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  1. I think low scores are better. I’ve never had a hole in one yet, many times I’ve scared it. My best feeling in the course was when I shot +4 for 9. It felt that everything was clicking. A hole in one is just hitting a great shot once. Doing it (hitting the ball well) for 9 or 18 is a great feeling. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. How about them Kordas!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. [emoji631][emoji631][emoji631] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. I still was hitting my driver well, but I broke the shaft. I was in a pinch and needed a driver for an outing I was playing in. That’s the only reason it was shelved. I was super happy with it. The 3 Wood is a different story, I plan on being buried with it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Trying to keep these reviews up and trending Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Oh yeah! And of course that’s a Cobra Hybrid under there too! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Welcome back to my review of Tommy Armour Atomic Irons. It has been a thrilling ride. I tried to put these through every test I could think of to make sure I do My Golf Spy proud. I believe that I've done a thorough job on this review, so bear with me. I've posted videos on my Twitter "Josmi15" and I also tagged My Golf Spy . I apologize in advance, everytime I tried to add it to the reviews I failed. I even had my teenager assist. Dicks hit a hole in one with this product. I didn't want to use a baseball phrase here. This is golf, this is serious business! With without further delay, here's my review. Looks 8/10 The graphics did take some getting used to. I thought they were too clunky, I was wrong! I really was amazed at how well these things looked when I took them out on the course. They won me over, and that's a hard sell. I really liked the larger Iron designation the Tungsten i thought was a bit much. Sound & Feel: 17/20 These Clubs felt great. When I hit a shot, the ball seemed to jump. The 7 Iron had some moves. It actually felt that the ball was just scared and it seemed to know when I was pulling Iron. Below are some results that I did during my side by side comparison. I used a 7 Iron from my Pings against the 7 Iron from the Tommy Armour Atomics. As you can see it was close, but the Atomics outperformed. Club 7 Iron Swing Speed Ball Speed Carry Distance Total Distance Offline Tommy Armour 72.3 98.3 155.8 161 11.3 PING 70.5 95.9 145.2 156.3 6.5 Tommy Armour 68.3 92.8 145 157 5 PING 67.4 91.6 142 153 3 Tommy Armour 67.7 92 151 159 11.3 PING 65.8 89.5 149 157 -2 On-Course Performance: 26/30 Hitting outdoors, i perfom better than the indoor information shows. I guess it's my nerves. I recently hit the 7 Iron 160 pin high. If only I hadn't pulled it just a tad I'd have my first hole in one. Then we'd be talking about how these are the greatest things since sliced bread. I posted that Video on my Twitter. Again, needing my teenager to step up her game and figure out what I'm doing wrong. These clubs did inspire confidence. I took them out numerous times to more than just 1 course. I wanted to see how they performed at my favorite courses and my go to course, when it's just me. #5 at Garrett Country Club. Garrett, IN Stuck the green. Rock Hollow, Peru IN. Missed green short, but par was saved! and my pulled 160 pin high New Haven, made my par. Miscellaneous: 18/20 I feel that these Irons would help any golfer out there improve their score. Who is against shooting a better score? So, if a weekend player can go out and get a set of these and save some strokes so be it. When you start seeing the scores drop you'll come back and want to play more often. I was able to see extra yardage with these clubs. Thanks again for My Golf Spy for affording me this opportunity. If you're thinking of getting fitted for a new set of Irons, make sure you add these into the rotation. I gave these an honest run and they have performed for me. I'm happy with the outcome of these Irons. Game Bag material 17/20 Honestly, I'm still debating if these will replace my Pings. If they don't they're still a great option if the Pings start letting me down. I do like to have a set for backup just in case. These Irons will help you improve your game. The performed very well on the range and on the course. Overall: 86/100 These are the real deal. Figurative and literal. For those that are looking for a new set of irons, or a first timer out there new to the game and looking to buy there first set of irons. You won't be disappointed in the Tommy Armour Atomics!
  8. Let me introduce myself, My name is Josh and I'm a golf-a-holic. I'm from NE Indiana and have been an avid golfer since 2012. In the years between 1997 and 2012 I was a weekend hacker. You know the type, shoots a 120, brags about his 7 good shots a round. Drinks a lot of beer to either loosen up, or forget. In 2012 something clicked. I just realized that I needed a hobby, something to pass to do while not at work. I made a "life altering decision" I walked into Dicks Sporting Goods saw a price of clearance irons Adams A7's for $199.00. I became hooked. Now I say hooked, I meant hooked on buying equipment. You know the type, starts hitting a wicked slice, go buy a new driver! After 2 years of Scalding the ball across the green with a wedge, I decided to take my first lesson. I was actually high bidder at our Kids' schools charity fund raiser for short game practice session. So a tax free donation of $50.00 I was high bidder to hang out with my daughters Science teacher and learn how to chip. She had taken lessons and passed it on to me. Laugh all ya want, I'm real good w/ a wedge now! Now, I take my game serious. Not PGA type serious, but I actually don't drink on the course. I golf because I love the game and want to shoot well. Plus, it's great exercise, walking 18 with a push cart. That's where my game is now. I can break 90, 85 is my goal. I struggle hitting driver, my other clubs are accurate as all get out! So, I feel this test suits me fine, since I'm Dead on Balls accurate with my irons. (To use the phrase from "My Cousin Vinny") Imagine my surprise when I came home from work and this was at my door. Have you ever seen an overweight 43 year old dance? Well you're not going to for this, you just have to picture it! When I opened the box I felt like the kid from "A Christmas Story" when he finally gets his BB Gun! NO, I didn't shoot my eye out. Into the back up they go. Who agrees that putting new clubs into a bag is an AWESOME feeling? Tell me it's not just me. The Grips felt good and the Clubs were clearly labeled. I was impressed at the way they felt during my first range session. I went through them 4-AW and it was fun. Don't get me wrong, it was hot and I was giving them a good workout. How am I to know what my distances are, if I don't take them out and put them through their paces. I tried to hit every shot that I could think of on the range. No matter what, they still found the sweet spot. That'll bring up their stock value in my eyes. The below pic was right before my first swing. Putting in some work! I'm going to give these a test for who they are built for. The weekend players. I want to provide honest feedback. Will this club deliver on this promise? We shall see. I've already figured out they can get me out of a pine tree! If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know what you'd like me to try with them. It's an honor to have been selected to test this equipment. So that I can provide you with the best and most honest feedback that I can. Thanks to My Golf Spy for this honor. (And they finally made it into my Playing Bag)
  9. Just watched Mission of Honor, it’s about the Battle of Britain Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Best putters out there! I’m looking forward to reading about these Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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