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  1. Tigers 2 tee drill is probably the best and most relevant for the majority of golfers, of all levels.
  2. some of the most friendly, welcoming and genuinely empathic people I know are in the mixed martial arts community. They talk gently and ooze confidence but not arrogance. They can also handle themselves extremely well if a situation spirals the wrong way.
  3. low score trumps all holes in one- I've seen 24 h/cappers get a hole in one. I've seen beginners get a hole in one. I've not seen many golfers shoot in the 60's scratch.
  4. Follow your dreams and your heart- you won't make the wrong decision.
  5. you have to be a certain age to still use this term- a friends daughter asked me once what I meant by 'hanging up the phone" as kids these days only have cell phones or click to disconnect land lines. Made me feel a hundred years old
  6. great idea and 'reward' for donors. Well done MGS.
  7. cant view your link- not allowed from the cultural capital of western Europe apparently. I have one now and first 3 swings had beautiful flights, launch and feel. Lets see if it continues past the honeymoon period.
  8. Had the opportunity to watch it in the last 2 days. I found myself absolutely sucked into his world, I was living it thru him. I found the acting by everyone quite exceptional, the Directing took it to another level again. Yes, it was dark and uncomfortable viewing, but also compelling, not my typical movie of choice but I didnt want it to end, I wanted more! I'm going to watch it again in the next 2 days.
  9. Beaver moon tonight as well, y'all will know what that means this time of year. Gritters are out in force.
  10. First sunny day in ages, but that meant very very cold, course on winter greens so I didnt play, cant do winter greens! Practiced chipping and putting for an hour just to warm up lol Not a great post or story but its all I've got in this horrible weather
  11. This type of comment I hear over here as well and it makes me question what people do when they see an accident up ahead. Do they put the blinkers on and speed up? or do they do the decent human caring thing and slow down as there could be pedestrians on the road in a confused state, or you just might be able to assist! I'm not referring about the people who stop for pictures, that is just plain wrong and speaks volumes about them as a person. I would hate to think I or anyone I know would be ignored in an accident for fear of being accused of being a 'rubber necker' or incur the wrath of individuals who scorn anyone who dares to think there might be other poor souls in need of help. I speak as someone who has helped and I have friends who have saved peoples lives because they slowed down. If you think you were 'inconvenienced' for being a bit late, put yourself in the shoes of the inconvenience of an accident victim!
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