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  1. Darrell Houston, Texas Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds, no, I walk 20% but would walk more with an electric cart Do you use a push cart now, yes, BagBoy Quad XL
  2. I find it to be accurate. Nothing to get the hang of really, push the cart a bit to start the tracker, turn on the app, press “start round” and you’re good. Nothing to do but stop the app when the round is done. “Set it and forget it”.
  3. As far as I know, no disconnects. And I’m not looking at the app much during the round. The only time I look at my phone is to check if Arccos captures putts. I keep my phone in the cart, so it’s always there. It’s pretty basic Bluetooth connection.
  4. The Review 1/26/21 BagBoy Tracker – Official MGS Forum Review by Darrell Intro Basic amateur golfer, I practice once a week, play 9 or 18 once a month, if I can. I sometimes play more in the summer. Live and mainly play in the Houston area, but love to play other cities and states (working on playing one course in every state). So I play a lot of new course and one-off times. Been playing for 20 years, but only seriously for about 14 years. I’m about a 12 hcp and need all the help I can get on course. The Personal Questions - I play in the SE Houston, Tx
  5. Darrell/Houston Texas Yes, I can play year round, Dec and January Apple watch with golf work out selected
  6. Darrell/Houston Texas What IOS Device Will You be Using: iPhone XS or iPad Air 3 Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Outdoors only Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: No net
  7. Are you asking about a comparison between link and the watch? Link is better, period. Even the Arccos tech team told me not to use the watch. It’s still in beta. I tried the watch and it would miss shots and scramble shots between holes. If you have rain gear, just clip it to the rain jacket pocket. I’ve used the link for two rounds and a few practice holes, much better than my phone or watch. My only concern is loosing it. I clip mine on a pocket. Last round it hit the arm of the cart, just happened to notice it in the seat. I see some are making clips with straps. I may start
  8. Try polishing compound that you would use for car paint
  9. Yes, as I said in the 3rd post. I use them for display only.
  10. I use mine every round. One thing I really wish it did was to tell you par for the hole. I find it more and more annoying.
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