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  1. WHat did you go with and how do you like it?
  2. I miss my m3 but more time w SIM is needed. It has potential to be really good
  3. started golf with a 7 wood in my bag, hand me down set, played a g30 up until a few months ago when the shaft failed its durability test. not having it in my bag had made me remember how poor I am with a 3 or 4 iron. For a player like yourself I think youd find a 7 wood to be as easy to hit as your 6 or 7 iron and fly the same way, and get the distance of a 3 or 4 iron. Any of the new Pings woods are great the G30 and G were both good so maybe snag one of those at a cheap price, see if you like it and then grab a new one at the end of the summer when they go on sale
  4. Thanks PR. I haven't been able to purchase Tour 85 outright only as an option if im buying ping. What I meant was what shaft is similar on the market (profile flex kick etc) that I could purchase. Im trying dial in this Sim 3w and I loved that tour 85 in my G30
  5. If you guys have played this you know how sweet these things are. Im been looking for an after market shaft with a similar feel. Has this riddle been solved? Anyone play something similar along their travels?
  6. I tried a Green Smoke in my Driver and I didn't get on with it. Played an Evenflow Riptide but went up to an X Flex because I head it can be a little whippy.. I have played about 5 rounds with it and it has caused me to maintain a good pace throughout my swing. I can still step on it if I need to but I am really enjoying this shaft.
  7. Ive got one if you didn't pick one up yet
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