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  1. @Wedgie @JohnSmalls my numbers on SW full shots with GCquad were negligible. The Gamer flew a little further and higher throughout the bag though and spun a little less. Interesting your numbers were so different! BC we both use a Srixon (yours is the ZStar and mine the XV).
  2. Some good shots there! What ball do you normally game? @Jackal I found the ball to feel softer than the Srixon ZStarXV off of tee shots with my TMade Sim Driver. Ball does roll pretty good on putts! I find the ball to go a higher so it stops because of descent angle.
  3. @Wedgie not at all a bad thing to have two balls. I switched to the ProV back in the day when it was cold. Having a softer cover ball just gave me a better feel on cold days.
  4. Sand Test - goal was to see if there was any cover damage. I hit consecutive 14 wedge shots and noticed minimal wear on the cover of the ball. Ball performed well and no noticeable difference in the Gamer and ZStarXV. I do notice more spin when using a ProV from the sand. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. That is interesting, I have had great results with the putter and the ZStarXV. I use an Odyssey putter so it has a soft face...
  6. I noticed the cooler, windier weather resulted in a bigger performance drop than the ZStarXV. Might be the ball is a more of a gamer in hot weather. Could be an interesting test next summer on a hot day. This might be a gamer ball for the long drive holes at a scramble!
  7. I noticed that my partial wedge shots flew about the same distance and maybe a little bit higher flight and less spin. The higher ball flight resulted in the ball stopping in similar fashion to the ZStarXV. The greens were not firm and fast though. Would be interesting to test the ball on firm and fast greens. Chipping, the ball felt soft and spun similarly to the ZSarXV, I was pretty impressed with this observation of the gamer!
  8. I finished my initial observations from last week. On the back nine I played a match play event between the Srixon ZStar XV and the Gamer. Results: The Gamer won 3 holes (12, 15, 16) to the ZStar's 1 (18). I played well and no holes were given so this was a fun match. I was consistently longer off of the tee with the Srixon on this day. Observations from a 15MPH wind: The Srixon flew further on this day leading me to assume the Gamer may be effected by the wind more. The Gamer was shorter when the wind was hitting it compared to the first day I used it without wind and it seemed lo
  9. I think it is a Gamer! I have played two rounds with it and there is minimal difference between my normal gamer (Srixon). I think the cover is more durable on the Gamer, however the higher ball flight was getting hit by the wind during a couple of my tee shots.
  10. My plan for testing include outdoor and indoor: 1) Get an initial feel for the ball putting, chipping, and then on the course. Playing two balls side by side for all shots. Record the outdoor observations. New Gamer ball 10 sand shots bunker - test cover Chip and putt to see feel and spin compared to XV. 2) Test the ball indoor using the GCQuad and a Foresight to get spin and ball speed. Hitting 6 shots with Srixon and 6 shots with the Gamer. I will throw out 1 shot for a total of 5 shots each. I will probably do this a couple of times. SW (full and partial
  11. I was able to putt on the perfect practice matt, chip outside, and play 9 holes yesterday hitting two shots (1 with Srixon and 1 with gamer) to get an initial feel for the ball compared to my Srixon ZStar XV. Initial feel observations: maybe a little firmer feel on the putting, softer feel on driver and full shots, chipping was similar feel. Distance: The gamer flew further and higher than the XV the majority of the time (course was wet so no roll out). Short game Spin: the XV spun back on full wedges a bit more than the gamer. Overall it was quality and I definitely no
  12. I received the Gamer Balls. Initial impressions Wins: cover feels good, color of the box, ball logo, performance characteristics Losses: I think the picture of the golfer playing the golf guitar is too much, I think the 11/10 for distance is overboard marketing... Needs: get rid of the guy on the box, add realistic performance characteristics...feel can’t be a 10/10 if it’s the firmest ball out there, use the side logo on the top of the box and the sleeves (that all black look would be saucy). Ah has: Interesting dimple pattern!
  13. Intro Greetings from Ohio. Hi, I am a hockey player, but I here to talk about golf… I have played tournament golf from 2015-2019. Mostly spent this time in order to get ready for Active Duty Air Force golf. Which was a great experience where I was able to travel internationally to compete with other countries militaries. 2020 was a transition year where I did not play and practice as much as I normally do. I separated from the Air Force and started a new job/spent a significant amount of time volunteering as the State Director for the Veteran Golfers Association in Ohio. The Person
  14. Brandon / Ohio iPhone X Indoors Primarily net but outdoors as well Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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