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  1. The LPGA played its last official tournament last weekend. The 2023 season has now come to a close, and what a season it was! There were records set in many different categories. Here is my recap of what I thought was one of the most competitive and entertaining seasons ever. https://womensgolf.com/summing-up-the-2023-lpga-season
  2. How well have your favorite LPGA players done this year? Have they been a pleasant Ssurprise or a major disappointment? https://womensgolf.com/lpga-tour-2023-surprises-and-disappointments
  3. So you think you know the LPGA? Let's see how much you actually do know. https://womensgolf.com/do-you-know-the-lpga
  4. The LPGA had its first reshuffle of its Priority List this week. While most of the players moved up or down a few insignificant spots, there were some very significant moves also. http://redirect.viglink.com/?key=71fe2139a887ad501313cd8cce3053c5&subId=7014701&u=https%3A//womensgolf.com/lpga-reshuffles-2023-priority-list
  5. Vu..making my prediction about her look good
  6. With 34 tournaments on the schedule (including the Solheim Cup & International Crown), this season promises to be one of the most exciting ever. Here are my top 40 Player of the Year predictions: https://womensgolf.com/2023-lpga-player-of-the-year-predictions
  7. The LPGA Kicks off its season today! Here is the 2023 LPGA Priority List https://womensgolf.com/2023-lpga-priority-list
  8. Nice post. Tv ratings are up this year as is the prize money. That said, its still not where it should be. Newspapers do not even the the LPGA events. Such a shame as the girls put on quite a show and are so fan friendly.
  9. The Year 2022 was certainly a year to remember in women's golf. We had winner's from 14 different countries and many all-time LPGA records were broken. For full story: https://womensgolf.com/lpga-2022-season-womens-golf
  10. Nice win for Atthaya Thitikul this weekend!
  11. he LPGA season is coming to an end soon. Just six tournaments left. Who will be player of the Year? Who will get top rookie honors? Who will get that Hall of Fame point for winning the Vare Trophy? Only 5 players haven't missed a cut this year. How many can you name? I got all the stats ready for you to read: womensgolf.com/lpga-september-2022
  12. With the LPGA headed for Canada this coming week, I thought this would be a good time for me to do another player profile. The player I have chosen is Canadian born Brooke Henderson. womensgolf.com/brooke-henderson-profile
  13. LPGA 2022 Mid-Season Rookie Report Card. With the LPGA season about half complete I would like to take a look at how the rookies are faring so far this year. I will do this again a final time at the end of the season. womensgolf.com/lpga-2022-mid-season-rookie-report
  14. it’s still pretty early in the season as the LPGA has completed about 25% of its 2022 schedule, but I don’t think it is too early to take a look at some of the players with results that have been the biggest surprises and biggest disappointments of the year so far. womensgolf.com/lpga-tour-2022-player-results
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