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  1. I've been using the Vivoactive 4 for a couple years now. Works great as a golf watch alongside being my everyday watch. It would be nice to not have to download new courses from my phone beforehand though.. I guess I will have to upgrade to the Approach S62 at some point!
  2. When I was in Vegas I played Bali Hai, Paiute (Wolf), Rio Secco, and Cascata. Out of these, Cascata is definitely the nicest and is a great experience; however, I would not call it moderately priced... If you are playing more than 1 round, Cascata and Rio Secco have a deal to book both courses at a small discount (this is what I did). The deal isn't cheap, but it was well worth it! Paiute is a great resort a little north of Vegas and I would also highly recommend it. They have 3 courses on property, so you'll have plenty to chose from, just watch out for the wind! As for Bali Hai, it's right off the strip and has some good views of the strip from the course. It's fun with some memorable shots, but doesn't quite compare to the others I mentioned...
  3. I've been playing Bridgestone Tour B RX in yellow for a few seasons. Prior to that I was playing the Tour B RXS and Callaway Chrome Soft (Also in yellow of course!). I may dabble in some different balls once the new Ball Test comes out, it's about time I revisit my own ball testing...
  4. I used to wear traditional watches, and would always take them off when I played golf. I then got a Fitbit for the activity/heart rate functionality and got used to wearing it while golfing. However, the Fitbit didn't offer any golf features, and I missed the traditional style watches, so I'm now wearing a Garmin VivoActive 4. It really didn't take any extra time to get used to golfing with it on after switching from the fitbit (even though it was significantly larger), and now I get all the activity/hr features, golf GPS, and a more traditional style (I also put a stainless steel link band on it). This watch stays on all day everyday except for showers and charging .
  5. I've always just had 1 pair of golf shoes at any one time, but I recently purchased 2 new pairs, and might even buy another. Why you might ask? Awkward Feet! I'm not sure if my feet are getting more misshapen over time, or if all shoes are just getting narrower and/or wider, but I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit correctly. D width shoes are too narrow and 2E width shoes are too wide. My Goldilocks width would be an E, but of course no one purposefully makes that size. Instead, I have to try on dozens of shoes until I find that one model that has a wider than normal D, or a narrower than normal 2E. This time, I stumbled onto the Callaway Solana TRX after 2 different golf stores. After the Callaways still felt good after a couple rounds, I bought a 2nd pair! I'm now thinking about buying a 3rd pair just so I can prolong the future shoe search a little longer! I mean they do come in 3 colors, and I already have the White and the Black... Does anyone else have this much trouble finding shoes??
  6. I love my pushcart! I don't walk as often as I should, although the majority of my rounds recently have been walking because of Covid, but I do enjoy walking courses. If I had to rely on carrying my bag instead of using a push cart, I wouldn't walk at all. Carrying a bag for a round just simply puts too much stress on my back.
  7. I voted for a lefty club on the basis that this would probably help out in that one random situation than any of the other specialty clubs would. The times I would use the other stated specialty clubs, I could think of different ways of utilizing my current set for those situations. There have been a handful of times I have played lefty out of trouble, but I have resorted to flipping a club upside down to play. Carrying an actual lefty iron would make this much easier! I like to mess around lefty as it is (have a driver and 5w that a friend gave me) but I don't have any irons. Seeing as I only play with 13 clubs in the bag right now, I might just bag a lefty club...
  8. I have the Bagboy Compact 3. It's a sturdy cart and has a decent amount of storage available. I sometimes wish I had the swivel front wheel for easier maneuverability around greens, but that's about the only negative I've found. It also folds into a fairly small size for easy transport.
  9. I say both! I have a Garmin watch, for everyday use, that I also use on the course for my GPS yardages and a Bushnell rangefinder. They both have their advantages. I use the GPS mainly for any non-approach shots and the rangefinder mainly for my approach shots. However there is still a bit of mix/matching based on the situation. I like having both available, and often times find myself looking at GPS on every shot (even after using my rangefinder) simply because it is on my wrist and simple to check. But previously being a rangefinder only golfer, you HAVE to have some kind of GPS backup, even if it's simply a free phone app, just so blind shots don't affect you. I used to have to fish around for my phone/app when faced with a blind shot, now, I just look at my watch, which even has a green direction functionality built in .
