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  1. I'm hanging on tight to Finau again this year (Casey too - I think one of them will take a major this year, or they'll at least be good for a top 5 or two). Depending on what they offer up, anyone that offers me a trade for him is either getting a decline or a counter that simply drops him out of the trade no matter how imbalanced that makes it
  2. Just curious, is that the only lined/valuables pocket, or are there multiples? My current bag has two lined pockets - one zipped and the other using magnets and specifically designed for a rangefinder (easy access but also protective). My rangefinder has definitely gotten wet with this design, but in fair weather it's a nice feature. I like the top design - I switched back to a 14-way last year, and have my complaints with it, but prefer it to the 4-5 way dividers that I've used. This one looks like a good balance between those styles.
  3. Went on a bit of a buying spree around the Masters last year. The much-delayed Dormie cover was delivered last week and I finally made a run to the office to pick it up, so here's the new April bag setup (with one too many putters). Now just need to find some new toys to slip into the covers Driver: Asher x Dormie Fairway (but also a driver cover): Dude Where's My Par (made by Pins & Aces) Mallet: Blue Birdie Golf Blade/Towel: Gibbons Handmade / Players Towel (via American Flatsticks) Alignment Sticks: Bubba Whips (had them for a while, they just happen to
  4. If you're actually looking for the source details, @MGoBlue100 is your guy. I was just relating the original post's Intercept wine comment to Woodson's older label.
  5. As someone who blew too much money to try a shaft that worked "on paper" but ultimately didn't stand up to my gamer, I can confirm that this is a great way to score a deal as a buyer. I picked it up new in early 2019, have tried selling on 3-4 different forums (including eBay), and I can't even get half of what I paid for it. It worked well enough, so just keeping it as a backup / occasional change of pace instead of dipping way lower. In the past, I have picked up a couple $400-$500 shafts for the $125-$150 range on the secondary market. Just do whatever you can to watch for counterfeit
  6. I'll probably post this in the "what have you bought lately" thread too, but I picked up a few new hoodies this winter that are definitely making it into my spring public/muni rotation and likely in the mix for lounging post-round at resorts (but I'd still hesitate using it on course at higher-end public or wearing it at all at a private club). Lululemon - back in the day, when I saw they offered men's clothing, I swore I'd never buy it. But a few of the younger guys in our golf crew swear by it, so I took a shot at a Lululemon x TrendyGolf hoodie. It. Is. Awesome. So I picked up another
  7. I had this drop on my calendar and somehow missed the notification. I did pick up the Michaelangelo mallet a few weeks back, which is the one that makes the most sense for me, but this blade is one of the coolest covers I've seen in a while.
  8. Ouch, sorry to hear that. I've mostly given up on eBay at this point - there are a few sellers I still trust, but I've seen quite a few sketchy looking high-end golf products, and got burned by a set of counterfeit grips last year. eBay claims to care but doesn't seem to make it a high priority to fight the counterfeit golf biz (to be fair, they need to balance this across all industries, and some of the golf stuff is relatively low priced). I'll still search eBay for older / out of production stuff, but for my gamers and recent releases, I now stick with direct manufacturers and trusted
  9. Too many [emoji15] apparently I'm dreaming of playing more than real life allows. But I do like to keep a mix of comfort, waterproof, and stylish, which leads to... New Balance is my new go-to brand. Super comfortable and they fit me well. 3 spiked, 2 spikeless. G/Fore: 2 knit spikeless with 1 more on the way... Adidas: 1 spikeless True x Linksoul: 2x, but wearing them casually rather than on the golf course (feel so old saying that, but they're solid). DAWGS: 1. Count it. Recently donated 5 pairs - mostly FJ, Adidas. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. Don't knock the Crocs [emoji23] they used to make golf shoes, and I think they had a tour contract or two. I've played local short courses in Crocs just for the hell of it, and still have a (ridiculous) pair of Dawgs that I picked up for around $10 and still break out once in a while - very similar to Crocs but specifically for golf. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. And Chrome Soft has a negative distance rating
  12. I remember when that ad came out - it always bothered me. I think I got a decent enough screenshot? The 0 is not at the base of the graph... It's right around where the white bar hits. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. I see (and have experienced) both sides of this. It definitely can be a humorous thing, and simply swearing doesn't really bother me or my friends, but there's a fine line between a simple reaction and an awkward situation. Back in my Fr-So year of college, my game was in shambles, with embarrassing snap hooks OB and hosel rockets surprisingly common (right as this was starting, I won a tournament despite 2 shanks, but it was downhill from there and didn't turn around for ~2 years). In a casual summer round with 2 HS golf buddies, I threw a 3-hole tantrum - started when I swiped away a gi
  14. Looks like you have the supplies you need to fight it off [emoji1634] Hope you and your family stay well. We started the year with a notice from daycare that our kid was exposed, so we were locked down until this past Tuesday - we were lucky and were not affected (none of us developed symptoms, but didn't actually get tested). Your exposure sounds like it would be similar risk to ours, so hopefully the end result is similar too. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. Are they flagging you as a Bot because you're commenting so frequently?
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