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  1. It was an interesting read. Excellent work @GolfSpy Barbajo. My first foray into solid core golf balls was with the Strata Tour something. Maybe the Professional? I believe the Ace came along a few years later. They were light years ahead of the old wound balls. Took some getting used to with the sound/feel of the solid core versus the wound balatas. Well worth the time to get used to though. Those things were far more consistent than the wound balls. About a year or so after beginning to use the Strata, I fell in love with the Hogan Apex ball. Used it exclusively for several years until Acushnet came out with some fad ball that took over the world.
  2. Fun fact: Wright and Ditson is featured prominently in "The Greatest Game Ever Played." Both the book and the movie. It's the retail store where Francis Ouimet worked. It can be seen on the side of the delivery carriage when Ouimet delivers irons to The Country Club. It's a commonly known "secret" that George Wright had Ouimet on the sporting goods store payroll for the purposes of branding and brand awareness. Wright fully funded Ouimet's amateur golf career leading up to and during the 1913 US Open. In exchange, Ouimet would bring brand awareness to the golf equipment Spalding (and Wright and Ditson) were selling.
  3. My last regularly scheduled treatment is tomorrow morning. My Oncologist released me to play some golf last Thursday, with some explicit instructions. He's an avid golfer so he understands. Play from the senior tees for now. No swing over 75%, but would prefer 65% max. Limit myself to about 6 holes or less so not to overdo things. Drink plenty of fluids. Walk, no cart. He wants me to begin the process of building my strength back up. Walking 6 holes of golf every afternoon is a great place to start. My bloodwork has done a complete one-eighty in the past two weeks. I feel amazing. Don't quite have the strength or stamina I would like but I feel really good. Based on the rapid turnaround of my bloodwork, he now wants me to have two scheduled "maintenance" treatments. One in November and the last in January with a PET Scan about 6 weeks later to make sure we got everything. It has been such a blessing to be able to get outside and enjoy myself again these past five days. It has done wonders for my mental stability. Things are really looking good for the moment.
  4. Jon Rahm gets to pick all 11 of his teammates in Italy after this week, right?
  5. Apparently, Spieth almost did on the first hole this morning. Some American fan went way over the top on some comments to Rahm and Garcia. Spieth stopped, turned and chewed his ass out. Featured Groups on Peacock are pretty great.
  6. The golf course is phenomenal. No issue there, whatsoever. I think the issue, albeit very muted and minor, is atmosphere. It's not as fan friendly as many other options and doesn't provide the same type of home course advantage as somewhere like Medinah. The layout doesn't allow fans to frame the hole, which can be a huge advantage for the host squad. Limited vantage points for fans to gather in mass. As No Laying Up has reported from on-site, several broken bones among the spectators already this week. Also, you can't put fans in Lake Michigan.
  7. Herb Kohler has deep pockets and typically gets what he wants.
  8. I am three treatments into what will be a five week cycle ending September 30, followed by about a year of by-monthly maintenance treatments. The guru at UVA sent a tissue sample to a colleague at Johns Hopkins. It is confirmed Pediatric Follicular Lymphoma. Those two also seem pretty convinced this is a direct result of my having Lyme Disease in 2012. They are seeing more and more of these oddball forms of lymphoma popping up in people a decade following Lyme diagnosis. Treatment days and the day after are pretty rough. Nauseated, anemic, and weak with no energy or stamina. Sort of feels like a mild case of the flu. But nothing close to what it would be with a full cycle with a chemo cocktail. The anemia sucks. Jittery feeling most days but it's getting better as the bloodwork begins to regulate a bit as we get further into the process. Beginning to feel better quicker following treatments. I was able to mow my yard on Saturday which felt like an enormous victory. I was completely wiped out afterward but still felt good to be able to accomplish something. At this point, I'm just trying to put my head down and plow through it. It's nice to see some light at the end of the tunnel as I begin to feel better. The well wishes are very much appreciated!!!
  9. Reading comprehension must be an issue today. Sagstrom was wrong for picking the ball up, as I stated in my original post (linked). That doesn’t change my opinion that common sense should outweigh a rule that was probably enforced where nobody needed it to be. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The better team won regardless. Im done! Probably for a good long while.
  10. It was a “rule” in search of a problem. And I’m not the only one complaining about it. Seems your doing your fair share, especially when anyone has an opinion that dares to differ from yours!
  11. I couldn’t care less what was agreed upon, common sense should always prevail. In this case, it didn’t. That ball had absolutely no chance of going in!
  12. Two wrongs don’t make a right!!! The ball had absolutely no chance of going in but the overzealous rules official decided to intervene anyway. But Sagstrom should never have picked the ball up either. Just another shining example of how golf tends to get in its own way sometimes.
  13. When she plays this well, she deserves her name to be spelled correctly. Leona effing Maguire!!!
  14. Leona McGuire is a straight up serial killer!!!
  15. No worries, man. I understand. It could be a lot worse.
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