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  1. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    Congratulations!! You done good! Now don't screw it up by rushing back into golf too soon. Have a nice wine!
  2. I'm playing 2 W/S clubs right now and have a W/S Nexus bag. Love the looks of G Wood's irons; wish I could play them. Music is fine as long as I can't hear it.
  3. Yeah, I love Louis O's swing too; reminds me of Tom Watson. However, there is no way that I could copy any pro's swing, so while they are fun to watch, I'll just keep trying to improve my own.
  4. I'm surprised Cantlay made the cut. He was my pick!! I liked Hadley better when he snapped his fingers when he made a birdie. It's not a major so BK won't be as focused. I'm going with Molinari this week... I have no idea why.
  5. It's a good deal for sure. 8 dozen? I'm going to bet that another deal will come around within the next 3 years, which is how long 8 dozen would last me.
  6. We haven't had a new course in my area in over 25 years, so not getting longer. My course is the newest, but it was a complete remodel of an old par 66 course and a 9 hole par 3 course. Three courses in my area have back tees that are right at 7000y; one is private and used to host a web.com tour event until the members decided that they didn't want to give up their course for a week. However, I would say that our courses that are 6700y from the tips are quite challenging due to the various lies you get off the fairway and even in some fairways! At my course... miss a fairway by 10 yards and you might have to take a swing like you are hitting a fastball down the middle on a downhill lie or the ball is a foot below your feet. Many off our greens are narrow and long front to back, around 40 yards, with either drop-offs or grassy slopes that make for challenging short game shots. We also have some short holes, that would be reachable by big hitters, but there is risk involved. I don't have to worry about that though, even up a tee box!!
  7. Welcome to the return to golf! As has been said, you need to have an idea what the specs are for your swing. Going to a fitter is the way to go, but it will probably cost around $100. Depending on where you go that fee might be waived if you buy from them. If you are strictly looking for used clubs, you still need to get your specs. You can go to a golf store where they can quickly check your swing speed, lie angle, and the length you need when you try out clubs. They usually do this for free. Find what clubs you like and feel the best, then with the club specs look for 1-3 year old set. Believe me, you do not want to buy a used set not knowing what the specs are or what your specs are. I say this from experience. Any of the manufacturers make good game improvement clubs; it's a matter of what works best for you.
  8. In October the weather is great but nearly all courses are overseeding then and closed for a couple of weeks. For the most part playing in AZ in the summer is not that much different than playing here in E. Washington. We have many days over 100º and some days over 110º with low humidity; except when playing here early in the morning, the humidity is high as the sun sucks the water out of the ground after overnight watering. I could live there full time, no problem.
  9. Thanks!! But not after today!! I was +10 after 15 holes when we quit. Well, our cart quit!! The club's carts were due for lease return in April, but it's been delayed for some reason. We waited in the middle of #16 for 30 minutes before a kid showed up with another cart, but by then I was done anyway. Hot, tired, and frustrated with slow play on Father's Day.
  10. Kenny B


    Gary played like a US Open Champion all week. Great win!! I knew I should have picked Rickie; it wouldn't have mattered anyway.
  11. Kenny B


    Spieth still can't break par on the weekend.
  12. My BIL lived across the street from us until last June when he moved to Surprise AZ. He's 69 and has 8 stents and a pacemaker/defibrillator. He played here in the summer when it was over 100; first tee time. He plays there during the summer, but like you say... early. I've spent many days during summer in Phoenix and Tucson for meetings when I worked. It's not bad early, and you are right, courses are empty and cheap. It's been several years now, but I played TPC Scottsdale for $65. When you move and we visit my BIL in the winter, we will give you a shout!!
  13. Kenny B


    I am really like golf tournaments on the west coast vs east coast. I can head to the course, play 18, and get home before the leaders tee off. When tournaments are on the east coast, I get home about when they finish.
  14. Kenny B


    I totally agree! What you see this week is EXACTLY what my game looks like most days. Of course, hitting further off the tee is great, but it still doesn't mean I'm on the green any more often; sometimes, but I still miss a lot. Maybe small greens for the pros makes their approach shots more like ours on normal greens. My game heavily relies on getting up and down. Rose is doing that very well this week.
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