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  1. Har in the Hat

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    I bought when as well and have not used it. What is really pathetic is that none of the sharpening knives is the same width as the grooves. What a useless waste of money
  2. Har in the Hat

    Photography thread

    Went out today and took advantage of the unseasonally warm weather.
  3. Har in the Hat

    What are you listening to?

  4. Har in the Hat

    Odyssey testers wanted

    What took you so long? And let the games begin
  5. Har in the Hat

    Fake memory cards

    According to a few articles I have read , this is a big problem on Amazon. Are you aware of it?
  6. So please share your secret... How did you get your wife's approval? I need to know
  7. Har in the Hat

    Driving range wants and needs

    I would definitely make sure demo days are part of the equation. I see that they are big draws.
  8. Har in the Hat

    Odyssey testers wanted

    You have that right. They are great looking putters
  9. Har in the Hat

    Big boys or the little guy

    Thanks for the info
  10. Want to test the new Odyssey putter? Go to Odyssey on Instagram
  11. Guys. As I have been planning and organizing the NorthWest golf outing for MGS, I have been thinking why do we not have a get together in a central location for anyone interested. Now it is a little late to plan and organize for 2019, but what is your thought for a 2020 MGS golf outing in a central American location for anyone interested. What are your thoughts.
  12. Har in the Hat

    Big boys or the little guy

    I know that Luke Donald was (is) their main professional rep. Was there anyone else? I'm drawing a blank on who else sports their irons on your.
  13. Har in the Hat

    Big boys or the little guy

    Correct. They are big overseas and that is evident by their European and Japanese websites compared to the American website. Your explanation makes sense about their position. Thank you
  14. I think this topic goes here. Today, Bettinardi released some swag on their website... Especially Hawaiian themed stuff. I almost pulled the trigger and bought the divot tool and ball marker..but I hesitated.. looked at the price and then decided.not to. $85 US for the divot tool .
  15. Har in the Hat

    Would you be interested in MGS Virtual Golf League

    Awesome @SteddyGolf I'll definitely join. And if you need any help with anything towards this, let me know.