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  2. This is a feature i miss too. As a former Arccos User i miss the dispersion of my tee shots. just knowing were you hit your tee shots is okay, but a average yardage of the dispersion would be nice to have.
  3. Good Morning Tony, it worked on my app (android). Did you try it on the dashboard? In my case it shows the same numbers.
  4. Hi Paul, can't agree more. I played my third round with the v3 and only one shot was not tracked. Had much more issues with the arccos system in the past. One thing i miss on the dashboard. I would love to see the dispersion stats on my Clubs. Not just left, middle and right of the fairway.
  5. I bought the GAPR Mid last week on ebay, after i decided to get rid of my hybrid. My 4 iron is my 190 yard weapon to go and it is much more steady as my 3 hybrid and just 5 yards shorter, but i have a 40 yard gap to my driver. I can't hit my 3W from the deck and usually leave it in my garage, when i play my home course. I took me 10 balls on the range to get some confidence hitting the GAPR. Based on my Arccos Data, i hit the GAPR from the tee on avg. 210 yards and of the deck roughly 200 yards. A perfect fit for me. The dispersion is narrow and helps me on the long par 4s on our course to get near the green.
  6. Funny, so many people who come back after a break. I had a nearly 20 years break. Reasons were the job and my kids. Now they are 17 and 19 years old and my wife and the boyz told me to start a hobby. I was an 18 handicap before my long pause and now i am working to score below 100. I lost of lot of length, but my short-game got much better. My old pga pro already retired and i still struggling to find a new one. Man, so much changed. Dropping the ball kneehigh. Range Finders, Sensors tracking your length and apps with gps tracking. I love it. I am a tech-nerd and number cruncher. Now that i am in my late 40s i bought my first mizuno irons. Now i can afford them. Looking forward to this forum and my game. Greetings from Bavaria Germany
  7. I watched 90% of the three rounds on Youtube. I enjoyed the format and i hope the major tours will adapt it. What i did not like, was the regular mentioning about the price money and this live changers for the players by the commentators. I will watch the next tournament for sure.
  8. As a child of the late 70s and 80s i love listening to my spotify 80s Rock Classics Playlist during playing my early sunday round on the course. I tried several other playlists but i play better with journey and co and the deers, rabbits and greenkeepers like the music too.
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