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  1. The sun came out this morning after yesterday's rain, but along with came the wind... 15-20 mph. My wife played with her Ladies Club, so I decided to walk 9 holes. Joined up with 3 other old guys; nice guys, don't hit the ball very well but they also don't take much time playing. We moved at an enjoyable pace. I drove the ball pretty well for as windy as it was, and I made probably 40-50 feet of putts; two long par saves and a birdie. The guys were impressed, especially when I did my best Phil impression and touch the bill of my hat... #toursauce! Had three bogeys to go with the birdie, so +2 round of 39.
  2. I've gone to a shorter followthrough over the last year. I had a pendulum motion, but I found that I couldn't control the speed very well; short most of the time. I watch Snedeker and tried that pop stroke with mixed results. This was the stroke used by pros many, many years ago when the green speed was quite slow. An old local pro here still uses it today. If you watch Spieth putt, he has a short followthrough; seems to just hit the ball firm enough to get the ball rolling the pace he wants; almost a strike then pullback stroke. I like it, and it's working pretty well for me.
  3. I have too many "working in the yard" golf shoes for the amount of time I spend in the yard. At this point they just have to go.
  4. When using a 10 finger grip, the bottom hand is closer to the club head which effectively lowers the pivot point on the shaft and limits the speed that can be generated. When you use an interlocking or overlap grip, your hands are closer together, effectively moving the pivot point closer to the end of the shaft. I used a 10 finger grip for many years, but as I got old(er) and my swing speed reduced, I began trying to increase speed, and this was one of my changes. I use an overlap grip, and it felt horrible but I stuck with it.
  5. Yeah, I hear there is a waiting list for the 2022 mid-engine Corvette. There was one in our course parking lot last week. Were you lucky enough to get one??
  6. I know the feeling about playing off non-flat surfaces. My course was flat until it was rebuilt 25 years ago. The architect built lots of mounds, and I swear there isn't a flat spot on the fairways!! I struggled with that (still do), but remember the swing is the same... your setup is different (club selection may be different too!!). If you can stripe 'em on the range, you should have no problem at a fitting. Fitters see all kinds of swings and know to expect some bad results. Your good swings and bad swings are produced from the same swing; they don't need every swing to be perfect... just a few, so don't wear yourself out hitting more balls than necessary. I agree with @GolfSpy_APH... do separate fitting for irons and woods. It's quite tiring IMHO.
  7. Congratulations Sir!! One of my golf buddies is retired Marine Colonel pilot just turned 78 and a helluva golfer; Marine hat, bag, club cover. I agree with @tony@CIC... you need a golf vacation!!
  8. OK, I'll bite. You're dumb and cheap! Seriously though, I'm pretty sure you play your driver and 3W very well, or you wouldn't still have 23-year old clubs. But a lot of tech has come and gone in 23 years. Have you tried any new clubs recently? Compared them to your 975's? If not, you might be surprised. Have you taken any lessons since you have been back playing or had a swing evaluation from a pro? If you have been playing most of this year and playing 36 holes a day, your swing probably isn't going to change much until you either get lessons or put a lot of time in getting your swing to be more efficient. It could be that properly fit clubs would help make it easier. An FYI... most everyone here has had "bad swing days" and it's very common to have "a tale of two nines" type of day; myself included!! You can read about many of them in the How'd you play? thread. What I'm getting at is that if we all waited to get fit until we are hitting the ball better, many of us would never get fit. Life is too short to think "Well maybe next year." I'm 74 and and got a new knee at age 67... should have done it sooner. It only took a few months to play better than i did before surgery, because I wasn't playing well for several years with the sore knee. I've been taking lessons and trying to improve my game through better technique and gain some of the distance I lost. It's an uphill battle, but that's why I love golf; there is always something to improve. I say... get fit! If you make significant improvements in the future, then you have earned another fitting, and we can read all about it in the What have you bought lately thread?
  9. Happy Birthday!! Sorry for being a little late... hope you all had a wonderful day.
  10. We had a tee time late in the morning, but noticed some more rain moving in shortly afterwards. I checked and there were some cancelations and we got out at 9:20. A little breezy and we didn't get wet until hole #16. Second round in a row for the Mizunos and I'm starting to love them. They send the ball right where I want... most of the time! Still working on getting the correct distance, and the wind didn't help! My driver was working much better today than on Sunday. Shot 42 (+5) on the front nine with a stoopid double on the par 3 #8 hole. My 4i sent the ball off the back of the green; combination of poor chip and poor green reading and... "put me down for a 5." I had a couple of bogeys starting the back nine, but my shot of the day was driving the green on the par 4 #14 hole. A little tailwind helped, clearing the bunker and rolling to 7 feet... drained it! Parred the rest of the holes, including a 18-footer that barely fell in on #18 in the rain. Shot 35 (Even) for a round of 77.
  11. Agreed. I had a reasonable short game before I came across Monte and Rebellion Golf. For some reason I always played the ball a little forward of center for most shots. The bump and run was not a shot that I commonly played, so I rarely had the ball behind center. Monte's Use the Bounce 2.0 video showed me how and why to play this shot. I became a better chipper when I rotated more and as Monte emphasizes, get your humerus (upper arm) over your lead foot after contact. Made a world of difference! In his video he tosses golf balls underhanded to spots on the green. That motion is the same as basic chip motion shown here. If you don't get your humerus forward, it's easy to chunk and blade the shot.
  12. We finally got some rain this weekend!! Rained hard Saturday night and was still raining 2 hours before our tee time. I looked at my wife and said: "Do you really want to play in this?" It's a desert; it doesn't rain for long!! She said: "It's not raining THAT hard"... so we went!?! Got to the course, put the cover on the cart, headed to the range, although no one was there, and we could have just headed to the tee. Rain stopped. Sun came out a little, and I took off 2 of my 4 layers of clothes at the turn. I have been hitting my Mizuno MP20 HMB irons pretty well at home, so thought I would take them out for a spin on the course. It's really tough when you don't really know how far each iron goes, but based on the lofts I used two more clubs than my usual Bridgestones. Not a bad guess. I birdied hole #1; first time all year!! Managed a 39 (+2) on the front nine and 41 (+6) on the back nine, which I started bogey, double on #10-11. I was happy with an 80 though. Every shot I hit with the HMBs was solid, except for one on #18. I was hitting a 6i to a layup position and I just didn't commit to the swing; slight block to the right, but I was still in the fairway. I loved the ball flight!! I think I will stick with them for awhile. My issue all day was my long game. Driver was just OK, shorter than usual; and my woods were very inconsistent and also shorter than usual. I think my sore right shoulder is affecting those shot more than the short clubs. May need to take a break for awhile.
  13. Well, after 9 months of almost no rain, we are finally getting some. We sure need it!! Started Friday night, but quit before our round on Saturday morning. Rained last night, and I think the heavy stuff is going to come down about the time we are/were to tee off. Getting caught in the rain on the course is one thing, but I'm not one to head out to play in the rain. If it lets up a little, maybe a quick nine later.
  14. Happy Birthday y'all!! Now go smash 'em!
  15. Last year I put up a net in a room behind my garage. Hitting lots of wedges will soon tear up a basic net. I ordered the Spornia sheet to place in front of the net, and it's great. Starting to show some wear, so I think I'll order a replacement ($40) just in case I need a replacement this winter.
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