  10. A shelter in place order was given for all non-essential business employees in my area. All the courses are closed that I'm aware of and will remain closed until April 7th. I couldn't play right now if I wanted to...
  11. Based on what I wear, my sponsors would be very mixed! Polos: Puma Pants: Adidas Hat: Black Clover Shoes: Nike
  12. Way back on the first page of this thread I said that I have a love/hate relationship with hybrids... Well, I'm currently in the love phase! I have dropped my 4i and replaced it with a 22* hybrid! Going to a heavier shaft (85g) in the hybrid seems to have helped with my consistency. As for the woods, I'm still rocking the 5w (have a new one on the way!) but am dropping the 3w. When I went through my long game fitting, I hit my 3w and 5w the same distance and couldn't find a 3w that I could hit further than a 5w! So I now have an extra spot in the bag for something... I just don't know what yet! Sent from my SM-G970U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. I think the SC 200 would be the better overall unit, but the biggest consideration is the use of the SuperSpeed program. @revkev, correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that the SC 200 will only work when hitting a ball, so it wouldn't be able to be used for measuring the speed of the SuperSpeed clubs. The one nice thing about the SSR unit is that you can use it for both the training clubs and normal shots. But I will admit, if I wasn't given the SSR unit for the review, I would be leaning towards the SC 200. I think it is more useful in the long run. Even if you can't measure the training speeds, in the end, the results from the program are what we're most interested in!
  14. Yea, the ball speed numbers appear to be fairly accurate. The last time I used the unit like this was a few weeks ago and I was seeing driver ball speeds in the 135-140 mph range with the odd 145 mixed in. I hit my driver on Trackman on Saturday and my ball speeds ranged from 139-142. But keep in mind that these were on different days with range balls vs premium balls. I've also used the unit for measuring mid iron ball speeds, and while I think these are fairly accurate as well, I don't have a recent comparison for the numbers... Sent from my SM-G970U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. Long-term Update: Almost a year has passed since we started the review for the SuperSpeed program, and I wanted to make sure I provided a long-term update on how my swing speed has progressed. I just got back from my long game fitting at Cool Clubs. This is the first time I have been on a launch monitor since going through the SuperSpeed program, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I do have a couple big disclaimers before I go over the results… I dropped off of the SuperSpeed program soon after the Stage 2 reviews and have not done any of the speed protocols for close to 8 months. I started taking lessons in April of this year and have had distance gains through the improvement of my swing. Now let’s take you back to the original review.. Prior to starting the SuperSpeed protocol, my average driver swing speed was a measly 90.5 mph. By the end of my stage 2 review, I had increased my average driver swing speed to 96.4 mph, with my fastest swings being around 103 mph (All measured on the supplied Swing Speed Radar). One of the biggest disappointments I had after using SuperSpeed, is that while I was gaining swing speed, I wasn’t seeing any distance gains on the course. This tied with a busy schedule, prompted me to put away the SuperSpeed clubs. There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not the swing speed increases are permanent, or will decay over time without the continued use of the SuperSpeed clubs. Having not done a speed protocol in 8 months, I believe that I can now answer that. All of my recent club fittings have been done at Cool Clubs, with the same fitter, on Trackman. My first fitting was for Driver and took place about 6 months prior to starting the SuperSpeed program, I will be referring to this as my baseline. At the end of my long game fitting, I took a few swings with Driver to gather some comparison numbers. Here are the averages: * I just realized that I entered the wrong smash factor for the baseline. The baseline Smash Factor should read "1.42". Despite having put away SuperSpeed 8 months ago, I am still maintaining a 7 mph club head speed increase and have had a ball speed increase of 10.6 mph, which has resulted in an additional 18.9 yards of carry and 21.4 yards total. Now if I could only figure out how to move my angle of attack towards the positive side… There are still yards to gain at my current swing speed! So for those of you who are worried about losing club head speed after ending the SuperSpeed training, I don’t think you have much to worry about. In my case, simply continuing to play on a regular basis has allowed me to maintain the swing speed increases from the program.
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