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  1. After a few comments in "Random Thread" I decided to create a thread specifically for Random Golf Hacks.
  2. Is this turning into a "Golf Hacks" thread lmao
  3. Just simply tell your Boss that you have an emergency and that its personal... We really need to see those puppies in hand... its an emergency
  4. "It was the cored greens I tell ya!" lmao
  5. Intro posted, got my delivery date for monday and also an email from Arccos.
  6. I just read this article detailing why Adam Scott has not yet chosen to jump over to LIV. https://golf.com/news/adam-scott-liv-decision/ Full disclosure: I am a bit biased when it comes to Adam Scott. When I was younger my old boss, when I worked at a virtual golf facility, compared my swing to his before I even knew who he was so I looked into him and he became one of my personal favorite golfers. Regardless of if you are Anti-LIV, Pro-LIV or indifferent, I would say it would be hard to not appreciate Scott's open mind on the subject and you can tell that he has given it a lot of thought.
  7. If I purchase something and it goes on this page I am going to have to take it to my priest to be blessed lmao
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