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  1. sixcat

    2019 LPGA Priority List

    @tonyj5you seem to have a vast knowledge and interest in the LPGA. My 11 year old daughter and I were watching The Founders over the weekend. I was surprised to learn that Betty Hicks won the World Championship of Golf in 1944. I believe that's the right year although it's hard to verify given the records seem to be a well kept secret. The tournament, also known as the Tam O'Shanter All-American Open, was open to anyone, male, female, amateur or professional. Betty Hicks beat Byron Nelson by two shots, playing from the same tees, and was given a $500 check while Byron Nelson was named tournament champion and awarded a check for $10,000. After further review, maybe those records are a secret because it wouldn't be a great look for Lord Byron to have had his ass handed to him by a woman. Later in the film, it was pointed out that Louise Suggs beat a field of all men in a tournament in 1961 or 1962. Sam Snead was so disgusted, he made a comment to Suggs in the parking lot where Suggs replied "Sam, I don't know what the hell you're bitching about because you weren't even 2nd!" The headline of the newspaper article read "Louise Suggs beats men and it's humiliating!" I can easily imagine why much of this information is so very hard to find. Any insight into books or other resources would be appreciated. My daughter is a feisty spirit and would love more detail. Thanks!
  2. sixcat

    Puma Introduces Play Loose Collection

    I've been wearing Under Armour coaches shorts at my club for a couple of years now. Albeit only on weekday afternoons following work. There is rarely more than a half dozen people on the whole property at 6PM on a random Tuesday. Nobody has asked me to stop wearing them yet. https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/mens-team-coaches-shorts/pid1228908 I can see where some clubs would frown upon it though. Mine likely would if I were to wear them at a time that garnered more attention.
  3. sixcat

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    I'm not the biggest NFL fan. Haven't watched a regular season game is so many years, I've lost count. That shouldn't imply that I don't know the game. I was impressed with Tony Romo calling virtually every play New England ran in the 4th quarter and overtime. So much so, I can't understand why Kansas City didn't adjust it's 3rd down coverage given New England ran the exact same 3rd down play every time they had the football. New England victimized the 2-deep look on 3rd down. Have to respect what Tom Brady has been able to accomplish in his career. This is his 9th Super Bowl appearance, 5th in 8 years and 4th in 5 years. He's damn near approaching Bill Russell territory and he's doing it at a time when his career should be slowing down if not coming to an abrupt end.
  4. sixcat

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    The walk into my office was particularly brutal this morning. It's 4* with a windchill of -16* and 30 MPH sustained winds.
  5. The No Laying Up guys did a great interview with him late last season. Give it a listen. Very insightful from a micro and macro level. I love the fact he isn't afraid to say "I don't know but I will find out for you." Could anyone envision those words coming from Tim Finchem or Jay Monahan?
  6. Ji played well. Ko had a couple forgettable holes toward the end. This was a fun event that had my attention for four days. Michael Whan is the best commissioner in all of professional sports in my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. sixcat

    Golf Podcasts?

    I stumbled upon a website over the weekend. The podcast series is outstanding. The magazines appear to be somewhat expensive but I have to admit, I'm intrigued. The latest podcast features Geoff Ogilvy talking about golf course architecture. His take on course design is impressive. It's a must listen! "Elegantly disheveled" will be my go-to phrase from here on out in describing my view of the perfect golf course. https://www.golfersjournal.com/
  8. sixcat

    Favorite Golf Snarks?

