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  1. In my listing of first time winners, I left out Pajaree Anannarukarn
  2. After the Covid shortened 2020 LPGA season in which only 18 tournaments were played, the majority of those without fans, the LPGA came roaring back in 2021. Twenty-nine tournaments were played in all, including all five major championships. Fans were able to come back out and see their favorite players once again, and they put on quite a show. womensgolf.com/2021-lpga-season-wrapup
  3. The LPGA has now completeds about 2/3 of its 2021. There have been many surprise performances, and also some major disappointments. womensgolf.com/lpga-surprises-and-disappointments
  4. We now have our first 2 X winner this year in Nelly Korda
  5. This is worth revisiting again...Nelly's win today is her fifth....no other second sister has more than 1
  6. It has been an interesting year so far on the LPGA. Catch up on all the current news, events, and stats www.womensgolf.com/as-the-lpga-world-turns-june-2021
  7. Very strangely, they ate teeing off on holes 1 and 9 today (not 10).
  8. The 76th playing of the U.S. Women's Open will be played this week. Here is my preview of this major tournament: www.womensgolf.com/2021-us-womens-open-preview
  9. Three sets of sisters have won LPGA tournaments. Here is why Jessica and Nelly Korda are the standout siblings. www.womensgolf.com/the-kordas
  10. Brittany has a history of having a good first round....unfortunatly the last few years she has had trouble maintaining it. Hopefully that pattern will change.
  11. How good are the 2021 LPGA rookies? How do they stack up when compared to previous years? www.womensgolf.com/2021-lpga-rookies
  12. I have been asked many times how the LPGA constructs their field lists every week. In most cases they use the LPGA Priority List. Here is the brand new 2021 LPGA Priority List (with a brief explanation of how they put their weekly fields together). www.womensgolf.com/2021-lpga-priority-list
  13. I agree with you as regards to the two courses. It couldn't be helped though because you couldn't ge 156 players around one course in December before darkness.
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