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  1. Here are the leaders after round 1: 1-Eun-Hee Ji -6 1-Brooke Henderson -6 3- Stacy Lewis -5 3- Lydia Ko -5 For complete scoreboard: (Bottom of page) http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/2019/01/diamond-resorts-tournament-of-champions.html
  2. A Blast from the past. One year ago today. LPGA Player Profile: BEATRIZ RECARI (Photos) http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/2018/01/lpga-player-profile-beatriz-recari.html
  3. The first round pairings have now been posted: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/2019/01/diamond-resorts-tournament-of-champions.html
  4. It is time to start the 2019 LPGA season. With 34 tournaments on the schedule (including the Solheim Cup), more prize money, and more television coverage, the 2019 season promises to be the biggest and best ever. The season this year will kick-off with a brand new event: The Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions. Here is my preview: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  5. We are just about a week away from the beginning of the 2019 season. Here are my Top 40 Player of the Year Predictions: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  6. tonyj5

    2019 LPGA Priority List

    I have been asked many times how the LPGA constructs their field lists for tournaments. Below is the 2019 LPGA Priority List: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  7. As we approach the beginning of the 2019 LPGA season, there are a number of questions that I am looking forward to getting the answers to. In reverse order, here are my top ten: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/2019/01/ten-question-for-2019-season.html
  8. Below I have posted the most popular PHOTOS of 2018. I based this on the number of website hits, and the number of comments each photo received. Some came as quite a surprise to me, as when they were taken I was not expecting such a reaction. http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  9. It has been quite a while since I did my last player profile. With the LPGA 2019 season not set to begin for a couple of weeks, I thought now would be a good time. The player I chose today is not only one of my personal favorites, but a big fan favorite all over the world. The player I have chosen is: In Gee Chun http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  10. Way back in January , before the season began I made my predictions on who I thought would be the top 40 players of the year. How did I do? I will let you be the judge. http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  11. As we wait for the 2019 season to begin, it gives me time to look back at the players that made the biggest moves in the Rolex Rankings in 2018. http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  12. Way back in January, before the 2018 LPGA season began, I listed 10 questions that I was looking forward to getting the answers to. Below I have shown those questions again. Let's see how well they were answered. http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  13. With the 2018 season in the books, I would like to look back at the players that I thought gave us the most surprising seasons, and those who disappointed. http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  14. As we wait for the start of the 2019 season, I would like to look back at what I consider the most memorable moments of 2018: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/
  15. LPGA Announces new 2019 Schedule: http://www.tonyslpgareport.com/