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  1. Nice that they get a break, but I miss it already. The battle for #1 between Nelly and JYK is going to be funn ‘22.
  2. Danielle Kang comes to mind. I can’t really think of any others off the top of my head, but there’s not many.
  3. Well said. The thoughtfulness that in the women’s game is what makes it’so enjoyable. The BMW has been great. Hee Jeong is one of my favorite gofers so I’m pulling for her to close this out. She has already said she would accept and join the tour if she wins.
  4. I didn’t see this when it was originally posted, but I agree with you. I have been a fan of the LPGA over the men’s tour for a couple years now. It’s nice to see more of a variety in the play. Sure there’s a few ladies that can hit long, but most are in the range of us mortals, so it’s a bit more relatable. This week’s tournament has been fun with the KLPGA players in the field as well ( I watch the KLPGA on YouTube so I know a lot of the players). I hope they continue to gain traction and receive more coverage, and better time slots. I would much rather watch the LPGA over Korn Ferry or Champions.
  5. I watched Squid Game since there’s all the rage about it, liked the concept, but overall not impressed. Starting the third season of You now , and it’s off to a good start.
  6. There MAY be a better player that he took the spot of, but the exposure is good for the game. There’s all this talk about the “athletes “ in the game now. Unfortunately most of the best athletes in the country don’t get exposed to golf, so maybe this will help with that, but probably not.
  7. Driver. It’s been the biggest weakness for a while now and it’s time to get to where I can trust it.
  8. This is really all you need to know. A lot of features are behind paywalls on the apps, but if all you want is gps it’s really just personal preference on the interface you like best. I’ve been using freegolftracker for years now. More than likely you’re going to need to mark the gps yourself, but all the stats are not locked so that’s cool.
  9. Stopped being so technical and over thinking, and just going with more feel and intuition. It’s been working well as I’ve felt more loose and free. Scoring has followed as well, so the games been more fun.
  10. That’s course management not strokes gained metrics. Yes I know that what you stated is in the book, but you need to know a lot more than how many strokes that are being gained or lost. The number is meaningless it’s up to the individual to understand their game. It doesn’t take some revelation and studying of data to figure out that going OB is bad and that in a game that the object is to get a ball in a hole that it’s advantageous to be closer to the hole.
  11. The whole strokes gained thing is fool’s gold. Data is good, but wh3n your variability is so large it won’t make a difference. Strokes gained will tell you to hit it far off the tee, but in reality for most keeping it in play is the best thing for you. Of course if the ball is further it gives you an advantage, wad this really a revelation? For mid to high handicap players the wasted strokes ( penalty, duffs, bad speed on lag putts that lead to 3 putts) cost way more strokes than the fractions that are gained with distance.
  12. I’m so scared to play bad that can’t play good!
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