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  1. stage 0.5 up https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/37205-2020-official-member-review-ping-g710-irons/?do=findComment&comment=607257
  2. meant to ask, what format do they want videos in and how did you send to them? i.e email or whatsapp etc, sorry to ask but havent heard back from them since booking, hoping they have my details ok.
  3. Kind of, havent heard from Ping about the videos they mentioned, plus it will be a very unusual fitting sitting in my front room, but who knows, maybe it will turn out to be the best one ever! I'll update of course once its done.
  4. including Luke Donald, and he's ok at putting
  5. grip down half an inch for awhile before doing anything drastic.
  6. 5 words!...........you're outta here...........!
  7. My glass is half empty.................but my bottle is half full
  8. agreed re social media and the news- I had it on in our house all day, so I wouldnt miss any govt updates, but I found we were also talking about it constantly and our anxiety was rising. Decided to watch the govt briefing at 5pm ONLY and the rest of the day is watching netflix or recorded shows, swing and chipping in the garden, housework and garden chores. I def feel better for doing this.
  9. I want a mask that makes me look like Leonardo DiCaprio
  10. nicked from T'interweb but quite fun...... I'll start.............. "The Lord Sent Me"
  11. Madness until a vaccine or accurate tests are available with results within hours.. Can you imagine the furore if one person contracts this deadly disease from any tournament? You could have 1 super spreader who unknown to him/her infects hundreds at one tournament just by touching a flag, or score card, pencil, water bottle storage handle etc etc If only I could invent a pair of glasses that would let you 'see' infected areas or people, like infrared does. I think our lives have changed dramatically for the next 18 months.
  12. sounds like theres still a lot of golf happening in the States? All locked down here, Police are called if anyone spotted trying to play any course.
  13. if they didnt make them stronger but did make the ball go higher we would all be losing a lot of distance- it makes sense based on the science. Just takes a bit of getting used to when you would normally play a 6 iron to your fav par 3 and now its a 7 or 8.
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