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  1. On 9/21/2020 at 8:47 AM, rkj427 said:

    Sorry for rhe late reply. Thanks for the spec clarification.   I am interested in your offer if the adapter can be pulled.  Thanks.


    The Tensei Blue is either a 55 gram version, which actually weighs in at 57 grams, or a 65 gram version that is 65 grams in "R" flex.

    I do have a 65 gram version in "R" flex, although it has a Titleist adapter on it, and would be willing to make a very fair and good deal if you are interested? 


  2. Well, this is the first new iron set I have ever purchased (been playing 50 years and currently a 2.8). I buy used sets that are several years old. As a result, I cannot compare with newer models. However, I currently play Cobra S2 forged cavity back, which in comparison to the ORKA, are extremely heavy. I've also played Srixon i701 forged cavity back and the ORKA (at least the 7-iron) is far more forgiving than the i701's. The ball come off the clubface very soft; not a firm feeling strike.

    I was fit to create more clubhead speed and get the ball higher in the air. As a result, my ORKA build is 1° flat and extremely lightweight at 60g and C-9. It is far easier for me to draw the ball than with my current Cobra S2 set.

    Sorry for the length and probably didn't answer your question.

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  3. If you can, would you post a few more pictures from different angles? Maybe even the entire set in your bag?
    I'd love to see them.
    I have not yet received the entire set; it is being shipped. I was provided a test build 7-iron to confirm the build was correct before shipping. Here are more photos of the 7-iron. The shaft is a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 60g.20200406_135003.jpg20200506_195544.jpg20200506_195618.jpg20200506_195556.jpg

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