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  1. Congrats guys!! FYI, Phyllis Meti just won a World Long Drive Championship with the Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver at 413 yards. Not bad for a girl.
  2. A few years ago I made a decision to NOT use a brand new ball on the 1st tee for that reason. It was a beautiful sunny day at Gold Mountain. My wife and I were playing with several friends from Seattle; we had two 4-somes. I pulled my tee shot on #1 so far left into the trees that it was not even worth taking a look for it. Now I break out a new ball on #2.
  3. I'm waiting until it dries out to head west. I left the west side of Oregon 49 years ago just to get out of the rain.
  4. Welcome from the dry side of the state. I think I played Madrona Links about 10 years ago. When my wife and I travel to play, we always rent carts. However, that day we walked with push carts because we were playing with friends in the area and they were walking. Are the fairways rather slopey, either L/R or R/L? I rolled my ankle, and ended up getting a cart for the second nine.
  5. I made the same comments on the test as I do now. To me, I would not be able to draw the same conclusion as MGS did. The tester information is not provided. Do all of the testers use a line normally? Do all of the testers never use a line normally? Was it 5 vs 5? Was the Ping Cadence TR Ketch the normal putter for any of them? Do the testers normally use a mallet putter or face-balanced putter? Does their normal putter have lines? Do the results for each distance for each tester correlate with their normal putting performance using their normal putter? That is, were all testers good putters that can read greens or were some testers green-reading challenged? I'm not saying that the results are incorrect; I'm saying that I would like more information before making that conclusion.
  6. This was the main reason I quit looking at the ball. I was a terrible putter; anything would probably help!! I figured out that when I looked at the ball, I could not get a feel for the speed of the putt, but more importantly my head moved because I would look up too quickly to see the result. Couldn't break that habit. As far as the 1.6 inch line, I think I can line it up just as accurately as anyone can line up a putt with no reference whether there is a line on the putter or not. I also use a reference line to ensure my putter is perpendicular to the line on the ball. As I was writing this, I was trying to think of any pro that doesn't line up the ball, but maybe I am only focused on those that do. I will be more cognizant of this in future tournaments.
  7. I loved playing UNM South when I was traveling to ABQ. Now that I'm retired, I haven't been there recently. Pic doesn't look like UNM South... more like Los Altos.
  8. I find the line on the ball discussion interesting. Everyone is different, and you have to go with what's comfortable for you. I like the line, but my wife doesn't. I'm a better putter than she is, so obviously I think she should use the line, and that's when the argument starts!! lol As I've said previously, I need the line because I am not looking at the ball when I make a stroke. I line up the ball to my intended line and align my putter to the line on the ball. At that point I forget about whether or not "I lined it up wrong". It is what it is. My focus is purely on the speed of the putt I've chosen for the line I selected. For those that don't use a line, I have to ask... OK, without a line you are not second guessing your alignment, but how do you know that you have set up square to the ball and strike the ball on a line to the hole that you think you should be using? How can you be sure that you are doing the same thing for every putt? I'm curious because my wife quit answering questions about her putting.
  9. Yes, for several years I used the Boccieri C2-DF blade putter. Most standard putters in stores are too long for me, but one day I found this 32" women's putter with pink lettering. Loved it, the heavy weight smoothed out my stroke. My only issue was the blade models didn't have enough MOI, and while speed of putts was good, I missed short putts that I really shouldn't have. Your B3 model might have worked for me. However, I went to Ping for a fitting and walked away with a custom fit Sigma G Doon. The 400g head and counterbalance worked great for my stroke, and I love the feel of the ball off the face. I can't see going back.
  10. If your nephew thinks your ball striking is good enough to score better than you are and your short game is horrendous, then a new driver or irons is not going to help much. Get a short game evaluation and lessons, and work on developing a "feel" for shot around and on the green. It will take time to develop feel, but that's what's needed to score better.
  11. I do the same thing, except I will putt out while the other guys are figuring out their chips. I am actually used to putting with it in on all putts now... just like Adam Scott, except I'm a better putter.
  12. That's the way I like it. I was very disappointed when the old Thunderbird course, recently Vistal GC, up on the side of South Mountain was closed a few years ago to build houses. It was a very nice, inexpensive course.
  13. So... in a few years, who will be hitting the ceremonial tee shots?? Faldo, Langer and Olazabal are the likely multi-green jacket winners, then we are down to one-time winners until Phil quits playing.
  14. Absolutely beautiful!! 81º tomorrow and 70's for the next 10 days! Perfect for..... yard work.
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