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  1. Every TaylorMade product I've owned over the years has been great. I can't speak for the new drivers, but I'm confident that they are every bit as good as the competition, at least for me anyway. I recently went back to their RBZ 3W and 3H/5H and they blow anything I have used for the past few years out of the water. I really don't know why I ever quit playing them... glad I kept them. They are in my bag again.
  2. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    Nice to live nearby. Lucky dog! Are you in the market for one? If so, do you think that influences your test results?
  3. No, no, no... Yakima is the "Palm Springs of Washington". They even have a sign on the interstate that says so. I've been to Palm Springs and Yakima isn't it. Matter of fact... I'm going to Palm Springs in January because it doesn't look anything like Yakima in January!!
  4. Spokane worked well as a center for the people that came. Luckily it's not that far for me, and I would be willing to go again. Depending on who wants to come, the "center" could change. The question would be do we want a location that has other activities, or a dedicated golf location? Spokane has many good courses and are reasonably priced. A golf destination might have a couple of courses, and likely would be more expensive. Maybe @DPattGolf could work us a deal in Bend, OR?
  5. I should have practiced with you!!
  6. If your old irons were 1" too short for you, then it makes sense. However, making them longer won't give you a more upright swing... that takes a swing change. Longer irons with your height will give you a very flat swing arc. That's OK, if that's what your swing is, but the lie angle of the irons will need to be more flat. I don't know all the details of your fitter's analysis, but his reasoning doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Neutral grip. I've tried a little stronger thinking it will help me turn the ball over a little more, but if my timing is slightly off, it's a duck hook. I also noticed that it puts more tension in my arms which results in shorter distance, and I can't afford to give up any more distance!!
  8. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    There's two of you???
  9. Well, for me it would most likely be 10 bogeys or 8 bogeys and a double... either is much easier to get than the 5 birdies. 5 birdies is nice. Keep it up and give Sungjae Im a run for total birdies.
  10. Is this like the golf version of Duke vs Stephen F. Austin?
  11. Now that's funny!! Same post @tony@CIC posted just above!!!!!
  12. With 5 groups on the course, how are they going to show every group and still show every one of Tiger's shots?
  13. Depends on what length they were before the fitting, but my first thought was to see a different fitter.
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