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  1. Played 18 holes yesterday afternoon at my local course, and shot 98. This is only one shot of my best, and I felt like I was playing quite crappy. It has been a month since my last round, and the lack of short game practice showed very clearly. Took way, way too many putts and short game shots. This round could easily have been around the 90 mark, or just below, had my short game been sharper. This gives me plenty of hope in my quest to go sub 90 though, and I'll be practicing my short game diligently.
  2. Tomorrow's my first round after having broken 100 the first time. My aim, get as close to 90 as possible

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    2. Christian Henning
    3. BK in TEXAS

      BK in TEXAS

      I have no doubt you'll be there in no time!


    4. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      How bout blowin by 90!


      The Best, Richard

  3. I posted a much longer post on my 'Breaking 100' thread, but thought I would post here as well. I finally broke 100, by shooting 97 on the 31st of Dec. Had a chip-in from about 50m, a 90m GW that lipped out and my first sand save in 10 months (I used to fear bunkers, but not anymore...) Shot 51 on the front 9, ending with two triples. Heart-breaking. Shot 46 on the back, just thinking of stroking through the ball, instead of hitting the ball. Felt awesome tallying up my scorecard, as I don't keep track of score while on the course. Can't wait to do it again. Next target is sub 90.
  4. My HC dropped from 29 to 28 after consecutive 101's. Next stop... Sub 100!

    1. BK in TEXAS
    2. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      I can't wait for the 99 post!

    3. Aotearoa_Brad


      Good work mate, keep the numbers a tumbling!

  5. Thanks, guys. It just sucks that I have so little time for playing in the upcoming weeks. I just have to make a plan.
  6. Thanks, Richard! You give a mean motivational speech. You've charged me up so much, that if I hadn't been at the office already, I would have been REALLY tempted to call in sick, and go shoot a 87! I think you've got a great point, and I feel like I should be able to shoot close to 90, but it feels like I have to get this 100 thing behind me. It sounds silly, especially if you think I'm trying to cut 2 shots when playing 101. That is really just better concentration on 2/3 shots, and I'm there. Sounds easy enough, but I just have to break through that barrier. I reckon I should print out your post, and read it before each round. Seriously. In fact, I'm gonna take a copy of it, and stick it on the phone for review before my next round. If you don't mind, I'm gonna go stick this post of yours, in my breaking 100 thread, just as reference. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the comments, Richard and kygolfer1980. Can't wait to get out on the course again. I can feel the 90s are not far off. And as soon as I hit that, I can set a new goal.
  8. Hi spies, I think this is my first post in this thread. Shot my second consecutive 101, on my quest to break 100. As the round progressed, I was dead certain I would be breaking 100, as I had a birdie and a par, and quite a few single bogeys. But as I tallied up the score card, it came to 101 again. Was a little heart broke. But was the most fun I had on the course all year. Had a near hole-on-one, tapped in the 3 footer for bird. And had a nice little chip in(my first ever, what a great feeling!!). And I only had 30 putts, by far my least ever. But so few putts, means that something else was amiss. My chips were great, but unfortunately most of the great chips were preceded by poor pitch shots. Got out of the bunkers pretty well also, and hit 7 FIR's (my all time high is 9 in a round). At least I have now identified which area (pitching from 20-40yds) to work on next.
  9. i'd be more than willing to help out with the testing. i am in south africa though, not sure if you could make that work. but if you can, sign me up. i would love to try a game improvement ball! i need any help i can get
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