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  1. I leave it in. I did that before COVID so it was easy for me when we couldn't touch the flagstick. I do play with some people that want it pulled, and I've gone ahead and putted with it out when it was my turn with poor results. I actually think that the vertical reference of the stick helps with my alignment. Now I always put the stick back in or have someone else do it before I putt.
  2. I've always wanted one, but never sprung for it. Any irons I get have to be lie adjusted 2º flat. I just pay for it at our local golf shop, because it will be cheaper for me in the long run. BTW, that Bridgestone JGR 6i does not bend easy. Had mine adjusted and they guy said it was the hardest 2º he has ever done... could very easily snap I bet.
  3. I never hit my 3W off the tee; no need to. My driver is as straight (usually) as any other club in my bag and trouble is not in play. If I used my 3W off the tee, I would not be able to get to four par 4's and three par 5's in regulation, assuming I hit the 3W reasonably well twice on each par 4 and 3 times on the Par 5's... and that's from the senior tees!! I played one tee back from the senior tees until this spring. I moved up. I agree that a 3W is a difficult club the hit off the fairway, but my recent purchase of the Callaway Epic Max 3W has made that shot a lot easier for me. I typically hit it 4-5 times a round.
  4. Ouch!! If it makes you feel any better, the OGA course has some tough, tricky holes. It's a course that you have to play frequently to know what club to hit and where not to hit it. Very easy to lose balls. I did not play well there. Don't be discouraged. Now that you have one under your belt, the next one will be much easier. I know your game, and I know it will be a more pleasant experience next time.
  5. If I didn't use my driver, I would easily add 10 strokes to my round. I doubt I could break 90.
  6. Cool and a little cloudy today with slight breeze; very nice playing conditions. My swing hasn't been great lately but today was much better ball striking... at least on the front nine!! The front nine has been the worst nine for me all spring. Today I had 3 bogeys for a 40. I fell apart on the back nine with a double on #10 and 3 bogeys for another 40. Round of 80. I was swinging easily on #9, but 3-putted for a bogey. Then on #10... bad drive, popped up my second shot and hit a limb, third shot was a weak fade short of the green, chip on and two-putt for double. Second shot on #11 was poor from the middle of the fairway... bogey; tee shot on the par 3 #12 was poor and in bunker... bogey; three pars on #13, 14, and 15; then on #16...a poor second shot from 120y out in the middle of the fairway and another bogey. Had to make a 6 footer to save par on the par 3 #17. Then my nemesis hole #18 par 5... poor drive into the bunker on the left before the dogleg left; no shot other than to get out near the 150y marker at the dogleg. I was in a deep grass bunker but on the upslope; tried for the green on my 3rd shot... short in the deep bunker close to the lip and I can't see the putting surface. My bunker shot landed in the fringe short of the green and stayed there. My wife asked if I was going to putt it or chip it; I said I'll chip it since the fringe was not in good shape, and she took my putter. My chip shot went in for a very unlikely double sandy par. What I would like to know is WHY I was hitting generally good solid shots on the front nine, but at #10 and every hole on the back nine, I struggled with shots that have been very typical of my play over the last couple of months. If I hadn't saved some pars and those bogeys, it could have been a lot worse. I had a good swing, then lost it. Welcome to golf!!
  7. Hey @Cory O and @jasonthepharmacist !! Have the best Birthday ever... hopefully on the golf course!!
  8. My wrists have always been weak and since I started playing golf later in life, I thought that the Impact Snap trainer would be good for me. I was traveling a lot and not always able to take clubs with me, so the idea that I could put the Impact Snap in my luggage and use it in the hotel rooms was appealing. It never worked for me, and my wrists got very sore, not stronger.
  9. I never bought one, but one of the guys at my club bought one and hit it very well. I "borrowed" it for a few shots one day; loved it! Should have bought it, but bought the original Big Bertha instead... that was a mistake!
  10. That club is an updated version of my 5 year old Bridgestone set.
  11. Spokane city and county courses are nice and very reasonably priced. My wife grew up there and started playing golf in 1964. Spokane Country Club (now Kalispell G&CC) was her home course. I love Circling Raven and we have played it every year of the PNW Spy Meet-Up. Only one problem... The Spokane courses are all closer to the TriCities than TPC Snoqualmie!!
  12. Best of luck to you!! That rain hits us late Sat and early Sun morning... 55º and 30% chance of rain; 0.02 inches... Ahhh! the drier side of the Cascades!!
  13. Happy birthday @Pandaman and @JerBooth. Sorry I'm late to the party! Hope you had a great day!!
  14. I'm doing my best to get rid of all my aches and pains before our PNW Meet-Up. Probably not going to happen; life gets in the way for people 75+!! Oh BTW, I removed grips that were glued on last Monday and my right thumb is swollen and very sore. Using air to put grips on and take off is so much easier, but a friend of mine wanted some Dynamic Gold S300 shafts I had lying around; I will definitely not be using them... ever!!
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