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  1. I have the Garmin s70 and I use DECADE for the nitty gritty. Garmin helps me track my distances that I plug in to decade.
  2. @golfinnut I am guessing the left dash will feel firmer and launch higher than the CT! Interested in your spin numbers.
  3. A friend has a ghost bag. Looks great!! Congrats testers!
  4. For sure, then we can know which to use when we play Augusta
  5. Let's see if a Chrome Tour ball gets it done this week at the Masters. Rahm, Xander, Burns, Phil? Always fun to see this golf course.
  6. Dynamic Gold is my go to iron shaft. X100 in the irons and S400 in the wedges.
  7. Anyone else thinking a "Willett" might win it this year?
  8. Were there any injuries while using the product? I was trying it indoors and ended up getting a back issue. I did not have this problem with superspeed.
  9. Bushnell launch pro - basic subscription. Excellent for practice at the range outdoors! Good to know carry yardages and spin.
  10. 1st Tie Breaker What is the Cut Number. Such as -4 and better makes the cut +1 2nd Tie Breaker -Who will be the low amateur Hagestad
  11. Congrats testers! I have heard good things about em. I walk a lot and they seem to be on the heavier side of shoes.
  12. Congrats testers! Interested in the motorcaddy. Would love to play 36 in a day walking but pushing the cart up the hills is a grind!
  13. @Josh Parker went with the ZX7 Mk II and Z forged combo set in the 9 and PW!
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