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  1. I have the SportsCentury on Phil Mickelson on DVR from 2005. There is a segment where Scott Van Pelt is recalling a conversation with a handful of players during The Doral when Phil came on the jumbotron next to them while he was getting ready to play a shot. One of the players says "hit it in the water you fat f**k" and the other guys chimed in with their own colorful commentary. SVP used that story to describe how disliked Phil was on Tour in those days. FIGJAM didn't spring up out of thin air.
  2. Why? The PGA Tour and the Dude Perfect World Tour already go to all these places. The key is dividing the schedule into regional swings like they already do. If the two top Tours combined, they would already have all the logistical equipment on both sides of the world. The west coast swing moves on to the Florida swing, to Major season, to the European swing following the Open Championship to the Asian swing, culminating with the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii. The model has been out there for two decades and is easily found with a Google search. It hasn't happened because too many people want a bigger slice of the pie, i.e. obnoxious greed!
  3. I would encourage everyone to read this............... https://www.lyingfour.com/conversations-blog/2022/2/3/zmvtkq7npo3njfimn8uwpx9977h3k8
  4. Gary Williams had Soly on his pod last night (Five Clubs Podcast). Gary mentioned he had heard the same stories the NLU guys have heard about Bryson telling other players he was done with the PGA Tour. Both discussed hearing from "multiple sources" the first Saudi league tournament would be in June. Kramer Hickok said he was hearing a June start date as well on a podcast Monday. All three said they were led to believe, the schedule would be released during The Players week.
  5. Bryson has been so open and transparent over the past few years, I'm sure "TikTok" wouldn't bullshit his social media followers! /s
  6. Lottery process exactly like The Masters. Tickets for the first two rounds at Champions Gate are free of charge. Saturday final round tickets are $75 each. I have not gotten through the lottery process since the first year so, now I look forward to the twice-per-year Augusta rejection email. https://www.anwagolf.com/en_US/patron/index.html?tab=augusta_ticketing
  7. I've been to both The Masters and the ANWA. I took my daughter to the inaugural ANWA in 2019. Having been on property several times prior to 2019, the ANWA is far less congested. Here is a list of my favorite places to watch. Around the stands between the 4th green and 5th tee is awesome. My daughter sat there and talked to Condoleezza Rice and Heidi Ueberroth for half an hour. Between the 5th green and 6th tee is great for getting close to the players. The area behind the 12th tee is a must-see. The area overlooking the approach on 13 is great. Near the fairway bunker on #1 is a sneaky-good spot to get up-close to players as is the area in the trees between the 1st and 9th fairways. Being less crowded, standing behind the 16th tee is great, which is almost impossible during The Masters. My daughter enjoyed sitting on the hillside overlooking the 6th and 16th greens. She also loved the area between the 17th green and 18th tee. The ANWA is far less crowded so you will get to see more of the property. The ladies are much more open with the fans, which may have been a result of me tagging along with my daughter. I think by the time the day was over, she had fist-bumped everyone in the field. She even got to stand on the 6th tee with Zoe Campos and Rose Zhang as they kind-of swept her up between them as they walked from #5 green to #6 tee. I was panicked. I just knew we were going to get kicked out. The Marshall (in a green jacket) smiled at me and said "relax dad, we'll get her right back to you once she's had an experience she won't soon forget."
  8. Obviously you didn’t watch/listen to Shiels’ entire video. He literally talks about hitting balls with the Stealth over the period of more than a week, at a number of different facilities, weather conditions, indoors off a mat, outdoors, and from a hitting bay. Besides, in the original review video Shiels did that brought this whole thing to a head, Rick hits way more than 10 shots!!! My overarching point to all this, there is obviously enough Kool-Aid to go around. MGS doesn’t need to perform drive-by’s on others in the same arena.
  9. Yeah, but do your new pots and pans give you an additional 17 yards guaranteed? For what it’s worth, I’m always a bit “chagrined” at the level of whataboutism the world has morphed itself into. Nicely done!
  10. TaylorMade massively overhyping a product? I don't believe you!!! /s On a serious note, just my 30-mile view of this situation but MGS comes off quite petty, territorial and butthurt. Not a good look for MGS but that has been the rule rather than the exception of late. Which is why I find myself spending more of my time elsewhere.
  11. I just like pointing out, Ping isn't the only golf OEM having delays. It's industry wide and the length of delay is dependent upon more than club of choice. Me and a good friend ordered i210's on the same day in April. I got mine (PX LZ 6.0) in June. He got his (DG 105 S300) in October.
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