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  1. That really sucks. i would havecto say that a big blame for slow play goes both to courses and the " hack"golfer. The hack for not playing from the correct tees and the course for not enforcing this.
  2. Great replies everyone. I thank you all for the time and thoughts. Maybe i am over thinking this. Plaid jacket- ill check out RF Gol. Thanks again all
  3. Thanks revkev. I'm planning on taking lessons (again). Agreed about the clubhead speed. i'd like to see if i can gain more distance. Also I'm working on speed and through the use of resistance tubing, i've increased the speed of getting my hips to fire but now with my driver, i'm fighting a big slice. It's a work in progress. Thanks again
  4. I loved the movie Utopia See it Feel it Trust it
  5. As the title says,what do you collect? I collect logo'd golf balls from courses Sorry if this thread is a repeat
  6. Those are beautiful clubs. Wish i had the game to sport them. My first set of clubs were the MX- 15 and finally convinced my wife ( or begged ) for a new set after 13 years. I tried Nike,Callaway Apex,Titliest AP1 & AP2, and TM M2. I then went to a local fitter and tried both the MP 25 and Jpx forged. I fell in love with the MP25's and now going to the driving range is pure joy.So easy to work the ball, something i just could not do no matter how hard i trid with the MX 15's.
  7. Looking at videos of my golf swing I have 2 issues i would like some advice on please. 1. I can't seem to get my arms past 10 O clock on the back swing. Does anyone know of stretching exercises to increase this range of motion? 2. I have difficulty bending my wrist at the top to get the club on a more horizontall plane. Any suggestions on this one? Thanks all and may the golfing gods be kind to you
  8. I have also been contemplating using one. I usually put them in my back pocket but unfortunately by the end of the round they are quite abused looking. i would like to protect them better as i keep my scorecards and have kept everone since i started golfing
  9. Osprey Valley is a 54 hole track northwest of Toronto that is an awesome layout and should be on anyone's bucket list. Walked 36 holes and then carted the last 18 all on the same day.
  10. I use my leupold gx 2i. Switched from Bushnell and locks onto the pin within seconds. I love this except that i found out ive been wrong on all my shot measurements when the flag is not in the centre of the green ( as yardages on scorecard are always to centre of green and a stupid oversight on my part).but otherwise i prefer the rangefinder if money were no object i would upgrade to the Leupold GX 4i
  11. Hello fellow golfers. Want to say a big hello to you all and introduce myself. I am a Canadian (reside in Alberta) and am nuts about golf. I always tell my wife jokingly, if you weren't beside me in bed, it would be my golf clubs The equipment I use are: Titleist 910 driver 9 degree loft Titleist 910 fairway Mizuno MP25's. Recently replaced by MX-15's and wow- I am in love. Nike putter. Ball - fit for a Titleist NXT tour s Also, I am a leftie. Yes - southpaws rule. Typical for a boy growing up in the prairies - right handed in life, but played hockey left handed and going to golf left handed was a natural progression.
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