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  1. In past years, I used FantasyPros for some info (never the paid version though -- or maybe I used Google Play credits to get it for free one season). I actually had their app hooked up in one of my Fantasy Leagues to give advice, similar to the add-on that we had in the MGS league last year. It was beneficial, but in general I don't spend a ton of time on Fantasy, so I think I left a lot of their features unused. Now...I don't do much. Mostly just compare analysis across platforms and read a few articles from time to time. I'm also don't do much trading and am not too deep into waivers (although I use them way more than trades) -- both last year and this year, I ended up with a good core crew and mostly used waivers to supplement for Byes and short-term injuries (haven't had a star go down for long periods of time).
  2. Winter is settling in here too, so usage is down, but I do have one more round tomorrow that might or might not get some new feedback (hopefully not the last round of the year...but sadly it might be). Range sessions were consistent with previous feedback over the last couple weeks.
  3. Apparently I need to step up my game with waiver bids. Thought I bid plenty high to get 1 of the 3 Darrel Williams copies, but I was nowhere close.
  4. I haven't really figured this out yet either, and didn't really consider it when building the test set (wanted to compare to something I'm used to- could have chosen a T100S GW, but haven't played a set GW since high school). My standard wedges are 50/55/60, which are 125, 110-115, and ~90 (honestly don't know the stock yardage for the 60 - rarely swing it full). The T100S put my PW at 44 instead of 46, which pumped me up to 145-150 stock yardage... So I have a 20-25 yd gap right now between PW and GW (used to be around 15). I might make some moves in the off-season, maybe putting a 48 in play instead of the 50 and bending the 55 back to it's original 54, or might just work on taking something off of the PW more consistently.
  5. I was starting to get nervous that I was gonna be the only one to give less than 5 stars overall.
  6. Made some minor edits to the review -- we started with an older version of the scoring system, and mine was structured that way. I saw everyone else putting the 5-star ratings within the actual text too, so I decided to follow suit.
  7. Posted my final review a couple nights ago. They've got some great things going, but a couple things held me back from a full Overall 5 (would have given 4.5 if that was an option). I kinda wish I had access to a full set of JPX Forged - I think that would be an interesting comp.
  8. We're on the board! Offset a bit by my kicker going out with a warmup injury, but still have a chance at a 2-0 week (or could go the other way).
  9. It's going to vary based on your actual foot size/shape, but my go to shoes for walking are New Balance (minimus is my top choice but I have another that is also very comfortable). G/Fore MG4+ come in close second for me, and I bet their new cross trainers are great too, but they are pricey.
  10. Spin rates have been both good and consistent for me. They've given me a really good descent angle with a lot of stopping power - better than I expected with the stronger lofts.
  11. Love the side by side strategy! I feel like we're having a very similar experience with the T100S -- every time I read one of your posts, I just think "yup, same". I played in our city mid am this week - scores were not up to my expectations, but can't blame that on the irons (haven't played enough lately and felt very rusty - both rounds were terrible for the first 9-10 holes and tolerable for the remaining holes). Throughout both rounds I made some strategic decisions to make sure the Titleist irons got more action than a typical round (like 3 or 4 iron off the tee to set up an 8 or 9 iron into the green instead of going driver-gap wedge, and taking something off the PW instead of going full GW). The T200 3 iron is a monster off the tee. It was very consistent, and mishits were forgiving, at least in terms of direction (noticeable drop in distance though). Nicer to look at and (seemingly) more power than my U85. From the short grass it was also nice, just a little less consistent (it's still a 3 iron). Might pick up the 2 iron to go with it, or the U505 1 iron, possibly even replacing my 3W... (But then what would i do with all those sweet fairway covers? ). Honestly, if I put the driver away and only hit 3i off the tee for the entire tournament, I probably would have saved 3-4 strokes per round (but can't get myself to do that on a par 5 or on gettable par 4s after the wheels were already loose). The other irons... They fly high and go far. They look and feel great. I also think they feel heavier than my Mizunos. Distance control with shorter irons is great, especially when trying to hit it a specific number. But there are still those occasional big hits from the long and mid irons that give me pause - for example, on Tuesday on a hole where long is the worst spot to be, I hit 7 iron from 183 thinking there's no way it goes over the back, and... Yikes, had to hit a 30 yd floppa coming back (it rolled out a bit, but still, 210-215 total, probably 195-200 in the air landing on a slope in the back rough) - hit a sick flop though, so I did get it up and down.
  12. Haven't scored a defensive point since putting up 3.0 in the semis of last year's playoffs. In the 4 weeks since, I'm at -3, -14, -8, -12. Really hoping I can just ride the waiver wire and not need to trade for something better -- I'm a little jealous of one of my opponents who had 2 DST on their roster with 20+ points scored this week.
