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  1. I am pretty much a FJ loyalist and wear a Wide in all of the different styles I own; DryJoys, ProSL, DNA, etc. I purchased a pair of the Code Chaos in the same flavor as the OP in part because of the style and also the MGS reviews. I find them to fit tight on my feet. I typically walk and I have worn them once or twice while walking thinking they would loosen up which they really haven't. My feet are pretty sore after walking 18, after riding for 18 they don't seem to bother me too much. That being said if I can find them in Wide and in the color I want, I would definitely buy another pair. I find the traction to be better than any spikeless shoe that I have have and the look is one of my favorite. I still believe the FJ styles, for me, are the most comfortable walking shoe out of the box.
  2. Pat - Wisconsin 14 Exotics Hot Launch 3H - 19* Ease to hit from all lengths of grass & lie types
  3. I have had a pretty good run here in the past week or so and been able to get on the board with 3 birdies on 3, 4 & 5 (I know, low hanging fruit, but i will take it) Unfortunately/Fortunately recent and future furloughs will provide me with ample opportunities to work towards what has become my most important goal! Birdies. Well, back to it.
  4. Other.... With no equipment deal in place, I have a mixed bag. Sub70 irons, Titlest-Vokey wedges, Bettinardi putter, TM-M2 driver. I tend to use whatever seems to work for me and if the results are positive then I stay loyal within that brand. This is the first time I have had a complete bag full of clubs on this level and i am already seeing the improved results.
  5. The experience was very good. Jason took plenty of time asking about my game and what i wanted to improve. Then I hit a couple dozen balls with my clubs to establish a baseline. Jason started putting together head/shaft combos until the results showed improvement. It didn't take many combos for Jason to find the right make up for me. We did have to take some liberty in fitting for loft/lie because at the time of my fitting he wasn't set up to adjust that like you may see on the topline fitting carts. But once I received my clubs and I started hitting balls on the range, it was apparent he was spot on. I went for my fitting on a Friday and my clubs were at my door the following Wednesday. I spent the entire month of January going to Golf Galaxy and PGA Superstores hitting all of the clubs in the same class as the 699's and for me they performed at the very top of all the clubs I hit. I even went through a Titlest fitting at my local club. The top 3 irons for me in my elementary research were the 699's, Titleist T200's, and Srixon Z785's. With the results being so similar it was a no brainer for me to select the 699's based on value. I believe I also received a better fitting club than the Titleist fit, the specs were vastly different and results prove it. So if Sycamore isn't too far from you i would say by all means it is worth your time to go see Jason and go through a fitting.
  6. I didn't discover Sub70 on MGS but I did use the site to read everything I could about the clubs and company. Ultimately went to their shop for a fitting and bought a set of 699's. I did purchase and still use the Maxfli balls based on MGS reviews.
  7. How long have you been playing golf? Since my early teens, which means about 30 years. I did take off about 10 years while playing agent and chauffeur during my son's athletic run as a kid. What’s your handicap or normal score? Currently bouncing around the 14 - 15 mark. Late 2019 was hard on the index. What do you love about golf? I enjoy the solitude when I get to play alone. But I also enjoy playing with a group while talking stupid and having a few adult pops. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Been a member on the site since 2016 originally just taking in all of the content. Really used the site over the past winter while researching information for new irons and wedges. Ended up getting fit and buying a set of irons from Sub70 and Vokey wedges. Do you already know any other Spies? Not that I know of. Where are you from? I currently live in Mount Pleasant, WI approximately 20 minutes south of Milwaukee. What is your home course? I split time between Johnson Park in Racine and the Kenosha County courses (Brighton Dale Links & Petrifying Springs) What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best - The choices for top quality, affordable golf. Worst - obvious answer is the weather but we manage. What do you do for a living? Facilities & Maintenance Manager for a manufacturing company. How’d you pick your user name? Its my name. Not real creative.
  8. I tried to send a PM last night - got error message on my phone. Did you receive a PM from me?
  9. I am in. I usually play 3 different courses throughout the year but the one I have chosen for the challenge is Johnson Park Golf Course; I am hopeful for an early spring here in SE Wisconsin so I can get started right away. The par 3's on the card (holes 6, 13 & 18) are going to be the biggest challenge.
  10. Wisconsin 18 Odyssey Dual Force 660 (circa 1996) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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