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  1. This year's ANA will be fun. Since it's being played at a different time of year the grass is different. As stated by others it's amore of a pool than a pond now.
  2. The time difference is too much for me to watch, but luckily the final round replay is at 8am tomorrow so I'll get to watch then.
  3. Yeah I've read about this too? I do truly hope she believes herself about second being good, but after giving up that lead I don't know. The mystery of the young stars fizzling is strange. I'm a Minjee fan so I 'll be cheering for her to break through in the women's open coming up!
  4. Danielle has been impressive. I feel bad for Lydia though. I Kno she said Al the right things after, but just have to wonder how she handles this mentally. She is one of my favorite players and I think it would be great for the LPGA to have her return to form, as she has a recognizable name. I hope the South Korean players return soon, although don't blame them for staying home right now.
  5. Well he'll be playing early at least.
  6. It was great to see the ladies back. Danielle looked in form. Gotta feel a bit for Celine missing that putt after the great approach on 18. Already looking forward to next week.
  7. I submitted the same video twice and the recommended ball was different. So I just consider it a tool, but it seems to have some flaws as well. With that said I also respect them for putting this toy and I do like their golf balls. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Todd/ Wailuku, HI Volkey sm5 56* as it’s my most used wedge(LH) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. No need for the NFL the PGA is going to take care of the bad officiating.
  10. It was a nice day the wind was not as strong as it's been recently. Struggled with the putter a bit on the front, but got it working on the beck. So it was bogey golf for the first 12 and then even par after that. A good relatively constant day. No penalty strokes and most importantly had fun.
  11. Currently playing the q star tour. I'd prefer the z star or Bridgestone tour b RX, but the price is right. It's a very good ball, just not my favorite. The regular q star lacks the green side control I want so I don't use them very often.
  12. I could see it done sometimes, but it has the potential to spiral out of control if everyone needs to start seeing their shots from the fairway too. ( Sorry my tablet was not playing nice so I did a repost so it's easier to read)
  13. I could see it done sometimes, but it has the potential to spiral out of control if everyone needs to start seeing their shots from the fairway too. ( Sorry about the format my tablet was not cooperating)
  14. Just no. On the course is not the place to be breaking out a launch monitor. Pace of play is already an issue. A person that plays once a week and practices once or twice a week. This is probably more than an average golfer (this is about where I fall), but most likely the starting point for someone that may be the target audience. It completely makes sense for this reason, and I didn't even think about that. Sorry I am spoiled. I live where I can play year round. I only thought of it from the going to the range perspective not about using it on the off season. I can see the appeal better from this perspective.
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