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  1. How to Enter: Tier 5 (anyone not in Tiers 1-4) Danny Lee -9
  2. Eric Alabama Taylormade Spider Red Putting is a strength
  3. What are you looking for?
  4. Eric Alabama Ping G400 10.5 Stiff - Alta CB 55 handicap = 12.8 driver swing speed= 95 mph, NO LM for data collection Have you played a Tour Edge driver before? Yes, CB4 10 degree. I loved the CB4 driver several years ago. No adjustments, smallish head but very very consistent. It was a fairway finder.
  5. PT and time finally worked for me. I went to see the surgeon that did the surgery and asked for the manipulation. When he checked my range of motion, the amount I would gain off of the manipulation was negligible. I did the exercises I learned in PT in my garage. They work but really slow. I would suggest checking with your surgeon. I've also know a few others that had shoulder issues and it happens more often than you think. Good Luck.
  6. I went through the same thing after a rotator cuff repair. Physical Therapist had to break the scar tissue out three times a week to get the range of motion back. Looking back, I would have gone for the manipulation. PT works but takes a long time. Also it will take a year to heal and get to feeling normal. Hope it gets better. It is Rough!
  7. Odyssey EXO Rossie S Putter or maybe Odyssey Milled Collection RSX V-Line Fang Putter.
  8. What kind of putter are you looking for?
  9. Eric H. Birmingham AL. 50 rounds per year average facebook, linked in, instagram 12.5 & 95 mph Taylomade PSI's Desired Cobra Set- King F9 One length
  10. Eric Alabama Lampkin UTX ALIGN - Plus 4
  11. Eric Alabama Titleist GoLo 3 Bettinardi putters are elegant and simple tools for a "picky" golfer!
  12. 1. Eric, Birminham, Alabama 2. 12.3 Handicap, 95 mph 3. Calloway Big Betha 4. Epic Flash
  13. 1. Eric - Birmingham, AL 2. 13 handicap & 3. Calloway GBB 4. G410 Plus
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