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  1. Simple! x is where the ball is; b is the hole; M is the slope of the green; and y is how far past the hole you hit the ball.
  2. I hate making doubles... unless they're in a glass!!
  3. Wait!! I thought that was on February 14. Isn't that when you dress up and get candy?
  4. TaylorMade SLDR used Fujikura .370 shafts. What I don't know is how long the tip section is. I think it's 6" but not positive.
  5. Not available in our store. Maybe they will be in stock for Black Friday. Hope!
  6. Living here you wouldn't know that Washington is the "Evergreen State". It's a different beauty, like most places all over the country. We don't have the fall colors of New England, the snow-capped peaks of the Colorado Rockies, or even the evergreen trees of western Washington. Our area looks more like Las Vegas than Seattle, but we are at the confluence of the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima rivers... wine country!
  7. We don't get much rain, and when we do it doesn't last very long. Average 7" a year.
  8. Beautiful sunny day yesterday, high 63º. Today... 67º but... 20-40 mph.
  9. The feedback is that there are no version 12 balls in town... anywhere!! I hate ordering just one dozen, but I want to give them a try before I buy a winter's supply.
  10. Nice! Looks just like my wife's fusion done in 2008. She is much better but not completely pain-free, however her golf game is much improved!!
  11. Very sad to hear. It's tough to lose someone close to the big C. I hope your family member can get treatment, and prayers going out your way..
  12. Late to comment, but I pray that everything is going OK for you an your family. Keep us posted.
  13. I agree on Cantley. I picked him to win last week. I'm just not sure if he knows how to play Augusta yet. He has the tools, but I'm not sure he knows where the misses have to be. Spieth figured it out early in his career with help from Ben Crenshaw. Too bad Spieth lost his tools.
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