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  1. I'm hitting driver on every hole that I can if it doesn't put me in a hazard (excuse me... penalty area), and maybe even then if the fairway is wide enough. I'm hitting my next shot as close as I can get to the green if I can't reach, unless there is a hazard short of the green, in which case I will hit a club to be short of it. I have never played a hole backwards, and likely never will. I have played a "backwards" tournament on Halloween where the course was set up to tee off next to the green and play the previous green. That's interesting!!!
  2. Wind blew all day, and rain is starting to come in tonight. It will be wet tomorrow. Today my wife and I went out at 1:15 with another couple and played nine holes. Wind was 15-25mph with some higher gusts. I played well off the tee, but really sucked around the green. Shot +6. Poor chips and a couple of 3 putts. I never got comfortable standing over the ball. However, I did have a chip-in birdie on #2. I was called an a__hole!! A term of endearment, I'm told. As good as the chip-in was, my best shot of the day was on the par 3 #4 hole playing 148y to a back pin directly into that wind. We haven't had winds like that since spring, so I was a little hesitant on which club the use. I chose a 7i because I thought it would clear the bunker, and I was confident that it wouldn't go off the back. I hit my version of a "knock-down" shot (think Zach Johnson swing), and it was a laser that stopped pin high right about 8 feet away. Tricky left to right putt with left to right wind, and I was very happy to 2-putt.
  3. Clearly, @CarlH is more confident with 2 footers than you are!!
  4. Well, this is an interesting thread! I believe we have had this discussion before, and MGS has also talked about it in the blog, but I'm too tired to look it up. I have a few comments. I agree with @RickyBobby_PR that the average golfer doesn't care about the lofts being jacked. Yes, it potentially creates gaps for the wedge game, and OEMs benefit by selling more wedges... but only to those golfers that care and get fit. I disagree with @Middler that most players wouldn’t have fallen for the loft jacking if they cared. The players that benefit from the design features of GI or SGI irons that have stronger lofts than previous years' clubs will most likely play better golf with them. I am one of them. I know they are jacked. Do I care? Not really, but why wouldn't I want to hit my 9i just as far as my previous set's 7i with a higher trajectory. Maybe if I had a 110 mph swing speed and I could launch my old 7i as high as a tour player, I would stick with traditional lofts, but I don't. The tech in the new irons gives me the launch angle I desire so I can potentially hit more greens and have a chance that the ball will stop. Does that mean I have to have more wedges? Not really. Some players want nice 4º differences between clubs. I don't. I don't carry a GW, and I never hit full shots with my SW or LW. My short game is one of my strengths. I've played blades and I've played cavity backs, and now I play SGI irons because they suit my game better now. I don't care what the number is, just as long as I can make the shot. I'm not sure what the hate is for jacked lofts. You can get a 7i in many different lofts from every manufacturer. Play the set that fits your game and makes you happy. Full disclosure: I have an appointment at True Spec for my free fitting next week. I wonder what the fitter will say??
  5. You can do it, but you have to be careful. It takes time and patience, and I don't recommend for higher swing speed players. I did it just for fun to see what a shaft I had on hand would play like, but I'm old and slow!! I'm not sure why you would want to do it. Many shafts from a manufacturer can be purchased in either .370 or .355 for the same price, or similar playing shafts can be bought from other manufacturers. Check out Golfworks.com
  6. Inside the leather!! hahahaha Remember the Celebrity Golf matches?? Smart Snead vs Harpo Marx. Watch at the 18:30 mark... LOL!!
  7. I'll give putts for bogeys or worse, and even tap-in pars, but birdies or better have to be earned.
  8. Not me! That's why I moved to the dry side of the Cascades. Blustery... yes. Wet... no. Actually, I moved before I took up golf, but if I had played in school, I certainly would have moved for that reason alone. I like the Valley, but only to visit.
  9. I think we have the same geese from year to year. They are not afraid of golfers and are not aggressive. They just meander out of the way as you approach them. If in a cart, you can herd them like steers. Oh BTW... I don't give birdies, let alone eagles. You must putt out!!!
  10. Happy Birthday Hat!! Hope the weather hasn't shut down golf for you yet. Time for one more birdie??
  11. I love my KBS Tour 90 in regular flex for my Callaway PM Grind wedges, but I'm happy with my Nippon shafts in my Bridgestone irons. However, maybe that will all change when I have my True Spec fitting next week.
  12. The quote from Brooks is not true. Fake News. Brooks won his first event on the PGA Tour in 2014 and was nominated for PGA Rookie of the Year. He also played and won on the European Tour. However, Rory won The Open Championship and the PGA Championship in 2014.
  13. You need to try something different on #7... anything!! Tee off with a 7i or whatever gets you in the fairway instead of a wood. Play it like a par 5. At least you will get to look at that hole from different vantage points.
  14. What ever happened to old age and treachery beating youth and skill every time??
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