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  1. I lied about that being my last post I will still share any new information I have that will help other users of this forum. Here's something new that came through my inbox today (ouch on the data breach - that's another big watch-out, but that's not what this post is about): Acknowledging product issues (and saying they identified the source), they sent instructions to users to install a new firmware update (~1 hour) and play 3 times over the next 3 weeks to help them fix the issues. The trick is...while playing, you can't use it as advertised, and instead need to tag every shot manually. Here are the instructions: http://www.gamegolf.com/data-collection I think they are also acknowledging (without saying it directly) that this product is still in Beta. I say that because they are asking users to take additional actions to help them fix the product, and my direct e-mail link extends with "utm_source=Pro Beta 20040519" followed by a contact key. My advice: avoid it for now unless you want to put in a lot of work, and consider it if/when they fix the glitches and start getting better reviews. Being part of the solution is cool in some cases, but this one is not for me.
  2. My last post in this thread (unless someone directs a question at me) - I finally got the issue resolved with the company without going through the charge dispute process, and they accepted it back for a full refund. I did so by opening a completely separate refund request ticket (apparently on the wrong site) and challenging their 30 day policy in multiple ways. It still took a decent amount of back/forth, and I'm not entirely sure why they decided to give in - maybe it was the way I challenged the policies, maybe they looked at my account and saw valid issues with product performance...or maybe they just got sick of me wasting their time A word of caution on this: if you try this product, you might be able to challenge the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as I did, but don't count on it. The retail industry (and even the FTC) accepts a "Money Back Guarantee" as allowing the consumer to return the product for any reason, including dissatisfaction, but I don't think that's actually what they are offering (instead, it's just a return policy). Gamegolf.com advertises some bold claims for the product and uses that specific terminology, although I haven't found the terms/conditions on that website. Gamegolfsupport.com also mentions it in these terms, but it's not a product guarantee -- if you purchase from a different retailer, they defer to the retailer's policies, which may be different. However, maybe most importantly, store.gamegolf.com (where you actually make the purchase) has a slimmed down product description (fewer claims) and does not mention this guarantee at all -- the closest I can find is the "Right of Withdrawal" clause in the terms/conditions, which requires the product to be returned in new, unopened condition within 30 days of receipt. With this, I'm bowing out of this thread and moving on to (hopefully) more positive experiences with other products. Arccos Link has not arrived yet, but I'm hopeful once it does, and even if it has some struggles, the phone-in-pocket option is fairly reliable.
  3. More fun with this product -- I've sent multiple responses to my support tickets offering more information/data (once while I was on-course, as they requested) and asking for more help, receiving no response on any of them. I also mentioned a refund multiple times, but they've ignored it and just stopped responding (trying to leverage that 30 day guarantee). Just for kicks, I created a new account with another e-mail address and explained a very similar issue, and within 10 minutes they responded with an apologetic response, and when I asked they they stopped responding to the other e-mails, they said they are swamped (and also that they are not taking phone calls, despite allowing them to be scheduled). If nothing else, this is just leverage for my charge dispute. Given that other sites show some success with the product, I'm not going to tell you not to buy it...but mine is likely going in the trash.
  4. Sadly, that customer service experience sounds exactly like mine. When I first reported issues, they were very apologetic and asked specific questions (software version, tag version, phone info, etc.); next, somewhat helpful, but vague and confusing (e.g. "we have a firmware update that will fix that. Do these things to apply it", despite my app saying my firmware was current); eventually unresponsive. It might be worth disputing the charge with your bank. I asked BofA if this situation qualified for a dispute, and they said they'd do what they can, but it'll be a month or two before I find out (got the idea from GG's Facebook page where another frustrated customer said AmEx got them a refund).
  5. Mike Madison, WI Swing speed (driver): 110mph. Handicap: 2.8 Current setup: 15° 3 wood (TM M1), 18° utility 2 iron (Srixon) Right handed
  6. The prices aren't all that different. GG still has an offer for $250 (presale was $230); Arccos is $250 for the sensors but only $150 if you get the smart grips (debatable whether that's worth the $100 savings -- limited to Lamkin Crossline, likely won't last as long). Shot Scope is $189 right now. Because of my functional issues with GG, I haven't had a good comparison with the other products. From what I've read, Game Golf's stats/other software isn't any better than Arccos or Shot Scope.
