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  1. You're missing out on some prime lutefisk action
  2. Static weight, perhaps? Guessing your woods and hybrids are significantly lighter than your irons. When i swing a too light club, my swing goes completely in the trash heap. I tried my friend's G20 irons a few weeks ago, couldn't even hit the ball. He has lightweight steel in Ping G20s, I'm using 105g graphite, but my irons' swingweight was about 8 pts higher than his clubs.
  3. If it were South Carolina, I'd say mystery solved. Where is Bridgestone's plant in the south? Not remembering... edit: Hanson Group LLC works in specialty urethane systems. Greenville SC is only a couple hours away (where Dunlop Sports was/is). And Covington GA, where Bridgestone now has a presence, is pretty close...
  4. About five weeks ago, my hdcp reached 10, after having bounced between 7 and 8 for the last 7+ seasons. Had several rather ugly rounds in the six weeks leading up to that. Since then, I've got eight rounds posted. One 83, two 80s (amusingly, both this weekend), and everything else in the 70s, with a low of 77. I feel a little better about this frustrating game. LOL (side note: course par 71, rated 69.0/122 from tees I've been playing) I'm still making mistakes that turn possible 76s into 79s, and all that fun, but it's better than the mid to upper 80s I'd shot entirely too often starting in August. Also put my old set of Eye2+ in the bag, because I'm starting to hit the ball too low. I'm not the satellite scraping player I was even just five years ago. Aging is not for the timid.
  5. Been thinking about shafts lately, which I've mentioned, but there's a change recently.... It's increasingly obvious that I don't hit the ball anywhere near as high anymore as I used to. Especially watching a younger friend of mine hit shots that I used to exceed in trajectory, hitting the ball a magnitude or two higher than what I hit now. So, shaft experimentation is on hold. I may be switching things up a bit. Pulled my Eye2+ out of the golf room closet, the set I set aside because the trajectory was so high it created an unwelcome distance gap at the short end of the set. Put them in the bag for yesterday. I also own a set of ISI, which I hit even higher than the Eye2+. However, they have DGX shafts, which are a bit much for a full round for me these days. Combine that with the graphite shafts I've been using.... and I am thinking about picking up a newer set of Pings, with graphite shafts to suit me. Possibly delving into the world of Sub 70. Or... finally picking up a set of MP-14s, or reverting to the MS-11s that I also set aside due to trajectory "entertainment." Every damm year, I do all this crap at the end of the season. You could set a watch (or calendar) by it...
  6. (I know... I skipped the two level effect with a path down the middle)
  7. Aaaaaaaannnnndddd theeeeennnnnn.... You shall chop down the mightiest tree in the forest wiiiiiiiith.... ... ... A herring!!! <dramatic chord>
  8. Aside from the Arias irons that were mentioned in the first posts of the thread, the zeroest of the zero offset irons I've ever seen are the Tommy Armour 986 Tours. Blades from the mid 80s to the mid 90s, really have no offset. Might even be onset. Probably a bit difficult to find them now. Occasional sets are around, but they're not exactly common. I should see if I can track down an address pic of the one I've got shafted up at moment...
  9. Would you be talking about the Lamkin iLine grips? Humid conditions is a large part of why I switched to leather. I've got my own personal furnace , so when the temps get up and the dewpoint is 60* or 70*+, some grips can be problematic.
  10. I used to be a Pure Pro user. Theyre great when dry, but I found they are not so wonderful when you add moisture. Part of my motivation for switching away from them. Such has been my experience <shrug>
  11. After reading about them many times over a couple years, I finally took the plunge and tried leather grips. I bought a couple Best Grips MIcroperfs and a couple GripMaster Roos and put them on a couple clubs. They are the Real Deal. They're tacky when moisture enters the equation, even if it's just the humidity in the air. My grip on the club is ultra secure. We get pretty humid up here in summer, with 10,000+ lakes around, I've had zero trouble with the leather in play. I've put them on every club in my bag now. I ultimately chose the Roo grip (kangaroo leather), but also installed Kidd grips on another set, and a couple Master Perforated grips on the odd club. All have been completely awesome. They have varying levels of tack to them, but once the humidity kicks in, or there's a bit of moisture present, they're on the job. I used to worry about taking a drink of liquid in the summer, from the condensation on the bottles, it's 0% on my mind, now. Leather grips are pricey, but they last a long time. Cost ratio definitely on the plus side. I count them as definitely worth a look. Side note: I use an air compressor to install my grips, so I can remove them if I decide it's time to sell a club, or even just quit using it. Just pop the grip off the club, move it to another.
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