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  1. Like the set up and the realization that you don't have to use the same 14 everyday and for every course. Boom!
  2. Which Mizunos now? Assume they are more of a classic loft. At a 9.9 index, you might try to track down a set of Mizuno JPX 900 forged irons. Sweet hitting, somewhat forgiving and pretty strong and long. Actually they were so long that Mizuno decided to weaken the 919 forged a bit when they rolled em out. In the 900s, a 7-iron is 31*. In the 919s the 7 is I believe 32*.
  3. Wow! What happened to the Cobra's? Hit some a while back. Great flight and distance. And the dispersion was best I've seen with my swing. What drove the switch?
  4. Nice set up. Whats the issue with the 18* Hybrid that has it on probation? Maybe too tight a gap with the 3-wood? Since you're already a Ping guy, the G410 hybrids have a lot of pop and they are adjustable so you can really dial in your gaps. But hey, you're a +.5 and I am a lowly 7.4. So I will follow your lead!
  5. Welcome and thanks for the background. On the loft question, there are spec's for a 2019 Strata set on the Callaway website. Showed a 7-iron at 32* so a hair stronger than a classic 34* loft. They also show the 7-iron at 36.5" long which is between .5" and 1.0" shorter than some of their other current models. When you go in for a lesson or to get grips, might want to double check the lengths. Think you made a very good choice in pulling the 3-wood and replacing with a GPR or a hybrid. Guessing you will make consistently better contact with the new weapon. Got get 'em!
  6. For the hybrid shaft, maybe a Tensei White CK Pro 90 in TX (94g)? Judging by your other shafts speed not an issue.
  7. I will track down that thread. Speed has decline the last few years. Eager to bring it back and maybe surpass the old levels.
  8. I hit the SIM in a sim. It was a rocket. Was going the hit the Mav next, but stores closed down. Hope they open up soon.
  9. Forgot to ask your impressions of SuperSpeed. How long have you been using? Results? Recommend?
  10. Just discovering sub 70. How did you come upon them? Thoughts?
  11. Great stuff! Really like the set make up and recap. Especially like the variety in wedge grinds. Max flexibility for shot making. Also eager to try the M5 weight setting, but feel like it might get a little too spinny. I would have been with your less favorite kids and recommended against the white (says the guy with the 20 year old black bag)
  12. Love to see the true vintage MacGregors! Nice to see something older than my VIP 1025c from around 2000.
  13. Not familiar with VA Vylyn shafts. Who is a good candidate for them? Thx.
  14. I do some fitting, so I'm inclined to think it's worthwhile if for no other reason than to identify really mis-matched gear. I've seen a bunch of folks who bought 2nd hand gear from a friend but it doesn't fit their game and makes it much harder. Recently listened to the TXG guys discuss their approach. They suggested starting with a full bag analysis which I think makes sense. Look at where you struggle, significant gaps, etc. And also think of which clubs you actually NEED on a course. Then determine what you really need and pull the trigger. If you can't update all at once, develop a priority plan on what to upgrade and when. When you are buying new, current year models, you can really get the most out of a fitting by getting the right shaft, length and lie-angle right from the factory. And there are usually quite a few shaft options available at no upcharge to what you would buy off the shelf. Mizuno is really good with that. Last, if you are struggling with your swing, see a pro first. He can diagnose and fix big issues and also spot gear that's holding you back. Fitters (unless they are also a PGA pro) ought to match the best gear to the swing you bring in, not change it.
  15. That's great to hear. In looking back on the topic, most of the struggles seem to be with shaft cut-downs which messes up a lot of the engineering. Been there, done that. Getting a driver with correct length when built seems much more likely to offer success. So your big gains came in distance. What happened to dispersion? Better? Worse? Same?
  16. Might also want to look at the Taylor Made Original One Mini Driver. Lofts offered in 11.5 and 13.5. Std length was 43.75" which is slightly longer than today's typical top-end 3-woods which run about 43.25. And yes, I've seen a lot better dispersion with shorter shaft in driver. Size of 3-wood head (smaller) would provide somewhat less forgiveness in terms of both ball speed and I suspect accuracy, but sure is worth a try.
  17. Trying to find out more info on this club. It popped up today in an email from Golf Galaxy. I'm a big fan of Cleveland Wedges going back to the 588s. I've hit the RTX3 and RTX 4. Actually preferred the RTX3 with the slimmer overall profile than the 4. This CG ONE reminds me more of the RTX3 or my old CG 10. Can anyone shed some light?
