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  1. I'm on record a page back picking Collin Morikawa. I think Patrick Reed is going to play very well on this course and set-up as well. Reed may have the best short game in the world. That will be key this week.
  2. I will also add, the Vice Pro has some sauce to it!
  3. I have been playing golf for nearly 30 years. I have never had a hole-in-one. I have had one albatross but never a hole-in-one. I came this close last night to my first. I hit a pure 8-iron right over the flagstick from 163 yards. The pitch mark can be seen in the image. It spun back, skirting the left edge of the hole, leaving me a 6 foot putt straight back up the hill. Hard to image being disappointed with a birdie but that's were we are!
  4. Listening to David Duval as we speak. DD suggest the rough isn't something these players aren't going to have seen before. They actually see it on a regular basis. The key difference is, in San Francisco, that rough is going to be wet the entire week. Players will have to use the early part of the week to learn what the water causes the golf ball to do out of the rough. Very nice insight by DD. Would love to see him or Brad Faxon on the tournament call rather than Faldo.
  5. Harding Park looked absolutely stunning on Live From last night. Nothing like the anticipation and excitement leading into the first major of the year......even if it is in August! Iron play is always at a premium at Harding Park. Putting needs to be good, but not great. I'm gonna take Colin Morikawa for the upset.
  6. The more I see from this family, the more I like them. Awesome stuff!
  7. You are absolutely correct. Something I failed to mention. The list of guys capable of winning any given week on Tour is much deeper now that it was in the 90's. Heck, there are guys on KFT that can win on the PGA Tour right now. Golf has never been deeper at the highest levels of the game. That is the "Tiger effect" and it's not going to slow down anytime soon. In my opinion, Rickie and Sergio are very comparable from a statistical standpoint but not a mental standpoint. The overwhelming difference is temperament. Sergio can be a powder keg which often leads to his own demise. Rickie has shown no such signs. Although, it's very possible the mental aspect could be holding him back if he doesn't have that killer instinct.
  8. There is a lot of similarity between what Rickie is doing now and Phil prior to 2004. Phil had this dark cloud following him around that he couldn't win big events, especially majors. He was 33 years old (soon to be 34 in June) when he won the Masters in 2004. The key difference is, Phil had won 22 times between 1991 and 2004 prior to his breakthrough at the Masters. Rickie hasn't shown nearly as much propensity for closing out wins. He has 9 wins in 11 seasons but one of those is Tiger's limited field event and another is on the Asian Tour. I personally believe Rickie has the game to win the biggest events. I'm just not certain he has the killer instinct to get it done. Time will surely tell.
  9. The PGA Tour wholly subsidizes the Champions Tour. Which is virtually unwatchable. A large portion of that money should go to subsidizing the LPGA and Korn Ferry rather than a bunch of senior citizens who have already won millions so they can play for more millions. But that's a discussion for another day. I thoroughly enjoyed the little bit of the Drive-On at Inverness we got to see on TV. I chose to watch it over the Swamp-Ass at TPC Initech.
  10. The story is detailed quite nicely in the documentary "The Founders" on Amazon Prime. If memory serves, Sam Snead was bitching about the event in the parking lot afterward. Said something to Louis Suggs. Suggs deadpanned, "I don't know what your bitching about Sam, you weren't even second!" It's a great documentary for anyone interested. https://www.amazon.com/Founders-Bella-Lotz/dp/B0713R1W72/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=The+Founders&qid=1596463667&sr=8-4
  11. Funny anecdote that I believe, originated from Inverness. We are all aware that in the days before the PGA Tour existed, the PGA ran the Tour. The PGA was trying to help the LPGA get off the ground in the 1940's. They had a mixed field tournament of PGA and LPGA players called the All-America Open. Betty Hicks won by 4 shots over Byron Nelson. Byron took the $10,000 first place prize and recognition for continuing his 11 tournament win streak. Hicks was given a $500 check and told to get lost.
  12. Byron Nelson was head professional at Inverness. Hogan was assistant and head professional at Century Country Club in New York and head professional at Hershey Country Club in Pennsylvania.
  13. You won't be disappointed. It's really good. Also, a good follow of Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/getagrippod/
  14. Max's perspective is extremely interesting. Shane Bacon's perspective on the broadcast side of things from someone who plays to a +2 is appreciated as well. Get a Grip has quickly become my favorite of the weekly rotation.
  15. Mid-Pines for me as well. As @DaveP043said, the entire property is contagious. https://golfclubatlas.com/courses-by-country/usa/mid-pines/
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