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  1. I've got a tale of two rounds.... Played in a two day men's club event, it was an individual Best Ball. Basically a solo ringer score from back to back rounds, net. OK, sounds interesting. Day One... we start on 10th hole. Putter doesn't really behave, I'm blocking tee shots, then miss left inthe latter part of the round. Have a couple Roberto Duran moments in the short game, I three putt three times. And make a nine on the par 5 8th hole, laying three in the greenside trap (club bounced into the ball sending it 45 yds past the green). And somehow manage an 85 out of all that,
  2. NRJyzr

    New irons!

    It doesn't necessarily mean less distance. We all have our own point of diminishing returns on club length, where increasing it does nothing, or even hurts your swingspeed. Which is how I have my drivers at 43.25" to 43.5" these days. Lead tape is my friend. This is independent of contact quality. If your ability to center the ball on the clubface improves, there's potential for increased distance. There's really only one way to find out how it works out for you.
  3. I've got a fair bit of experience with this idea. I've been playing a 43" - 43.5" driver for a few years now. If you're going to give this a valid experiment, you need to add weight to the clubhead to match up with the theoretical 3w that shorter shaft would be plugged in to. 3 wood clubheads are heavier, the shafts are tipped for fairway wood installation to compensate for the heavier weight, blah blah blah. If you want as close to apples to apples, you need to bring up the headweight. You will almost certainly hit the center of the face more often, but whether it offers overall
  4. I'm late to the party for @DechamBRO's purchasing benefit , but wanted to mention that Pinhawk has a newer Vertex set they sell, designed for those who like SL, but don't like the long iron performance. Essentially a two length set, the 6-SW are designed to be 8i length, the 3-5 are designed for 5i length. Allows you to get a bit more trajectory on those longer clubs. The 6i and 3i are also some form of hollow or flex face clubhead (going off memory), to add a bit more help with those clubs' distance and/or trajectory. Disclaimer: not affiliated with Pinhawk or Value Golf,
  5. More update.... I now have 63 holes in with my new Recoil Proto 125 set up. I'm getting improved lateral dispersion over the DG shafts. The shafts stand up to my moments of caffeinated rhinoceros tempo, maybe a bit better than the DG shafts they replaced. Trajectory has bumped up slightly, which isn't a bad thing as I'm not the satellite-endangering player I once was, but the spin does not appear to have increase. I'm able to vary the trajectory, such as a 7 hdcp can vary trajectory, LOL. I'm noticing a distinct difference between these and the NV105 that are my other graphite sh
  6. Had one of those "coulda shoulda" rounds yesterday.... Playing white tees with the usual crowd. I've got the newly reshafted Mizunos in the bag, and all clubs but putter have GripMaster Roo grips. Reshafted 3w, as well (good choice, as it happens). Start the round with two low stress pars. Hit PW on #3 to 10 feet, make the putt. Ironically this is one of the holes I didn't birdie last year, a 120 yd par 3. Go figure. #4, par 5 into the wind, fan the six foot birdie putt. Turns out, it was a sign, and not in a good way. For the next five holes, I developed a Roberto Duran
  7. Adding an update to this thread.... In the last couple days, I've finished a reshaft project for my MP37 set. Finally, LOL. I went with Recoil Proto 125 shafts, in stiff flex. And, went with GripMaster Roo grips, not just on the irons, but throughout the whole bag, except for the putter. Even put together a new shaft for my 3w (RIP Beta 90). I guess we'll see what we get, right?
  8. This reminds me of a Youtube vid I've seen. Guy compared a newer driver that I don't remember exactly, against a Cobra Deep Face. Threw up some launch data at the end, talked about how much longer the newer stick was than the Cobra. What was glossed over... the swingspeed difference between the clubs, because of the sheer club length difference. Such as I remember, if you compared smash factor, they were pretty equivalent. Since I already play a 43.25" or 43.5" driver anyway, I'm going to test this myself; picked up a Deep Face clubhead, going to put it on an NV75 at 43.5" and gi
  9. One of the things I did when I hit single digit territory was to stop hitting balls on the range before a round, and spend that time chipping at the practice green. It shaved another stroke or more. Amusingly... my first ever sub-80 round was a 79 on a par 73 course here in the Twin Cities. I wasn't having a particularly good day with approach shots; I wound up hitting only 4 GIR. I wonder how I managed to be only +6? Amusingly, I three jacked a par 5 I reached in two, and made up for that by chipping in for bird two holes later on a par 3. LOL
  10. I was very close to dumping my 3w and going with my 2h as my sole club between driver and irons. Of course, right on cue, my 3w began behaving. It's funny how clubs sometimes respond to threats. LOL
  11. If you really want to restore life to your wedges, give the clubface a hit with some form of blasting media, like Aluminum Oxide. This is the suggestion Tom Wishon offered many times in answer to this question. Really, grooves aren't the primary cause of spin, face texture is what will get it done. The first tests of grooveless clubfaces produced more spin than the test clubs with grooves.
  12. Another option from Billy Bob's Golf https://store.billybobsgolf.com/product/cmx-replacement-for-true-temper-sensicore-dampener/
  13. Played Friday, it was rather interesting, but not in a scoring sort of way.... Had decided to experiment, dragged along my set of Ram TG-898 with Super Peening Blue shafts. I was treated it as something of a last hurrah with them, as I procrastinate on my iron set reshaft projects. Who would have thought having double digit sets of irons would make it difficult to select two for use with the graphite shafts lying in wait? Got to the course a little too early, decided to hit the range. Hit the ball fairly well on range. Out on the course, I'm still hitting the ball fairly we
  14. One of the wedges I regularly use, when lofts permit, is over 30 years old. It performs rather nicely.
  15. Played in a modified Stableford event in my Men's Club yesterday. By virtue of my slowly establishing hdcp, I'm placed in the first flight, which plays the blue tees, everyone else plays the white tees. Course ratings are 71.4/127 vs 69.0/122. They use course hdcp, the event is based off net, I got 10 for yesterday's round. Wound up shooting 81 (par 71), with three doubles (ugh). Started on #10 tee, was 4-over on the first nine, then 6-over on the second nine. Adding flavor to that, the front nine is rated easier than the back. Yay me. Felt like I was fighting my iron game t
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