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  1. Kenny B

    Weed & sons

    Agree totally. That's my point exactly, and it has been supported by many studies over the years. And the younger someone starts, the more opportunity exists to try something else. It really depends on the person and their environment.
  2. Kenny B

    Have you ever been hit by a golf ball?

    Fortunately, we don't have any tees close to the previous green. When I began paying golf, a course I played did have a tee behind the previous green, a par 4. They were smart enough to put a row of arborvitae next to the tee box.
  3. Kenny B

    Practice swings

    I take a full swing on each shot, maybe two if the the first one doesn't feel right. It's either to break loose scar tissue, or to remember what it feels like since it's been several minutes since the last full shot. I always take 3 practice swings for each chip to get the feel of the club and the turf. I also take 3 swings with the putter while judging distance looking at the hole.
  4. Kenny B

    Groove or No-Groove Putter?

    I'm using the Ping Sigma G Doon putter that has elastomer behind an aluminum TruRoll grooved face. I selected other in the poll. I tried the Evnroll several times, many models, and it just wasn't for me.
  5. Kenny B

    So where are you playing this weekend? (Oct 20/21)

    I haven't played there yet. What's it like in January? Crowded... expensive? My wife and I will be there for two weeks starting the Saturday before WMPO.
  6. Kenny B

    Golf Vest Recommendations

    It gets cold here in the winter; typically 20's and 30's but can get below zero on occasion. I will play as long as the course is open and the wind doesn't blow when it's that cold. I do not like to wear jackets when I play, but I do wear layers. I am not much into the synthetic materials; I like cotton shirts. I will wear a thermal under layer, golf shirt, pullover windbreaker with a vest on the outside. That's usually good enough. If I'm walking, I may shed a layer as I usually get pretty warm. I use chemical heat packs in the mitt on my pushcart; if I can keep my hands warm, I'm good to go. If I'm riding in a cart, we use a throw over cover made for the rental cart that's great especially when the sun is out. I don't use a heater.
  7. Kenny B

    Have you ever been hit by a golf ball?

    Yes, I have been hit, and it doesn't feel very good. Several years ago at my old course, there is a par 5 that heads to a corner of the property. After finishing the hole, the cart path runs along the the outside edge of the par 5 back along the fairway for 50 yards to get to the next tee. It's in plain view to anyone playing the par 5 and anyone playing that hole will wait until carts are out of the way. The only way to get hit is if a right-handed player snap hooks their second shot. Unfortunately, a left-handed player wasn't watching and sliced a shot that hit me on the arm just below my elbow while I was driving a cart. He did yell Fore! He was actually a guy I knew and worked with for 20 years!! My arm had a big knot on it, but I put a bag of ice on it and played 15 more holes. I was a little worried because I was leaving on a weeklong golf trip the next day. One of my biggest complaints about my current muni course is the mounding between holes. We have relatively few trees and the course designer put in large mounds of grass, some 10 feet high which makes for interesting lies if you are off the fairway. The problem is that when people hit an errant shot into an adjacent fairway, they can't see anyone, so no one yells Fore!; not sure anyone could hear it anyway. Last year I was nearly hit 26 times; I count balls that land within 10 yards of me. So far this year, the count is down... only 14 times. The worst hole is #10 which runs parallel to the right of the driving range. Maybe that's why I hit to the far right on this hole 90% of the time?
  8. Kenny B

    Weed & sons

    Yes, I read it completely, and I am truly sorry that your brother and your family had to go though that. I was referring to to Nifty's statement, not yours. The FACT is that marijuana cannot be proven one way or the other to be a "Gateway Drug". In your brother's case it did lead to stronger drugs, but there is also evidence that it doesn't lead to stronger drugs. It depends on the person. But to say that it "factually isn't" a gateway drug is not supportable.
  9. Kenny B

    Weed & sons

    I'm sorry... I must have missed where that fact is stated. Can you give me a reference?
  10. Kenny B

    What/How did you practice today?

    I didn't have a lot of time to practice today and the range was packed, so I took a cart and played 6 holes by myself. I was behind a foursome, but they moved along pretty well. I think they were playing a 2-man team game. They kept changing tee boxes, so they must have been playing something like make a birdie, move back a tee; make a bogey, move up a tee; and stay where you are with a par. I played 2 balls on nearly every shot, but I was mostly trying to get my erratic driver straightened out. Not much luck. I've had trouble with it since I started the SuperSpeed Golf training test. Hit a bad one; hit a good one, followed by two more bad ones; left and right. The other clubs were pretty good, particularly wedge approaches. I left for the course in such a hurry that I forgot my GPS, so I was "winging it" on yardages. However, I know the course so well that I got along fine without it. I am also liking my new Wilson Staff D300 2H for long fairway shots much better than my fairway wood.
  11. Kenny B

    Weed & sons

    Here's a shocker... The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published a study today that says the frequency of collision claims per insured vehicle year rose 6% following the start of retail sales of recreational marijuana in CO, NV, OR, and WA compared with the controlled states of ID, MT, UT, and WY where it's illegal. The study is based on collision loss data for the period January 2012 to October 2017.
  12. Kenny B

    Heading Back to Bandon Dunes

    You need to go! It's an experience. Bandon could not host the pros; no population center to support it. But they have hosted a number of USGA amateur events; Public Links, Mid-Ams, and a Curtis Cup. It will host the US Amateur in 2020.
  13. Kenny B

    Why have so many left this great game?

    Again, I think it depends on where you live. At the muni where I am a member, there are certainly a group old people, both men and women. My regular group during the week averages 75 years old, and I'm the youngest at 71. The women's club averages about 55 years old. The men's club average is probably closer to 50 years old. However, when I play on the weekend, my wife and I are nearly always paired with 20 or 30-somethings. Generally, us old guys play during the week, but except for the Men's club, the majority of the golfers on weekends are a lot younger. But then again, we haven't seen a decline in the number of golfers like other areas of the country.
  14. Kenny B

    Red Sox Fan in San Diego

    Nice intro! Welcome from the Pacific Northwest! Glad you joined us. I haven't played much around San Diego; only Torrey, Barona Creek, and Cross Creek up in Temecula. I traveled over the mountains to Palm Springs; played a lot there.
  15. Kenny B

    What/How did you practice today?

    The pro at my old course putts like Snedeker and has for the 25 years I've known him. It's not for everyone. I tried it several years ago, when I was struggling. The short backstroke is fine, but the "tap & stop" didn't work for me on distance control. I suppose I could have stuck with it longer, but I was searching for the magic answer, and that wasn't it.