds in is your weakness, then maybe you should lay up to 100yds as much as possible. And if you have time on your way to the green, drop an extra ball within 75yds and take a practice shot. That being said, I have had good experience with the Titleist Tour Soft. But I am also considering switching to TP5 practice balls.
  8. @fozcycle First of all... Know that we are here for you, we love you and this is a safe place. You need to separate yourself from your temptations... You can send me all the clubs that are causing you any feelings of distress no questions asked. Second, you should look for a sponsor to help you whenever you need some advise/guidance. For example, my Wife is my sponsor. Whenever she sees that I am on any troubling sites like RockBottomGolf, CallowayGolfPreowned, GolfWorks, eBay etc. She talks me down and tells me to think about my loved ones... Usually my wallet. Feel free to message me anytime. Matt
  9. Narrator: "It is at this point @ole gray realizes that the year is only halfway over... Let's observe..."
  10. One of my favorites. Try the Brazilian Maduro, the light blue banded one that is another good one from the line
  11. I have thought of that, it is a little more money but whoo buddy are the TAIIIs looking good.
  12. Considering I eventually want to dip my toe into competitions, and I somewhat recently found out that my R7TP irons are not post-2010 conforming, I will need a new set. And as much as I would love some P7TWs, P730s, or P7MCs... My wallet hurts just thinking about them. (Still keep my eyes open for deals of course haha) So these are looking pretty good.
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