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  1. Sub 70 849 Pro Driver


    This is one very sleek looking club.  If it performs as good as it looks I will be very happy.

    For something a bit different from the standard club photos, I thought I’d give MyGolfSpy readers an inside at the 849 Pro head vs the G400 SFT. The other reviewers have the standard photos well covered





    I live and play golf on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, about an hour’s drive southwest of Melbourne. 

    The Bellarine is blessed with some great golf courses, including 4 rated in Australia’s top 100. My club is Curlewis Golf Club, where I play the majority of my golf.  I live a few minutes from the course, and drive past every day on my way to work.   https://curlewisgolf.com.au/pages/about-the-course

    I’ve been playing for over 30 years, 20 of those seriously. The vast majority of my golf is in formal competitions, which is normal for golf in Australia. Only competition rounds are allowed for handicapping, and every competition round is entered into the Golf Australia handicap site.

    On course, (and off) I love a bit of banter, and try to enjoy myself, while still trying to score the best I can. I spent the first half of my golf “career” just turning up and playing, never practicing at all.

    My oldest daughter started playing when she was about 6, and started attending weekly junior clinics with the club pro when she was about 10. While these were on, I filled in time with some practice, and my handicap dropped from 10-12 down to 6 in 4 months. Amazing to see what a bit of practice can do.

    I love the constant challenge that golf offers, and both the competitive and social aspect of the game.  While I enjoy the occasional scramble or 4BBB, I love the fact that what I score on the course is usually entirely up to me, be it good or bad.



    My handicap is currently 6.8, based mainly around a solid game off the tee, solid fairway woods and a competent chipping and putting game.  Covid has had a significant impact on my ability to get on course, but hopefully things are improving in that area.

    I currently play a Ping G400 SFT driver. I was fitted for this when my swing was going through a stage of poor setup and alignment. My swing and setup have improved this year after a lesson and some work, resulting in me missing left more often. The SFT may have too much left bias for my current swing. I played my previous driver for around 10 years as I couldn’t find anything that performed significantly better for me until the G400. I’m not one to change equipment unless I think it will help lower my score.  My driver swing speed is around 105mph, except when I really try to smash one, when it probably comes down.


    I recently started using a Shotscope V3 tracking watch, which is I plan to use during the review.  I’m planning on obtaining some more data on my current driver, and switching to the 849 Pro on course once I’ve got the adjustments to loft, face angle, and weights optimised.  I have tagged the 849 Pro as a 2 wood on my Shotscope, hopefully the strokes gained data doesn’t get skewed. My rationale was that I want to be able to get data from the same round for both drivers. I’ll see how that goes.

    We’re coming into summer here, and with daylight savings starting this weekend I should have lots of opportunity to get on the course.



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