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  1. Uh oh! Now you've done it. I hope the golf gods didn't hear that. Hope the fix works!!
  2. Nice!! Congratulations on hitting the 2K mark. Love all of your posts, especially your posts in the cooking thread. Keep 'em coming!!
  3. If you watch the forecast and plan well, you can get the same temps and no wind on the Oregon Coast in the winter. Rates are more affordable too.
  4. Yup!! Happened today. This Wolf got eaten alive. Shot 86 and lost 9 quarters. On the front nine my driver didn't cooperate and my irons were all over the place. Couple that with bad chipping and couldn't make a putt. However, to put it in perspective, at 6:10am it was just getting light out, it was a chilly 50º, there was still dew on the greens because they didn't mow them today, and the irrigation sprinklers were still on. Seemed like a fall day, not an August day. It warmed up by the time we finished #9 and I took my pullover off. Drives got a lot better, irons were somewhat better, but I still couldn't putt. My only good hole was #15. It's the only non-par 3 hole where I could hit through the fairway into the desert with my driver, so I hit 3W and got to a 9i distance from the pin. Stuffed it to tap-in range. The rest of the round sssuucccked! I'll get 'em next time. Oh BTW, temps back up to 105 next week. Hello summer... again.
  5. Congratulations Tony! Housewarming present? Play well.
  6. This is a good strategy. I think if you watch the pros, they tend to do the same thing. Of course, they are always trying to make putts when they can, but many times you will see them leave putts 3 feet short on a long putt rather than running the ball 3 feet past where the next putt would be a quick downhiller. Golf is a game of where you want your misses to be, and it can be true on the greens as well as from the fairways.
  7. So sorry to hear about your mom. Your post reminded me that my mom passed away 3 years ago last Saturday. I live 300 miles from my mom and dad, and I made many trips in the year before she passed to help out. I didn't have to deal with COVID though. However, my dad is in an assisted living facility, and it's locked down; haven't been able to visit since early February. I hope you can get out and enjoy a round of golf soon. It does have a way of taking your mind off life's problems. We are always here when you need us.
  8. You have to play on your birthday. It's sort of a rule in golf. Play well.
  9. Happy Birthday guys! Enjoy a very good round of golf.
  10. Us elderly gentlemen have to have a great short game. If I can improve mine just a little bit, I have a shot at shooting my age.
  11. Yeah, cupped is the worst; takes longer to flatten the wrists in transition. I fought that for awhile; produced a weak fade shot. Overemphasizing the shallowing of the club in slo-mo practice helps; you don't really get that shallow in a regular swing. I still have to work at it. I also have a tendency to pull the club to the inside on the backswing, which promoted cupping at the top for me. I do better when I focus on keeping the club in front of me as I rotate; puts the wrists in a better position, then flex a little when starting down.
  12. Less room for error than what? I remember seeing in a Monte video that in transition it didn't really matter much where the wrists were at the top of the backswing, as long as they flexed a little in the downswing. Obviously, a flatter wrist is better but it should still flex a little to shallow the club. I think you need to do it early at the top because once you start the downswing, the swing pretty much is dictated by what you did in setup, backswing and transition. There is no "hold it" through the swing... that just happens.
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