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  1. It's somewhat unnerving to see pine trees and dense vegetation in the middle of the desert. No wonder Lake Mead is drying up!
  2. The tone and condescending manner was far more of an issue for me than the actual words. I guess he’s still protecting his brand! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I see Bryson showed his ass again today. As soon as I begin to think maybe I’m being harsh on the guy, his petulance shines through reminding me that , nope, the guys a real douche! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. 2020 can go straight to hell!!!!! RIP Eddie!
  5. I think we are somewhat on the same page. The driver should not be the easiest club in the bag to hit.
  6. Technically no, square grooves weren't banned. But all groves must now be uniform in spacing, shape, and tilt while having a .01* radius to the base of each groove. By definition, adding radius to anything no longer qualifies that thing as being "square". Semantics, I suppose! I couldn't care less about anchoring either. But if it's going to be a rule, enforce it uniformly. Then again, I suppose we can say the same thing about pace of play on Tour. Driver heads are way too big! I haven't looked at the calculations done by others but, at a minimum, cutting the driver head size
  7. As technology, materials and manufacturing processes have improved, the USGA has failed to be proactive in reigning in those aspects of the game. They have been very reactive, and the reaction hasn't been positive nor has it been directed toward the right aspects of the game. I don't have a solution nor the time to figure one out. That doesn't disqualify me from seeing, the game has a big problem in terms of the parameters set for equipment tolerances. Mike Davis was so aghast at the optics of long/anchored putters winning majors, he fell all over himself to ban anchoring. Mike Davis
  8. Mike Davis was solely responsible for the debacle that was Shinnecock......twice! As the seventh ever Executive Director of the USGA, he appointed himself as the organization’s first ever CEO. You know, because Executive Director wasn’t baller enough I suppose. He has flatly refuses to address equipment issues. Allows anchored putters after “anchoring” was banned. Probably most egregious of all, continually attempts to dictate terms to the R&A rather than work with them on properly governing the game. I will say again, 2021 is already looking up with this news! Sent from my iPhone usi
  9. Light at the end of the tunnel.........2021 is already looking brighter than the shitshow that has been 2020!
  10. Couple that with the cost of living in California..........
  11. Home improvement seems to be all my wife and I have been doing for nearly 3 years since buying a house in the neighborhood where my wife grew up. In 2018, we refinished the hardwood floors throughout the house, installed HVAC, removed the old, worn-out oil furnace, replaced the old fuse box with a modern breaker box, and rewired the entire house. In 2019, we refinishing the basement. After a short break, we renovated our daughters bathroom to be more suitable for teenagers/adults rather than kids in June of this year. That leaves us with only the kitchen remaining, which is on the schedule
  12. I will admit, I find it a bit refreshing that the most talked about golfer in the world at the moment, wasn't a "country club kid" growing up. Maybe that speaks more to my own perspective, having grown up in such a way that sacrifices were a daily obstacle. Does mom pay the utility bill or buy bologna, cheese and bread to feed us for the next few days? If we're fortunate, mayo will be on sale and we can splurge! Golf is a sport that comes with certain stereotypes and preconceived notions. It's nice to see someone come along and turn those stereotypes on their head. "Perspective" is s
  13. I was fortunate enough to get practice round tickets through the lottery system in 2004, 2006, 2009, and 2011. I also got Saturday tickets for the final round of the Women's Amateur. It's a frustrating process but a process everyone can get through with the right amount of luck. I'm sure they get millions of applicants every year.
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