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    Golf, playing and Clubmaking lol lol. I'm a hacker in all things golf whilst at one point I was a 9marker.

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    Short Game
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  1. Compared to you I'm great Bone wise but the interior of my guts is not happy after Gangrene attack from a Treatment injury 5years ago, I'm 2 years younger which helps plus One day a month I feel like I can play but until I can play more often it's chipping practice in my back yard
  2. My practice recently is strength training and swinging my hybrid trying to facilitate a LATE release, listening to the Wishon utube videos and others that will help with more distance as I've always been a early release guy plus today I cut a baker's dozen branches and cut them to 2 feet lengths.... Lunch with a mate tomorrow
  3. Interesting grip style of change, I've not tried the baseball grip but I'm thinking I need to try something different. Cheers
  4. Tuesday went to the driving range hit 30 balls with my Mizuno 923's 20" 4 hybrid and 29" 6 hybrid,I hit them much better Dispersion wise than I thought I would since I've not had a full swing of anything for 6 months. Planning to try that once weekly going fwd, I've had some bad knee issues but improving so hope to do more
  5. My fav was 2CH in Sydney but it's closed easy listening 70s 80s music, I've recently found Caro Emerald on utube nice
  6. I use WD40 now for 5 years because Acetone is very expensive in NZ, I've just changed shafts in my brother's Pings and the shafts had Chamois grips which were a real hassle to remove with liquid so used air which was a 2 Man job removing. I had to use excessive amounts of liquid to refit the grips and they are not dry next day. Wondering if anyone had same issues and what did you do to fit them properly I'm thinking of using a hairdryer tomorrow if there still not 100% dry?
  7. Hi, I'm trying to help my left handed brother to make his Ping irons easier to use. I'm asking for a quick response he's visiting for 2/3 days if you don't mind. So back in the day he bought Ping Zing irons and loved them but his X used them and cut the shaft 1.5inches and so trying to reuse the heads he got a set of Ping eye irons with black dot spec's, I fitted the shafts from the eye heads into the zing heads without cutting to orange length and he played them and liked them so I want to take the next step with his fitting. I've compared them with his Taylormade r7 irons which he had fitted by the agent in Auckland NZ, apparently they were setup at orange dot spec's which I don't believe because the black dot set is only .5inch different in length but? I've done a swingweight check between Tm and Ping and there's a big difference as Tm 8 iron is C1 and the Ping 8 iron is D0 he'd much prefer the Ping and has played a few rounds going down the shaft. He shot a net 62 on 23 hcap an 78yo lol, said he hits the ping straighter than Tm. I'm thinking .5inch shorter and a little lie angle adjustment and his wrist is 31 inches from the floor, would really appreciate your help. Cheers Colin
  8. I like askgolfnut for club reviews because he can swing at 70 80 90 mph which is relevant to my swing speed, also like Mrshortgame and mobileclubfitter and any I see when I search a topic I’m interested in.
  9. Hmmmmmm Rapsodo say NO....
  10. Premium lapsed a couple of years ago as I'm happy with basic info as I'm playing very little golf due to illness issues and using the Rapsodo as a practice motivation in my back yard oh well another hurdle to get over...
  11. I've tried to change my email address with Rapsodo but it appears you can't do it I'd like to use my iPad mini with the Rapsodo launch monitor and for that I have a new email address because I lots and lots of Spam with the old one from the 80's and I'm slowly getting shot of it. Has anyone tried to do this because it appears impossible, I've asked Rapsodo 3 times and the third reply told me I can only use the original email . What's the deal if I want to sell I have to give the buyer my email that can't be right help
  12. Played Soccer in my school years but when guys take a dive for a penalty and their NOT actually touched that sickens me, sadly still happening today and in my view those people should be banned for Life
  13. I need ultralight to help my longevity in golf and I only carry six clubs but could go seven depending on the course
  14. Interesting might try it as I'm looking to try something different just for fun
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