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  1. Does anyone want to try these out too? I have all 3 of mine and one has not been used. They do have the lines I put on them for putting. Shipping shouldn’t be too much. If you’re interested message me and we’ll figure it out. I know I’m not going to use them anymore.
  2. My break up with PXG has happened (except for a sand wedge). I have gotten back together with Callaway.
  3. Was a great season. Lilla Vu made a mark for herself, and I’m excited to see what Rose Zhang can accomplish. Now it the long wait until the start of next season.
  4. Went backup my normal gamer ( Kirkland) and I could tell the difference. Th e Kirkland is much firmer and consistent. Most importantly I didn’t see any strange ball flights off the driver or irons. The putting distance control issues I had were not apparent either.
  5. @jbern I did the same thing yesterday practicing. I started out using the Kirklands I normally play, and then switched to the test bal. It helped, but I still don’t like it. It did make it through my round today though. Aside from the putting feel issue, which may be just a personal preference thing, I still seen a couple strange ball flights.
  6. More coverage of the LPGA is great no matter what. I enjoy watching them over the PGA tour.
  7. Took it back for more short game practice. Again it’s good on chop shots. The spin is good. Feel is a bit soft. Putting is the main issue. It’s just too soft off the putter for my preference. The softness leads to distance control issues for me. I was starting to get a better feel for it after this round of practice. I will be using it on course again tomorrow, and will see if some of the issues I had first round are still there.
  8. Finally got mine in yesterday. I practiced some chipping and putting before I took it on the course today. What I saw in practice carried over to the course. It’s got a soft feel, and a little less spin than I’m used to. The biggest issue I had with it in practice and on my round today is distance control with putting. I found that sometimes it would be springy and other times like mush. This ball seems very low spin. Off the driver I had a couple that just dove down out of the sky. That did roll out to be near my usual total. Off the irons the ball was pretty normal, but I did catch a couple jumpers. Wedge approach shots were pretty good. I was happy with the amount of spin I was getting there. Overall my first impression was pretty meh. I suppose if it is the new AVX it did what it’s supposed to do. It’s definitely not a ball for me. I will give it some more short game practice and another round to see, but today it only made it 12 holes before I changed back to my normal gamer.
  9. Apex pro irons with graphite shafts. I finally stoped fighting with my PXG driver, and now I think it’s time to do the same with the irons.
  10. Trying not to read too much so I can form my own opinion on the ball, and not have any expectations. Was supposed to get them today, but they got pushed back a couple days. Hopefully they come rayon Wednesday so I can get some short game prayin before putting it in play on Thursday.
  11. Mine should finally be showing up on Monday. I won’t be posting pictures or anything since that’s been done enough already. Looks like we’re getting a new AVX prototype so that will be interesting for me since I don’t ever play that ball, but guess I will for a couple rounds. I normally play Kirkland so will be interesting to see if there’s flight differences since it’s supposed to be less spinning. I sometimes wonder how much the ball testing fone with a robot really matters in real world situations.
  12. Finally got rid of the PXG gen5 driver I’ve been fighting with for over a year now, and picked up a Rogue ST Max. I haven’t been one to blame equipment, but the first range session suggests that the PXG could have been at least part of the problem.
  13. Looks like I’m going to be late to the party. FedEx has them coming on the 13th for me. The joys of living in Hawaii! At least I’ll have some of the best weather for the testing.
  14. A different driver. I’ve had my current PXG gen 5 for a bit over a year now, and I can’t find any consistency with it. I’ve practiced bounces with, but can’t seem to get it to work for me. Changed the shaft recently to no avail. I don’t want to blame the equipment all the time, but at some point it’s got to be part of the problem right?
  15. I didn’t realize it was only a sleeve. Makes since now though sending out 85 dozen would be a bit much.
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