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    Wellington, New Zealand
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    Golf, playing and Clubmaking lol lol. I'm a hacker in all things golf whilst at one point I was a 9marker.

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    60 and over
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    91-100 mph
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    Multiple times per week
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    Short Game
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. Yeah I see that, I asked a question about my Mizuno STZ hybrid and got answered quick. Maybe we need to start another topic as I've noticed that additional feedback doesn't happen, ..
  2. Ahhh my bad found it I've also posted a question asking if it's the new Rflex M890 that matches Autoflex?
  3. I just asked a question on Maltby but didn't see yours ahh different login like mine?
  4. I've been on Maltby blog many times as I like Britt's answers mostly lol
  5. Oh yes and 9 hole membership and 9 hole courses are both available anywhere in New Zealand, actually midweek membership is popular in Australia and would suit me now I'm older. It's also cheaper because in Australia Saturday is Club Competition day and hard to get a game I'm trying to figure out which club I join now because of my health it's probably going to be 9 hole membership
  6. Walking is usual in NZ unless you have health issues, I only play with a half set so walk and carry my bag but it's generally 9 holes
  7. I bought this hoping it works for me if not I will sell lol... Dallas golf shipping wonder how long I have to wait to play with it.. Anyone using it and you like ee...?..
  8. A mate sent me this and it's priceless Applies here in NZ btw...
  9. Can I ask you for more info please , I play with a guy who has some Mizuno hot metal Elll irons he might sell? Would you know where I can find out anything about them as I've looked online but nothing much there, I rang Mizuno in Sydney but they weren't any help just wanted to sell me new stuff lol
  10. Wow that's awesome thanks, I looked at one of their videos 2 years ago and didn't like it much but these are great. Best info video I've seen on my STz, looking fwd to hitting lots more.
  11. Shot shaper back in the day now pray shot
  12. I think this is very funny I've got that answer lots
  13. I've not hit a ball since because of the rain and the course is so wet and soft to walk on hoping I remember how to swing a club obtw what's (TXG DOTY) when it's at home?
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