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  1. Har in the Hat

    new Guy

    Gladly discuss golf with you
  2. Har in the Hat

    HELP WANTED: One (1) MyGolfSpy Forum Moderator

    Hari Hdcp -19 Put my name in the hat please Kidding.
  3. Har in the Hat

    Back to the basics-Skipping rope

    Did it.went out and bought a jump rope and am doing it on a daily basis as part of my routine. The first few days were basically hilarious attempts at trying to coordinate my hands with my feet. I'm into about day 5 and am doing about 13-20 jumps at a go. I found this video that I thought I'd share ( no,not of me)
  4. Har in the Hat


    I don't do much yoga so I really cannot say on that but just think of static meaning stationary and dynamic - in motion
  5. Har in the Hat


    Static stretching is where you stretch and hold it for a length of time , say 30 seconds. dynamic stretching is going back and forth to the stretch position ( ie like doing a push up). New studies have revealed that static stretching just before playing does more harm than good. Static stretching should be done a minimum of 2 hours before if need be prior to golfing
  6. Nice surprise to come home to. Finally arrived.
  7. Har in the Hat

    New Equipment Idea

    You' just asking for it, aren't ya?
  8. Har in the Hat


    Do we have the ability to do polls?
  9. Har in the Hat

    Tried the Wilson Cortex - Initial Thoughts & Pics

    Why?? It' s just a driver that got hyped up by a television show.
  10. Har in the Hat

    Tried the Wilson Cortex - Initial Thoughts & Pics

    Thank you so much for the review. I enjoyed reading it immensely.
  11. Har in the Hat

    Thoughts on Hogan PTx?

    Theo What don't you like about the shafts?
  12. Har in the Hat

    New Equipment Idea

    You could start to carry.....
  13. Har in the Hat

    New member from Rotterdam

    Welcome from
  14. Har in the Hat

    What's your view on tape on the face of demo clubs?

    Shopping at a big box store up here in Canada (Golftown), they won't let people hit clubs without taping them ( my experience with them and what I've seen) but they don't do that for the putters. They must have had some bad experiences that resulted in some expensive putters not being sold due to scuff marks.