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  1. Hi Eric, thank you for your response. I’m not quite following the response of “different machines”. Is cycles per minute (“CPM”) an objective or subjective measurement/ number? If objective, then why can this number not be measured consistently, i.e., speed/radar gun or a scale? If this is the case, how do companies have machines that do not measure correctly and stay in business? If you’re saying that CPM is a subjective number, can you please explain why. Thanks!
  2. Is it because if there was a standardization it would lead to commoditizing (low/no differentiation within) the shaft industry and significantly decrease margins? i.e., do standardized screws or nuts & bolts have pricing power?
  3. - David - MA (and I have an indoor BB green for the long Winters) - game a Cero Satin 2135 - test the Cero Frontline slant neck
  4. David / Boston, MA U.S.A. Yes, I use Leupold GX-3i2 rangefinder. Thank you for the opportunity.
  5. Dave / MA 5.7 handicap / 113mph driver swing speed Taylormade TP5x (2017 version) I gamed the 4th generation of the XV for almost a full summer and found there to be a cover durability issue and this is what led me to the TP5x
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