  18. Thanks for the chance to test. Been eyeing these for a while, especially since my speed has started to drop off I'm 57 and live in West Des Moines. This spring marks my 49th playing. Been fortunate to get out a little with good weather and the Governor keeping courses open. Staring the year with a 7.4 index. Hoping to get that under 5 this season which I know I can do with more speed. Only wish I had been able to start this program in the winter in my garage so I could already be reaping benefits Current Driver SS is between 90-94. Was over 100 a few years ago but more time in meetings and airplanes and less time to practice has made an impact. I play older gear because I am cheap but also because I want to get my speed BACK to where I know it an be so I can get the most out of an upgrade in clubs. I would rate my current fitness level as average. I walk 2-4 miles a day with dogs. Will also ride a stationary bike 3-4x a week. That and walking the course whenever possible. Never had any significant back issues so I'm confident I could give this my all. I will absolutely see this program thru to the end and will gladly track my progress along the way whether that's in writing, on a web based capture tool or with phone video. I have an Excel sheet where I've kept stats from every round (fairways hit, GIR, putts, etc.) going back to 2008. Have always tried to be somewhat analytical on where my gaps are and how to address them to get better. My goal before my golfing career is over to be able to qualify for a USGA event - most likely the US Senior Am. I know I would have to push the ball better down the fairway to make this a possibility. Last, I've been disciplined about other kind of workouts in the past but have never attempted a workout regimen that was specific to enhancing golf performance. But I'm ready to do so. In my garage, in my yard, in the park behind my house. ready to get going. Thx!
  19. Will read the article tonight. In the meantime, went from having neither to a GPS watch and a laser. Bought the laser. The watch was a goodie bag gift. Thought I would never use it. I use the watch about 90% of the time. Distance to center is good but really like having front and back as well. That helps me decide about clubbing up. I can't wear watches or rings when I play so the watch stays clipped to my bag during the round. Only bring out the laser when looking for a specific cover distance say a trap or water hazard. My watch is pretty basic and doesn't show either. When asked which to get, I frequently recommend the GPS for the reasons above and one more. The time you really need a good yardage is when you've sprayed it to the adjacent fairway and you need to get back in play. Trees will obscure the laser but you'll still get a good number from the GPS.
  20. This is actually a shot from my daughter's bag when she was a Jr in High School. She plays Ping G-400 irons and Ping Rhapsody woods. Right before the season started, she asked if she could put my old Muirfield 1-iron in her bag. She had messed around with it from time to time but never hit it that solid. Knowing that I asked her why she wanted it. Her response? "I just want to establish my dominance on the tee". Good answer. In it went.
  21. If I've got less than 2ft of fringe I'll likely putt it. Better speed control with that club than anything else. With more fringe and a long run-out I'll probably go 7-8 if uphill and 9-PW if downhill. Pin in downhill. For non-covid rounds, pin out up hill. Let;s hope that's soon.
  22. I'm old enough to remember when Wilson was the dominant club on Tour and MacGregor was still a common site on tour. And I still play MacGregor irons. My sense on their mutual decline was a perception of them as pro-only clubs combined with a different retail strategy for game improvement competitors. When Callaway and Taylor made came on the scene, their focus was clear on game improvement. I remember MacGregor's CG1800 (gamed by Zinger and Chi Chi) but their focus as a company was on equipment for the better player. Think Jack was very much driving that direction back then. PING had created a created a game improvement niche, but in my memory, they didn't market a stock set (black dot) in retail - either on or off course. It was all custom. Plus Callaway and Taylor Made started with woods, right? I don't recall anyone ever being enamored with Ping woods going back to the early 70s. So, you capitalize on the fact that everyone wants to hit it longer AND you stock game improvement gear at on and off course outlets.
  23. I actually learned about the tour length by accident. Was hitting F9 from a demo cart. Put in the 63g Hazardous yellow. Then after hitting so well, put it side by side with an M6. Seeing how much longer the M6 was, I thought maybe I had put a 3-wood shaft in the F9 driver head by mistake. Spoke to the Cobra specialist in-store and he said "oh yeah, that's a Tour Length shaft". Since then found it in the catalog. Noticed this week it is also called out on their web site. Seeing the discussion above, I have created some franken-sticks through chopping and adding back. Have never been thrilled with any of them. But getting one new with the right length and weight has been great. Just wish more mfrs put shorter options in the demo carts for fitting at the major retailers accessible to the masses. I would be very surprised if TXG, Club Champion or Tru Spec did not have these shorter shafts as an option, but maybe I'll ask.
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