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  1. perseveringgolfer

    This is totally legit, right? G400 for a buck fifty?

    More likely a 'PONG' ...............as in Ping Pong
  2. perseveringgolfer

    How'd you play?

    Heard its going to be dry tomorrow so planning a roll up game (all comps finished ages ago) plus its dark at 4pm these days. Ground is sodden so course will play longer. Probably my last game for awhile unfortunately as its cold and rain forecast from Monday onwards. Trying out my 'new' takeaway tomorrow so if it works it will keep me feeling warm and fuzzy all winter
  3. perseveringgolfer

    Ted Talks

    ooh I love a good procrastination. I'm going to watch this maybe today, or tomorrow.........or definitely next week.......if I can get a minute
  4. perseveringgolfer

    Black Friday 2018

    Black Friday over here has just turned into a rip off with companies increasing the prices the set number of weeks they have to before Black Friday, then reducing for Black Friday but it's no actual 'SALE'. Unbelievably there will be numerous items that are actually MORE expensive on Black Friday than they were 6 weeks prior due to this 'ploy'
  5. perseveringgolfer

    What are you listening to?

    On old one but a good one. Did you ever see the movie with Dick van dyke playing an alcoholic? all the way thru they play 'yesterday' by the beatles. I liked that song before but after this movie I loved it. It also showed what a good actor Dick van Dyke was.
  6. I'll leave it in ONLY if it's a very long putt and theres no one near to attend it, might speed up some play a bit as when no one is near I usually walk to the pin, pull it and walk back to line up etc
  7. I've followed this guy on twitter for awhile and this video looks pretty interesting, worth trying? (i'll try anything reasonable to get past my 101mph max SS) I like the fact the coach warns about starting the downswing too early if you speed up the backswing, but his 'physics' talk sounds reasonable.
  8. perseveringgolfer

    Question #1

    3 days at a plush Golf resort........ Luxury Suite Massages Play Golf, play more golf Stay in the bar till late sampling spirits I dont usually have Golf coaching Demo clubs result = totally relaxed and ready to put my nose back on the millstone
  9. perseveringgolfer

    Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver Thread

    yes, I clumsily didnt explain it very well. It looks sharper along the top to the outside edge...if that makes any sense. I personally dont like a club sitting open or closed, it needs to be square to the target line and the Titleist does that perfectly. It's the top edge that just looks straighter/sharper than my 910D3 or the TS2
  10. perseveringgolfer

    A conference call- in real life...

    I've been on loads of calls like this, so have many of you I'll bet?
  11. perseveringgolfer

    What do you use to clean your clubs?

    Like Studque I like to clean and polish the night before. Theres a great feeling when you pull out a pristine club the next day in the first few holes. A bit like when your car seems to drive better straight after a wash'n'wax my clubs seem to perform better when lovingly cleaned (for a few holes anyway)
  12. perseveringgolfer

    Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver Thread

    I found in my brief demo of them both the TS3 sits too square at address, the leading edge is quite sharp. The TS2 sat better, but both performed surprisingly well on offcentre shots. The demo guy let me take it out for 3 holes and slight mis-hits went just as far as a sweetspot shot from my Titleist 910D3. So it certainly appears to live up to it's hype so far.
  13. perseveringgolfer

    Favorite Putting Aid - Improved Stroke

    yes, I didnt want to put to much in my post but my face angle is also open 2* at address, so you are spot on. Basically I suck at putting and need drills drills and more drills over winter
  14. perseveringgolfer

    Favorite Putting Aid - Improved Stroke

    Yes tried that, but it doesnt stop the pull across the line, in fact I found it actually promoted me swinging away from the book albeit slightly but enough to miss even a 3 foot putt.
  15. perseveringgolfer

    Has MGS been reformatted?

    Just looked at that myself- I see theres over 100 'guests' browsing the forum right now. Is there a way to attract these 'guests' to register I wonder? a pop up (we all hate pop ups lol) when they move around the site inviting them to register with the carrot of being in the MGS draw for whatever item is in the MGS draw that month might work? Just a thought.