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  1. Btw, first time I’ve heard of SMT…this could be my next project!
  2. Good question - in order to give the best representation of what's available from Cobra today, we were only able to select "stock" options (listed on their website). However, there are many great options available (both woods & shafts), including KBS and Hzrdus varieties. Hope that helps!
  3. Thanks for organizing @Jnoble89! Still feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible test!
  4. Absolutely love this move (and community) - good luck to everyone that enters!
  5. Sounds like I missed a great one!
  6. Exactly what I’m banking on for next year!
  7. Sounds like you just need to adopt a Texas wedge going forward.... Unfortunately, I couldn't pull the trigger this time around - manifesting a similar promotion down the road when I'm more in the market for a putter.
  8. Awesome news - what a great set of testers!!! Can’t wait to watch this thread to see these reviews start rolling in!
  9. Thankful for this great community- Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
  10. This is great feedback - not crazy about spending additional $ on an already expensive putter, but I've been eying the Accra as I've heard similar good things about it (plus you can get it in white). Its going to be realllllly hard to not pull the trigger on this in the coming days...
  11. If anyone is looking to purchase a well-cared for Scotty Phantom 5.5, this may make my transition to a LAB much easier
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