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  1. Three sets of sisters have won LPGA tournaments. Here is why Jessica and Nelly Korda are the standout siblings. www.womensgolf.com/the-kordas
  2. Brittany has a history of having a good first round....unfortunatly the last few years she has had trouble maintaining it. Hopefully that pattern will change.
  3. How good are the 2021 LPGA rookies? How do they stack up when compared to previous years? www.womensgolf.com/2021-lpga-rookies
  4. I have been asked many times how the LPGA constructs their field lists every week. In most cases they use the LPGA Priority List. Here is the brand new 2021 LPGA Priority List (with a brief explanation of how they put their weekly fields together). www.womensgolf.com/2021-lpga-priority-list
  5. I agree with you as regards to the two courses. It couldn't be helped though because you couldn't ge 156 players around one course in December before darkness.
  6. The U.S. Women's Open Championship in December? Yes, and it is being played this week! For full story and tournament details: www.womensgolf.com/2020-u-s-womens-open-preview
  7. Thanks. If you want to read more of my posts here is my author link to that website. https://www.womensgolf.com/category/authors/tony-jesselli
  8. It has been a very unusual LPGA season so far to say the least. Due to the pandemic there were four tournaments played early in the year, and then play was halted for five months. Play finally resumed on the last day of July, but fans were not allowed to attend. Nine more tournaments have now been played, so thirteen tournaments are now in the books. The player results of these thirteen tournaments have been treated by the Rolex Women’s Golf World Rankings as any other results would have been treated in any normal year. Thirteen tournaments may not sound like a lot, but it has resulted in m
  9. It took a lot longer than we originally expected, but the LPGA has completed its first ten tournaments on the abbreviated 2020 schedule. For full story: www.womensgolf.com/lpga-tournaments-2020-season
  10. Ko needs to take control of her life both on the course and off. She can't seem to stand over a shot without a long conversation with her caddy. Her mother makes all her other decisions.
  11. Thanks for the compliments guys. I am glad you all enjoy reading stuff like this. I too wonder what long term affect this will have on her career after this meltdown.
  12. A lot has happened on the LPGA the past few weeks. Here is a recap of some of the major stories: www.womensgolf.com/as-the-lpga-world-turns
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