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  1. We haven't been to Myrtle Beach since Graeme McDowell won the US Open at Pebble Beach in 2010. We used to go once a year but got burned out on it I guess. Anyway, the golf course owned by Coastal Carolina and operated by the students is as enjoyable an experience as I've ever had in the game. It's not touristy at all and is a very enjoyable course to play. Those kids do a phenomenal job of maintaining the course as well. Hopefully that hasn't changed over the past decade but that was always our favorite course in the Myrtle Beach area.
  2. That's the most fight BIG 12 schools have shown on defense in a decade! Oh wait, this is a basketball thread.......
  3. Is it good or bad this is the first thing I thought of?
  4. I've really enjoyed it the handful of times I have played it as well. In my mind, that's perfect golf. No frills, fluff or filler, just great golf plain and simple!
  5. My mom bought a complete set of practically brand new 845s at our local Goodwill for $30 when I was 11 or 12. They were my first set of clubs intended to keep me occupied and out of trouble since I was prone to mischief. Sports was ever the only thing she could find to occupy my time while keeping me out of trouble. I beat those things around the farm land surrounding my house since the nearest golf course was at least an hour away. My mom put them in an out building, never to be seen again, when I left home at 17. My biggest regret in golf was not taking those clubs with me when I left. If for no other reason but to have as a link to my childhood now.
  6. Dormie began 2020 as an exclusive, private club. A part of The Dormie Network of national private membership clubs. https://www.dormienetwork.com/dormieclub/
  7. Until MLB comes down hard on players, this will not curb future behavior! As is the case with most professional sports these days, there's simply too much money involved for teams and players not to attempt to cheat.
  8. Sounds like a cop wants to pad his pension a bit!
  9. Bryson talks to hear himself talk. He is quickly becoming a caricature and seems a bit self-conscience to be taking shots at others like he does. Says more about him than the subjects of his comments. I'm not sure Bryson will ever have anything in that picture Koepka posted.
  10. I agree, I don't believe Fuente was ever the "top choice" and he isn't getting a raise from VT following 6-7 and 8-5 seasons. And with an almost entirely new coaching staff under him following the retirement of Bud Foster and Charlie Wyles, the new guys aren't getting raises either. Of the 18 on-field coaches on staff, 13 have never coached a game in Blacksburg. The VT fan boards will eat their own young. Most want to see Shane Beamer as the head coach. Hometown hero, son of a legend, last name "Beamer" etc. Not sure that was ever a real consideration. I don't buy into the message board chatter. My wife has personal and professional ties inside VT athletics as well as administration. Her professional email address ends with @VT.edu! So, I knew a lot of what was being rumored was complete BS. Good luck on finding the right fit for Baylor!
  11. Now, lets see how the social media rumor-mill negatively affects the program in the short term. The truth is, Fuente turned Baylor down for a meeting so, Baylor flew to Blacksburg in an attempt to change his mind. Local flight logs appear to verify that to be true. Winnings cures everything so, the new staff can make it go away very quickly by doing just that. Lots of new faces on that coaching staff. We will see how it all unfolds.
  12. Gotta love Lumpy!
  13. Out-of-state tuition for many southern schools is often significantly cheaper than in-state tuition at many northern schools. It's not a slight, just a fact. Virginia Tech's current geographical diversity suggests 23% of the current student body is from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Maryland. The majority of my wife and I's friends at VT were from those states. They all came to VT for slightly better weather and significantly lower tuition costs.
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