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  1. after 2 great lessons 4 weeks ago, and never hitting a ball since then, expectations were high. Played badly, really badly, pulls, thins, fats, heels etc. It's as if I've gone backwards. quick chat with the pro afterwards and he said you need to practice what I showed you before another lesson- wise words. Feel quite down about my game after today, will get some practice in this week as the forecast is dry. This game just rips the guts out you one day then brilliant the next. Consistency and playing more is key. anyone else experienced this kind of slump when you know you can play great one day then like a novice the next?
  2. You've been here THREE years now Har- doesn't time fly when you're having fun Good to have you back.
  3. welcome fellow countryman, hope you stick around, this is THE best golf forum by far.
  4. been raining and cold the last 3 weeks I swear I saw a neighbour constructing an arc............. BUT....forecast this weekend is 39F and DRY so plans to play are ON. Might be a tad squidgy underfoot but unless I go I'll forget how to play this damn game
  5. well done testers, this should be an interesting test for all of us to read.
  6. Glove in back right pocket- when putting. In my front left pocket I keep a hole!
  7. Nice to see Luuuuuuke back in the frame
  8. I love this. Just shows the sacrifice these brave people make....
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