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  1. I am also cheap and third round free is a bonus. You should have stopped by. It was a great trip.
  2. More likely the third round of the day. Wow +2 Handicap. Even with my 2 handicap, if you show up I get strokes. As far as 3 rounds a day goes, that is standard for me on a golf trip. I live in China these days most of the time and don't play that often. That means the 3 or 4 times a year I take a golf trip I binge and play as much as possible. Plus, Bandon is my favorite golf resort on Earth. If you get there you have to play nonstop.
  3. I'll Be at Bandon June 12-14. It's nearly impossible to change morning and afternoon tee times, but, If somebody wants to join a friend and I and go out in the evening and play till dark, hit me up. No slow play allowed though. It's all about getting in a third or even fourth round every day.
  4. I'm in and out. I'll be home the entire summer. Theo, want to meet me somewhere and play.
  5. Rick / Atlantic Beach NC Handicap 2.4 /swing speed 102 Current hybrid model Played: Sonartec MD 21 I would choose a 21 or 22 degree. I want a 210 to 220 club to fit between 4 wood and a weak 4 iron.
  6. Rick Emerson Atlantic Beach, NC Swing Speed: 102 I play B330 S right now. I bought an MTB X value pack the day after the golf ball test came out. I'm planning on playing the ball all next month to see if it can become my new gamer.
  7. Rick Emerson Atlantic Beach NC Swing Speed: 103 handicap: 2.7 Current Setup: 16.5 4 wood, 21 degree hybrid, 26 degree 5 iron, disclaimer; I only carry 11 clubs. right handed
  8. Hello All, I know it has been a while and I haven't been active on the board lately because I just took a new position teaching choir in english at an international school in Tianjin China. I quickly found a spot in my neighborhood that has golf on simulators. I made friends with the owner, a Korean expat who speaks excellent english and he took me to his country club for real golf yesterday. I thought I'd give a little review of my experience. Positives: Everything is first class. The golf course is in Tianjin's new international business district and the course is like a resort to entertain local and traveling business men. The nice western hotel and clubhouse on the property look like castles and you are given the finest treatment the entire time you are there. First you are greeted by a valet who hands your clubs off and parks your car. Then you enter the club and check in. I was given a guest locker and ushered to the ornate men's locker room where I changed into my golf attire. On your way out there are stations with different sunscreens, moisturizers, and other essentials to help with the sun. Then you are met by your caddies who have put your clubs on the cart and my friend and I drove our cart with caddies riding on a platform attached to the rear of the cart to the driving range. We warmed up with unlimited range balls and then went to the first tee. The course was immaculate, modern, and well maintained. It was a modern manufactured course built on flat land and it was difficult. Lots of huge bunkers and hazards and it was long. If I spoke mandarin the caddies would have been even more helpful but they did give me yardages and recommend clubs. At first there club recommendations were off but after a few holes my caddie had my yardages dialed in pretty well. They also ran ahead and marked your ball on the green, raked bunkers for you, filled divots, fixed pitch marks and if you wanted would use the lettering on the ball to line up your putts when they put your ball back for you. I liked to read my own so my caddie just handed me my ball after cleaning it. We stopped part way through the back 9 at a small house between holes that served Ramen, boiled eggs, and kimchi. It was definitely not your common american hot dog and beer halfway house. There was beer though. The kimchi actually was a very soothing and cooling snack for golf. Kind of like a nice pickle on a hot day for us southerners. When we finished we had a drink in the clubhouse while looking over our score card. Then we went back to the locker room. My new Korean friends took a 15 minute hot tub. Everyone was completely naked which is a little weird t us westerners but is common practice here. Then we showered, (separately, thank God) dressed (If I had been wearing my business attire I would have returned to pressed clothes and shined shoes.) and had dinner together. It was a top notch experience all the way around. It seems to be very similar to the way private clubs in the US used to operate or the way that super exclusive clubs in the states still do. My round at Austin Country Club a couple of years ago was a similar experience. The whole round was about $115 which seems like a great price considering all the perks, treatment, and food and drink we received. Negatives The biggest problem is the time it took. I cannot afford a membership and I was planning on using simulator and driving range to practice and then play every two or three weeks. The problem is the only way to do this is with Korean fiends and business associates. That means I need to follow etiquette and the social mores and customs of their culture. Including the half hour drive each way this was a 7 hour experience and while it was very satisfying personally I cannot justify it when my job already keeps me away from my family for extended amounts of time and with only 2 days off a week I cannot justify that amount of time away from family. It just seems very selfish. It is especially true when I can walk 5 minutes from my house and play on an excellent simulator for about $16 a round and it only takes about an hour, or two hours if I am playing with other people. I can also do it at night after my boys go to bed. It allows me to play golf the way most people take a quick trip to the gym. It has really made me rethink and be thankful for the accessibility we have to golf in the U.S.. What do y'all think? Am I being a cry baby? Do you think it would be an excessive indulgence to play golf this way regularly? Would you do this if it were the only way for you to play real golf?
  9. Hi Everyone, I know I haven't been very active lately because life has been crazy hectic. I have recently accepted a new position as the middle and high school choir director at Tianjin International School in Tianjin China. The whole family will move there at the end of July. Tianjin is a huge city and has many golf courses. However, I have been told by other expats that golf is very expensive in China. I have also read and done some research that seems to suggest that $100 or more per round is common for foreigners. However have also heard that there are reduced rates for locals and even some membership deals to be had. So my questions are: 1. Has anyone here played in China? 2. Has anyone ever played in Tianjin? 3. What were your experiences in terms of cost to play, memberships, differences for locals vs travelers, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I really like the brown. It might be the best looking modern wingtip this year.
  11. Rev, this is a great thread. I think that the bottom line is a person needs to do what works best for them. Pro's talk about working the ball a lot and so do commentators but I do not think most pros work the ball that much. All the pros have a stock shot ball flight that they play most of the time. The only pros that seem to constantly work the ball are the true ball striking virtuosos. You hear Johnny Miller talk about that on TV all the time. I also have read that Hogan did this. If the pin was front they hit it high if it was back they knock it down and skip it back. If the pin is right they fade it. If it's left they draw it. Those two are probably the best ball strikers the world has ever known. Also some of the super creative guys do this too. Phil does crazy things and so does Bubba, but they both still have a go to shot. For them it is the lefty cut. However the vast majority and even the best players in the world have a stock shot. Nicklaus cut it almost all the time. Trevino also almost always played a fade. Rory almost always hit a draw. Then there are the guys who are great players and have even in some cases won majors and they never deviate from their natural flight. Kenny Perry always plays a big draw. He aims out over hazards and draws it back to fairways and greens all the time. Bruce Litzke was famous for almost never practicing and not playing when he wasn't on tour and he played nothing but a fade always. We all have our natural tendencies. Know them and play them. For me the tendency has always been a draw it was a big one growing up and after college I worked for years on a fade to avoid the snap. I practiced a lot back then. Now I am back to playing a draw because I don't have time to practice and I have to do what is natural. On the rare occasions when i do practice I hit all types of shots. However, this is more to keep me focused and improve my ball striking than for when I play golf. When I was a +2 I actually hit a draw with the long clubs and then played it dead straight with the short clubs. I also try to adjust to what s happening that day. If I'm drawing it a lot I aim right and play it. If I'm hitting the straight push I try to aim a little left.
  12. I am a professional musician and like to do anything musical. I also enjoy cooking. I used to ride freestyle bmx bikes too but I got too old and tired of hurting myself all the time.
  13. Did you taste anything besides hot fire sauce. Of you eat that much siracha you also have to ask how it felt coming out.
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