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  1. You might just need to get a different cap, which is kinda unfortunate (would be nice if the bottle just came with a couple styles -- the additional caps are $10-15 each). We didn't like the cap that came with the bottle either, so we stocked up on the Chug Magdock caps (bought a couple extras because, somehow, my wife lost a couple rubber seals from the inside of the smaller cap, seeming like they just fell out - I've yet to have that problem, but she also uses her bottle a lot more than I use mine, so ). Magdock still requires that you take the small cap completely off, but the magnetic holster works pretty well. Straw and Hotshot don't require taking off a piece.
  2. Cobra doesn't seem to provide as much information on the specific setting, but if it's like other brands, it's probably upright lie (which promotes more left spin). The face angle could change throughout the settings too, but their adapter might maintain the same face angle -- they just don't provide the specifics behind it. Callaway specifically calls out their "Draw" setting as a change in Lie without mentioning face (https://www.callawaygolf.com/optifitinstructions/); TaylorMade doesn't call it a Draw setting, instead just calling it what it is ("Upright"), but they do publish the Lie and Face changes for each setting on their adapter, which includes a face change of +/- 4 degrees (old, but adapter settings should be the same: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-Library/en_US/v1639300210181/manuals/2020_tuning_manual.pdf).
  3. A couple additions to the family. First, a Vokey SM7 58° (seems like I have every other loft so why not?) predesigned by Sick Sticks, then added a Paderson shaft and BB&F ferrule. Then, reposting this one now that I decided it's authentic enough (the company that sold me the head has a lot of people vouching for it on WRX and they now sponsor Lydia Ko) and it's fully built -- thanks to @dlow206 for getting me the shaft, and added a slick Sweet Rollz grip to match the color scheme.
  4. Quick plug for Golf Pride since they were mentioned in this thread -- I bought some counterfeit MCC grips because I wanted the specific color scheme (not knowing they were counterfeit -- I had seen this color scheme before and assumed it was just leftover stock, but it was eBay...). But they didn't pass the sniff test, so I contacted Golf Pride directly with the info I gathered (a color fill issue on one, inconsistent weight from grip to grip outside of GP's usual tolerance). They were very helpful and seemed actually interested in the information to try to track down the counterfeit ring (they confirmed counterfeit with the information + pictures I sent). Callaway...not so much. They give the stock response of "we can't help you determine authenticity of your item", and don't seem interested in that same info if it is a counterfeit.
  5. Bought the Garmin club sensors a couple weeks ago because they are compatible with my everyday Garmin watch. Have used Arccos (started on 2018 and went back in 2020-2021, worked reasonably well), Game Golf Pro (didn't work at all), and Shot Scope v2 (worked pretty well but hated the watch). Played nine holes last night and... They're awesome so far. Zero missed shots, easy to add putts, scoring was immediately accurate. I'm guessing I'm going to lose some of the stats from Arccos. I also haven't played around with hole locations or anything. But if it continues to be this easy, I will not be going back.
  6. The Q Star Divides are awesome for putting (both practice and legally swapping them in for putting when scrambles allow it). The Z Star doesn't have as much contrast, but it's still helpful. I'm kinda hoping they release another color in the Z.
  7. That's the thing - the plate looks legit and a similar plate was used on the pre-odyssey logoed models. I just didn't find any references to this full setup (this plate plus H8 neck). It's also possible this was the Japan release or it was slightly customized or something. I'm hoping they just come back with "yes that retailer is legit, don't worry about it" (can't confirm on Callaway's website directly -Japan is not a search option, even though they have known business in Japan).
  8. Picked up an older Toulon Design Madison head off of eBay (wanted it specifically for the Capitol logo), then immediately regretted not doing earlier research -- it passes the initial sniff test (looks too good to be a knockoff...) and comes from a Japanese company that claims authenticity guaranteed, but one thing looks potentially inconsistent, so I have a request out with Odyssey to try to verify (specifically, this has an H8 neck rather than the typical H1, and the US stock releases I found with this head/neck combo say "Odyssey" on the bottom plate, not "Toulon"). If it's confirmed authentic, I'll be seeking out one of those fancy new putter shafts to put into it.
  9. Oh yea, probably should've mentioned that. Rawhide Golf. https://instagram.com/rawhidegolf?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. So... I'm also a headcover ho, which you might have seen from some past posts here. But, I might have just kicked the habit, at least for driver covers, because I don't think I can beat this one (any 90s WWE fans out there?). Been watching a couple custom companies for a couple years. About a month ago, after a few drinks, I contacted one of them with a few ideas. This is where that design conversation landed (along with 2 other covers that he remade from past designs ), and for a surprisingly reasonable price:
  11. Solidarity. I just did the exact same thing with a Jones Trouper 2.0 - no real reason at all aside from "that looks sweet, I want that". I now have my main bag, my light bag for longer days, a MichUltra bag that I got as a CTP prize, and the Jones
  12. I took a more laid-back approach than some of the others that already got theirs, but still nagged them a bit in the last few months - they said they're sending mine this week, ready to get my massage on!
  13. Ha, I made this "mistake" a couple years ago. Grabbed the 18 footer without measuring. Got lucky that it fit on the back wall of the unfinished part of the basement - it's now a permanent fixture.
  14. Picked up a T200 Utility 4 iron to match the 3 iron from last year's test. Why? The 3 is a beast. Originally thought a 2 would be best, but that would replace the 3 wood or knock out a wedge, and I'm not ready for that move. Another plug for Titleist: ordered it Friday, said 10 weeks for the custom build....Looks like it's showing up on Sunday!
  15. Hearsay? I'm reading these as direct experiences (including my own, and the post you quoted) on the retailer end of things. Hearsay would mean just relaying info from others. These are more counterexamples to broad claims, not hearsay. Maybe disclose a bit more on your experience? What industry? Were you the manufacturer, supplier, retailer, or some other role? How does it relate to what's actually happening in golf club sales? And I'm still waiting on that link to get a Triple Diamond below MAP - if that's happening, I want in.
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