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  1. Yes, as I said in the 3rd post. I use them for display only.
  2. I use mine every round. One thing I really wish it did was to tell you par for the hole. I find it more and more annoying.
  3. I’ve been using mine a lot. Really like the screen/display a lot. Maps are still great. No issues with the device. I need to learn how to capture penalties and shot tracking. But I’m keeping it.
  4. Darrell / Texas Handicap: 15 Current Hybrid in Play: 19 & 22 degree Tour Edge CBX 119. What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: Consistency.
  5. I bought the 200 tee set, 4 bags I think. You can also get them at golf galaxy
  6. I use them, nice quality tees. I mainly use them because they match my “black, red & white” bag theme. They are fairly durable for a wood tee. I can typically get 3 to 5 drives from a tee. I also like the stripes, the help with consistent tee height. You can get all of this from other tees, but I like the color mainly .
  7. If I were you I’d post this on one of the Sky Caddie support forums. I have found them to be fairly responsive, although some confusing are lacking answers. But worth a try.
  8. SOLD Stitch Driver cover, white, blue and red, asking $37 plus shipping. SOLD
  9. Then why does Callaway do it? Why would a company have a business that has no ROI?
  10. Houston, Texas Nike Air Hybrid II Useful pockets, no club tangles, good club organization, simple looks, sits well in the cart.
  11. If there was every a time to get one, now would be it.
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