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  1. I'm glad you aren't married to my Wife either... I don't like to share haha
  2. I'll just leave this right here haha
  3. This gentlemen... is how you Lose at chess AND checkers LMAO
  4. This, gentlemen... Is how you play chess not checkers LOL
  5. Now I am questioning my past decisions to play barefoot...
  6. its says its $21.99 shipping and handling to me If they go for cheap it may be worth it
  7. Had this guy the other day, was very happy with a Herrera Esteli as usual.
  8. So the girls went to bed a little early the other night and I asked my Wife if she wanted to try using the putter with the PuttOut... she got a perfect putt on her second try lmao
  9. To add to your point, I saw this Golf Sidekick video about what PGA Tour stats actually are and measuring your expectations in light of them. This was very enlightening to me.
  10. My Wife and I got married on Tax Day... It's a day my wallet will never forget lmao
  11. That would definitely be a plus lol But the U.P isn't that bad...
  12. @xOldBenKenobiX Make sure you enjoy your family and I am sure we can figure something out soon. P.S. Did you know that Lakes of Taylor seems to have Trackman booths available during the winter? I used to work at an indoor golf simulator business when I was in high school so I will definitely be looking into using these this year.
  13. Seeing a few Cubans while looking thru the thread and I thought I heard something about the rules for getting Cubans had changed, Does anyone know what the rule change was?
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