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  1. Great review! Glad that this club worked out so well for you. I completely agree though, I was really impressed with the 3 wood that I got. Not only the looks, but it sounds and feels great. I've only had the chance to take it out to the range, but even with the few shots that I hit it definitely gives me some confidence. That is really saying a lot considering the 3 wood is usually the worst club in my bag. For anyone that hasn't had a chance to hit any Honma clubs they are definitely worth giving a shot. Couple pics of mine below. You can tell right out of the box that there are so
  2. Went out to the range today mostly to finally get the chance to test out the Honma Big-LB and see if it could use it as my tee club until I can get fit a new driver. Hit about 10 shots with it, mostly good other than one push and one slice, but other shots were carrying 250-260. Pretty happy with my strikes because 3 wood is usually my worst club in the bag. Definitely recommend this club though if you aren't great with a 3 wood as it is very forgiving.
  3. Haven't had a chance to hit it yet with all the rain. Can't wait to get it out this weekend though. And yes standard loft is 14 degrees. Not sure if I can figure out how to adjust it. You have any trouble figuring out their non rotating system?
  4. Look what came in the mail today!
  5. I know its not a giveaway, but congrats @dlow206 on being chosen as a tester for the Titleist driver. I think you are the real winner here! Can't wait to see how it performs
  6. After watching a video on the new Mizuno ES21 wedges on TXG the other day I feel like I need to try them out. That forgiveness would really come in handy
  7. Nice! I just heard earlier today that mine will be shipping out tomorrow. Looks like we should both have time to take them out on the course before it gets too cold
  8. I know so far @xOldBenKenobiXwon a Honma 4 wood from Martin Chucks giveaway and i won a fairway wood as well. Have there been any others? Just wanted to add this thread so we can keep track of how many from our tagging group are winning these.
  9. Dang we got a pretty good group going on now. Should we create another thread for any winners from Instagram giveaways?
  10. Is that enough to knock the Honma out of the bag?
  11. This is definitely one of my luckiest shots ever, but this past Saturday I skipped one across the water to about 5 feet on a 135 par 3.
  12. Might as well add me too. Giveaways are pretty much the only reason that I use Instagram now @tpoole22
  13. Yessir! I cant wait to get my hands on one of these tr21 fairway woods! Have you been entering these too?
  14. This is awesome, hopefully you are up next. Now figuring out which club to pick might be tough
  15. Glad at least one of us has been able to win one! Let us know how it compares to your current gamer.
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