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  1. franks62591

    FS: Srixon 785 Driver / Tense Pro Orange 70TX

    Sold. Please clock/lock
  2. franks62591

    FS: Srixon 785 Driver / Tense Pro Orange 70TX

    Price drop to $500!
  3. Price drop on the irons. Let's get these sold!
  4. One item for sale today Bought it to test against my Taylormade but the season basically over here in Ohio so I want to unload it to someone who can use it. Price includes shipping! You cannot even order the PO on Srixon's website because they are so backed up in getting these out. Here's your chance to have this combo in less than 1 week! The driver... 1) Srixon 785 driver. 9.5*. Tensei Pro Orange 70tx. Standard tipping. Ordered 1/2" long so there is plenty of room to tip it if necessary. Grip is NDMC Align and is uninstalled. Comes with headcover and tool. Brand new, plastic still on the head. Price is $520 OBO ---------- Only asking close to what I paid when this shaft was a no up-charge option. Now the price is over $600 if you could even get the combo
  5. Couple items for sale today. I listed these irons with shafts previously but decided I wanted to keep the shafts and install them in whatever set of irons I choose to purchase next. Prices include shipping and are OBO 1) Srixon 785 irons. 4-PW. These were played 3 rounds and a few range sessions. Unfortunately, the range balls were a little sandy so the faces do show some scratches. Absolutely zero groove wear though just some superficial markings. The 6 iron does have a small nick in the leading edge and can be seen in the pictures. Weight of each head can be seen in the picture but please note the hosels have not been cleaned out so they could be ever so slightly overstated (~1g at the max I would guess). Price is $old 2) Taylormade Spider Tour. Red with sight line. 35" with stock GT 1.0 grip. Really good condition. The outline of the face shows some paint loss but other than that it's very good. Price is $160 3-4) Superstroke USA grips. Slim 3.0 and Mid Slim 2.0. Brand new condition Price is $20 each or $35 together
  6. Let's close this down. I pulled the shafts and the irons are heads only. $600 and they're yours! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. All prices include shipping to CONUS and as always, I am willing to listen to offers. Trade interests: Evnroll ER5, 355g. That's about all I can think of at the moment but let me know if you have something cool I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE. I FORGOT TO MEASURE SOME OF THE CLUBS BUT I WILL BE SURE TO DO THAT TONIGHT IF THE BUYER NEEDS EXACT MEASUREMENTS. 1) Srixon 785 iron set. 4-PW. Custom built with KBS C-Taper limited edition black shafts in 125 S+ flex. These shafts are getting really difficult to find. Shaft labels not installed but I will ship them with the irons. Play off of a 38.5" five iron. Grips are NDMC Align, standard size. I played these irons for 3 rounds during my Pebble Beach (incredible!) trip last weekend and they were in play for a few range sessions as well. They're still in fantastic shape. Only note is there is a small nick on the leading edge of the 6 iron that can be seen in the pictures. Price is $820 2) Taylormade P790 3 iron. KBS C Taper limited edition black 125 S+ shaft. Currently does not have a grip but I install one that I have lying around if needed. Pretty mind shape just doesn't fill the gap I need very well. Price is $140 3) Taylormade Spider Tour Red. Slant neck with sightline. Really good condition. You can see the perimeter of the face is losing some paint but that is only cosmetic. Stock black shaft and Superstroke GTR 1.0 grip. 35" (will double check tonight). I purchased this from eBay and never really played it. It does look like one of the weights may be stripped but I never tried to unscrew it because I did not want to risk stripping it more. Price is $165 4-5) Superstroke 2.0 and 3.0 USA themed putter grips. Brand new. Both come with 50g countercore weights and tools. Price is $38 together or $21 each
  8. franks62591

    FS: Directed Force Reno 2.1

    Sold. Please close/lock
  9. franks62591

    FS: Directed Force Reno 2.1

    Price includes shipping and is OBO. Directed Force Reno 2.1 putter with a large Winn grip. Length is 36" and the lie is 73*. Comes with the tour headcover as well. This putter is in nearly flawless condition. Any marks on the photos wipe off very easily. This finish is by far the most durable I have ever seen. These putters are actually starting to gain some traction on the PGA Tour! Price is $300 OBO Trades: Taylormade Spider Tour slant ~330g putter
  10. Robert Ohio 1.5 Srixon z745 4-PW / KBS C Taper 130x softstep 1x Ping i210 Would love to use my GC2 to provide some hard data comparison points between my set and the new Pings!
  11. franks62591

    WTS: Ping G400 Max - T1100 6.5

    All gone please close/lock if possible
  12. franks62591

    WTS: Ping G400 Max - T1100 6.5

    Head sold. $270 for shaft
  13. franks62591

    WTS: Ping G400 Max - T1100 6.5

    One item for sale today. Price includes shipping and is OBO 1) Ping G400 Max driver. Purchased new from JDsClubs on Instagram and was lofted at 8.8*. Shaft is a tour issued HZRDUS T1100 6.5 flex, 75 gram. Tipped 1/2". Plays 45". The adapter is installed on the -1* position. Comes with G400 headcover. Condition is very very good. No nicks or marks to speak of outside of normal tee marks. Price is $550 OBO
  14. franks62591

    WTB: Taylormade M3 8.5*

    Would love to find a Taylormade M3 8.5* driver head. Right hand. Adapter is a plus but not necessary. I would be willing to trade the things in my prior listing which include a Rogue SZ with T1100, Aerotech driver shaft, etc. Thank you!