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  1. Yes. My first thought as soon as I woke up. I'm getting to old to multitask. Thanks Stud
  2. Can I ask a quick question. I realize that the answer to my question would be to go through 13 pages of posts, but...... Where are you guys at with this challenge? Club's in hand and testing? Or still smack talking each other?
  3. Thanks all. Tonight is the second night in a row I've logged onto MGS. It's really nice to connect with you guys again. I quickly peruse this site once in a while but usually am at a loss of things to say. Being out of the loop I guess. I'm excited about the golf outing that some of us spies are going to attend next month. I'm sure there will be lots of pics and good conversation.
  4. Congratulations. So glad to hear this. I lived the pic of you and the smile .
  5. This is the first time I have ever heard someone relate "cool" to golf. Interesting. Can I ask what your thoughts are why you think this?
  6. Not to late if you're still interested? We would love to have you. Let me know as I am asking the group for confirmation for each day.
  7. Maybe this was mentioned befor. Sunmountain has a cart bag with legs on it for use at the range.
  8. Great introduction guys. Really enjoyed reading them.
  9. Tee times booked . Please see your messages. Thanks
  10. Well, finally. On the weekend I had to think long and hard about whether I should hit the driving range or not. And so I did. First time hitting the club's. Felt kinda nice to hit balls but was not really excited. Someone please give me a swat alongside my head. Went out again tonight and I saw the head pro and a few others I knew and went over and it was nice to talk to them again. I enjoyed seeing them. They noticed I haven't been around. When I got back home, I started exercising again. I think I'm getting back into this golfing thing. What is really surprising is that I have never before been so hesitant as I am now about whether to go out or not. Geez How are you guys, my friends doing?
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