  7. The standard configuration on GBB is draw bias -- I don't know if the face is actually closed, but the starting point of the weight is already in a draw position. Assuming you've already moved the weight all the way to fade bias (which is actually somewhat neutral), I can think of a few "cheaper" options, but obviously can't guarantee they'll fit your swing (they all change club weight or lie, which might help in one way but hurt in another): Lead tape toward the toe of the driver. Try maybe 10g. ($10 or less for a roll) Heavier slide weight, pushed all the way to fade. I've seen up to 12g, but don't know what the stock weight is, so this might not be relevant (~$25) Try swapping out the adapter for the "Tour Flat" model to flatten lie angle by ~0.75*, which naturally pushes the ball a little right. Of course, if you are fitted into standard or upright clubs, don't flatten... (~$40-50 plus installation) If you're confident the shaft is right for you and it's the head causing more draw/hook, you could also find a "somewhat inexpensive" way to swap out the head. I've done this a couple times in the past now that most Callaway drivers all share an adapter and I use a custom shaft: check used club websites (Callaway Golf Pre-Owned, 2ndSwing, Global Golf, etc.), find the heads/conditions that work for you (ignoring shaft at first), then of those, pick the shaft that you think is most desirable to others. When it shows up, swap out the shafts and sell the old head / new shaft combo (keeping your Elements shaft). Based on age, you might be able to get a decent 816DD and recover most or all of the money by selling the GBB -- the 816 requires a stronger swing, but I don't think it will draw as much. That's probably also true of clubs like the XR16 Pro or Sub Zero. If you go this route, I'd recommend against the Fusion - I think you'll see draw/hook with that one as well.
  8. Update to this: Customer service no-showed the support appointment and have been unresponsive. I opened a new ticket requesting a refund and have not heard back. Based on recent reviews on their Facebook page, others are seeing similar issues (include the no-show support calls). Reddit tells a different story, and people have been having success with it (but sounds like setup complexity and customer service issues are a trend there as well). I'm also curious what's going on with the company - I think this thread had some speculation on company status; their phone automatically goes to VM (they don't publish a support phone number but it is posted on their Facebook and Google pages); the device was shipped from Tennessee despite them being located in CA; the responses I have seen from customer service are coming at times like 3AM; the recent Arccos/Ping partnership article said Shot Scope is the only true competitor for Arccos; etc. Did they get swallowed up by another company and now that company is trying to capitalize on product hype (that might not be ready for market)? Do they outsource their customer support? My ideal would be something that just pairs with my Garmin Fenix. Garmin now has tracking tags, but they only pair with their Approach watches. If Shot Scope could somehow get their tags working with a Fenix app instead of requiring their own watch, I'd go back to that in a heartbeat, but I don't know if that's even possible with the underlying technology.
  9. Update based on my experience: my pair broke on the second use (it's been a rough start to the season for me and new golf equipment...). I wore them once at the driving range and they worked out just fine. When I brought them to the course for the first time, I tied them normally, but the TPU holding the laces looked loose/wavy, so I tried to tighten them lace by lace (as noted in the last post, they are annoying/difficult). One of the TPU eyelets snapped in the process, and a couple others look stressed on the verge of snapping (it did not feel like I was over-tightening them). I was able to get the lace somewhat secure in the busted eyelet and still wore them for the round considering they were the only shoes I brought. I contacted customer service with the issue, and they were great -- I e-mailed first, then called, and the CS rep acknowledged they were a bit behind on e-mails. They just asked that I send along a picture and approved a replacement immediately. They also didn't force a like-for-like replacement, which I appreciate given the nature of the issue -- maybe my pair was just defective, but after this I decided it's best to move away from Solelace for now. I now have a new pair of the Disc, which is what I originally purchased and later exchanged - hoping for better results with that pair! My overall ratings: Comfort 4/5; Stability 4/5; Traction 2/5; Style 5/5 (in my opinion, the Solelace is a better style than the others, so for the Disc I'd say Style 4/5); Durability I have to give a 1/5 given my issue (which, again, could be a defective pair).
