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  1. Darrell, Houston Texas Drives Swing Speed, 95 mph Current ball(s), Wilson Duo Pro, green, Titliest ProV1X, yellow (testing) No experience with Snell balls, read a lot and wanted to order the MTB-X in yellow to test, but sold out.
  2. If you want to see what I mean, what this guy at about 4:10. At first he doesn't set the bag all the way down on the bottom support, but then adjust. But the bag is still twisted, (because of that foot). I am not sure if that is an SM bag or not. he could have straightened it up, but it will turn eventually since the back of the bottom does not sit flat against the back.
  3. I used to use a Sun Mountain C130 and then a C130S. I really like a stand bag, but I also use it on a Clicgear. My beef is with that foot that kicks out the legs. I just hate the way it sits on the push cart. And tends to twist. I really like a completely flat bottom bag, like the Ping Hoofer or TM Flex Tech. But certainly get frustrated with the tangles in the Hoofer. I like the Hoofer 5 way top and club arrangement. Seems to me it would easy for Ping to have dividers that go to the bottom and divide each section. If the SM had a flat bottom, Id consider going back to them immediately. P.s. the Ogio's use to have the best tops in my opinion and best dividers. But my experience is that they don't last. The dividers come loose and fail over time.
  4. There’s a video where Guerin Rife mentions those dots. He suggested that you choose the alignment dot based on the break of the putt. I think it was this video:
  5. I mention this above but I had a chance to get fit at their shop in Carlsbad. Left with an 370g ER8. But once I got it on the course, distance control was awful. Sold it for something else. 2 years later I wanted to try again, but with a 355g head. I am putting much better with it.
  6. Which Tommy Armour are you referring too?
  7. Similar experience as above, I first tried an ER8. Actually was visiting Carlsbad and set up a fitting at the Evnroll shop. It was 33” with 370g head. After getting it and using on the course, I could not control distance. Either too long or too short. went back to a Scotty C&C, also a Piretti Bosa. But after a year or so decided to try again, but this time with the 355g ER 1.2. Much better. Love the soft feel off the face.
  8. SOLD Forsale: Tour Edge Exotics CBX 4 wood. In good condition, but has normal wear from use, but not abused. With Kura Kage Silver 70 FW Stiff shaft (I will also include a Hzrdus Red, 5.5 shaft. Also includes the original head cover. Asking $99 shipped to Continental US, see pictures. SOLD
  9. I have an ER 1.2 355g and love it.
  10. Plug this into google and it should bring up some results. site: forum.mygolfspy.com apple watch
  11. The Puttout and Puttout putting mat. I always needs to work on my putting and can easily do so with this setup. Tells me when I am off and speed too fast. Leave it setup in my office at home always available for 5 putts .
  12. 1. Darrell, Texas 2. HC 18, SW 102 3. Ping G30, Kuro Kage Silver 60 TiNi Stiff 4.G410 Plus
  13. If you haven't noticed the price is already starting to come down. Several sources selling for $177. Not that big a prices reduction, but maybe be an indicator of how well initial sales are going.
  14. Did you ever sell the Evnroll ER1.2
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