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  1. Mike/Prescott, AZ iphone 12 Primarily use: outside (no net) Secondary use: inside with a net
  2. Mike - Prescott, AZ I have used several hitting nets in the past. Do not currently have a net. Have never owned a launch monitor nor used one whilst hitting into any sort of net other than at golf stores. I would use this this net every day (fortunate to be retired and healthy). Would love the opportunity. McF
  3. Mike - Prescott, AZ Zelos 6 - regular flex Driver swingspeed - 88 mph Currently gaming Recoil Smacwrap 760 F3 in my irons
  4. VERY random selection of divot tools, ball markers, and logo balls from various courses around the country. Minimum 4 dozen balls per box - along with a few ball markers and divot tools. Medium Flat Rate box costs me $15.05 to ship. The contents are $14.95. Therefore: $30 shipped to ConUS.
  5. I've got a great set (almost new) TM M5 with graphite (KBS) 5-AW. Shoot me a # and I'll text photos. I'll ship to ConUS for $325
  6. I'd love to try this out and give a thorough review. Happy Holidays to all.
  7. Great deal - MISSED OUT Sold today on eBay.
  8. EVNROLL ER2 - 34" 385 gram head. TourMark RD 3 Reverse taper grip. Great condition. NO matching headcover. Will ship to lower 48 for $185. No trades right now, I'm thinning the herd!
  9. Same screen name for me - I'll take the high road and not mention the guy who stole my putter.
  10. Mike Prescott, AZ Gamer is currently on shelf - EvnRoll ER6 Recent shoulder surgery means ALL I CAN DO IS PUTT - so I'm the perfect tester at this point! I'll test anything, but Prefer the Elevado single bend (rt. hand)
  11. Thanks for the welcome back guys. Much appreciated. As for deauxrite's offer - I accept and will reciprocate up here at Talking Rock ranch
  12. I may be interested in selling a couple Evnroll putters. I've got an ER2 and an ER5.

    I'll post picks and info later. Just checking the interest. Both are in great shape. Probably looking fo $200- $250 + actual shipping.

  13. Hi guys - I used to be an avid user of this forum a few years back. I was soured on the whole thing by a nother forum user who screwed me out of a $300 + putter. I have gotten past that and hope to have my faith in mankind (and golfers in general) restored. I'm a 65 year old retiree living near Prescott, AZ. I'm laid-up right now recovering from a shoulder surgery, but I've got lots of potenetial buy-n-sell interest.
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