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  1. Terrific opportunity for some lucky spies. Hope I get chosen.
  2. Gently used 0211 PXG (15 deg) 3W with headcover. EvenFlow Riptide 5.5 (R) 60 gm. $175 shipped to lower 48.
  3. PXG DRIVER 0211 - 10.5 Degrees EvenFlow Riptide CB 50g 5.5 (R) flex Headcover included. Gently used. $185 shipped to lower 48
  4. I am in the market for a new driver - this would be perfect!
  5. Hey Fozcycle - Good question. The answer is that I used to keep a (back-up) set of clubs in Florida (while living in AZ) to make travel easier. I have now made Florida my full time residence so I'm just thinning the herd - so to speak. I seem to hit my Ping irons a bit more consistently - and they have AZ desert scars - so their value is not as high. I have a buyer for the Honma irons - so I'll probably upgrade soon. I'm looking at Sub 70 699, Ping G425, Tour Edge E721, and Mizuno 921 HM. Any and all feedback appreciated.
  6. These will be traded in tomorrow morning if nobody buys them. Last chance for a sweet deal on a sweet set of irons.
  7. Yes - Standard length, loft, lie. Sorry - I should have included that info.
  8. Barely used set (5-11) of Honma forged irons. Beautiful clubs in EXCELLENT condition. Factory originals with Vizard graphite shafts (85R). Pictures show the condition of these great clubs. Read the reviews if you aren't up to speed on these irons. They are sweet feeling forgings. Standard L/L/L - full specs available at https://us.honmagolf.com/products/t-world-x-irons. I am willing to ship to lower 48 for $400.
  9. I'd love to be chosen as a tester. I think I believe in the EDEL philosophy. Mike Lakewood Ranch FL 8.3 Index
  10. Would love to test the Honma driver. I have a set of their irons.
  11. I'd love to be a tester!
  12. Mike Prescott, AZ Currently gaming PXG Blackjack (Toulon Las Vegas is back-up) Impact 3 would be my choice.
  13. Mike/Prescott, AZ iphone 12 Primarily use: outside (no net) Secondary use: inside with a net
  14. Mike - Prescott, AZ I have used several hitting nets in the past. Do not currently have a net. Have never owned a launch monitor nor used one whilst hitting into any sort of net other than at golf stores. I would use this this net every day (fortunate to be retired and healthy). Would love the opportunity. McF
  15. Mike - Prescott, AZ Zelos 6 - regular flex Driver swingspeed - 88 mph Currently gaming Recoil Smacwrap 760 F3 in my irons
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