    A group of women were looking to potentially join our club about a decade ago. The GM and I showed them around and played 18 holes with them. One lady left a putt short, stuck her putter up to her face and said "dammit Earl, I need 8 and you only have 5 to offer." I'm not sure I've ever laughed s hard in my life! That was truthfully some of the most fun I've ever had on a golf course. Those lady's were awesome. They joined as non-residents but I haven't seen them in quite a few years.
  9. Not to mention the amount of national debt we own Asia! And we wonder where millennials learn it from!
  10. To an extent, I think some are assigning whatever meaning they want to the data being collected. Sort of a "strawman" argument the No Laying Up guys mentioned. If golf courses are closing, golf must be dying, right? If golf is dying, millennials must not be playing, right? If the next generations refuse to play, golf will eventually die, right? As the NLU guys said, chicken versus egg. I've never had a desire to play golf courses built in and around neighborhoods. I don't want to play from someone's back yard. Courses built that way have some unique traits in common. They are usually unimaginative, difficult to walk and built on land left over after homes, streets and infrastructure were laid out.
  11. I try to be careful painting with a broad brush but every generation definitely has trademarks that are very easily identifiable. Millennials are the largest percentage of wage earners in the world yet, buy homes at a shockingly lower clip than previous generations. Millennials are far more likely to live in urban areas, not own a vehicle, not own a home, not be married and not have children than any previous generation. Each of those things directly affects the others and indirectly affects the golf industry.
  12. Boy, I painted with rose colored glasses yesterday morning. We're not perfect. I think I mentioned about a year ago, some kids were vandalizing properties with their trucks. The update to that is, it turned out to be the kids of longtime police and firefighters. The November election saw four of the seven City Council seats on the ballot. All four incumbents were thoroughly trounced. Almost immediately afterward, the police chief and fire chief resigned along with three other key positions around town suspected of some minor corruption. Jobs and other key essentials are few and far between. My wife and I are fortunate to be able to do what we do here. It's not common! A lot of professional services like doctors, dentists and optometrists are not top quality. Which is why my family travels an hour for those services. It's difficult to get people to want to come to a rural area to provide professional services. They see everything the area doesn't have rather than what we have in abundance. About 60% of the local population (8,000 city/45,000 county) are associated with some sort of farming. Whether farmers themselves or in direct support of farming. To give you an example, we hired a civil engineer from Raleigh a few years ago. He and his wife moved here and began to settle into the community. As time went on, they had their first child and we noticed his wife becoming more and more distant. After only being here for two years, they moved to Atlanta and we were searching.......again...... for another professional engineer.
  13. Not the same place. This place was just east of Raleigh.
  14. I had two former coworkers at my former employer take a transfer to the Raleigh area in 1999-2000 time frame. They both bought condos on a golf course on the Neuse River that ended up in disrepair and in court several times. I forget the name of the place but it has to be the same as your experience. I used to go down and play some golf with them but haven't in years. One is still there. The other has since moved out of the area.
  15. I don't know why I feel compelled to expound on this but here goes! Our first child was born in 2005. My wife and I were over 30 and had been engulfed in the "rat-race" since leaving college. We weren't sure we would ever have kids until we were surprised with the news on the morning of the closing of our first home that the "stomach bug" my wife thought she had was in fact, a baby. The next two years were miserable. We had climbed the corporate ladder, bought a piece of the idyllic "American dream" in the shape of a 4,000 square foot idyllic home in the idyllic neighborhood in the idyllic large city. We both worked for giants of our chosen professions and were making excellent money. And we were miserable! We were paying the equivalent of a mortgage payment for the convenience of having someone else raise our child . We took the textbook definition of a "leap of faith" and sold our home, quit our jobs and moved to our hometown in rural southwest Virginia. Population 8,000 and declining! By the way, my former job came with a corporate golf membership. I could play all the golf I wanted without ever having to spend a dime. But who had time?!?!? I was working 14 hour days with the occasional day off every few weeks. As luck/fate/chance would have it, an older gentleman had just started an AE firm on Main Street in our hometown and hired me with a few caveats. My salary would be 12k less than my previous position! We would build this company together by putting family first. We would do quality design work at a fair and reasonable rate with the understanding, our employees will rarely (if ever) work more than 40 hours per week. It turns out, our clients love us for the concept. We have experienced measurable growth every year since we opened. What started with 5 people in one cramped little office is now 45 people spread across three offices. Our footprint extends into 5 states and we still do not work overtime! My wife gave up even more than I did. She lost about 15k in salary along with a company car and credit card. Life in general has slowed down for us and we love it. We own our home, outright. Our kids attend a great school system with fewer than 1,200 students from grades PreK-12. I play golf virtually every afternoon and most of every weekend. I can't recall the last time my house, car doors or garage door has been locked. We went on a 7 day vacation last March. Our house stayed unlocked the whole time. Our neighbors went into our unlocked (attached) garage and took our trash out, returning the cans after the trash ran. A neighbor has plowed every driveway in our neighborhood with a tractor every time it has snowed and has never asked for anything in return. My point is, we are conditioned by society to believe we never have enough. We must have more of everything. Man, does living this life feel freeing not worrying about such nonsense! My home club is just a microcosm of the overall region where we live. We couldn't be happier with less.