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  1. I was in a music store in Winston Salem, North Carolina on Saturday buying my daughter a saxophone for high school band. There were maybe a dozen people at or near the register area. Someone's phone made that three-toned notification sound made famous by Apple products. Every single one of those dozen or so people immediately grabbed their phones, including myself. Slaves to the machine, we are!
  2. I thought it was pretty enlightening. He is a bit different but seems very comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't try to be something he isn't and makes every effort to grow who and what he is. It's refreshing to say the least. It's not common among people his age. I could live without the temper tantrums but we're all fallible in one way or another. I think Jordan Spieth could learn from Bryson. Jordan seems to be lost trying to be more like Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas. Chasing distance has negatively affected his entire bag. Who Jordan was in 2015 is more than enough to be one of the top five players in the game. He doesn't need to hit the ball 360 yards and play driver - 9 iron to every 600 yard par 5! On a side note, Bryson's explanation of why he uses a mechanical compass goes right in-line with what I was saying on another site about why anyone would choose to use such a device on the golf course. Nice to know my assumptions were accurate even though most others dismissed them as nonsense.
  3. I've been using a similar product for a decade now. A bag full of 50 of the plastic pieces without strings from Amazon is $20. Fit the strings that come with your shoes nicely.
  4. Agreed, basketball and golf are two different crowds so to speak. But the premise still remains consistent regardless of sport. The more voices you have in your ear, the more clutter you have in your life. The more clutter generally results in less consistency and more distraction. How often do we hear Tour players discussing the utter chaos involved in getting tickets, travel, lodging, and other accommodations for everyone thinking they are entitled to something from the player? Personally, I believe this is why Rickie, Jordan and JT travel and stay together so much. Strength in numbers for a multitude of reasons. As for AK, clinical depression may have played a role but he was infamous for the posse he traveled with while still playing on Tour. That posse was also infamous for the partying they did as well. Tryon's coaching issues aside, his parents viewed him as a meal ticket. Their "agenda" was to use their son in a twisted "get rich quick" scheme. Similar stories for Patrick Reed and Sean O'Hair, although it didn't completely derail their careers before they were able to break away. Unfortunately, too many parents try to live their unfulfilled childhood dreams through their children. It's a sad sight but one that occurs far too often. Which speaks directly to "agenda." Those closest to us, family and friends in particular, are often the one's with the biggest agenda! Family and friends can be the biggest support system as well. I can't deny that. But very few of us have the wherewithal to distinguish between the two, especially when we are teenagers!
  5. For the record, my brother played basketball at a pretty high level. Some of his AAU teammates were Antawn Jamison, Kenyan Weaks and Titus Ivory. Based solely on our experiences, posse's can certainly be everything you mention. They can also be "hangers-on" that ultimately pull the player in directions that shorten careers and empty wallets. In the world of golf, Ty Tryon and Anthony Kim are pretty clear examples. It's all relative to who the posse is and what their ultimate agenda is. And lets face it, everyone has an agenda!
  6. The recent No Laying Up podcast with Justin Ray is the most fascinating thing I've listened to in recent memory. For anyone that doesn't know who Justin Ray is, he is the stat/researcher who became more famous than many of the shows he worked on. Some of those shows include SVP, Live From and Sportscenter. His "homework" for the NLU podcast was to give his Top-10 Tiger stats of all time. Since 1983, there have been 8 seasons where a player beat the field by 2.6 strokes per round. All 8 were by Tiger Woods! Tiger is the only player to have won the US Junior, US Am and US Open in his career. He won each 3 times! During the "Tiger Slam" years, Tiger was statistically twice as likely to win by more than 4 shots than finish outside the Top 10! Tiger Woods has 40 European Tour wins, which is 3rd all time. Tiger has never been a member of the European Tour! From 1997 to 2008, Tiger was -126 Under Par in Majors, more than 200 shots ahead of Phil and Ernie! Give it a listen. It's well worth your time!
  7. I have read roughly half the books on that list. In my opinion, some aren't worthy of being ranked in the top 50 of anything. Two I see missing that are better than 90% of that list were........... The Masters: Golf, Money and Power in Augusta Georgia ~Curt Sampson~ The Match: The Day The Game of Golf Changed Forever ~Mark Frost~ In my humble opinion, The Greatest Game Ever Played is not close to The Match in terms of interest, subject and quality. The Match is the best book Mark Frost has written. I cannot believe Hollywood hasn't come calling to make it into a movie. I also believe A Good Walk Spoiled isn't nearly as good as Caddie For Life or Tales From Q-School." Additionally, Slaying The Tiger by Shane Ryan is better than many of the books in this list.
  8. This has been a topic of conversation between my brother and I for at least the past decade. It's been fascinating to watch regardless of sport. The ESPN 30 for 30 "Broke" goes into some detail about how posse's can liquidate a players assets during the "hanger-on" period as well. I don't like crowds of people anyway. My "circle" hasn't grown or changed very much since I was 6 years old. I couldn't fathom allowing that many people in my ear.
  9. Yeah, I get it but it's still "relative judgement." If you're going to ban it, ban all of it. Otherwise, just leave it alone. Edit to add; The groove rule is another one. The manufacturers have just figured out ways to get similar spin from round grooves. Nothing has changed.
  10. My understanding was that HVIII was penalized for assembling the old shaft to the new driver head on the course. Another caveat, if the rules official is truly "protecting the field," why wasn't the shaft confiscated? It seemed to be fine for HVIII to use the offending club, just not put it together on the golf course. This is a prime example of how common sense needs to be taken into account when the rules of golf are enforced! This one was completely silly!
  11. How is the putter not anchored? His right hand is anchored to his left forearm with his left hand anchoring the putter shaft to his right wrist. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. The more the PGA Tour pushes for The Players to be a major, the more push-back they are going to get in return. If they are that desperate to make it a major, they should listen to the No Laying Up guys and try the opposite strategy. Deny The Players is a major at every opportunity and let everyone else make it one for you. Reverse psychology!
  13. To be fair, we have 4 WGC's. Two in the US, one in China and one in Mexico. If one of the WGC's should be changed, it should be the FedEx St. Jude in Memphis. Terrible golf course, uninspiring event and it's Memphis in August. It's 110 in the shade and the humidity is visible with the naked eye. In my opinion, the St Jude should be a regular PGA Tour event and the Australian Open should be a WGC. Completely agree about the "Nascarish" playoffs. Complete joke.
  14. I can't speak for Mook, but for me personally, the word "World" found in the title of "World Golf Championships" makes it more valuable to me as a viewer and fan. WGC Mexico City is my favorite non-major of the calendar year other than the Ryder Cup. Golf is a global game. We don't hold a monopoly on it in the US. Why should the US get to decide which tournaments are considered "majors?" Just my opinion!
  15. My wife's aunt lived next door to the Reed family in the Augusta area from roughly 2007 until she retired and downsized in 2013. Definitely dysfunctional!
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