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  1. Price includes shipping and is OBO You probably won’t be finding another Toulon like this Garage Chicago with plumbers neck T25 weight Not available chocolate finish LAGP 135 shaft 35” 72 lie and 2.5 loft Price is $old
  2. Did you ever try putting on grizzly grass? I have a 12x12 green and this would be absolutely perfect since I can get one full roll in a 12x length
  3. Can't get pictures to upload. Working on it!
  4. Price includes shipping and is OBO 1. Sik BAD1 armlock putter. I really haven't seen too many of these so I think it's pretty rare to see in the armlock version LAGP shaft Jumbomax 21" round grip (best armlock grip IMO) Full sightline on top 41" 6 loft 77 lie but I will adjust to whatever specs the buyer would like Price is $600 OBO
  5. Selling these irons for a good buddy of mine Price includes shipping and is Or Best Offer Srixon ZX-7 irons. 4-PW Modus 130 Stiff SST Pure Std length, lie, loft Tour Velvet cord 58 round These are in INCREDIBLE condition. Price is $old
  6. Price includes shipping and is OBO Not going to win the driver battle this year so I'm moving on... All stock from Taylormade. Stealth + 8* driver. Mitsubishi Chemical Kai'li 60x shaft (the shaft has actually never even been used) I've played 1/2 of a round and had 2 indoor simulator sessions. The smallest of scratches on the top, but TBH it's hardly noticeable. I tried to capture it as well as possible in the picture Price is $old
  7. Two putters up for sale Prices include shipping and are OBO 1) Odyssey RSX Milled 001 - no sightline. This has the crimped shaft within the hosel (one way Odyssey signifies tour putters). I bought this as a TC serial number 35” No grip but may have something for the buyer. Just ask Price is $old 2) Krew Golf putter. Appears to be a newer putter company but their quality is awesome! I recently look this in a trade and I’d like to sell or trade for something else. Their putters start at $800 and go up from there Swan center shaft neck. Nearly face balanced Beautiful two tone finish with the slightly polished topline Just short of 35” 345g (the smudge on the face is just sticker residue, I assure you the face is perfect) Price is TRADED
  8. Price includes shipping and is OBO 1 of 1 Kingston German Stainless Steel putter. Model is KP2. Custom stamping, rounded topline and bumpers, smooth face, and sight dot. 34.5" 347g 3* loft 70* lie This is about $700 new. I bought this last week and tried shake my preference for rounded bumpers but I just can’t. This putter is about as pure as it gets. Just trying to basically get back what I have in it Asking Sold
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