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  1. what is this left dot/dash you speak of?
  2. three posts in a row all stating how well you hit the TS1.......................should I state the 'elephant in the room'
  3. so am I, the hail rain sleet and wind took over and the course closed, trying to reschedule for Thursday as there promises only heavy showers, will report back.
  4. it didn't! Every aspect of my game last round was good to very good....except chipping which was ugly to watch and ugly to feel, fats and thins galore. Having a lesson tonight to see what the obvious fault is as my set up is text book and comfortable, but the execution is where it all falls to pieces. The Pro I'm seeing is renowned for his wedge play so lets see.
  5. I havent tried it, yet, but my local pro has and its now in his bag. He's an ex Tour player and posted all his findings via a 2 hr trackman session. No differences in his key stats over his last TM driver, or the one before, but he likes it, and it's the latest TM driver, so he will use it.
  6. Thanks guys, so it will feel lighter meaning potentially faster SS and slightly stiffer without the extra weight of stiffer shafts? Everyone I know who tries this says it works for them, initially. Tommy Fleetwood seems to grip down about 3-4 inches on his driver rather than have it cut down. Must be a good reason for that.
  7. I believe the swing weight changes when you take an inch off the handle end of a shaft? Not sure I understand why so if anyone can elaborate with knowledge that would help. My question is, does this same change happen if you grip down the shaft an inch?
  8. Never say NEVER.............try a nine hole course.............viola!
  9. snow- large hailstones- wind, sleet, more wind.........and a forecast of another 'named' storm for this weekend coming!!!
  10. ...I echo what @Kenny B said. I saw my wife walk off the course (twice) after my 'words of encouragement and coaching' P.S remember to get PINK castle tees as the colour is usually acceptable and the constant tee height saves you from interfering again lol
  11. Interesting the perceptions at different locations of tight lie. That looks to be sitting nicely to me. Try a links fairway on a warm summers day, now they are tighter than a tight thing on national tight lie day.
  12. I really enjoy practicing and can get 'lost' in time and numbers in pursuit of that 'flushed' shot to order. Large bucket is 100 balls here, except at Colin Montgomeries academy range at Turnberry where they provide a bucket of balls, no number. I counted them (yes I'm sad) and found 24!! I can do 24 in a warm up ffs!
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