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  1. I've been using UE speakers for years and they are consistently impressive. I picked up a Boom 3 a few months back to use in my office -- I wish I knew about the custom color options before buying it. The best thing about the brand is that they make them convenient for various outdoor activities -- the old UE ROLL had a bungee that would secure it to a bag strap or cart frame, they can chain together to put out some awesome sound, many of the Boom series speakers fit in a standard cup holder (or water bottle pocket for walkers), and they're waterproof, which is not something I've found with some of the more recognized name brands. The only odd thing is that there seems to be a different phone app for each speaker model/category -- you don't need to use the app to connect to a single speaker, but if you want to chain multiple speakers together, that's where the app comes in (so you can't chain a BOOM with a ROLL or a BLAST, but it looks like you can chain a BOOM with a MegaBOOM, and can chain with older models of the same category). Thanks for the review - it's got me thinking of going out and designing a new one for the course.
  2. This feels unfair because I got approval from the wife to replace my entire bag this year (she gave me a check for Christmas that said "For: New Golf Clubs, Amount: A Bunch" ) but here goes: Clubs - see signature for details 3W, driving iron, and all three three wedges are unchanged from the end of last season (5 pts) Driver: upgraded the head because of cosmetic damage, kept the same shaft (0.5 pts?). But I have another custom shaft on order, so... (-0.5 pts) Putter: I did upgrade to EvnRoll, but I've been using putters designed by Guerin Rife for a few years now (used a Rife back in the day, switched to some other things for a few years, then discovered Guerin Tour Spec a couple years ago, using that until I picked up my EvnRoll). Irons: Same brand. Newer model. Better shafts (for me). Goal was to pick up a few yards - it worked. Bag: replaced over the winter, picking up a Vice Force because it's waterproof. Used it from day 1 this season, so technically a point. (1 pt) Glove: I use a variety, but did not change this year -- I'm continuing to work down my stockpile of Under Armour, Vice, and Golf Gods gloves that I bought in bulk last year (1 pt) Distance Device: Still have the Bushnell Hybrid GPS/Laser. I tried a bunch of tracking devices including a new one this year, but I'm off those for now, so it counts. (1 pt) Ball: Again, a variety. Not anything I find (I usually just toss the found ones into the fairway for others to scoop up), but mostly consistent with the variety. I did try some new models this year though... (0 pts) Shoes: Nope. I went through some new Pumas that I didn't like, picked up some True Linkswear (used more as casual than golf), and ultimately picked up two pairs of New Balance that mostly matched a pair I already had (1 Minimus, 1 Minimus SL). I'm pretty set on these now, so next year I should get the point. (0 pts) Wildcard: I go through too many ball markers and similar accessories to take this point. This year I picked up a few things from Eyeline (swing and putter aids), tried GameGolf Pro, picked up some frivolous things like a Birdicorn, Happy Gilmore towels, and new headcovers. (0 pts) Technically 8 points. It should be quite a bit higher next year.
  3. I'm late to the game on this one (found the thread while searching for something related). I've tried quite a few pairs of spikeless shoes over the years with a goal of finding a good cross between golf (traction/stability) and running (comfort/stability) so that I can give Speed Golf a try (although I've yet to try it...). In that testing, I found: Puma Ignite NXT: I am not a fan, mostly because of traction - they are very comfortable, but I slipped a lot with them, so I don't use them anymore. I think they'd work well in spongy conditions, but I did not think they worked well in dry or slightly wet conditions. I tried both the SoleLace and the Disc with similar results (SoleLace broke, and they replaced them under warranty with a pair of Disc). Adidas AdiPower S Boost 3: I've also tried two pairs of these for a different reason. This is the closest to what I was originally looking for (run/golf combo) -- traction is very good, they feel stable, and they provide good cushioning. They make for an easy walk, and they seem to support running reasonably well (not quite the same as running shoes). The one problem I had is that one of the two pairs feels odd in the tongue area, leading to some pain on the top of my foot after wearing from a while (it's not a problem on the second pair, so might be a slight inconsistency in manufacturing). Added bonus: you can still find them, and they are cheap considering the 4 is on the market. New Balance: This is my new go-to golf shoe brand. The Minimus SL is my top overall pick for walking the golf course. Fit and comfort are at the top for me with good stability and traction (traction is slightly behind Adidas, but really just a different feel). I have had no issues with these shoes to date. Not the best for running, but a great golf shoe -- I decided to pick up a pair of the spiked Minimus and now wear these two models almost exclusively on the course. True Linkswear: I agree with most of the prior comments on True Linkswear. I picked up the True x Linksoul knits a while back and now use them more as a casual shoe - they are probably the most comfortable walking shoes I've worn (in general, not just for golf). I've worn them on the course a couple times and they held up OK - lower in stability than the others and not for wet weather, but traction and comfort are both very good. One of the loops on the heel tore off when putting them on one day, but that has nothing to do with shoe function.
