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  1. Eric Hoover Alabama -15 - Taylormade PSI - Desired Model to test- T200 Titleist Irons.
  2. Eric - Hoover Alabama USA Handicap - 15 Calloway APEX - CF 2016 7 iron = 157 yards
  3. I like the way it looks. Better than the Atomic irons.
  4. I personally like the milled putters better than the inserts. I've bought tons of them and always trade them in because of the soft feel of the inserts. It's a personal preference1
  5. I have. I've got the RSV Milled Fang. Great Putter. Was very high end about 3-4 years ago. I've not putted with the No. 7 but you should enjoy. Great putter.
  6. I'm really looking forward to this driver. Been a Cobra fan for a long time.
  7. I like that one also. Would be my pick of the blades!
  8. I'm always excited about Bettinardi. They are great putters. Really like the Innovai. I've got a Bettinardi innovai Rev 2.0 Putter. Like the new paint scheme. Great looking putters!
  9. I'm really looking forward to it. Have you heard anything about what will replace the speed back irons? Cobra Speedzone irons?
  10. Is it close to fastback?
  11. Can you forward his contact info? I've got a set might like to recondition. Thanks.
  12. Eric - Alabama - Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5 m cs putter - Black Elevado Slant Neck 35”
  13. This is not pictures of the actual putter just some I pulled off internet. If interested, I can get you pics of actual putter, it is mint. Just let me know if interested. thanks.
  14. Titleist Scotty Squareback ?? 35.5"
  15. What style or brand are you looking for in a milled putter?
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