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  1. Jim, Roseville, CA Driver Swing Speed: 106mph Titleist TSi3 Accra Tour Z x475 M5 Have you Played Modus Iron Shafts before? Yes, Modus Tour 120 x stiff and stiff.
  2. First name: Jim City & State: Roseville, CA Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds? Walk Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one? Clic Gear 3.5
  3. Up for sale is a used, 6 months, LEft handed TS2 5 wood, 18*. Plays at 41.5” with Mitsubishi Tensei Blue AV 75 Stiff shaft. Comes with GP tour velvet 360 grip.SOLD
  4. Jim/ Roseville, CA What IOS Device Will You be Using: iPhone 8 plus I will be Testing Primarily Outdoors Not using a net
  5. Jim Roseville, CA Titleist TS2 7.2 103 TSi2 8.5 LH
  6. Jim Roseville, CA I live in CA and can get out pretty much year round I have tried a Skillz golf mats Medium speed
  7. Jim Roseville, CA USA Scotty Cameron Monterey Tomcat- I have never been a mallet putter and it says it works with a slight arc swing
  8. Jim Shields/ Roseville, CA How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? 2x/ week usually about 30 minutes each time How many 3 putts do you average per round? 1/ round. What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? The ability to practice at home and to get feedback on leaving the face open or cutting across the ball
  9. Roseville, CA 7 HCP Printed alignment on ball Pro V1, JRS 3
  10. Woods and wedges arrived! Irons come in tomorrow. My plan is to get to the course this and try these bad boys out!
  11. Roseville, CA 53 101 SS average / above average Yes! I need to get my swing speed back from an elbow injury. I am in it to the finish!
  12. Thanks and I will definitely be posting a shot of all the new sticks! The pics were taken by Scottie Warman, find him on Insta @scottiewarman. He works in the marketing department and is a really great guy.
  13. The use of the bounce could be the greatest tool I use from the sessions! I will definitely update as soon as I get my new clubs and have a chance to try them out. The measurements are crazy but I trust the process and the numbers and tighter dispersion were fantastic.
  14. Thank you all for your interest in my recent adventure and thank you to My Golf Spy for the opportunity to visit and be fit at the Titleist Performance Institute. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to any of you who want the ultimate in customer service and attention to detail. I was very excited for this visit and rearranged my schedule to make sure it happened. One quick note, Titleist was very accommodating and did more than enough to meet my needs. They also gave me an extra night in the hotel since I was from just upstate. They went way past the extra mile. Okay, now
  15. Just wrapped up at TPI and what a blast!!!!! Thank you Golf Spy and Titleist. I learned a great deal, especially on the short game side and really gained some experience on how to fill the gaps in my clubs and what makes the best club. I will post pictures, hopefully by tomorrow. The folks at TPI were awesome and very welcoming. I didn't get to tour the club making portion due to the virus scare, but am welcomed back once this has passed for the tour so I definitely will be doing that. On a crazy note, my current iron setup, Mizuno JPX 919 are 1/2" over. My new setup, T200 will be a
  16. Jim / CA Project X Evenflow white 1100 65g stiff Current Driver Swing Speed: 105 mph What if anything would you like to improve in regards to your driver shaft..such as more or less spin, better dispersion, more distance..etc. More distance and the ability to fully go for it without worrying it will go right ( I am a lefty) Do you have regular access to a Launch Monitor--Not required, but would be helpful in testing. Yes
  17. Okay, my fitting visit at the TPI Training Institute is scheduled for March 13. They have been very accommodating and I am looking forward to the trip. I plan to get some rounds in before the visit so I will be ready for the fitting.
  18. I was told I should be hearing soon. I am getting some range time and course time in but work and the weather haven't been as cooperative here in No CA. Also, seeing Titleist come out with all these new offerings has me salivating! The T100s look awesome and the new T400 would be fun to see how far they go! Also, the new Scotty line and the SM8s. I will definitely post dates once I hear.
  19. Nice setup. Love the look of those wedges!
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