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  1. Kenny B

    I'm moving up a tee or two

    Haggin Oaks? I liked that course.
  2. Kenny B

    Got Problems?

    Must be something about this time of the year. My wife got a call from the Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane this morning. Her sister was in the ER; found not breathing and no pulse. She was revived but they don't know how long she was without oxygen. She is 67. We made a fast 2 hour trip. I hate sitting in hospitals.
  3. Kenny B

    Got Problems?

    Sorry to hear about you uncle Alan. 59 is way to young.
  4. Kenny B

    New guy from Georgia

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest! Glad you joined us Andrew. Nice job getting the 'cap cut in half!!
  5. Kenny B

    New guy from Northwest indiana

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest! Glad you joined us Joel.
  6. Yes, it was bound to happen... I always thought it would be me.
  7. Kenny B

    I'm moving up a tee or two

    All you 50 and 60-something year old golfers, all I can say is "been there, done that". At 71 years old I moved up years ago, and depending on the course I might more up further. My course only has four sets of tees: Black 6600, Blue 6100, White 5400, and Red 4700 yards, and the elevation is 400 feet. I play from 6100, and actually the way the course is set up, playing from 5400 yards doesn't offer me that much advantage on most holes which is why I haven't considered moving up further. Most of the difference between Blue and White occurs on only 5 holes, and there is very little difference on the par 5's. One par 3 from the Blues varies in distance from 180-220 yards, and typically plays into the wind. I can't reach any par 5 in two shots; depending on the wind, I may not reach two of them in three shots. Lack of distance is a killer, and it's why I have spent so much time on my short game just to maintain the game I have. When my wife and I travel, I always look for courses that have tees around 6000 yards. I did play a course in Albuquerque, NM from 6500 yards with some friends a few years ago, but it's at 6000 feet elevation and firm fairways. I scored OK, but I would never do it anywhere else.
  8. I wonder what kind of damage I can do inside?? Yeah, I would but the hotel we stay at doesn't have a workout room. We're cheap. I make a trip to see dad about every 4-6 weeks and can't afford the nicer hotels. I will take the sticks and hopefully the weather will cooperate.
  9. I may give it a try one of these days. I am thinking about how I am going to complete my sessions over Christmas. We will be traveling for 4 days; no place to do it indoors; and likely rain every day.
  10. We always play around 10-11am; never in the afternoon unless there is a reason not to play in the morning. Generally, the afternoons are busy with beginners getting the twilight rate. In the summer we try to get out ahead of the Men's Club, so around 7:30am.
  11. I have conducted all of my sessions in the morning from 8am until noon, mostly because SuperSpeed Golf said so. When we started, the weather was warm so 8-10am was perfect. Now it's below freezing, but it's only maybe 33º in the afternoon, so not much difference. Last night we had some freezing rain followed by 0.5 inches of snow and I didn't want to do the protocol in my yard like usual, so today I set up on my patio. It's a little different swinging on concrete vs. grass. Speed was down a couple of mph across the board, except I did hit 100mph for the first time with a left-handed swing and the Green club.
  12. Kenny B

    Gratuitous Photo Thread; PUMA IGNITE NXT GOLF SHOES

    I've never worn Pumas. With that sole I won't be wearing these either. I would never be able to get the goose poop off.
  13. Kenny B

    A magical golf course

    Lovely course!! I'd play it.
  14. Kenny B

    New guy from Northeast Ohio

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest! Glad you joined us.
  15. Kenny B

    Random Thread

    Martha and I will be praying for a quick recovery Foz. Does recuperation mean no Starter and Marshal duties as well?