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  1. If only it were actually true...
  2. Minus 5 Fahrenheit as I type this, a bit before noon. We hit single digits above zero yesterday, for the first time in several days, it was almost pleasant. The people I truly feel sorry for are those in Northern MN, such as Ely. As I was typing my previous post, I think it was -28F in Ely. Ugh.
  3. A lot of us up here would love temps that high right now.
  4. Not all tapered shafts are constant weight, there are some (and have been) shaft models where the tapered version of the shaft was the same as the parallel version with the tip swaged (steel) or sanded (graphite). The Rifle shaft was a prime example. Point being, you have to check the specs with shaft models to be sure what you're getting. A .355 tip won't be enough by itself.
  5. Late to the party, heck of a read. I agree with RickyBobby, sounds like Srixon is The Win. Which is easy for me to say, I'm not the one paying the CC bill. LOL
  6. You should see Muirfield or Golden Ram 1 irons, speaking of tiny.
  7. The 125TX is said to be based on DGX profile. Theoretically, 125 Stiff would be DGS, then, right? In theory, which means "maybe".
  8. Chiming in purely to get this in my Contest I Posted In stream...
  9. I think it may be a good point to make a directed bump to Brother @chisag.
  10. This sounds similar to my story, when I started poking around golf forums 22+ years ago. Be careful, though. I now have 40-50 drivers, double digit iron sets, etc, and do my own club work. It can be a bit of Alice's rabbit hole.
  11. Yes, the higher the number, the stiffer the shaft is in that section. It's a frequency measurement designed to be an attempt to show shaft profiles. The beam lengths are listed across the top. I've wondered if the Recoil shaft (retail version) might be a better analogue for the KBS Tour? The KBS TGI Tour is said to be pretty close. I'm afraid i have profile data for neither of these. Because I like DG, I've tended to focus on shafts that are reasonably close to that profile.
  12. Sorry I can't offer anything on the Recoil Proto wedge shafts, but, I can comment on the above part of your post... In 2016 and 2017, I experimented with graphite shafts, finally chose one model, put them in a set of Golden Rams. I did so largely for performance benefits, I found my wind play improved, distance control, all sorts of things. Not to the point where my scores dropped very much, LOL, but the improvement was noticeable. After a couple months, I discovered something very interesting.... I found they were alleviating aches I hadn't realized I'd had. My wrists and elbows
  13. The Steelfibers are largely a stiffer tipped version of Dynamic Gold. It's appealing to those who like a stiffer tip, but might feel too strong for those who are more inclined towards softer tip section shafts. Here's the Wishon Shaft Profile data I've collected for the Steelfibers, along with DG for comparison. I threw the RIP Tour in there also, though it needs a disclaimer... the very low 36" measurement is due to the measured shaft actually not being long enough to have five inches in the clamp.
  14. I went the test route when I started experimenting with graphite shafts. I built test clubs with retail version Recoil 125, XCaliber TourX 105, Aldila NV105. I didn't try the Steelfiber at the time. I would take the clubs to the range, give them a decent bit of work, and also would add them to my bag for a number of rounds, taking the opportunity to use them in place of my standard irons on various shots. Even went out of the way to manufacture opportunities to use them. I also had been paying attention to the assorted posts on the various graphite iron shafts available by one
  15. Ping's change to actual lie angle for length additions and subtractions was always 0.75* (so it's been said). I have a set of green dot +1/2" ISI-S, which means they should be 1.25* up. This subject has spawned a lot of posts on golf forums over the last couple decades. Such fun. LOL
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