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  2. Price point is the reason but surely if you knew they wouldn't be w/proof why buy them then complain about wet feet or are you talking about when there is dew on the ground and you got wet feet then ? As I would agree that against dew the shoes should be able to withstand a bit
  3. White/Blue are a A/W13 product should drop in August strange time to release a white pair with winter on the way but they are better in the person than the photo shows well worth waiting waiting for
  4. Jut a hick note, as far as I am aware in the UK they are not advertised as water proof in any way ?
  5. Widely available will take some pictures from the catalogue of other colours and styles being released Adizero spikeless !!!
  6. Widely available will take some pictures from the catalogue of other colours and styles being released Adizero spikeless !!!
  7. Ice You are spot on with the lofts, TM found the pocket gave increased ball speed and a higher launch because the weight saved with the slot was placed lower in the club. The TM guys found the ball flight to high too much spin so designed the irons with a playable ball flight. Too many people look too deep into lofts etc the idea is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes it doesnt matter what loft is on the 7 iron as long as you can hit it well and be able to repeat with the desired results. 2 scratch golfers may shoot level par but have different ways of doing it, focus on the outcome Stuart
  8. New Adipure style other colours available New style waterproof spikeless from Adidas Now colour Adizero
  9. Off for 4 days and my new clubs could be at work waiting for me Doh

  10. Sorry guys kids are on Half term here so been busy keeping them entertained will do it today promise
  11. Strong rumours over here that Nike are buying Callaway anyone heard that story over in the US ? The source was from a worker at Callaway Stuart
  12. Evening guys Been a while since I posted anything on here, but golf has been off the radar due to the awful golfing weather and my dislike for driving range balls. Anyway had my rep from Adidas drop by showing me some new colour ways in the current shoe plus a couple of new shoes I will upload the pictures tomorrow. Also expect Adidas to make a run at Galvin Green in the Gore-tex waterproof market Happy golfing Stuart
  13. Just watched the Sergio Garcia video and that is the new shoe A tour colourway
  14. Nike2772 It doesn't show that side of the hat in our catalogue, I like the new logo very simple something TMAG are not known for!!!!! Stuart
  15. GolferCraig I am not sure what mesh pair of shoes you saw but both new shoes are waterproof and with a new technical performance upper, as for colours traditioanl all white and all black, a tour colourway which may be the pair Sergio is wearing in the previously mentioned video (which I havent seen yet) white/brown and a grey pair which are a leter release pair. The difference between the 2 except a little bit of styling on the upper is the sole unit, however both are traditional Adidas softsopikes. They are an athletic looking shoe and take inspiration from other sports very similar products are being used in soccer Stuart
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