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  1. I am also cheap and third round free is a bonus. You should have stopped by. It was a great trip.
  2. More likely the third round of the day. Wow +2 Handicap. Even with my 2 handicap, if you show up I get strokes. As far as 3 rounds a day goes, that is standard for me on a golf trip. I live in China these days most of the time and don't play that often. That means the 3 or 4 times a year I take a golf trip I binge and play as much as possible. Plus, Bandon is my favorite golf resort on Earth. If you get there you have to play nonstop.
  3. I'll Be at Bandon June 12-14. It's nearly impossible to change morning and afternoon tee times, but, If somebody wants to join a friend and I and go out in the evening and play till dark, hit me up. No slow play allowed though. It's all about getting in a third or even fourth round every day.
  4. Played Saturday with my Dad right before he had to go home on Sunday. My Handicap has been trending up. I've been shooting a lot of 75-78's lately. However I had a very solid day going and through 17 holes I was even par with one birdie and one bogie. The last hole at my club is a par 5 so I was hoping to make birdie and shoot my first under par round in a few months. I got on in two and had a slippery down hill 30 footer. My Dad knocked it close in three. He was impatient and while our third was walking to his chip he went ahead and putted and made his birdie. My Dad is a pretty solid 12 and If he'd have beat or tied me on the last hole I would have heard about it until the next time we played so I said "well I guess I'll just have to make this for eagle because I've got to beat the old man!" I made the putt and finished with eagle to shoot -2. The only problem is I think I broke my Dad's heart a little. I really think he was happy for me because I had shot a couple 78's the other times we played and I think he was rooting for me. Dads are great like that. The only thing better than playing with your Dad is playing with your Dad and both of you playing well.
  5. I would love to test them and give feed back. Short game spin means a lot to me and it seems from your description that they are a high spin ball. I also like the ideas about making the ball easier to see.
  6. This sucks but I can't go. We had to change the date and it is a weekend that my wife is already out of town at a conference. My boys just stayed with their grandparents for a week so I'm not gonna pawn them off on somebody. I'll get in next time.
  7. Ok I have been thinking about This for a while. I'm only going to go with blades I have owned and bagged 1. Hogan Apex PC's 2. KZG ZO's 3. Mizuno MP32: if you can call it a blade because of the cut muscle. Maybe this can start a huge argument like Rover's 2 iron.
  8. That's the right attitude. You are overdue for them to start dropping them.
  9. I choked yesterday. Had a really good round going yesterday. I was 1 under through 10 even though I bogeyed one and two. The front 9 is the hard 9 at my course and 1-2 are probably the toughest holes. Then I hit one in the water and made double. Then I made two birdies to get back to one under. Made a great par on 16 draining an 8 footer then bogeyed 17-18 to shoot 1 over. I three putted 18. Straight up gag. It was a shame. I wanna shoot in the 60's like Rover
  10. Played with Zach (bestgrips) on Friday. His country club (April Sound in Conroe Texas) requires major local knowledge but was in great shape. He said he thinks that playing it some gives a member a 5 shot advantage. I played terrible but had a great time because Zach is super nice and a very good golfer. I also got a tour of the best grips shop and met Zach's dad who is a wealth of golf and equipment knowledge. I tried out a microperf club grip. It was crazy tacky and will stay on my Driver and had them make me a custom putter grip. It was a great day despite the poor play.
  11. I love my putter because with it I have putting aptitude. 27 putts today! 4 putts the first four holes. Maryland comes through again.
  12. Do you think our putter monogamy has to do with our profession?
  13. 1. Bettinardi Big Ben Mallet Center Shafted 2. Bettinardi Big Ben Mallet Center Shafted 3. Bettinardi Big Ben Mallet Center Shafted 8 years, same putter, still making clutch 5 footers. Putter Monogamist! To acknowledge any other would be a slap in the face to my Maryland (That is her name)! I often say Big Ugly Mallets for Life! I'm going to make a change. THIS BIG UGLY MALLET FOR LIFE!
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