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  1. I noticed one coming soon (may be done by now) at the Folsom, CA outlet mall.
  2. I own the 110msi 60 stiff and I demoed it as much as possible this past month before buying. My first impression was I can't form a hard opinion on the shaft. Everyother shaft I demoed for a new driver purchase would leave a strong impresion such as... soft, heavy, light, boardy, whippy, lots of kick, sags at the top, etc etc. I could find something to say about every shaft except the 110msi 60 stiff. It was like it didn't have a personality, but that was good. What I found after a bunch of balls was the dispersion was tighter than most and it worked for many different swing speeds, moods, tempos, etc. After a session or two what I think is going on is the counter balance. The shaft says 60, but it is actualy a 69 gram shaft that plays lighter - it's got the performance stability of a 70 gram shaft, but the feel of a low 60 gram shaft. It's not loose, so it works well with several different lofts in my range as it helps keep balloon balls away. The torque is 3.4 which is right on for me too.
  3. me too... The 3.0 is the perfect design if they made skinny, fast tires.
  4. Well, my design sucked anyway. I'm still going to order a white carbon fiber!
  5. Best Grips, How about I design the most intricate typographical design I can to test your new laser? Type is a good barometer because the details, forms and counterforms are very subtle and will test your DPI capabilities well. I propose I you my very intricate design and you laser it onto a white carbon fiber grip, no padding (thin grip), Bestgrips stitch and I'll test it on my daily gamer? I'm thinking the type solution will be about .5" x 1.5" and placed on the lower front.
  6. Index is 0.9 Arc - inside to inside tilted right. Think high draw motion - Tiger 2000 stroke. Toe must release. See below. Customization means personal, quality and knowing what you want. Not knowing exactly what you want is hazardous. Not to customize/design is to suffer design by deafault which may not fit. For golf gear that means having generalized equipment made for the masses selected by a committee (OEM) that most will never meet. Always know what you want and get custom.
  7. That was a learning curve! You went from "hide yo' kids' faces!" in that first pic to "Day-um, that's good" in the last pic.
  8. Ahhhh. I always thought D was the smaller sized last. OK, so for the thinnest feel I should order pistol with BestGripStitch and no padding under the leather?.
  9. Is it possible to order the CF white in the D last? Is the D last slimmer than the pistol shape? What's the difference between Hand Laced and Bestgrip Stitch?
  10. I think I'm in for a CF white with laser engraving. I'd like it as thin and hard as possible - like Pingman size. How much for the CF white with laser engraving? I didn't find them your site. Maybe I'll test out that 300dpi machine and see what it can do. What's the recommend maz image size for low/front side of the grip?
  11. My favorite golf commercial ever. So much emotion in that 30 second spot.
  12. To celebrate buy a limited edition Scotty Cameron. Stay very Loyal.
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