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  1. @02uwmadgrad Absolutely. Not complaining. I’m just relating that as I read the thread and weigh what appear to be the obvious effectiveness and benefits of the program against what I assess my ability to set aside the time (when I’ll have access to the space) over an extended period, I currently conclude that I will not be able to fulfill the protocol requirements. If my assessment changes, then I’m all in and will gladly purchase the system. In fact I’m considering an off-season program with a not-so-nearby facility that would include fitness,instruction, and SS equipment. Upside is the proper space and instruction. Downside is the commuting time and the cost. I think others are likely doing similar self assessments.
  2. @revkevI really like the point you make here. The discipline required to complete the program is definitely an obstacle. I have not purchased the system for that very reason.
  3. @Reesedw, I had nearly the same round as you today. I’m a 16 index, and went out in 50. Holes 9-17 I played at even par, two birdies, two bogeys. Tripled 18 with 2 shots in the water to finish with a 90. Holy Toledo!
  4. I have two tee times this weekend. My club hasn’t informed us of when they plan to close, but two of our pros are heading down to FL tomorrow, so it won’t be long... I'm really behind in planning our annual winter golf trip. The last two years we went to World Woods in late January... Maybe we’ll try something new this year.
  5. Hybrids are tough for me, same trouble and chronic. I just put the Callaway driving iron (21*)in my bag. Gotta update the signature... It's been great, I can hit it off the deck with no problem, And off the tee it's a safe, straight, & decently long option.
  6. Interesting thread. I get great satisfaction from my career and have a great family. That said, I read an article once that made me think, wow, some guys have it pretty good. I can't find the article now, but the WSJ used to have a feature in which they'd interview someone (retired) about their career. A few years back they interviewed a guy who worked for IBM. His job was to entertain customers, specifically, every week, flying 8-12 customers from the northeast down to some some golf destination/resort in FL, the Caribbean, wherever. Every week, Tuesday or Wednesday to Saturday if I recall, he'd be playing golf. He did that for something like 30 years. Maybe he's Fredo or Johnny Ola type, but it seemed pretty cool.
  7. Rich Long Island NY 16 HC G30 white dot, 110 gm KBS tour I'd like to test the i210s. I haven't been selected for a member review yet, and look forward to my first opportunity.
  8. GSwag, I am very sorry for your loss. I'm grateful my kids are all healthy. My mother passed 16 years ago, my mother in law 13 years ago on my wife's birthday. Both deaths were very difficult for me as both were wonderful women. My father passed one week ago and was buried on Saturday. I love him dearly and was privileged to eulogize him. I am grateful for that opportunity and my faith that consoles me. I recognize that suicide has a horrible effect on loved ones. I hope your family continues to heal and that the healing loosens the tie to the anchor of the anniversary.
  9. I rent a 22' Bryant one week every year. Lots of fun.
  10. I'd venture that golfers with a six month season that play about 26 rounds per year will have HC distributed along a bell curve. The very best will be single digit, the peak of the curve will probably be high teens. Just guessing.
  11. Sounds like the lessons are going well! I'm enjoying hearing about your progress - I've been there brother, and the journey is tough, but a pleasure we golfers share. Enjoy the ride.
  12. My club pop is 4:15. That said, Saturday my foursome got around in 3:10, and 3 of us finished 27 in 5:00 (we had to wait a bit on the last nine). I don't miss six hour rounds at Bethpage.
  13. I've witnessed one, just a couple of weeks ago. Our foursome arrives at a 178 yd par 3. Pin is in the front, but just over a ridge so the cup is maybe a ball-diameter out of sight. Three of us tee off and I'm the only one on the green, just right and a couple of feet short- inside the flag stick. We don't see our buddy who had lost a ball on the previous hole and the second one he played had been lying 8 in a back green side bunker when he asked me to pick it up. He comes jogging around a dune asking me where tf is his LRF, I say I don't know, maybe stuck to the cart in its magnetic case right in plain sight dummy. So he's all frustrated and grabs a club, walks to the tee, asks the yardage and shakes his head, wrong club, what the hell, takes a swing and damn, the ball is on the flag the whole way, two small bounces and disappears. He's says, over clubbed, over the green. I say I don't know think so, my other friend says he thinks he saw it go in! Sure as hell, my ball is the only one on the green, his is in the hole! Won him the damn Nassau too. But we all got free lunch at the club! It was awesome.
  14. I've played the same putter for many years, but have been feeling the pull of the evnroll for a few years now. I want to get fit for stroke path first. My gamer is face balanced, and all of the evnrolls have a bit of toe hang, so I don't want to make an expensive mistake.
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