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  1. I am very interested in the Titleist 2021 irons test. I currently play P790's and before I purchase these considered Titleist AP3's. But liked the forged feel of the 790's so I went with those. I am very happy with them but the new Titleist irons look terrific. Would love to complete the test.
  2. It seems that the small relatively inexpensive launch monitor time has come. I use a PRGR but would love to test the Rapsodo. It seems to be one of the best of the next level launch monitors.
  3. Would love to be part of this research and test. Primarily play ProV1 so this would fit with that as well.
  4. I really believe that these PuttOut items would dramatically improve my putting. I have tried the basic items a few times but would love to jump into the full process on this test.
  5. I have always heard positive things on Edel putters but have not owned one. I think I would be a good candidates or one of these.
  6. ER11 looks great (they all do)
  7. Sounds great! Would love the chance!
  8. I usually buy FootJoy or Adidas but try many shoes. Would love to try these!
  9. Bill Amesbury, MA Odyssey Tank 7 Any of the 3 but #3 is like my current putter
  10. Bill Amesbury, MA iPad and iPhone Both indoors and outdoors. I do have a net that I use and expect to use it most of the winter
  11. Bill - Amesbury MA Titleist ProV1 or Taylor Made TP5X Played all Top Flite balls as I worked for Spalding/Top Flite for 15 years
  12. Bill Amesbury MA I got this unit this summer. I have it set up on my patio now but plan on moving inside when it gets cold. It is terrific and works well with all clubs. I understand they aha e a 5’ x 5’ unit coming. That would be great for my basement area. I highly recommend this net. It is great. I use a PRGR LM with it and it works pretty well with it.
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