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  1. SOLD: Used but in great condition. Original box, papers, charging cord. Also new silicone case with clip. $130 Shipped in ConUS.
  2. Please like my WTB: Ping Alta CB.  Thank you.

  3. Please like my WTB: Ping Alta CB.  Thank you.

  4. “Muuuuust puuuuut credit caaaaard back in waaaaaalet!!!” This is so temping. I’m sick of waiting on the Garmin, and my annual bonus is coming. “Patients grasshopper!!”
  5. Yes, I just got off the chat with Ping CS and to my shock they were very helpful. Turns out no tip trim, just butt trim only. So this is great. I have the tools and skill to pull the tip but hate taking that risk if I don't need to.
  6. I'll do that, I guess I would be surprised that they would bother with someone buying a used club and modifying a used shaft. But they may surprise me.
  7. I have new to me Ping G425 4 and 5 hybrids. The 4h has a stiff shaft that I like. The 5h has a “regular”. Both are stock Ping Alta CB 70 Slate gray. I have been looking for a stiff 5h Alta CB shaft , but they are rare, have not seen one for sale. However, there are a ton of stiff 3h shafts and I have one on the way. My question is should I tip the 3h shaft before install and then but trim. And how much? I was thinking maybe 1/2” trim. The 4h head weight is about 239g and the 5h head is 245g. No idea what a 3h head weighs (if you have a G425 3h, and can weigh it, it would be much appreciated), but I’m guessing it’s in the 233g range (extrapolating form the other two). So that is 12g delta between 3 and 5. Maybe 1” tip? The Ping playing lengths are: 3h. 40.25” 4h. 39.75” 5h. 39.25” So about 1” delta between 3 and 5.
  8. Those look nice!
  9. I found a shaft, I don't need one now. I am looking for a good used Ping Alta CB hybrid shaft. I know the red is the same but I really want the slate gray to match my 4 hybrid. Prefer a 5 hybrid length but can work with a 4, 3 or 2 that I can trim to fit. Please let me know and. Price.
  10. I'm sorry to say that I think you are 100% correct? I really like my BagBoy Quad XL. But they don't seem to want to support the Tracker.
  11. Well the app has been updated (supposedly, but any time I try to update the old version is still on my phone and iPad. Are any of you still using yours? Mine wont connect and I assume its due to the app. Every time I open the app it says and update is available, 1.7 vs 1.0.12. And you can choose update now, but never updates. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times. Same result, wants to update, never does, and the tracker wont connect. I placed a call to Dynamic Brands. The lady on the phone tried all the same things I did with the same result, App wont update. They will get with the tech team and let me know. Been pretty quite on this thread. Curious if any of you have the same issue and if you are still using yours.
  12. Darrell Houston, Texas Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds, no, I walk 20% but would walk more with an electric cart Do you use a push cart now, yes, BagBoy Quad XL
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