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  1. I use this golf ball washer that attaches easily to my cart or bag. Very easy to use. https://cleanflightgolf.com/
  2. Love my Cobra One Length irons. I just updated my bag from the LTDX with steel KBS shafts to the new Darkspeed One Length fitted with Cobra graphite light shaft. Shot shape, feel, feedback and distance all improved.
  3. No issue as I don't wear a glove. Never saw the need for one.
  4. No regrets. I traded my Callaway Rogue for the Paradym after playing a few rounds with it. There were no massive gains in distance but my dispersion is approximately 2 yards tighter and mishits are more forgiving. The acoustics of the Paradym also inspire more confidence. Paradym 12.5 degree with HZRDUS Smoke IM10 shaft SIM 2 Max 5 wood Rouge ST Max 4 hybrid LTDX One Length 5 hybrid, 6 thru SW irons with shafts Studio Style Newport 2.5 putter Chrome Soft triple track golf balls Connex Mobile Enabled Performance Tracking Tags Stewart R1-S Push cart
  5. The only ball I play is the Callaway Chrome Soft.
  6. The new Connex from ShotScope is extremely easy to use and the live aerial feature is a great addition to the platform.
  7. My equipment bias is one length irons. I was fit for my Cobra LTDX One Length irons and my distance and gapping is spot on.
  8. I walk unless the course dictates the use of a cart. I find by walking that I'm more in tune with my game and generally more focused and calm.
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