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  1. @brogies nice, UD games are great for Dayton! Heatherwoode is a fun track, I am thinking about having an event there.
  2. @IndyBonzo gotta hear about this albatross story too! I see your badge...
  3. @IndyBonzo would love for you or anyone else to come out. Got about 20 North American Golf Tour events in the Dayton and Cinci market this season. I’m also a member at Country Club of The North (a Nicklaus course) and will let everyone know when they are having guest days so I could get a block of players out. If you want to come out for a NAGT event I can pair the spies together which would be fun for everyone!
  4. I play a lot up in the Dayton area if you ever make it up here. I run a golf tour in the area too if you are interested. A lot of good tracks in the Cinc, Dayton, NKY areas on the schedule!
  5. Down here in the Dayton area if anyone is around? Hosting an event at NCR this month if anyone is interested! 36 holes/one day event so it would be worth the drive for most people. NCR Event Let me know!
  6. Excited for the next season! Finally getting some golfing weather here in Ohio!
  7. Thanks for hosting this! 1st Tie Breaker What is the Cut Number +3 2nd Tie Breaker -What will be Tigers Score after the 2nd round Even
  8. Need to get a final check in. Have to go to golftec. I really plateaued the last couple months. Maintained the high 130s with the Superspeed sticks. Got into the 140 territory with the Superspeed c stick. Been working out like normal. Probably need a coach to get more gains. Got gains early and then the last part didn’t improve that much. Interesting though!
  9. Hope all is well! Hit a PR with the SS C club (140). Not sure how that translates to the driver, but fun to see. Been weight training and the SS protocol.
  10. I have a good system now that I have the RYP radar! Fastest speed with the light superspeed is 136. I feel a bit out of control trying to create speed, but I am swinging for the fences. Will be interesting to see how a launch monitor registers with the driver compared to the ryp radar. When the time comes to test! PS I would recommend the ryp radar and the superspeed sticks. Seems like it picks it up fairly accurately every swing.
  11. A little update. This is with the superspeed light so not an official driver swing. Average was 126! My lefty swings are surprisingly good. Not sure what this would correlate to my driver swing speed.
  12. Cheapest club head speed monitor for superspeed? Any insights on best bang for your buck?
  13. Is anyone doing the superspeed with the blast motion sensor? I am getting some better numbers than I would expect for my left handed swings. Just wondering if it is accurate since the sensor is in the butt of the club.
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