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  1. I concur with those saying don't change for change sake. Two possibilities from my view - wedges and driver. Would look at new sharp grooves to help save strokes around the green. Good pricing now for Cleveland RTX 4s ($99) with fair amount of bounce options. On the driver, might look at G410 and Cobra and I would suggest a fitting for either. Think G410 is around $399 now and will likely drop once G425 comes out. Nice thing with Ping, you can still order the prior years' version of driver once new models come out. I really like my F9 as well. Great ball speed all across the face. They were down to $250 this year after SZ and SZE was released. Same might happen with SZ once Rad Sped released.
  2. How do you like the c-taper lite's in the irons? Are the S flex the 110g? Also what kind of swingspeed do you have w driver and 7 iron? I'm trying to help a friend with his bag and that's the iron set up I'm thinking of. Or possible a soft step on the X flex. He'a a pretty fast swinger with high launch and spin.
  3. Hi Jeff in West Des Mones Iowa Planning to use an ipad Mostly indoors this winter and yes to the net question will it give also give a clubhead speed number for without impact with superspeed? thx!
  4. Jeff, West Des Moines Iowa USAmerica Ping Faith-Wack-E 32" Fetch. First, I like the adjust-ability for length which for me is 32". There weren't any stock 32" men's putters so I bought the women's version. 2nd I like the face-balanced feel. Have not played a milled putter for a long time but have experimented with the Heppler's and like the feel. Also much prefer the fetch or scoop method vs bending down to gran the ball. Check out all the models (see them here), and tell us which one interests you and why?
  5. Thanks for posting. LOVE your bag from The Prairie Club. Can't wait for my next visit. Please say hello to Granny Pines for me!
  6. Interesting set-up. I love the conventional ForgedTec's and suspect the one-lengths are just as solid. Got to hit the one length hybrids a while back and was pleasantly surprised. Are you conventional length in the 56* and 60* wedges or same as the rest of the irons?
  7. With those iron shafts, I would've expected the G410 to be an LST.
  8. Hello all and happy Friday! Handicap and Location - 7.4 West Des Moines Iowa (a mere 293 miles from Sub 70 Global HQ) Current Irons and 8-iron distance - MacGregor VIP 1025CB Carry distance for 8-iron about 135. Need more yards but really want a players look. Seems like a fit What do you know about Sub70? - First learned of them thru MGS then started reading up. Have exchanged several messages with them since learning they were based in my Dad's hometown of Sycamore. Hoping to stop in for a tour on my next trip to Chicago. Nice variety of clubs across sill levels. I also now know of their commitment to great customer service and great value for the golf community. I've been frustrated by the big Mfr pricing on clubs that helps keeps golf out of reach for so many. Would love to give them a try and report back to the community and also see my index drop as the yardage goes up! Happy to make a quick run over for an in person fitting and or to watch the build. Cheers!
  9. Could use some help. Been playing TP5s for the last 2 years having switched from ProV1s. Found the TP5s to be 5-8 yds longer with very similar approach spin. Heard about the new 2020 Bridgestone balls and was eager to try. Tested the B RXS (green box) which is supposed to be the higher spinning of the slow swing balls. Hit it about a club longer than the TP5s but could not get any spin what so ever. Haven't done VFIT but the online questionnaire puts me in B RX (red box). Then this weekend, I pulled out a regular ProV1 and hit it great. Good distance and lots of spin. With that performance, should I be looking at the B XS for similar ProV1 performance?
  10. Two thoughts on your question. First, what's lacking at the top of the bag? When you said you played one-lengths, I was surprised to see the Ping Crossovers in the bag. I would have guessed hybrids. I've tried the Cobra one-length hybrids and was surprised to see how closely they matched the distances in my full length hybrids while being SUPER EASY to hit and control. Outside of one length, have also found the Ping G410 hybrids to be long and forgiving. and since adjustable you can really dial in the lofts to create good gapping. Suspect the yardage gaps between the two current crossovers are pretty close. Second on wedges, agree that the 58 might be a nice to have vs a need to have. The key for me in wedges is to be sure both of those high lofts have different bounce properties. One with high bounce and one with low. For me my 56 (bent to 55) is my mid bounce that is my go-to in sand. My 60 has very little bounce which is great off firm tight lies. I can also lay it open if I am short sided and really need to flop. I could easily have less bounce on the 56 and lay it off and more on the 60 then use it in sand. Hope that helps. Hit 'em straight
  11. Welcome and I concur on the challenge of friends that just don't get as excited about gear. Really like the looks of the driver and very cool headcover. Also good to see you are not afraid to mix mfrs in your bag. Keep it up. Find what works. Play your game. At the end of the day, it's not how, it's how many. Hit 'em straight!
  12. Might suggest the Ping G410 3 Hybrid with stock loft of 19*. It's adjustable +/- 1.5*. Depending on the course, you could dial it down to 17.5* (similar to current 5-wood) or up to 20.5 (close to a 4-iron). Also if the LZ 5.5 shafts are working well, I suspect you swing speed is better suited to the hybrid vs the 4-iron. Good luck!
  13. Stout set-up! Would love to see this set up in action. Anything on YouTube? Have a great season.
  14. How do you like the Forged Tec Irons? Would love to hit with the AMT whites. Also, staying in the Cobra fam, the F9 Driver is widely available online at $249. Great deal on a great stick.
  15. Jeff - Note Heaven (Iowa) 7.4 Nickent 17* and 20* The shots I hit with hybrids have to be completely predictable. 100% confidence is what I'm looking for to hit that mid launch penetrating shot. Had a Tour Edge gap wedge in the bag until my son stole it. Recall hitting hybrids in a sim a while back and found them very easy to hit and make great contact.
  16. https://www.pgatour.com/must-see-moments/sweepstakes.html
  17. Pretty good pricing right now on both Titleist and Ping woods. Both planned new models this fall. Understand Titleist is on track for that. Don't know about Ping. But would act pretty quick just in case for both.
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