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  1. I play as a single more often than not. It's not that I don't have anyone to play with. My home club has a solid, active membership. Simply put, I grew up the product of severely drug and alcohol addicted parents. It's something I don't take to chance. Addiction crosses generations and I refuse to give it a chance to take hold on me. I won't even take certain medications. Golf and alcohol seem to go hand and hand with most people. Therefore, I avoid most people!
  2. Based on this analogy, PGA Tour players should be able to use greens books in practice rounds just like NFL coaches can use video in preparation for a future opponent. Neither should be allowed to use said respective technology in competition!!!
  3. Those are just policy and policy can easily change. Professional golf already has policy in place to restrict the use of distance measuring devices. I don't see any difference in distance measuring devices with slope calculation, compus use, and greens reading books. I don't set policy on Tour so it's not for me to decide. I would just prefer to see the best players in the world rely on their own abilities rather than technology. Roll it all back!!!
  4. Just this morning, I have taken a field survey consisting of approximately 1,000 points, imported into Civil 3D, and generated a 3-dimensional model of the existing area. This includes streams, streets, sidewalks, curbs, guttering, buildings, and all existing utilities to include local water system, sewer system, stormwater collection, telephone, fiber optic, and power (all utilities above and below ground). Once the proposed improvements are included, the contractor will load this file directly into the on-board computer system found in his heavy equipment to get proposed finished grade,
  5. I have used the same technology used to generate these greens reading books in my profession for over 27 years. By your logic, MLB and NFL teams should be celebrated for using sophisticated technology to spy on other teams before, during, and after games. The Houston Astros GM was banned from MLB for life and the manager was suspended for a calendar year. How has that gone over in MLB? If you believe such measures should be allowed in professional golf and made any disparaging remarks about Bill Belichick filming other teams, you're a hypocrite. It has no place in professional sports!
  6. When greens reading books began to become this sophisticated, they should have been disallowed. It's never too late to do the right thing but this is long overdue!
  7. Personally, I don't believe the governing bodies can or should even try to legislate intent. It's either a penalty or it's not! I'm not suggesting Lexi intended to cheat, either. Honestly, I believe it's much more probable that this is the result of years of engraining an unorthodox method of marking the golf ball. It's something she did without thought or consideration of how it may look. Especially when we consider how often she's been filmed doing the exact same thing. I found no less than four instances just by searching "Lexi Thompson cheating" on YouTube. The issue at the 2020 Brit
  8. A couple of areas to clarify here. First, not allowing called in evidence of a rules infraction didn't take effect until some time after Lexi's snafu at the ANA. I would also point out, the situation at the ANA was NOT her only rules gaffe resulting in penalty. You can find a litany of YouTube videos where she was penalized for very similar infractions. Second, Mrs. Hovland called Viktor, who abruptly called the Tour and assessed the penalty on himself resulting in the missed cut. Very different situation than a random viewer calling Tour HQ.
  9. I thought about that after I posted. I should not have mentioned Reed. The thread is virtually guaranteed to fly off the rails now!!!
  10. It was absolutely the correct call to penalize her and something Lexi should learn from! What was the purpose for moving the ball? To miss an imperfection in the green? Get her ball out of a slight depression in the green? To use something on the green as an alignment aid on her intended line? Improve her intended line? It's likely something she's been doing her entire life without even realizing she's doing it for whatever reason. But it's a penalty and she should be penalized for it! My question is, why does Patrick Reed get blown up for similar actions while Lexi gets defended? This
  11. If Waste(d) Management is how we're growing the game, count me fully committed to the "shrink the game" camp!
  12. I'd be shocked if fewer than 30 of the top 48 wouldn't jump into the PGL wide open. The world ranking system has changed a dozen times over the years. If it changes to include those playing in the PGL, PGA Tour ranking points would drop by a significant margin. Again, lots of "if's" in the PGL scenario. But money talks and they have more than the PGA Tour! That money could easily change the golf landscape as we know it.
  13. I do hope this precipitates some change. Both in Tour policy as well as player mindset in getting vaccinated.
  14. I'm going to take this in a little different direction. In order of my preference...... Irish Open Scottish Open Alfred Dunhill Links Championship BMW PGA Championship Players Championship The first four are better than any regular PGA Tour event, in my opinion. And it isn't close!
  15. You don't think the PGA, Masters, R&A, USGA and OWGR will change qualifying categories and ranking points to include the PGL if they do indeed land the top 48 ranked players in the world? PGA Tour strength of field ratings will also dwindle if the top 48 players in the world are playing somewhere else. I'm not saying I like this or that it's definitely going to happen. I'm just saying, basing an opinion on the PGL being impossible because of ranking points or qualifying is naive, at best. Those things are easily changed!
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