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  1. Great article. I’m happy to see Lydia coming back to her form. Was very happy Minjee won her major. One of the big surprises I saw was the 4 wins for Thailand players. It’s been a fun season and the future of the LPGA looks bright to me.
  2. I had the same realization when I was fitted. I figured I would be a prime candidate for the pxg 0811 xf due to where my handicap is. I was surprised when they was the better fit. I have actually moved the weights to the front to reduce spin since (lessons changed my swing a bit).
  3. Yealimi seems to be finding her game now in her extended rookie season. She definitely has a bright future. With her Luci Li and Rose Zang the future of American women’s golf looks bright.
  4. So happy for Minjee! She is my favorite golfer and always root for her. Now she’s finally got her major.
  5. The time difference, and lack of coverage in general, makes it difficult to watch any of it. I do follow along online, and noticed Lee6 hade herself a day! It’s nice seeing Yealimi playing well recently. Surprisingly 5he Korda sisters are not playing well.
  6. It’s so much of this. He is presented as being so smart, but let’s face it he is not. What he is doing carries a large margin for error. So when he’s off it’s not going to go well, but when on it can be incredible.
  7. Thanks. I have a couple extra small notebooks that I think I’m going to use since I keep score on my phone. Just going to track approach shot club used (7 iron and in) the distance and result. Chipping pretty much just if it was long or short. Putting approximate distance and if it was long or short. The course I play has free yardage books so I m going to put some dots with a sharpie for a visual of where I m hitting to. It’s a bit of work on my part, but should give me a true representation of what’s going on and not just what I think is happening in my game.
  8. Interested in how you track this as I have been considering doing this as well, and have been thinking about how exactly to track it. I feel like I’m always short,but I want to see it so it can sink in.
  9. I didn’t watch. I think this style of a match has run its course. Maybe an LPGA team vs. PGA tour team or a couple amateur (unfortunately would need to be celebrity’s) in a best ball scramble vs a tour player. I don’t know something to mix it up. It’s nice because it donates to charity, but this format is quite boring.
  10. Because it’s summer and I used black ones for the testing I’m not wearing them right now. They are comfortable. I tried other spiked shoes and could feel the bumps where the spikes were, and couldn’t with the Squairz. My biggest concern was they are heavy and not good for walking.
  11. Thanks for posting, and writing. The big movers on the priory list are not surprising as they seem to be playing well this season. I’m very interested in the new commissioner. What did a great job, and I hope she can keep the momentum going.
  12. This is my exact set up. My pw is 45* so the 48* is pretty close to the same, but it’s been working well for me. The pw is from the set and the 48* is different so they seem to covers the gaps well.
  13. Must say it’s funny that iron covers are made fun of , but somehow alignment stick covers are acceptable.
  14. Lexi was awesome today. Not a big fan of the golf channel coverage though. Did they even show anything from Inbee and Shanshan? I know they didn’t have the best days, but not showing them is strange.
  15. Agree. If she can keep it together tomorrow there’s a chance, but come Sunday the margin for error is going to be very thin.
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