  10. Reviving this thread again now that the product is actually on the market -- I bit on the pre-sale and have been using it for a few weeks (I received it in January but live in Wisconsin, so April was the first chance to try it). Has anyone else tried it? I'm curious if you've had better results or have some tips to share. I've tried Arccos 360, Shot Scope v2, and now Game Golf Pro -- I did not try the original Game Golf products (despite my GolfTEC coach trying to push them on me) because I refuse to change my shot routine for tracking (Shot Scope's PinCollect isn't as bad because you need to pull your ball out of the hole anyway). Each of them have their downsides (Arccos with the phone and giant putter tag; Shot Scope's bulky watch), but this one looked like the holy grail with no negatives - I was excited to get my hands on it, kept checking back in on when it would finally be released, and jumped at the pre-sale as soon as it was available. But so far, it has been a total letdown. <The rest of this is somewhat chronological, so if you want to know on-course performance, jump ahead a few paragraphs> Setup was a beast. Each tag required pairing by hovering a magnet over top, but they were very finicky -- on my first effort, 0 tags paired, so I e-mailed customer service and tried again the next day; second effort, 3 tags paired; two hours and two phone restarts later, all but one were paired, and I just moved on without it (turns out you might need to "wake up" the I tags before you can do the magnetic pairing -- I found that blowing on them like an old Nintendo game helped with the last one). Once paired, each tag needed a firmware update, which took 3-5 minutes per tag plus the time it takes to do the same magnet flow (it's a new product, so optimization updates are expected -- it was just time consuming). All-in, setup took me 4-5 hours. The app during setup was glitchy and the content is surprisingly mediocre given how long they've been a player in this market. One example: after a few minutes, it would tell me my tag firmware update failed, but when I try to restart it, it tells me it's already on the most up-to-date firmware. For content, all of my clubs are pretty mainstream, but I had to add the brand/model as custom options because they were not in the list. On-Course it does not live up to expectations. The biggest issue is that I simply have not gotten it to function as expected -- the original ad says "it doesn't miss shots", but I've found that to be blatantly false. I've moved the medallion around to different parts of my belt, tried a variety of fixes suggested in a support ticket (that I've now had open for a couple weeks, and it's going in circles), even tried a factory reset on the medallion (support ticket suggestion). After 6 rounds, it has only picked up a single shot inside 100 yds (a 9 iron chip this morning), has missed entire holes, typically picks up ~1 swing per hole and might pick up a putt or two (but you tell the app how many putts you had, so I think a lot of the putts came from that, not the actual tracking device). In one of my 18 hole rounds, it picked up shots on only 3 holes; in another, it worked reasonably well for ~7 holes in the middle before starting to slip and eventually missing the last 4 holes completely. On another 9 hole round, after implementing some suggestions from their support team, I shot 40, but it only picked up 21 shots over 6 holes, 14 of which were putts, and they were all over the place (again, glitchy software -- it marked me for a 6 on a hole with "P-P-P-7i-P-P" with the third putt being 398 yds, which clearly should have been on a different hole). I struck out with their e-mail based support, so I now have a call scheduled that will hopefully figure something out (maybe those firmware errors were legit?). If you want to see my actual results, I published most of these rounds, so just sign up for a free Game Golf account and check out my page (same username as MGS) - it's comical. Other Notable Things: That whole "no phone, just play golf" thing is a bit misleading as well. It's also the major reason that I bought this, which contributes to the letdown. For best results, you should use the phone app, connect it to the medallion, and keep the two close-by (sounds like within Bluetooth distance, so best to carry the phone on you and not let your buddy drive away with your phone in the cart). When using the phone this way, it eats a lot of battery (they say you need 25-40% battery to start the round, but I have a long-lasting battery that drained from 50% to 15% by hole 11 this morning). It can work without the phone, but I haven't seen good results with that either -- I tried one whole round with it, which went very poorly; I also shut down the app because of the battery draining this morning, and it still picked up shots on my last couple holes, but it seemed to get confused (shots on the wrong holes, etc.). Conclusion(s): I'm still hopeful. I want this support call to go well. I want to figure out that something is wrong with my tags and/or medallion that can be fixed (or replaced). But I'm not confident, so I'm also hoping their "30 day money back guarantee" clock started on the date I set it up rather than the date I purchased or received it (again, received in January in Wisconsin). After the initial issues, I did contact Arccos support about the putter tag size, which was a major issue for me when using their product -- they are taking pre-orders for a device (Arccos Link) that eliminates the phone-in-pocket need, and they now have a "normal" sized putter tag, which they offered to throw in for free if I ordered Link. If we can't get these technical issues resolved, there's a very good chance I'll be using Arccos again by mid-season.
