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  1. Is there a local fitter in the area? The reps( at least here) are very good with the CS.
  2. I don’t think handicaps are unfair as a whole, but in this scenario it seems that they are. I’ve never played skins with handicap, but it would definitely be advantageous to me. Like the OP I usually have 2-4 holes that are a series of unfortunate events that keep me as a mid handicap, but the rest of the holes are pretty consistent. I could definitely see high handicap golfers getting hot for a few holes and having a big advantage in skin format.
  3. I carry 2 hybrids. A 19* and a 25*. The 25 is like my 5/6 irons, but I hit what feels more comfortable. My 19 on the other hand fills the 190-200 carry gap, but is more volatile on what shot I may get. It’s really about comfort with the shots you can make. Hybrids in theory are supposed to be easier to hit, but may not be the case for everyone.
  4. When PXG first came out I would have never seen myself playing them. Then they had a sale for lefties at the stat of the pandemic, so I ended up getting a driver from them. It led to getting a set of irons as well. Now my wife has a full bag less the putter, and I updated my 19* hybrid with them as well. Besides the fact that there’s choices for different budgets; the customer service has been absolutely top notch. We have a mobile fitter that goes to different courses, he is very accessible and accommodating to whatever you need. That’s the reason why I will continue to use their clubs.
  5. Thank you for your work. Nanny has been a surprise so far this season, but it may just be a case where she got hot for a couple weeks. Sei Young Kim has been off to the most disappointing start to me. Still early in the season so it will be fun to see what happens this summer.
  6. I agree. This is a good option to check into.
  7. No worries. Maybe next time p. I play dunes at maui lani primarily. I could have helped you with the reading of the grain in the greens though.
  8. That’s my favorite course on the island. I’m playing there on Friday. Great pictures and happy you enjoyed it.
  9. It was a major let down. The things I practice the most doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s very disheartening, and somewhat depressing to not see improvement.
  10. This is basically my approach. I was fitted into a 12* driver that was dilated down to 11.25* , but after a couple lessons and some swing evolution I adjusted it to 13.5* and it’s working great. The adjustment took a lot of the fade away and has actually gained me distance than the lower loft. Well at least for now.
  11. These were my results as well. I did it a second time just to see if entering the same information would yield the same results, and the Wilson was still option one, but Ping G410 lst was the second option. Was actually surprised I didn’t get two completely different options so I guess it could be a starting point for someone in looking for a new driver.
  12. I started reading “The Inner Game of Golf” this week and used some of the techniques to keep the mind clear, and either I had a good day, or they work. Perhaps a bit of both. Got a couple good bounces, but putt pretty poorly. Shot one of my best rounds at my home course so it was a good day.
  13. Personal challenge. Golf is great because it challenges you in so many ways, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I should be able to play for many more years, and I want get good and challenge myself against what this game can throw at you.
  14. Minjee is my choice. A very simple and repeatable swing with effortless power in it. If I couldn’t copy hers it would be @cnosil choice of Jin Young Ko.
  15. I get to play twice a week with one of the days being a 27-36 hole round depending on time. Get to the range 3 days a week,b it only do full swings one day. I spend a majority of the time chipping and putting. My favorite is when the couple is not busy and I can practice around the green on course. There is no way at the practice area to replicate some of the situations you get into when playing.
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