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  1. Late to the party today! Hope your Monday is progressing better than Mondays usually do. I had a busy weekend with golf a big part of it. Saturday, I tweaked my already sore right knee and barely made it through the round. Shot 83 with 3 doubles, but did have 2 birdies. Here’s the first one on the par 3 4th hole (my ball is the closest one; the other was a playing partner’s chip shot)... The other birdie was on the par 3 #15 and it was about a foot away. Unfortunately, those were my typical putts made; pretty sure I only had 20 feet of putts made for 18 holes. But I could hardly walk after the round. I wouldn’t have played yesterday if it wasn’t our anniversary; we always play on our anniversary and birthdays. I taped my knee and wore a knee brace, and it wasn’t too bad. Planning to schedule knee replacement in the fall. I shot 80; still had 3 doubles, but only one birdie... a 20-foot putt on the par 4 #14. At the clubhouse waiting to tee off, two groups of new visitors... Today was my cardiac rehab day, then mowed the lawn. My BIL came over from Seattle for another visit so we will be playing golf again tomorrow… another knee tape-job!!
  2. Happy Birthday!! Way to celebrate!!!
  3. Hope it’s nothing serious… get well soon!
  4. You mean like this one… mine came with the house when I bought it 4 years ago! Looking really good! Tell your wife… Nice job! You can have an attaboy for all the screwing.
  5. Good Morning everyone!! I haven’t been online for several days and I sure missed out on a lot of happenings!! It’s amazing what happens here in just a day or two… still trying to catch up! Today is our anniversary!! 17 years! Seems like a lifetime, but not the first marriage for either of us. 3 weeks ago I mentioned that I had proposed on April 1st… a day I could remember; that’s important guys! I proposed on the 1st tee of our golf course. Of course, the next day she asked if I meant it! I said: “Meant what?” But we still got married a year and 3 weeks later. We were going to get married on April 1st, but I had work friends that were going to be in town so we waited the 3 weeks. Here’s... the rest of the story (short version)! We rented the golf course (a 9-hole exec course where we met) for the day and had the wedding ceremony on the 1st tee. The ceremony was performed by a jazz pianist from Seattle (check out deemsmusic.com) who got his minister’s license as a tax dodge. We met him at a golf course in Spokane and had been playing golf with him for several years (he sadly passed away from cancer a few years ago). Anyway, the ceremony took all of 3 minutes; we said our vows, turned around and teed off and everyone was invited to play. We had cupcakes for our wedding “cake”, food and an open bar in the clubhouse with a licensed bartender. So here we are 17 years later and still enjoying each other and playing golf as much as we can. Today we have a 10am tee time and warmer weather than we did back then, and we have dinner reservations at a nice Italian dinner this evening. Wishing y’all a wonderful Sunday April 21st… a day I will always remember!
  6. Welcome to the forums!! Glad you joined us. Yes, there are quite a few Portland MGS members. I live near the Columbia River, but 220 miles upstream. I don’t make it down that way as often as I used to since my parents passed away, but if y’all have a golf outing this year, I’m willing to attend.
  7. Hitting shots low is a technique that takes practice. By low, I mean lower than normal than a full swing. I can hit most any club from driver to lob wedge low, depending on the lie and how far I want to hit the ball. At the old course I used to play, I needed to play a low punch driver because a normal drive would slice too much and the low shot with rollout gave me better control and the distance I needed off the tee. On my current course from the fairway on the par 5 #18, I need to get the ball around a tree at the dogleg without going too high and catching that #&@* limb. My club of choice is my Callaway Heavenwood, but normal trajectory catches that limb every time. I can get good yardage with it by keeping the ball low and have a wedge to the green. As stated by @RickyBobby_PR and @cnosil, analyze the situations you are in, choose the club that you can consistently hit the required shot, and spend time learning how to flight the ball.
  8. Good Morning everyone! Hope your Wednesday is off to a wonderful start. Not much going on here; have a massage, then off to shop for an anniversary gift and make plans for our anniversary dinner (after our round of golf on Sunday, of course!!). Details of our wedding later this week… don’t miss it!!!
  9. @cksurfdude Chuck is just showing off before Kingsmill.
  10. Not really west side, but Stone Creek near Lake Oswego had a grass range, but it’s been a long time since I played it and I have no idea what the cost is.
  11. Good Morning everyone!! Hope y'all are off to a terrific Tuesday! I can’t seem to get caught up reading the new posts in this thread; I read a few and more get posted… I need to read faster I guess. Got a few chores around the house after my morning exercises; two sprinkler valves need work, one is leaking and one has a bad solenoid. Then I’m headed to the course for some Release 2 short game work. Wife is playing this morning with some of her lady friends.
  12. Happy Birthday @FightingScot82, @cthoma11, and @Invader Zim 315!! Have a great day… play well!!
  13. If y’all is plural, that's gonna be one crowded seat.
  14. How much weight did you add? Could you achieve the same with a heavier grip?
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