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  1. The range is wide open, and a push or pull doesn't look all that bad. On the course... all of a sudden there are consequences. Have to wrap your mind around that.
  2. Shirts are required at our muni.
  3. The fairways and rough are kikuyu grass... nice in the fairways, thick and gnarly as rough. Grabs the ball. It's best suited for year round very warm, dry climates.
  4. I haven't played since last Sunday; I have been working on the PlaneMate protocols. Today my wife was playing with the Ladies group. I didn't have a tee time, but the ladies only had two groups and I was able to join them. It is getting hot during the day, but at 7:30am, it was pleasant so I walked the front nine; rode in a cart the back nine since it was in the mid-90's when we finished. When I was on the 1st tee, I was waiting for the clubhouse to announce over the loudspeaker... "Will the gentleman on the Ladies tee please move back to the Men's tee." (I was actually standing there
  5. I've heard better descriptions from you with higher scores.
  6. I'm in camp #1 along with your daughter. Yes, dumping the ball on the front of the green is fairly easy, but I could never figure out what club to use. Distance to the green varies; distance of roll varies; green slopes uphill or downhill; not much break, or a lot of break; ball reacts differently off my wedges than it does off my irons; all factor into what club to use. I was always way short or way long, including off the green past the pin. I generally use my 60º, but will use my 54º if I'm further away or in thick rough. I spend most of my pitching/chipping practice with my 60º,
  7. How'd you get a flat tire at Liberty Lake? How far off the fairway were you??
  8. I'm not sure I like this contest. I usually never have a favorite; I just like watching all the players make great shots. Now, I find myself not only rooting for my players, but also hoping the top players that I know others picked miss a par putt and miss the cut.
  9. Yeah, that's a little too hot for me. We will likely only see 108-112º, but not until late July or August. You will have HOT... all summer. My BIL lives in Surprise. If you play, it should be in the first group out in the morning. I recommend the Frogg Toggs Chilliy Pad cooling towel, if you can keep it wet! We just got our ice water coolers back on the course a week ago after COVID. We didn't have them all last summer!! I have attended meetings in Phoenix and Tucson during July, but I was much younger then... only in my 50's and early 60's. We always played golf with other
  10. So relieved it wasn't serious!! Looks like she was enjoying the Rays losing to ChiSox or Mariners.
  11. Yes, us old coots have to be careful. We are back to high 90's and low 100's, but it's a dry heat!!
  12. Kenny B

    The Nut

    Maybe it's time for a new plan??
  13. I agree. One could make an assumption that Rory says that green books should be banned because banning them might affect a lot more players than it would him... and he would move up in the SG ranking. Personally, I like the idea of banning the books. Part of the game is figuring out how to play the course as you find it. The green books take away some of that "figuring". I'm sure that when they were first commercially available, it was an essential item for new players that were playing a course for the first time against players that had their own "books" made over years of play.
  14. How's Penny doing? Nothing serious, I hope. Maybe time for an update?
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