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  1. Arias now has a CR-16 cavity back. It's got a shorter blade length, and what looks like a less deep cavity.
  2. 42 is the answer, but Earth was created to learn the question "This Answer was first calculated by the supercomputer Deep Thought after seven and a half million years of thought. This shocking answer resulted in the construction of an even larger supercomputer, named Earth, which was tasked with determining what the question was in the first place."
  3. I didn't know about the Jaguar connection, interesting. Crazy torque from that thing. I had 245s on the rear, but it would break loose taking a curve if I wasn't careful on dry pavement. If it was wet, I'd have to slow down to avoid fishtailing thru the corner. Those days are gone.
  4. Catching up on this thread.... Y'all are making me miss my old Toyota Supra, with the inline 6. Thankful it wasn't a turbo... LOL
  5. May have mentioned this before when this has come up, but the TG-898 set attributed to Nick Price didn't come out until 1998. He was likely playing either Frequency Matched Golden Rams, or the FX Tour Grinds.
  6. Now that my favorite Duo Professional is no more, I've been thinking about what else to try. And now have a couple dozen Elixirs in transit.
  7. There are a lot of variables in play. One of them is the inherent GPS operating error, the expected plus/minus from actual. Another is that GPS is only as good as the person who mapped the course allows it to be. If someone is a bit less diligent, there could be a problem. Quality of the unit involved is another. There's a course near me that had GPS units on every cart. We found it fairly entertaining that the cart GPS units would give different numbers when parked side by side on the holes. Sometimes considerably different. And there's always possible course redesign, post-mapping, to add another wrinkle. I've seen enough strange readings to not want to rely on it, hence my own purchase. The added irony, I play a course that happens to provide very accurate GPS readings. I know the woman who mapped it, she was a college golfer and both conscientious and meticulous. GPS users at this course are lucky.
  8. With apologies for picking on this small part of your post... With a GPS, the question isn't ±3 yds, or even ±5 yards. It's that GPS can be more significantly off than that. I've experienced 20+ yard variations in the past, often enough that I don't like using GPS at all, unless I have no other choice.
  9. I'd posted in another thread about my trusty TM Stage 2 Tour hybrid dying. Went shopping yesterday for a replacement. Had thought about picking up a Cobra King Tec, or possibly a Ping G410. Was at 2nd Swing yesterday, had the Ping in hand, then saw a new in plastic Tour Edge CBX 17*, with the HZRDUS shaft in stiff. And, priced some $70 cheaper than the somewhat worn G410. So I now have a CBX hybrid to use in that slot. Put a leather grip on it last night, it's ready for the likely rainy men's club round I have ahead of me tomorrow morning...
  10. Ironically, I used to be able to do a passable Elvis imitation, minus the singing. But it was mid 70s Elvis, and really just an imitation of another imitation.
  11. I've mentioned before my Ram Tour Grind affinity. Was sitting around last weekend, unable to play golf thanks to the glorious Minnesota April weather, after having played the weekend previous. As one does in such situations, the mind wanders... I began thinking of what I might do for rounds with a classic bag configuration. I'm already playing what most would call classic irons, it's an easy transition. I have a full set of Golden Ram TW282 Tour Grinds, and a nearly full set of TW276 Tour Grinds; I've been missing the 2 iron in the set. Was thinking of how I could rig the lofts of my 1i and 3-PW in that set, thought what the hell, do another useless search for TW276 on ebay. And I get a bingo, a rather nice condition TW276 2 iron, for a reasonable price. I actually hesitated a full minute before hitting Buy It Now. It arrived yesterday. Sharing a few pics below. The only real issue is that I need to reshaft it, and that set is shafted with NV105 graphite, something not really available anywhere. I have a tapered hybrid NV105, may use that in the 2i, and shaft up the 1i with something else that could be reasonably close in weight and flex. Not a bad problem to have.
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