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  1. White Hot OG #7S Stroke Lab would be my pick!
  2. I would love to try this one. I've been looking at the Sub 70 stuff and really like it.
  3. I can't tell you but I like the original 2019 version better. I don't know why they are charging the same price for the older version.
  4. Love Edel putters! would love to get fit!
  5. I would love to try a fitting and test one of the Edel putters.
  6. Great looking Driver. As an older guy, I definitely need more speed (GS).
  7. ER11V would be my pick. Sign me up. thanks.
  8. Sign me up. Played yesterday and need a change in driver badly!
  9. I just bought this putter and found it to be really light weight. I added a couple Tungsten Weight to the bottom and found it made it much better.
  10. Eric - Hoover Alabama Zelos 6- 68 grams - Regular Flex Swing Speed-95 mph UST Recoil Graphite -Regular Shaft
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