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  1. I'm peaking thru my fingers at season 2 They really like the 'old' shock flash image with loud music, tried and tested I suppose over the decades.
  2. it's a documented fact that the half life chemical properties of the polymer resin after year 4 increases exponentially with the number of times the ball is hit- therefore, according to my calculations a 2014 ball would deteriorate rapidly from hole 15. This equates perfectly with your last 2 holes, and gives you a scientific fact that it was definitely NOT you, and the ball is 100% the reason. you're very welcome
  3. well done fellow testers! 3 putts! we don't need no steenkin' 3 putts! (I should have used that on the putter cover contest methinks)
  4. The 2019 Z star has different cover, likewise the 2019 Prov1, its about feel really and the 2019 Prov1 feels much better than 2018/2017
  5. I'm 'liking' the 2017 ball, but not 'loving' it- until I can try the 2019 ball regularly I might end up going back to 2019 prov1
  6. Stranger things now has all my attention- bit scary for me but I'm loving the story, acting and characters
  7. us rightys practice it with our own hands
  8. 77.........but I actually played well, overall. 'New' driver showed promise (first time ever hitting it), irons were crisp, wedges surprisingly good (after utilising Jon Rham methodology), putting still good with the 'new' putter. The 77 came really from 3 bad drives so I'm off to the range today as I know what needs to physically change on the driver- grip and length. The good drives were actually the best drives I've hit for a long time, hence why I say it shows promise........I wasn't fitted and it was a quarter the price of the latest offerings out there.
  9. I think that can be said for any medication, unfortunately.
  10. Nice write up @GolfSpy Stroker Tell me that wasn't you badly parked in the first pic
  11. OH! one other reason I quit a few rounds early was Gang fights on the 11th fairway! 2 rival schemes (housing projects in the US) would meet there armed to the teeth with iron bars, rocks and anything else (occasionally they would rob a couple of golfers of their clubs to use as weapons) and sort out who was the most stupid. Fortunately you could see ahead a hole and any movement in the adjacent fields meant it's time to retire early.
  12. Krakatoa WEST of Java! nuff said!
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