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  1. Hello! I’ve been playing since I could walk. My parents owned a driving range when I was little. I love that it’s you against yourself, every shot, every round Their research!! from Louisiana but living in Dallas now. Home course is Woodbridge GC Best- it’s hot! More golf! Worse- if it freezes like the last few years, some courses lose their greens Financial advisor
  2. I finally received my Apex Pro 21s in a few months ago. Can’t blame Callaway for the supply chain shortages. Anyway, I have used the original Apex (standard) irons since they came out & I’ve always hit them pretty well. I was a little skeptical to switch to the Pro’s but I was excited about not seeing as much offset at address. These things are SWEET!!! Super crisp, great turf interaction. I hit them better then the original Apex irons. I am a huge believer in visual aesthetics when it comes to golf. When I set my iron down, I don’t like seeing offset & iron face immediately pointing left (that’s my miss, a big hook). These aren’t nearly as offset, which gives me more confidence that I’m not about to duck hook one 100 yards outta bounds. I’ve played even better with these, and I’m guessing it’s from the confidence I have when I look down & don’t see a hook coming. They feel great! Even on a mishit, it’s not like a blade where it vibrates your whole body & flies 42 yards sideways. There’s still a big enough sweet spot to negate small misses & you’re not penalized for that small miss. Would recommend to everyone!
  3. I’ve fought with them before on a similar topic. I’ve now decided to just start paying for the extra bag through the airline & lug the hard case through the airports. Sorry this has happened. Not surprised they’re still not taking responsibility for their wrongdoings
  4. This is great stuff! Thank you for spelling it out for us newbies! Looking forward to interacting with all!
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