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  1. It's mid winter here so very little run as ground soft, cross wind at about 4 on the clock so little help and mid height. Time will tell me if I flushed one and that's it, but the next drive was better than my normal driving so I'm hoping it will continue, I'm planning on 2 days rest then use my Rapsodo in the nets...
  2. Yeah I hope you’re right but it’s a business and sooner than you/I want they will want a return on investment, I’m ok with that but enjoying it while it last lol plus I’m not really interested in watching the total coverage as I’m bored after 2 hours…
  3. Shouldn’t happen but did, why? Hit my 9* Sim with Bassara stiff shaft frequency 259 high launch 50gram D5 swing weight, been maxed out at 195+ carry metres so not sure what happened on the 8th tee? Only difference with the shaft adapter assembly was after I “flo” the shaft I put the adapter “lower” mark at the bottom where normally it’s set at Std loft, but for this monster drive I change the setup to Std at the bottom and bingo hit it outa my boots and obviously the sweet spot. So now I’d like to know if this setup worked out or just coincidence, the 9th hole was only 215 metre carry but into long grass so no run and 2 chunks to get out finished with double bogey. I’ve been doing quite a lot of training and yesterday was my third day of 9 hole golf except 1st day was 18 holes. Any comment welcome
  4. Yeah realized that but apparently there looking at another upgrade, trying to expand their market... Was talking to a visitor to my golf club...
  5. Just announced on Liv live Paul Casey has signed up, going to be in Bryson's team...
  6. Watching Liv 2nd round on utube, Ortiz joint leader with DJ and it's FREE...
  7. What a difference a day makes, chipped in from 33metres on my 9th green whoa hoo that's 5 years since the last one lol...
  8. I looked at the speed training systems and as I've got Rapsodo launch monitor which cost $500 and doesn't read your swing without hitting the ball I've decided to try something else, I made up the Rope as used by "Dr Kwon" and I'm hoping I get some benefits from that. Maybe Rapsodo will improve their app so it reads your swing, Rapsodo say they are looking at this but who knows. Good luck..
  9. Wow used mine today on6 holes an only hit one good one lol, going to need lots more practice...
  10. No your not listening to the players complaints about the business model, they want changes but can't get them so some have gone elsewhere. Now the PGA is changing the business model, is it soon enough not to lose too many players which leaves the PGA with no tour and therefore no business model....
  11. Kept this 57deg LW when I sold my Cobra S2 irons, didn't use it then because I was using a Ping LW. Ping has been letting me down so it's in the cupboard, I hit 25 chips around the practice green and like the feel so going to give it a go. Just wondering if anyone is using one and can describe the design characteristics of the tri-bounce and pwr 57* wedge which has a cobra S200 dark steel shaft and swingweight is D5, first game tomorrow so hoping it's good lol...
  12. I'd say mostly in the affirmative yes, as Brooks said more people watching and talking about golf. I've said before if we look in our own neighborhood we can see wrong, I want to see the Liv tour as a positive...
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