  11. First Name/State of Residence: Mike, Wisconsin Current Driver specs: Callaway Epic / 9.5° / Accra Tour Zx465 / M5 Your handicap and driver swing speed, and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection: 3 handicap. I use shot tracking devices, and our local driving range has TopTracer that we use weekly, which can cover some stats (I don't have a personal launch monitor) Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience: Not a driver. I use to have the E8 Beta 3 wood and loved it - after a fitting, I switched to an M1 for easier adjustability and shaft modification...looking back, I should've just swapped out shafts in the Beta.
  12. Thanks for the response. I decided to give them a try, too. Your assessment is spot-on -- comfortable shoes, the lacing works but isn't anything groundbreaking. I actually find the laces to be somewhat annoying and/or difficult, but they do hold things together pretty well.
  13. I've been reading MyGolfSpy for a while but didn't stumbled across the intro threads until now -- great to read up on fellow spies! Here's my info: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing golf for as long as I can remember - my earliest memories are going to the club with my dad in the evening and teeing off from the 150 marker (I was probably 6 at the time, I'm now 34). We played occasionally in our earlier years, but starting playing more often and trying to take it seriously in middle school - we joined a club that was about a mile away, stashed our clubs there for the season, and rode our bikes to the course almost every day. I played in High School (thought I was good), went on to play D-III in Rochester, NY (realized I was not good), took a few years off, and went back to casual, more fun golf. I'm now a 3 handicap officially, but to be honest, it feels worse than that. Occasionally I'll get down in the low 70s, but most rounds are in the 77-83 range -- those scores from the tips at "difficult" courses lead to my index being 2.8 (if we played up a set of tees, I'd probably shoot identical scores and be a 4-5 index...but the tips are fun). We have a 6 month old now, so I'm expecting the handicap to slowly rise this year. What do you love about golf? Even a frustrating day on the golf course is relaxing to me now that I rarely try to compete (occasional scrambles and trying my hand at the city tournament are the closest things I've had to competitive rounds in the last few years). It's a great way to get to know people, spend time with friends, get outdoor time, get in a quick workout, and it's a challenge - you can always do better, and I love chasing better scores. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've read quite a few MyGolfSpy reviews in the past, some of which have actually influenced which products I've purchased. I didn't join the forum until (I think) last year -- to be honest, I was enticed by one of the test opportunities, which forced me to get a forum login. I love trying new products, and am looking to be a more active member this season to share my reviews and opinions. Where are you from? What is your home course? I've been in Madison, WI for the last 10 years. I grew up outside of Utica, NY. This year, my home course is Cherokee Country Club, but only because I got a steal of a membership in a charity auction (it's on the wrong side of town - will be tough to get out there often, but hard to pass up the price). We normally play courses on Madison's West Side. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Madison is somewhat of a sleeper of a golf town. Madison itself has some great courses that you can play without being a member (notably University Ridge, Legend at Bergamont, Hawk's Landing are all solid layouts that are kept in great condition; The Oaks can be a fun course as well, but I'm not a huge fan). Private courses here are OK, with only a couple really being worth the price (obviously that's my opinion - if I were to pick a place to join, it would be Nakoma). In addition to that, there are a ton of great golf courses within a couple hours of Madison, leaving our options open for playing world class (public) golf without missing much time at home -- day trips are possible at places like Sand Valley/Mammoth Dunes, Erin Hills, Whistling Straits/Blackwolf Run, Cog Hill, and a couple others. What do you do for a living? Healthcare IT How’d you pick your user name? It's an inside joke within our group of friends. Everyone has some "C-Suite" title. Apparently the trend isn't picking up considering I've been able to snag ChiefMikeOfficer on every social media platform and e-mail domain I've checked. Bonus My friends and I are on a quest to play the Top 100 Public Golf Courses in the US. Most of our buddies trips are focused on that. But...we don't have strict guidelines -- I'm currently tracking both the Golf Digest and Golf Magazine lists that came out a couple years ago, and might track this year's lists right alongside it. When we finish one of them, it'll feel like an accomplishment, but keeping track of multiple lists lets it go on longer. Currently I'm at 19-20 depending on the list.
  14. 1. Mike, Madison WI, 25+ 2. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 3. Handicap: 3. Driver swing speed: 108mph 4. Driver: Epic. 3 wood: M1. Driving iron: Srixon U65. 4-PW: Mizuno MP-25. Wedges: Vokey SM7 5. Assuming Cobra's custom shaft options are available, we'll probably want to tweak the specs... But for the actual heads: 9.0°driver, 3-4 fairway wood (Tour if possible), 3H, conventional length irons (4-PW), King wedges (50, 56, 60, Black if possible).
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