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  1. Good Luck testers! Looking forward to reading these reviews
  2. Congratulations to those selected. I am looking forward to reading these reviews!
  3. Interesting read. I guess I won't be so quick to turn em away when I find them next to mine.
  4. JudgeSmails and I were able to get our last round of the season in, last friday. I shot a 41 (Par 36) on the Front. The shot of my round was on my 2nd shot of hole 5 (Par 5) I hit my 5W, as well as i can hit it. It landed approximately 3 yards away from being able to have putted for eagle. The ball rolled into the wet second cut instead of rolling onto the green. (I did make my par after missing my birdie putt) Many positives on the progress of my game, this year. Just wanted to chime in.
  5. and maybe i misunderstood the original question, (i just reread it) but when i saw it last night, i ran out and grabbed my wifes phone just trying to utilize as much as i could. my apologies. but yes, i personally have a water bottle for it.
  6. I use GolfLogix on my phone. So I just keep that in my back pocket to get my distances, while walking. The valuables pocket I put my wallet and my car keys. I found that it putting all 3 in there i couldn't zip it up.
  7. yes, but there was a question about using it for possibly using it for your phone or extra balls.
  8. I put my wifes iPhone, we have the 14, it does sink about an 2 inches, so you have to fish it out. I wouldn't recommend a sleeve of balls, with the box. i think it would tear up the cooler pocket. Hope this gives you an idea
  9. Bump. I've added my first impression, plus a pic in the thread. If you have any suggestions or ideas on what you want us testers to do, please respond. I've done everything to this bag besides dragging it behind my car for 3 miles.
  10. Walking up to the first Tee on our weekly round. I've been getting my review together, but I wanted to get a picture on the thread.
  11. I love reading reviews on Irons. I can't wait to read these and see if they're as good as advertised.
  12. I took my 14 year old nephew out for a round the other day. It was his 4th time ever playing, 3 have been with me. A lot of worm burners and he seemed stressed at times. Then he sticks the green from 140 with a 6 iron and a legit par on 9, a par 3. His attitude totally changed. He was determined to do it again. On the back 9, there were more worm burners. Then, on 18, he tattooed his approach shot (again with 6 Iron). He told me he can't wait to get out again. I had to apologize to my sister in law afterwards, for all the golf talk she's going to have to endure from now on. I may have added a member to our wolf pack.
  13. Praying that the wrist will be ok.
  14. do you have a Hole in One? i've been close numerous times. but i'm still Oh-Fer
  15. sorry to read that that 6 Hybrid didn't roll that extra foot for the Ace.
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