  4. Yup, my + straight line does actually end up a bit diagonal after the adjustment, but it's still perpendicular to the target line. As you noted, the eyeline design makes it look straight from top-down. I'm just curious if you've tried both methods and whether there is a noticable difference in ease of alignment. Then again, for $15, it might be worth a shot anyway.
  5. I currently use a custom Accra shaft, and I like to keep a second shaft around just to switch up feel from time to time. Considering my past success with Rogues, I tried to self-fit into a new 130MSI... And it just hasn't worked for me. I'm in about $550 on this shaft ($425 retail plus Pure plus adapter and grips), so now I'm just trying to recover some of that as I replace it with a second Accra. PM me if you're interested - feel free to make an offer. Details: Aldila Rogue Silver 70 130MSI, TS flex. Adapter is a Callaway Opti-Fit "Tour Strong" (nearly identical to the standard adapter, but instead of going from -1° to +2°, it goes from -2° to +1°) - I used it in both the Epic and the Flash. SST Pure and assembly done by The GolfWorks. Length is 43.75" (ordered it to be 44.5" assembled). Shaft has been used for about 5 rounds plus a few range sessions; recently put a new SuperStroke Traxion Tour grip on it, which has only been used for 9 holes plus a warm-up range session. Open to reasonable offers (would entertain a trade offer involving an M5 3 wood head). Price: $330 delivered* *Shipping/exceptions: I will ship UPS Ground, up to $30 (I expect it to be less than that, but if it's more based on location, I'll ask you to cover anything over $30), or cheapest option (up to you). I should be able to ship it out the next business day after receiving payment. I will ship faster / other methods as long as you pay the difference between that and Ground.
  6. @edingc Thanks for the review. How do you feel about the curved line at the bottom of the mark (closest to the clubface) vs. a straight line? I have a similar marking cup that I took off an old Adidas bag that makes more of more of a + shape, but I often shift the crossbars toward the face to make a mark similar to this (only difference is mine is a straighter line, where EyeLine has a curve to match the shape of the ball) -- I'm curious if the curve makes much of a difference at address.
  7. ChiefMikeOfficer

    Mammoth Dunes

    I think this is Mammoth #6, taken from the 9th tee on Sand Valley (played Mammoth later in the day).
  8. Mike, Wisconsin Guerin Tour Spec GR1 Blade Handicap: 3
  9. And now for the comical end to this: at one point during the support back/forth, I questioned if the device was defective, and they agreed to replace it with one that should be fully up to date. More than two months later, well after they took mine back for a refund, a new medallion shows up in the mail! Is anyone out there still struggling with this product that wants to give the replacement medallion a shot?
  10. I lied about that being my last post I will still share any new information I have that will help other users of this forum. Here's something new that came through my inbox today (ouch on the data breach - that's another big watch-out, but that's not what this post is about): Acknowledging product issues (and saying they identified the source), they sent instructions to users to install a new firmware update (~1 hour) and play 3 times over the next 3 weeks to help them fix the issues. The trick is...while playing, you can't use it as advertised, and instead need to tag every shot manually. Here are the instructions: http://www.gamegolf.com/data-collection I think they are also acknowledging (without saying it directly) that this product is still in Beta. I say that because they are asking users to take additional actions to help them fix the product, and my direct e-mail link extends with "utm_source=Pro Beta 20040519" followed by a contact key. My advice: avoid it for now unless you want to put in a lot of work, and consider it if/when they fix the glitches and start getting better reviews. Being part of the solution is cool in some cases, but this one is not for me.
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