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  1. I thought Rahm was completely out of it, but after the 61, he's back in it. I guess we'll see if what they say is true... It's hard to back up a great round with another one. Impressed by van Rooyan. I've watched him play on the Euro... maybe the next Ernie Els??
  2. Sunday is supposed to be miserable here... wind 25-35 with gusts to 50. So my wife and I walked 9 holes on Friday. I stunk it up with a 45... she shot 43. I was tired, and we had a game today with my Dodge dealer's service manager (old friend) and his brother. I felt like a wounded golfer. Beware! I had 2 doubles, 3 birdies and shot 78. Driver was great; missed one fairway... putter was awesome; made some long putts... but I need to work on everything in-between!
  3. Spraying shots after starting SSG is fairly common, I think. It happened with this old man! I'm generally fairly straight with my driver, but during Protocol 1 I experienced misses on the course that put me in the rough... some really in the rough!! Over time, and the amount of time will vary from person to person, your body gets used to the faster swings, and the control comes back. Best of luck on the fitting. The fitter I went to in October told me that he couldn't fit me into any clubs that would be significantly better than what I'm playing. Nice to know, but I was willing to spend money for shiny new stuff!!
  4. Make sure you have a good firm cushion. SSG sent us theirs, and I was glad they did. Should be soft enough that your knees don't hurt, but firm enough that your knees don't reach through to the ground.
  5. Totally agree. Grips are your connection to the club. If they aren't the correct size, or simply don't feel good, it will be hard to put a consistent swing on the ball. If you have been playing these clubs for a year, the grips could be getting worn or the rubber is getting hard/slick. If they are, the tendency is to grip the club harder which is not good. Check with your local pro or the golf stores in your area to see what size grips fit your hand; generally regular or midsize depending hand size.
  6. Played Wolf today at the other course in town. 21º and sunny at daybreak... Frost delay, but warmed up by 10am. I hit every fairway, but struggled with wedges because the turf is so much different than my course. This course struggled last year with a new owner and the main water pumps went out, so grass is spotty and some of the greens are marginal. Green speed was much slower than my course, so it was a struggle all day. I shot 79 and lost 8 quarters. One guy birdied 3 holes to my pars when I was the Wolf... TWICE putting from off the green!!! I don't mind losing when someone has a good hole; I hate losing when I have a bad hole.
  7. Did they throw out the driving stats from the WGC Mexico before publishing the results??
  8. Welcome to the forums, and I'm glad you are using the SuperSpeed training. It does work. Also, don't worry too much about the green stick. It's a little different for everyone. Some people don't get along with light shafts, but it's important to work with all three clubs. Working with the radar, you can see what swings give better speeds. I am terrible with my left hand doing anything, but working with the sticks, I was able to get my left hand swings speed up to my right hand swings. It also felt easier, so I knew that I had swing flaws that was slowing down my speed. Time to work on that!! Best of luck!!
  9. Welcome to the forums! Glad you joined us, and you are off to a good start with those clubs. I know everyone is different, but when I started playing 28 years ago at age 45 I got a set of clubs and thought I was athletic enough to learn the game on my own. I played a lot, and enjoyed it. Then I decided to get lessons because I didn't think I was improving as fast as I thought I should. Long story short... I would have been ahead of the game if I started with lessons. It took me quite awhile to "unlearn" all the bad habits I had acquired. Once I did, the improvements come much quicker. I wasted a lot of time. I hope you stick with it; it's a great game, and the forums are a nice place to hang out.
  10. My wife's Ladies league keeps track of each player's best score on each of the holes over the course of the year... called The Eclectic. I've birdied every hole at my course, but not sure if I have done it over one year. I think so, just never kept a record.
  11. Yep! I'd probably recognize you! I played pro-ams with all of them except Marc. Yeah, I played with all the Parnells. Leon's G-son, Quentin is now at Walla Walla CC. Danny was my first teacher. I was awful then!! Jeff told me once that I had "hands of stone" chipping and putting. I left West when Jeff started Buckskin, then I moved to Columbia Point in 2015. I still play occasionally at West with Danny.
  12. Happy Birthday!! Now go out and make a lot of putts!!
  13. I carry a 3W, either 2H or 3H, 5H, 6i is longest iron. At my slow swing speed I don't need a lot of clubs at the top end of the bag. Actually, the 3W and the 2H go about the same distance; different trajectories.
  14. Truly a great legend. I'm sure there will be a nice tribute at the Founders Cup next month in Phoenix.
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