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  1. I joined a different group first because it claimed to have more members and more activity. But what I learned a couple of things about the group. First, it had a lot fewer active members so it was the same voices all of the time. Second, it was a bit of an echo chamber in that everyone agreed with the moderator and if you didn’t, then it was taken pretty personally by folks and you’d get flamed. Life is too short for that. I’ve always enjoyed other aspects of MGS, but didn’t really pay much attention to the forum. So I started paying more attention to this group. While still a fairly new member, this group seems much more helpful, collaborative, and knowledgeable. I also find the testing threads to be really interesting.
  2. Okay. I’m a slow learner but it seems like the Stack System is really good for increasing swing speed. Haha. I was ready to purchase one with the PRGR device when I noticed that Stack has its own radar system that connects directly to their App. Question for the group. What experience does anyone have with the StackRadar? Thanks in advance!
  3. @mdolynchuk asks a great question. I only use alignment sticks for two things. First, they help me line up shots at the practice range. Second, I also marked one of my sticks with marks every six inches to help me with putter strokes. I would appreciate learning how others are using alignment sticks as well.
  4. I know a couple of folks who play XXIO and love them. They were a bit like you, worried that they were too whipped, etc, but now they swear by them. My view is that if they interest you go try them out.
  5. I’m using stock headcovers except for my driver. That said, however, I’m considering changing to something more generic so there’s less risk to someone just deciding to pick up a club or two and walk away. My driver has the following headcovers from BogeyBros
  6. Hey @Dan1993 you’re probably due for a change of clubs anyway, so I’d highly recommend a club fitting. It really changed the results of my game. I did a full bag fitting at TrueSpec because it was no charge through a company deal. But I’ve also heard great things about fittings at retailers and PXG. Personally, I’m toying with going for a driver fitting at a retail store since I have my eye on a couple of new drivers, keeping the specs, and then buying one after the new models drop next Spring.
  7. @Josh Parker I don’t mean to hijack the thread. But what are your thoughts on carrying both a 3W and 3H? Something I’m considering and dropping my 4I since I already have a 4H
  8. @Ken Takagi since the driver is generally a tougher club to hit, and given that you’ll have more variation in performance based on stock setups, I’d highly recommend a fitting where you can compare models and obtain real data. It’s always helpful when you can vary head and shaft combos.
  9. I just saw the Tiger Woods video the other day. I’ll probably give it a try just to see what happens for me. But same … I tend to use a 5 or 6 if I’m in deeper rough and have a ways to go. Then I’m just trying for forward progress and getting the ball back on the fairway
  10. @paul6057 this is a really interesting question. I had an indoor fitting with TrueSpec, and they had a wide variety of golf balls. So, I used the same ball I normally play. When I did a Callaway outdoor fitting for fun last year, the fitter had a launch monitor (maybe a GC Quad?) so I could see ball flight using range balls along with monitor data. Honestly, I’m probably not good enough to interpret too many things at once. My sense is that if I get good, consistent ball flight even from a range ball then the club will probably work “even better” with my regular ball.
  11. @Hughesjosh I’m in a similar predicament. I currently carry 3W, 4H, 4I, 5I. What I’m noticing is that this early in the season, My ability to hit the 4I as well as I did last season is a bit tough. I’m also hitting my 4H much more consistently than last year. I’m thinking of dropping the 4I and adding a 3H, but what would you do about playing out of the rough?
  12. Same driver as last year. So far so good!
  13. As a follow up from @Shrek74 and the comments afterwards, the auto tagging works really well. I make sure to hold / carry the club in the same hand as my watch, and it’s easy to check the watch to make sure it’s reading the right club. I’ve only had two issues. First, if I carry a couple of clubs and a putter I need to double check that it’s sensing the right club. Second, if I forget to close out a putt, then sometimes I’ll show a 140’ putt or something. But that’s easy to correct.
  14. I’m a huge fan of the Adidas CodeChaos. And lucky for you @Bubba1985 they’re available in size 15.
  15. I’m with @cnosil on this one. I play 43 PW, 48, 54, 58, and my gapping is around 10-15 yards between clubs. Works for me!
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