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  1. Prices include shipping and are OBO The first two putters were made for and used by a PGA Champion player. I'm happy to disclose the details to the buyer! 1) SIK DW C 2.0 arm lock putter. This version cannot be purchased through SIK. Has a double bend hosel, similar to the Bettinardi putters. Fantastic condition. Superstroke Flatso 17 grip turned sideways. Measures 41.25". No headcover. Putter sells new for $530 before tax via SIK and that model is only plumbers. This configuration is a special make. Price is $600 2) LAB Directed Force 2.1T arm lock putter. Lie is 68* and length is 41". Again, made for a PGA Champion and I have the text messages from Bill Presse confirming so. Superstroke TOUR STOCK Flatso 17" grip. Directly from the tour truck. 3 alignment lines. This putter has been used a bit more and shows a few small scratches where the alignment lines have been lasered. No headcover This putter honestly swings itself it's so darn easy to keep on line. However, as tall as I am, the lie is just a bit too flat for me Price is $old 3) Rife 2 Bar mallet putter. Nearly brand new. It's never been outside, only rolled a few on my putting green inside. 35" Price is $125 4) Fujikura Pro 2.0 TS 7x. Tipped 1". Golf Pride Tour Velvet 60R grip. Length can be seen in the photo. Used for 1 round and 2 range sessions Price is $170
  2. Feeler sale today. Price includes shipping. No trades I've been playing this driver for a few months but I recently got a Epic Flash SZ Double Diamond and instead of tinkering I may want to get rid of this and focus on the Callaway in the offseason. Ping G410 LST 9* driver. Shaft is a tour issue HZRDUS T1100 6.5 flex in 85g version. Pretty rare to find this shaft anymore, especially in driver length. I paid almost $400 for the shaft alone. Plays right about 45" and has a Tour Velvet grip. (I can get an exact measurement tonight if the buy needs it). Small nick on the back of the club. Absolutely cannot see at address. Headcover included and I can include a second adapter (no ferrule) Price is $550
  3. Selling a set of iron pulls today. Came from a set of Taylormade M5 irons. Tip size should be .370. 5 - PW. 5 iron length is in the picture. Grips are nearly brand new. Price is $55 shipped OBO
  4. Right hand. Good/Great condition. Adapter and tools would be a big plus
  5. Nothing other than a Ventus Black x flex or a Epic Flash Sub Zero Double Diamond Thank you,
  6. Make some offers on this bad boy I'd love to get it sold this week! Dropping the asking to $360
  7. Price includes shipping and is OBO Axis 1 Rose putter. 35" with a Superstroke GTR 1.0 that came from a Taylormade Spider X. There is not a mark on this putter. Includes headcover. Price is $360 OBO
  8. Any info on when this might be available to the public?
  9. Two items for sale. Includes shipping. I'll happily listen to any trade offers. Nothing in particular in mind. 1) Vokey Wedgeworks 60* V grind. Okay condition. Bottom grooves are pretty worn but I did use a groove sharpener to bring them back to life. Shaft is a C Taper 130x. Tour Velvet midsize grip Price is $80 OBO 2) Taylormade Hi-Toe 60*. Camber sole grind. I was told this was a tour issue wedge when I purchased it but I cannot 100% confirm that. There was some writing in Sharpie on the hosel that has mostly worn on. 4 numbers were written. Shaft is a DG Tour Issue S400. Lamkin Masters themed grip. Price is $old
  10. Price includes shipping and is "or best offer." Selling my Taylormade Spider X MySpider. Black body with True Path Alignment. Short alignment line in black. Flow neck hosel. Black CT Tour putter shaft. Red "X" on the sole. There is a small nick on the bottom of the putter and can be seen in the picture. Grip is a Spider X Superstroke 1.0. I pulled it and installed an 8g weight in the butt of the shaft and then reinstalled. Length is 35.75" and comes with headcover. Price is $320 OBO
  11. Absolutely will split. Sent you a PM
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