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  1. Not technically a purchase, but still Club Ho'in -- won another one of these bad boys off of Chirp. Went with an all black setup, 54 bent to 55, Accra iWedge Tour 130, and a black Ion grip (know nothing about them, figured I'd give it a try considering all upgrades are included - might end up swapping with an MCC after a few rounds).
  2. From where? I've been eyeing that up, but the direct Garmin site only has "email me when available".
  3. It's called defense - if you take all the top QBs, you prevent the other teams from scoring a lot of points and don't need that many points from the rest of your guys. That strategy is 1/1 so far.
  4. Don't give away the secrets. An Allen-Diggs combo is definitely not going to score many points so everyone should just leave them on the board for us Bills fans to take.
  5. I'm in. No problem with paying $10 for a prize pool. I think it would be cool to use the money for more fun or divisional prizes -- the Golden Ticket itself is pretty valuable (even with a $10 buy-in).
  6. Great opportunity - T100S is one of the tests I was really hoping to see this year!
  7. Need to get it really clean, and even then, it may not be avoidable -- any kind of impurity can cause this in an environment like a Florida summer (e.g. saliva, maybe even the minerals in the water). Something similar I've noticed with ours: my wife sometimes puts lemon in her bottle, and even after washing, when I end up with her cap that flavor lingers a bit (and I think has contributed to the mildew-like smell). More thorough cleaning seems to help.
  8. This last part is huge at this stage in the season. @GolfSpy_APH mentioned this in one of the posts above, but we were trying to work out a Hovland-for-Tony deal that we just couldn't get right. Neither of us were OK with a 1-for-1 trade for these two, but for very different reasons: he views Hovland as higher value overall (FWIW, so do I); for me, at 16th place, I can't risk another 2-8 week just to get Hovland as my long-term play, so I couldn't give up Tony without getting a decent player back that takes his spot in the field (both of us were actually trying to fill out a solid team for the 3M). Filling his "value" gap and my "playing" gap could have led to something that many view as lopsided, but it would've worked out for both of us given the timing -- if I was in the top 5, I wouldn't have cared so much about replacing Tony in the field, but I need every win I can get right now. We never got there, so hopefully Tony does well this week
  9. I actually screwed up the dimensions in my post. I use the 18oz most often, and that's the one that works well for me - it fits nicely in cupholders. I do have a 26, which is the same cap with a wider body, but I haven't actually used it yet.
  10. I think there are (at least) two things we should agree on to make sure these late trades are fair: Zalatoris trades should be vetoed. Anyone that still has him knew he was a risk, and he gave them a good run. At this point, no playoff-bound team should be shopping him around for a Top 50 (or even Top 75) FedEx guy. Similar to some of the frustration above, I was offered Z for Finau straight up today, which I declined immediately, but I would hope it would get blocked if I accepted. Any top tier guy coming from a fringe or out-of-contention team and going to a playoff-bound team should expect a lot of scrutiny. The exception in my mind is if a fringe team is getting someone in the next field to help them with a playoff push. I don't disagree with the Berger-Morikawa trade on paper - both are currently in position to make the Tour Championship, and Morikawa might be in position to take a week off (that's still a thing guys do for the Northern Trust, right?), which would put you at a disadvantage. But I get why it was vetoed given the current standings. If it were two playoff teams or if Berger was playing 3M, I'd say let it go through, but there's just no upside for the other team.
  11. I'm seeing that with just about every trade offer Nobody seems to want the guys that I actually want to deal, and everyone just wants Tony (seems like HiggoMania died down a bit after a few missed cuts...). I've fielded 7 trade offers from this post, and 6 of them had Tony involved, some of them Tony solo (the 7th must have been rescinded before I even saw it in FanTrax). I threw his name out as bait to get a top guy heading into FedEx, but my actual goal was to swap the other guys for someone comparable / slightly lower in the FedEx standings with hopes they are in the 3M field (like if one of the top teams is trying to angle for playoff performance and doesn't care as much about 3M).
  12. Your offer is actually the one that has the best 3M return so far - I just have lingering questions on whether it's the right move for me given my current position.
  13. Based on the initial trade offers coming in, I should clarify my Tony position (everyone seems to want him, including me ). Given where I stand for the playoffs, my priority needs to be 3M - not enough time left in the season for me to phone it in for another week. So... If you are including Tony in a pre-3M offer, I'll be looking for both a stud (like a Hovland or Spieth type) and someone that's in the 3M field to replace Tony. How good that 3M replacement is will depend on which other guy you include from my team (right now I value Hatton over Palmer over Higgo) - given my high expectations for Tony, I'm expecting slot 2 to be filled with someone "not as good" as who I'd be giving up, but I also don't want it to be a weekly waiver rider. For a post-3M trade, I can consider other types of offers, so let's chat.
  14. Hatton, Higgo, and Ryan Palmer are on the unofficial trading block - willing to entertain offers for them, and willing to package with a bigger name (even Tony) if the return is right. PM me if you're interested in working something out.
  15. Because of that PXG-like hate, I wanted to dislike this bottle, but I just can't do it. I bought one for my wife's birthday first, then picked up my own thanks to The Buck Club's new member gift package, and then decided to grab one more because they worked so well (this time with The Golfers Journal logo). The 26 is perfect for my golf bag's bottle pocket, and it kept water cold even when sitting in direct sunlight for hours on a recent 90+° day. I suggest trying out the magnetic version of the Chug Cap - you lose the cap handle, but I like it better overall (smaller cap, stashes magnetically on the side rim).
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