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  1. perseveringgolfer

    Wish me luck

    Well done- the start of your career in the best game on the planet!
  2. perseveringgolfer

    Clear Balls!

    very keen to see how they compare to our 'normal' premium ball. I cannot see any reason (apart from elitism) that make this ball twice as expensive as the most expensive Prov1
  3. perseveringgolfer

    Wish me luck

    First meeting went well then? Good luck with the GM. Remember to say at the end that this is exactly the role you are looking for (if it is), leave him in no doubt! It makes the decision making process easier if they absolutely know you are keen as opposed to assuming you might be as you came for interview.
  4. perseveringgolfer

    JUST ARRIVED! - Booby Grace "6330"

    Ya gotta be careful where you utter that phrase!
  5. perseveringgolfer

    JUST ARRIVED! - Booby Grace "6330"

    Nearly EIGHT years ago!
  6. perseveringgolfer

    Rick Shiels YouTube Golf Open

    any indication why? I've only seen Rick Shiels tweeting that the combined viewing figures of the ones that have accepted (youtube subscribers) so far is 18Million. Can you imagine what it 'might' look like during the game?.........everyone filming, everyone commentating, some live some recording, selfie city....it could be fun to watch or car crash tv if not organised.
  7. perseveringgolfer

    Do you shape your shots?

    Nothing wrong with a straight shot. But as most of us have a 'natural' shape that's what you should 'use' on the course. I 'shape' when essential, but it will be a hook or slice to get round a tree or trees. People that can replicate a baby draw or baby fade to order, and consistently, are golf Gods. I've not met any in the amateur ranks.
  8. perseveringgolfer

    Hip Kickers!

    used it again today- mostly very good but the occasional hip kick and upper body lean towards the target crept in resulting in thinned or fat shots. Only played 15 holes but had 3 birdies, 1 treble bogie (thin, thin, fat ) and 3 bogies but the good strikes were excellent. Just need to keep doing the drills at home with no club to cement the proper moves.
  9. perseveringgolfer

    Weight Loss Thread

    weighed myself today- haven't lost one single effing ounce- same weight I was 2 weeks ago. /note to self- MUST do better
  10. perseveringgolfer

    Pics from the course

    23* forecast here from Friday onwards so probably no golf as I cannot play when there are winter greens in force
  11. perseveringgolfer

    MPR: The Single Digit Project

    Make it 5 18 to 5 with no lessons or even much understanding of equipment or the technicalities of the swing. I learned it all from John Jacobs basic golf book Practical golf. Since I learned about shafts and intricate technical swing motions in the last 10 years ......I got worse lol Good luck @GolfSpy MPR I'll be following, and supporting, with interest.
  12. perseveringgolfer

    My Swing - Advice needed

    overall I think you have a good swing. The most glaring fundamental issue I see is your grip. As Nick Faldo (and most instructors) says "good golf starts with a good grip" You have a really strong grip in both the right and left hands. Might be worth starting there before changing other 'problems' that might actually stem from the grip. Look forward to watching your progress.
  13. perseveringgolfer

    Wish me luck

    how did it go?
  14. perseveringgolfer

    Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver Thread

    I thought exactly the same about the TS3. TS2 was fine for me.
  15. perseveringgolfer

    I.T Chrome help.......

    not logged in. Top right has current user image greyed out, clicking on that shows I can turn on sync, so its currently off. I went back into the redirected education website and took out all the various symbols and just left the main name ending in .com. It brought up an education website. So its def something to do with that but for the life of me I cant find out how to stop it anywhere in google settings. Thanks for your input. You've all been very patient and some good ideas so far.