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  1. Which is utterly amazing and wildly fascinating when you look at how much ESPN paid to broadcast Monday Night Football with no flex scheduling or potential to air a Super Bowl. NBC paid $950 million, can virtually pick their games and host the Super Bowl every third year. ESPN paid $1.9 Billion (renegotiated down to $1.75 Billion in 2018). Their allotment of games are almost exclusively dictated by the league and have no shot at airing a Super Bowl. For the record, CBS paid $1 Billion and Fox paid $1.1 Billion. Each air the Super Bowl every third year. ESPN grossly overpaid for what they got the rights to!
  2. Spieth's tinkering trying to chase distance has ruined his feel. He was the ultimate feel player and it was the absolute strength of his game. I was listening to Luke Donald talk about it on a podcast a few months ago. He said for ultimate feel players, doing anything to lose feel is risky because you never seem to get it back to what it once was. I don't think anyone doubted JT would be back at top form soon. Spieth may never be what he was in 2015. Should be a cautionary tale for young players coming up. As my grandpa always said, "Dance with the one that brung ya!"
  3. For the record, I completely agree. Tiger is in a class unto himself. Maybe even regardless of sport. Jack Nicklaus and Bill Russell are the only other athletes that comes to mind who dominated a sport like Tiger did. I think money creates complacency with most people and that's where Rory is now. Complacent to the point of losing his competitive edge. In my opinion, Norman, Watson, Couples, etc. (as great as they were) were placeholders until the next Nicklaus came along. When Tiger came along, Els, Mickelson, Johnson, McIlroy, Spieth and Koepka became the new placeholders until the next Tiger comes along. Whenever that may be! But like Tiger, I think we will see him coming.....whoever he turns out to be.
  4. Preferred lies can be funny when you're the only player in the field observing them!!!!! Marcel Siem out here playing by his own rules! https://www.golfchannel.com/news/another-rules-fiasco-marcel-siem-docked-10-shots-disqualifies-himself
  5. Rory and Brooks were in contention while being paired together twice this past season. They each came away wit ha victory. In the Swamp Ass WGC in Memphis, Brooks took Rory to task with a final round 65 and a victory. Rory was the only player in the Top-10 not to break par, finishing with a 71 to come home T-4. In the Tour Championship, Rory closed with a 66 to earn the victory. Brooks struggled a bit with a 72 and finished T-3.
  6. Is a Brooks/Rory rivalry at the Ryder Cup necessary? And is it something the US team and fan-base should be wasting time with? It's just something else at the Europeans disposal to distract the US team. The US team needs to be more focused on being a team as it is. They have exactly 5 wins in Ryder Cup competition since 1985! With 5 wins and 12 loses in 35 years, that's an awful lot of futility!!!!! Just saying, much more important things to worry about for any potential member of the US team.
  7. sixcat

    Happy thread

    Congratulations to Lanto Griffin on his win at the Houston Open! In an era of spoiled entitlement in professional sports, Lanto is a breath of fresh air. Kind, polite and humble!
  8. I've never been but my neighbors have. They came back and insisted I had to look at Google Maps.
  9. I wouldn't say any I mentioned stand out over Tiger's chip on #16 at the 2005 Masters for instance. Or "Is it his time?" I'm contrarian by nature so, I tend to look deeper than the obvious. DJ's situation at the 2010 PGA is a prime example. Everyone remembers the grounding of the club and couldn't offer any memory of the tee shot that led to the penalty. That tee shot was easily the worst of the week and possibly the worst of any player in all four majors that season. He missed the fairway by very nearly 100 yards! He also missed a very short putt that would have still put him in the playoff. That situation also puts DJ's drive on the 72nd hole of the 2016 US Open into better perspective. He obviously learned how to find the fairway in that situation. One could argue, he did the same in the 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay. He split the fairway and hit his approach to 12 feet. By all outward appearance, he was at least going to tie Spieth and go to a playoff. Bumpy greens aside, he did what he needed to do tee-to-green to give himself a chance to win. He learned from the 2010 PGA.
  10. The ACC Coastal division may be the weakest division in all of D1 football. UVA has a heartbeat but are still likely a year away from being competitive on a national level. They have quality starters but lack any semblance of depth. Wake Forest is 5-0 against sister Mary's school of the blind, the Flat Earth Society, Midwest Community College and a couple high school programs. Clemson is the only good team in the ACC!
  11. I have a few drives that stand out in my memory. Dustin Johnson's mammoth drive on the 72nd hole at Oakmont after receiving a ridiculous penalty. He stripped it right down the middle 303 yards to all but seal a US Open victory. Dustin Johnson's wayward drive on the 72nd hole at Whistling Straits. Everybody remembers the grounding of the club but the tee shot put him in that spot. Bubba Watson going over the trees on the left of #13 at Augusta in 2014 leaving a PW from 144 yards! Augusta would purchase property from Augusta Country Club to keep this from happening again. Tom Watson's drive on the 72nd hole of the 2009 Open at Turnberry. When that ball stopped, I thought, "holly hell, he's going to win!" Phil Mickelson's tee shot off the hospitality tent on the 72nd hole of the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot. Absolutely shocking! Okay, Mickelson and DJ weren't "positive" emotions but they were nonetheless, exciting finishes.
  12. The Olympics are the preeminent amateur athletics competition in world history. There's not a one of those athletes not earning substantial amounts of money in the process. Pandora's box was opened when the US sent the "Dream Team" to Barcelona!
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the California law doesn't allow for colleges to pay players. Schools are still forbidden to do so, even though we all know the star QB isn't driving an Escalade his parents paid for. Players can seek endorsements in a free market, capitalist enterprise. Money earned would be based on demand. Schools are still forbidden to subsidize any potential income. It's the only rational way around Title IX.
  14. Agreed completely @GSwag Change is needed from the old, stale coverage format. The Masters showed every shot, from every player in the field last year and it was remarkable! And evidently, not much more costly or difficult to achieve than what they had been doing in years past. My wife and I were a bit ahead of the game on cord-cutting. We did so in late 2011 and haven't looked back. Since that time, available streaming content has changed so much so, we wonder how we did things in the beginning. Maybe I'm in the minority but I would like to see more "A Football Life" type content from the PGA Tour. Golf Channel does some with Payne, Jack, Arnie, and Hogan but it's not enough. People watch those canned shows over and over. At least I do! One series would provide re-airable content for years. I believe the Tour owning its own broadcasting would allow them to control more of this type of content. I read somewhere, the wholly owned platform would also allow them to develop a "junior series" to rival the USGA. Golf Channel is proving, people will watch amateur golf in big numbers with their NCAA coverage. We shall see what shakes out. It's definitely an interesting time in broadcasting. Over-the-air and cable are no longer the only games in town.
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