  13. Maybe... the ones I'm looking at here are shots that all felt solid but it's possible they were very slight mishits / just not "perfect". Some of the on-course shots that I hit were clear mishits that had nice flight and just fell 10-15 yards short of what I'm expecting (and I got rid of the clear mishits from the range session to make sure it's more of a club-to-club comparison). The 5 iron at the range shows it pretty well (I'm seeing it more in the longer irons than the short ones so far): all of the shots I kept in there felt solid, all but one had a nice looking draw and were pretty well on target, two stand out as going further than the rest, but one of those two was a "whoa" moment -- very close to average launch and land angles, but 4mph + 15yds past the average from the set, and 10 yds past the clear #2 ball. Then again, I might be finding that my stock shot is actually a slight mishit and this was the only one that found the actual sweet spot
  14. Alright, here's some additional details on the session after getting rid of some of the outliers (shockingly, only needed to throw shots away for the Utility Iron and PW -- everything else was "good enough"). Distance was no surprise aside from expecting the Titleist to be 2-5 yds further than where things ended up. The surprising part was more in the flight stats, especially with the shorter irons (which are 2* stronger in the Titleist). I don't have stats on swing speed, smash factor, or spin, but I do have quite a few other good stats. Even though I have a T200 in hand, my test is the T100S, so I'm starting with that -- still totally appreciate the T200 long iron opportunity and am considering that part of the test, but it's the minor part of the test for me. General: Prior to the side-by-side, it seemed like I was hitting the T100S higher than my typical flight, with similar curve and accuracy. Once I started hitting at the range, the T100S felt slightly heavier at address. When holding them both in my hands at the same time, I didn't notice much difference, but when setting up and swinging, the Titleist had a slightly heavier feel (which I like). It felt more in the head, even though the best explanation could be that the shaft is 6g heavier (same shaft, S in Mizuno and X in Titleist, officially 114g vs. 120g). In terms of size and looks, the T100S looks comparable to the JPX919 Tour at address, and very slightly larger than it from other angles, but slightly smaller than the JPX 919 Forged. Noted previously, I have a combo set now (4-6 Forged, 7-PW Tour), so I'm splitting feedback and reactions based on that. Long irons: T100S vs. Mizuno JPX919 Forged. Lofts are identical, and shafts are similar. I expected very similar performance, and thought it would be a good comparison in where the two brands put their priorities -- if anything, I expected the Titleist to launch/apex lower because of the flex, but end up with similar distances. Well, the opposite happened, which I assume can only be attributed to the head (this was consistent across all clubs): the JPX was ~1 yard longer in total distance, but T100S was 3-5 yds longer in terms of carry (meaning it also stopped faster). The T100S went ~10-12 ft higher and had a ~5* steeper landing angle (held true with both average and maximum). Curve was very similar, with Mizuno having more right-left movement. The T100S was more accurate. The JPX had more consistent distances. I'm torn - so many good things happening with the T100S, but consistency could be a big factor on the course (need to be confident how far it's actually going to fly this time). Short irons: T100S vs. Mizuno JPX919 Tour. This was the most surprising -- the T100S are 2* stronger, so I went in expecting lower launch, lower apex, lower spin, lower landing angle, and more distance from the T100S. I left the test with only that last expectation holding true (well...I don't have spin numbers, but I think it adds up). The T100S launched higher (slightly), flew ~8-10ft higher, landed at a steeper angle (1-2*), and were 5-10 yds longer (both carry and total - honestly, I expected a few yards longer). This held true for all clubs except the PW, but that was the club I started with, so maybe I just wasn't warmed up. Dispersion was tight with both the JPX and T100S with the shorter irons. I have to give the edge to the T100S here because of both distance and landing angle (and likely spin?). And last,T200 3-iron vs. Srixon U85 2-iron: Starting out, I love the Srixon driving iron. I bombed it during my demo, ordered a U65 with a no-upcharge custom shaft (at the time I was matching my irons), and it showed up as a U85 (winning!). I later got an actual fitting for it and swapped in a graphite shaft. Off the turf, it does well, but it's mostly a tee shot club for me that is usually in the 230-240 range but can get up around 260, and it's pretty accurate (more confidence than D and 3W). I was hitting off mats for this session, so I didn't have low tees to compare tee shots, but off the turf, I was shocked that the best shot, by far, came from the T200 3i (25 yds longer than the longest Srixon with less roll), and that the T200 outperformed it overall on well-struck shots (to be fair, I had to throw away more mishits with the T200 than I did the Srixon). The T200 had 2.5mph higher ball speed, 1.5* higher launch (expected), 4* steeper landing angle, and was tighter in terms of accuracy (but again, that's ignoring the blatant mishits, of which the T200 had 2x the Srixon). It was also 10 yds longer on both carry and total distance . The Srixon was more consistent in terms of distance (both carry and overall). All signs there point to the T200, right? Well...it also had the two worst shots, by far -- if I can tighten up the consistency (which could be swing-related), this will be going in my bag for the foreseeable future. Summary: This actually holds true across all of the categories I noted above: the Titleist irons are mashers. They go a long way and stop quickly compared to my current irons. My current hesitation is consistency across the board -- even though accuracy is on par with (or better than) my JPX and Srixon, the inconsistent distances are a bit concerning. I do want the distance, so I'm planning to keep these in the bag for the remainder of the season, but I'm not ready to cut the JPX out of my life just yet.
  15. I started typing a post about this on my phone earlier but didn't finish (assuming you're referring to this): That's after the Titans drove down and tied it up but before overtime -- went from 145.45 to 140.45 on that play thanks to defensive points dropping. Got lucky that the additional yards and 3 pts in overtime didn't knock my defense down another level -- held steady at an impressive -8 points. I'm now averaging -11 pts/week on DST this season, and that's with starting two different defenses -- is it frowned upon to just leave that spot open?
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