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  1. You guys with the KingTec 5 hybrids from quickship w the MMT shaft... Have you guys noticed these are about 1" shorter in length than the majority of 5 hybrids? Seems to be the same as a 5 iron
  2. You may like these blank Japanese forged wedges. So clean https://www.ebay.com/itm/145211055003
  3. Came across an uncommon Putter Head find. Sizemore SB-2 Was able to get for under $40 shipped as it was trimmed to 27" for a child. I just pulled that installed a new shaft. Im a big fan of this putter. Beautiful milling, soft feel and Obscure.
  4. I did a few things. For one, I used my KE4 Max heads to build my father a new set to replace his 2014 Adams Ideas. He needed a senior flex graphite and I heard very good things about the budget idrive lite so I used them and his oversize grips and made his set. BTW, I stripped all the paint rom the KE4 Max heads. I played a round with them before handing them over and I was hitting everything longer with nicer trajectory and with less impact stress. I decided to finally use the MMT taper tip shafts I picked up for a good price even though I was fine and very happy with my TS3 + Modus 105 combo.... But wow The MMTs and the TS3 are officially the nicest feeling forged setup I ever used. The feedback, flight, bend profile is all spot on...Huge improvement as I havent owned graphite shafts for 15 or so years. I was about 5 yards longer each club and found the center of the face more consistently. Most importantly, I no longer get elbow pain after hitting a ton of balls which was starting to be an issue. And the Looks, I love them. I absolutely love the TS3 and MMT 85 stiff taper combo. These are by far, the nicest feeling set up I have ever hit and they play perfect for me. Edit: Forgot to mention that my 5 iron is this Honma TR21X 5 23* which also is a phenomenal club that gave me a few extra ball speed mph than the others I tested and also has a great forged feel. The heads are going for under $50 on ebay for as well as woods and hybrids.. The whole TR21 line woods and hybrids are also great. I mean seriously dont sleep on these. I bag the Big LB and it is long and forgiving..... Also for pics in the bag
  5. Those royal grips look great. I tried the non chord version a while back and found they wore quickly, Im assuming the chorded version will be more firm and long lasting. Let me know as I like the looks and torn between those and the superstroke chorded or some discontinued lamkin gen3. Currently using Champ C6
  6. Nice find but holy crap that guy sucks at gripping clubs LOL
  7. Nice. So I played the original TS1 (for sale on ebay) and now Im all TS3. What do you think is the main reason you prefer these to the ts3? Is it the topline and overall cosmetics? Or performance?
  8. Yeah some are better than others. Considering the Klugy as the 90 degree bore allows me to add a hosel slant I got from maltby for an interesting build. But yeah these seem to be mostly demo heads.
  9. Ive been eyeying ARgolf as they have putter heads for a great price on ebay now.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/134814973025?hash=item1f63993c61:g:DDcAAOSwP1JlWO5W This seller
  10. Ohhh thats pretty. The shape is like the Cleveland Classic XL 290 and I am a fan of that shape. Is it a taller faced driver like the Cleveland was? L Let us know how this set up is for you.
  11. The driver shafts are higher launch, Id say high/mid. Stiff tip and butt but little softer in the middle. for 100, get the A flex and trim between A and R for the regular mpf shafs. The ul are more flexible so R flex. All just assumptions of where Id start.
  12. If theres anyone interested in trying these you can get them for less than $1 a grip now https://www.ebay.com/itm/335076438834 I did a Heavy putter build as well but it was a bit excessive.
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