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  1. I think you guys need to get out more. LOL
  2. This is a fun read. I went thru a similar start, hitting a fellow golf nerds blade iron, demoing an MP14, and diving right in that offseason. Then, finding a random Louisville Smart Driver at 2nd Swing, finding out it wasn't that big a deal to hit... now I have a decent number (of persimmons), for a guy who had never hit them before the 21st century, anyway. Watch out for that greased slope.
  3. Similar to me. I didnt play golf until just before my 35th birthday. I've long wondered how life would be different if I'd started earlier.
  4. I'm surprised reading all the angst. It's a once a year thing, that will only be a single Sunday morning. The final day of the English Premier League season, there are 10 games, all playing at the same time. It's called Championship Sunday. All the games are played at the same time so if there are championship ramifications, or relegation ramifications, no team has an advantage in knowing what result they need to win, avoid relegation, etc., before the start of their own game. They run games on 10 NBC-owned channels across the cable/DirecTV spectrum. Two hours, and it's over.
  5. On top of the other comments, not everyone has the same gap in swingspeed between their driver & fwy woods and their irons. They should be treated individually when making shaft selections.
  6. I would say fairly reasonable. I'm a cadet medium, been buying kirkland small, they're about as snug as any other small size gloves are. Maybe ever so slightly larger.
  7. I've been buying and using the Kirkland gloves since last year. Pleased with them, haven't had some of the durability issues others have mentioned. They do stretch a bit over time, but I've experienced that with higher priced gloves from other manufacturers, so it isn't an issue for me. Bought two four-packs a month or two ago, all four gloves are going strong. We've been having the gulf coast humidity portion of our summer, have had to rotate gloves each round and weekend. It could mitigate some of the wear issues. <shrug> Overall I'm pleased, which may be pretty obvious by my having bought two fourpacks this year.
  8. I'll say right away, I realize I'm replying and quoting a post that's a year and a half old. So, getting on with it.... I started playing these last year, and found similar to what you did, distance with all clubs was quite lovely, but I found I was hitting the ball shorter off the tee than the Snell MTB Black I'd been hitting. Was puzzled at first, and hadn't been paying close attention. Discovered it's the trajectory and/or spin. The ball was flattening and flying significantly lower than the MTB Black. I decided to bump the loft of the driver I was playing at the time (Fast 12 LS) by a degree, and started getting similar tee game distance to what I'd been seeing with the Snell. This is anecdotal and on course observation, so precision measure isn't possible, but I was in the same places on holes that I'd been visiting with the MTB, following the driver loft tweak. Adding a last comment, the wind performance of this ball is remarkable. It's not moved nearly as much laterally by side breezes/winds compared to other balls. TLDR version: bump your driver a degree or more loft than what you had been playing, the distance will come back. The about me, for those who might care... I'm a 7.x index. A former 110+ swinger who's probably in the 107 range these days. Was an rather high trajectory/spin player (7* driver, 20* & 7000+ with 5i) until a year with Eye2+ skyballs taught me to bring it down (and now age/injury also "helping" that). My 7 iron distance these days is low 160s with MP37s.
  9. It's friction, but it's not the grooves. Early tests with grooveless clubfaces produced more spin on clean contact.
  10. A fair number of the 7* drivers of Olde were actually 9* or 10*
  11. I don't generally take full swings with wedges, but I'm otherwise in a similar situation, albeit in the lower rent distance neighborhood. What I've done is drop the 3w and stick with the 2h. My course isn't particularly long, a 3w shot doesn't come into play often enough to make it worth the time. If I need a shorter tee shot, I find the 2h covers the need quite well. Part of my motivation towards the hybrid is a predisposition towards heavier shafts, which are much more plentiful in the hybrid world. Using a 105g iron shaft at present and love it.
  12. My bag is a bit of a revolving door, my sig may not be accurate. That said, here's what's in it now: Driver: Cobra Fly-Z+, XCaliber 7.5, TS, 44" 2h: TM Stage 2 Tour, NV105 S 2-PW Golden Ram Tour Grinds (1980), Dynamic S SW: alternate between Ram Tom Watson 55* and Ram TG898 56*, both DGX SS2x LW: Maltby Design 60*, 1.05 sole, DGS Putter: Snake Eyes Viper Tour Sv1, 34.25", TackiMac round zero taper grip Thinking about trying a ProtoPype 70 or 80 in stiff in the Fly-Z+. Also sometimes throw a King LTD 3w w/Black Tie 8m3 between driver and 2h, and swap out the SW/LW for a 58*, either a Wilson Staff PMP or Ram Watson 82 Commemorative nickel.
  13. I've been going in the opposite direction, in a way, by removing fairway woods in favor of hybrid use. Today's round, I'll be using 3-PW, SW, LW, with a #2 driving iron, and a 2h that I'm tuning down to 15*. For the most part, I prefer the shorter club lengths one can get with hybrids, as well as the heavier shafts available. My 2h has a 105g shaft.
  14. Live in Minnesota, which you normally wouldn't think is all that bad in terms of weather. In summers, though, we get long periods of hot and humid, that matches up with the gulf coast of the southern USA. I am in the midst of transitioning to leather grips. I've chosen the GripMaster Roo at the moment, like it rather well. If I could only decide on which set on which I want to have them. LOL I started with one club, and my first round with it, we got a drizzle the last two holes. That club came into play on both holes, and I had zero problems holding on to the club. It was perfect. If it were physically possible, I'd say it was maybe better than that. If you go leather, you have to select the level of tack you prefer, there's some variation between the grip models. I've chosen to go to the tackier end of the spectrum.
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