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  1. @PokeForeLyfe gotta ask man... how have you kept those wedges looking so fresh? Scratch is no longer in business anymore right? Those are looking good for what I'm assuming are quite old wedges.
  2. 1. Bill - Connecticut ​2. 10.1-10.6 108-113 MPH 3. Swapping b/w Cobra F6+ Pro and Bombtech 4. PING G400 LST 10* (gotta review the best one and compare right?)
  3. Bill - Connecticut Cobra F6+ Pro w/ Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 6x 110-113/~275-285 Facebook: Billy Don Instagram: _billydon iPhone
  4. Bill - Connecticut 9.3 Mizuno MP-H4 3i, JPX 825 Pro 4-5i, MP-59 6i-PW. X100 900 Tour Would be interesting to compare flights with the AMT X100 to the standard X100.
  5. Are we considering the Q-Star a soft compression ball? Always thought those performed well. That was my winter ball for a long time. Now I just use the Snell MTB all the time because it's amazing.
  6. +1 for sure. Amazing little piece of tech. I first experienced it at the Connecticut golf show in 2013 and reps are almost always willing to do a very short demo with you for free.
  7. Hit the Black in 6.5, 75 grams. Shaft is a low launching low spinning monster, so I can only imagine how the T1100 is. I ultimately settled on the Fuji Pro Tour Spec X at 73 grams (very stout and ridiculously low spinning), but maybe I should have gone with the Hzrdus black. I'm always tinkering with the driver so I may try to pick up a black 6.5 at 65 grams.
  8. A 765/965 combo set would sure be nice! Those caught my eye for sure, but for now I will remain Mizzy loyal!
  9. I had written this super long post about my journey to find the right clubs to fit my game, accidentally hit "back" and lost the entire thing. So I will say this: Get fit. Getting fit was the overall message of my intended post. Obviously you want equipment that you enjoy looking at, but the bag needs to fit the game so there should be some kind of balance. I started playing in March 2012 and went through three sets of irons that year before finally getting fit in March 2013. Getting fit revealed a lot about my swing and gave me knowledge that I could use in the future when making equipment changes. One thing I've never done however is a driver or putter fitting. Don't think I'll ever do a putter fitting, but I will probably do a driver fitting at some point this season. So, my bag is based on my fitting...and the fact that I will never again play irons that are not Mizuno
  10. Yeah, I would like to see some head to head testing. They did testing a while back on some small companies and compared them to the ProV1X, but there are more things out there today and I'm sure we would all like to see the results. Honestly, choosing a ball is super subjective and heavily based on feel just like everything else...but I would still like to see numbers. Vice has some clever marketing for sure, but I'm not buying into the hype yet. Not with how good I know the MTB is.
  11. Not entering the contest as the compression of this seems a bit too low for my SS, but I am a little curious about something. I play Snell mostly or Bridgestone 330s and I was surprised to see how many people in the forums say that they play Vice Pro or Pro Plus. I get that as you buy them the cost per dozen goes down, but are they honestly that good and better than the MTB? We all know the deal on Snell balls in bulk, which is unreal, and shipping is always free. Vice does not offer this and I just can't see the point in spending the money. I can usually find Bridgestone Balls on any of the many websites for 30 or less per dozen as well. So for those of you that buy Vice and prefer playing them, what were you coming from? Have you tried Snell balls?
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